Did Li Fan really become a big attack weapon in the Seventh Middle School … God, why are you so unfair? I think Li Rui practiced basketball for four years before I managed to make it to the semi-finals and Li Fancai played for half a year before reaching the finals. !

"Yang Lesi, you’ll go and stick to me on the 15th. Don’t let him have a chance to shoot at the three-point line." Yi Yefeng walked beside Yang Lesi and warned me.
"Got it, captain." Yang Lesi looked at No.15, the shooting guard who did well in the second quarter
Ji Hantian, Ji Hantian, you really make it difficult for me. Yi Yefeng re-examined Ji Hantian.
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Section 205 last stand 7 blade (2)
Yi Yefeng still didn’t choose to compete with Ji Hantian head-on. From the game to now, Yi Yefeng has been doing a clean point guard position, except for pulling points in the second quarter and shooting a few three-pointers. He didn’t make a breakthrough once, but Ji Hantian always knew in his heart that he followed Yi Yefeng in many things.
That is to say, the ability to be easy to go wild will never be worse than yourself in the cold weather.
Yi Yefeng chose the route of high hanging line. Zhang Yang grabbed the back of the ball and hit Wei Ning and scored two points.
"Bah, it’s really strong." Wei Ning angrily scolded 1. In the first quarter, he was helping Yin Yun and Zhao Taozhe to make a joint defense. This time, when he faced Zhang alone, he really realized what Nanchuan’s first center ability was. He suddenly felt that his former opponents were playing house.
When he was still practicing hard on his own for a year, he was so smug that he could confront Chu Chenxi … Even Captain Yin Yun held it in his hand like a quail behind his back.
But how can Nanchuan No.7 Middle School be defeated in its own hands …
Wei Ning spit out a sigh of relief, so he is not generally weak.
This is the gap between high school and junior high school, isn’t it? This gap can’t be made up by saying that you must work hard or try your best to block it, otherwise the world will be desperately saburo.
"Wait a minute, you go to help him. The power forward can let us gamble." Ji Hantian told Chuchen that he could see that Wei Ning was not an opponent. If only Han was in the same team at this time, there would be no such embarrassment.
I don’t remember anyone who can make Han Zheng so embarrassed. What level of center Han Zheng can unconsciously suppress the opponent’s theory. If he is serious, no one in this city should be able to stop a player like Han Zheng. In Ji Hantian’s mind, he can entrust the line to him.
Yin Yun is very skillful, but he is still not used to controlling a game from the perspective of a center. The most important thing is that there is still some gap between his strength and that of a top center, which is the biggest obstacle to his continued development.
Anyway, the game will still be played.
The small move of changing Fan Li made the threat of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School suddenly rise several times.
It can be said that the aggression of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School has been enhanced to an extreme.
After Yi Yefeng’s careful defense, it is difficult to get rid of Yi Yefeng in cold weather, and by this time, the game has entered the buffer stage from a peak in terms of reaction and explosive power
Rely on Yi Ye’s discipline and cold weather, and rely on amazing touch to remember the position of Fan Li.
At this time, Le Junze wandered around Chu Chenxi, showing that he was far more alert to Chu Chenxi than Fan Li Chu Chenxi Cong pulled his position a little further.
No one can think that Ji Hantian didn’t give the ball to the line of sight, and there was nothing in Chu Chenxi’s hand, but he chose a farther and more hidden position, Fan Li.
-Come on, Fan Li. Many people are shouting in their hearts.
Fan Li watched basketball get bigger and bigger in his pupil.
I finally got it in my hand
This is that moment he dream of.
In this stage, which symbolizes the strongest candidate of Nanchuan king, he finally waited for this opportunity
Fan Li realized that quiet inside felt that everyone was slowing down and magnifying in his sight, and he could clearly capture Zhang’s stunned expression and Yi Yefeng’s look.
I can’t dribble too much. I can wait here for my teammates to give me the ball, but I am the strongest myself if I am here. I have no dazzling skills. I will throw one three-pointer into your basket until it’s all over …
When basketball reaches its peak, it’s like pressing the fast-forward key to cross the net.
Look at this ordinary and emaciated teenager’s face and burst into the most beautiful smile.
Yi Yefeng suddenly felt a little trance.
I seem to see myself who used to simply like to play ball.
So what if the physical quality is not good? Who said that basketball must be an expert game? He did. He told others that even if he is 1.70 meters tall, he can play basketball well, and Fan Li also proved from another angle that he is by no means a decoration.
"You still seem to be lucky?" Le Junze took basketball and Su Yi staggered and turned to look at Chu Chenxi.
Chu Chenxi was alert and followed in front of Le Junze. "What’s not?"
"Once I beat you with the help of team strength, this time I will beat you with my own hands." Le Junze straightened up and the basketball jumped sideways at him.
"Is it possible?" As if hearing a big joke, ChuChen smiled pie.
"Of course," LeJunZe point a little head is very serious in saying this words in ChuChen hope sounds like a joke.
Chuchen was speechless. He couldn’t think of anything. Le Junze was so sure.
Hesitant LeJunZe eyes flashed a different color.
At this time, their position is just outside the three-point line, and Le Junze quickly catches the ball like a flash. Chu Chenxi is still chewing Le Junze’s words. Suddenly, Yu Guang sees Le Junze moving and quickly sinks his center of gravity.
If Chu Chen wants to break through Le Junze like that, he is not ready to move after receiving the ball, just like throwing something out at will and shooting the basketball out quickly.
Less than a second from receiving the ball to shooting the basketball.
Chuchen looked down at Le Junze’s feet. He didn’t even jump. He tiptoed gently.
I’ve never seen a basketball shot move so fast. The player Fang Yuan was shocked to see that the referee made a three-point effective move. He was slightly distracted and the teenager had already completed a series of moves. It’s not too fast. Even if you throw the ball around, you have to aim at it before you can throw it! What’s more, it’s still outside the three-point line. Although I have seen his shot speed in previous games and videos, it seems to be faster today.
Fang Yuan always thought that Fan Li had made moves quickly, but compared with him, it was dwarfed.
A non-teenager can be generous in his sense of talent. If he can receive professional training in a unified way, he is definitely a good seedling. In fact, Fang Yuan, a player like Chu Chenxi, appreciates the number 12 more.
Players who like to rampage online have always had many physical qualities better than Chu Chenxi, but it is much less to be able to play the shot well. The dunk burst is beautiful, but it has to be said that most of the scores in a game are still obtained from long-distance shooting.
"I won if I scored more points in front of you than you did in front of me, didn’t I?" Le Junze raised his right hand and slowly retreated "I have three points"
Chu Chenxi frowned. He didn’t like Le Junze’s provocation. If he didn’t even think about it a year ago, he would definitely fight back. However, this game has finally come to this point, and Zhang Yang made Chu Chenxi feel that it would not be a good opportunity to play alone.
He has never been a person who would put the team too high, but this time he felt that he could not go to the individual and ignore the group, and the last two rounds of Chu Chenxi did not move a bit.
On the contrary, Fan Li seized another opportunity to score a three-pointer in the early stage. Yi Yefeng felt a little numb in his scalp. This is already the second three-pointer. Fan Li’s three-pointer is almost inevitable.
"Why don’t you fight?" Ji Hantian blinked at Chu Chenxi. Fan Li’s three-pointer was a wonderful return after he attracted Le Junze’s attention. In Ji Hantian’s view, Chu Chenxi didn’t have no chance to "just call him back." Ji Hantian shouted at Chu Chenxi and made signal with the lips.
"He’s in a better position." Chu Chenxi spread his hand.
JiHanTian stare big eyes looking at ChuChen hope "this is not your style"
Chu Chenxi looked Gherardini. "Can’t there be a change?"
Ji Hantian thinks, "But … haven’t you been looking forward to a duel with Le Junze for a long time?"
What’s the point of "I hit him again?" I think we can March into the country by stepping over No.4 Middle School! This is my biggest dream now, so it doesn’t matter how I am, but how this team is. "This" high-sounding "words from Chu Chenxi’s mouth made Ji Hantian stunned.