Teacher Ding Xian said, "The Eye Qingcheng School is still regarded as the right path in Wulin, and the Songshan School has befriended the Huashan School. Isn’t it because these people have set a goal for themselves that Songshan School can stop? Moreover, Huashan is not prosperous. How much thought does it take to look after so many people? "

Qu Feiyan laughed. "Teacher, you don’t know something. Now there are * * ten people in Huashan School."
When I was idle, I couldn’t help but say, "The head of Huashan Sect is just outside the city. Why didn’t he tell me?"
Qu Feiyan was slightly stunned and shouted, "Is Ling Huchong really not dead?"
Ding Xian laughed. "Not only did you not die, but you were fat in vain. When we met at the foot of Hengshan Mountain, we walked all the way …"
Qu Feiyan knew that Qi Yufeng was not thinking about Ling Huchong in recent days and immediately shouted, "Qi Yufeng, I have good news to tell you that your head is not dead and is now outside the city."
Qi Yufeng, near the window outside the door, stared at the people in front of him and listened to the words of the two men clearly. He immediately said with joy, "I heard that. What do you think of these people, Teacher?"
Ding Xian said, "This place is not good. If you make such a big noise and want to come to Songshan School, you will soon learn that it is better to leave the city sooner than later."
Say from his pocket and pulled out a stack of thin rope to QuFei smoke two people walked out of the house side by side.
She was afraid that Yu Canghai didn’t want to meet him after meeting her, but she reasoned that the current situation was too dangerous and she didn’t care much immediately.
When Yu Canghai saw that Teacher Ding Xian appeared in strange eyes, he immediately snorted a little.
Qi Yufeng took the shiny rope from Qu Feiyan and tied Yu Canghai’s hands on his back.
Then he stepped aside and tied up several people one after another. When everyone saw the tiger and fox eyeing up and staring at several people, they couldn’t help but be discouraged by him.
But after he tied a few people in a row, some people wondered, why did I suck the poisonous powder for so long, but I haven’t made it so helpless? Isn’t it really a dead end?
Immediately, several people looked at each other and made a look at each other, and they were about to suddenly flee. Who knows that one person’s figure just rose vertically and he felt that flowers smelled a red wind at the moment. Tiger Claw suddenly appeared and patted him on the chest. The man was suddenly photographed as a left-hand arrow, and a loud bang was taken on the wall. Suddenly, the whole body was torn apart and the stump was covered with blood. At that time, it was terrible.
All the people in Qingcheng Mountain School were immediately horrified, and they were all scared. Their legs were shaking like wrecks, and they all thought that they were lucky not to be the first to get up.
Qi Yufeng was also slightly surprised that he had been secretly alert and had seen the eyes of those men ready, but he didn’t expect the tiger, which had been silent, to move faster than him, and the palm was even more powerful than the palm of Mr. Mo Da. It seems that the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita is really powerful, and the strength is just as strong as it seems.
Teacher Ding Xian was even more taken aback. The palm of an ordinary tiger is only one thousand pounds heavy. Its strength is even worse than that of three or five tigers. I really don’t know how to raise it.
The rope tied by Qi Yufeng is made of extremely fine and tough platinum wire. No matter how high your martial arts are, you will never break it. He will string everyone into a string and immediately take the rope end and go out.
Just then, I suddenly heard a broken gong and shouted, "Why don’t you leave now that you’re here?"
Talking and listening to footsteps ringing, dozens of people came from outside the courtyard. The first person was very tall and dressed in a white suit. He looked like a vulgar man, but his face was very ordinary. More than 30 people filed behind him.
Teacher Ding Xian saw that half of these people were dressed in Songshan Sect, but several of them were dressed in different heights, monks and customs. Immediately, she couldn’t help secretly frowning, saying that Songshan Sect really shouldn’t be despised for arriving here so soon. After all, she was somewhat careless.
Immediately after those people decided, they were awed by the white man and several elders of Songshan Sect. Teacher Ding Xian recognized that it was just that the hair was sent by an elder of Songshan Sect who called Sima Tan for martial arts. However, the white man’s face was cold, regardless of manners, eyes, footsteps, and hidden materials everywhere, it was difficult and tight to practice the realm of returning from reality to reality to simplicity.
There are a large number of reinforcements behind Master Ding Xian, who has experienced many storms and experienced great knowledge. Immediately, he was not too nervous and concerned. He opened his mouth and asked, "Does this layman look unfamiliar?"
The man doesn’t look very old, but he is very poised. When the teacher said, he snorted. Then Sima Tan quickly introduced, "This is my righteous brother of Songshan Sect. His name is Wang Zhao. He has been practicing boxing in Laoshan for 30 years. This time, it is the meeting of Wuyue Sword Sect."
Set idle teacher heart in a surprised heart, since this man is still a righteous brother of Zuo Lengchan, how can he be over 60 years old at that age, but it seems that he is in his forties at most. Has his work reached the state that I am not bad at seeing each other?
Her heart couldn’t help secretly cautious and nodded at all.
That Wang Zhao’s imposing manner is extraordinary. A pair of eyes, Zhan Ran, looked around with admiration and nodded his head, and then looked at Qi Yufeng coldly. "The dragon fights in the wild and its blood is mysterious. You have a little doorway in Wynaut."
Qi Yufeng cried a surprised heart, posing as a posture, and he could see the origin of this recruit. This martial arts knowledge can be really extraordinary, and immediately his body moved secretly.
Then Wang Zhao added, "Kang Long has regrets for a long time. Although you are exquisite, you are still vulnerable when you meet a real master."
Qi Yufeng heart is a surprised heart way, this man is so clear about the origin of the dragon’s ten palms, and his martial arts are really unfathomable, fearing that he will have to fight hard today.
He has a look at his side. Apart from setting aside time, the teacher’s remaining power, Qu Fei Yan and Xiao Snowball are by no means such opponents. If you want to crack today’s game, will you still join hands with this Yukikaze?
Immediately, he swept his eyes and couldn’t help looking at the tiger Yukikaze’s Wang Zhao eyes. Immediately, he glanced at his eyes and couldn’t help but be surprised. "Asura Shenhu Polar Blue Fox really has this animal!"
Set idle teacher Buddhism exquisite but also didn’t see what’s the difference between these animals immediately couldn’t help heart way "Hokkekyo? In "Patado", I once went to Asura, which is a dragon department of many departments, and all people see each other from a distance.
Buddha "
Asura has a high position in Buddhist scriptures. Sakyamuni said that "four thoughts" and King Asura also said "five thoughts". Sakyamuni said "thirty-seven ways" and asura king said "thirty ways". In other words, the realm of Asura seems to be higher than that of Buddha.
"This tiger doesn’t look too strong to talk about Asura?"
Qi Yufeng has some doubts heart shura Wang Yiping is not a lion incarnate? When did it become a tiger? Will it still "fix the magic fist" all the way?
The god tiger saw Wang Zhao’s poor complexion and was completely unafraid. Suddenly, "Ow!" A loud roar sounded like a bolt from the blue, and everyone’s ears were buzzing. The roar with a night stroke was really like a thunderstorm.
Everyone was shocked. The tiger was really not simple. The green donkey was scared and almost collapsed to the ground, but once he recovered his breath, he couldn’t help but be dissatisfied with the tiger and kicked the tiger twice.
Yukikaze know enemy also ignore green donkey scratching like a few hoofs is staring at a pair of golden eyes staring at Wang Zhao.
Master Fang Sheng, Qi Yufeng’s heart, struggled to understand that Zuo Lengchan had relied on it to forcibly merge the five mountains. It seems that Wang Zhao should be relying on him.
Wang Zhao laughed. "What a beast! Is this god tiger the relic of the master Zhu Bajiacuo?"
Qi Yufeng still shook his head and said, "I raised this tiger since I was a child. It’s nothing with others."
Wang Zhao see his one eye sneer at a way: "this god tiger is afraid of being older than your grandfather. Don’t flash your tongue."
Teacher Ding Xian didn’t want to waste time on such details and immediately asked, "What’s the matter with Wang Jushi?" She looked at Yu Canghai and others and saw that although they were languishing on the ground, they had a lot of color. I couldn’t help thinking that even these people couldn’t take them away when Songshan sent them today.
Wang Zhao took a few steps forward with great momentum and said, "These people are Qingcheng Sect. Why do you arrest them?"
Qi Yufeng interjected, "What’s wrong with the Qingcheng Sect for harming rivers and lakes and not punishing everyone for doing justice for heaven?"
Wang Zhao ha ha a smile "let’s river’s lake middleman which a life never killed anyone didn’t commit evil deeds? It’s all lies to say that doing good for heaven. "
Qi Yufeng sneered, "Have you ever heard of Sword Spectrum to ward off evil spirits?"
Wang Zhaoxiao immediately glared at Qi Yufeng and asked, "Why do you say this?"
Qi Yufeng said, "How many lives did the Qingcheng School kill by seizing the Lins’ Sword Spectrum to ward off evil spirits? Everyone in the Jianghu knows that I didn’t kill them today. Is it a good life? "
When Wang Zhao heard him say that there was such a deep hatred between the two, Qi Yufeng said that righteousness was better than a pair of eyes, and he was immediately speechless.
Next to that Sima Tan suddenly said, "B-brother must not fall for this little trick. The Lins have seen it in this Luoyang city. At this time, I want to be killed by Dong Fangbubai. Jin Jian White Fox must be the new young master of Huashan School, Qi Yufeng."
Wang Zhao heard this, his face was shaking, but his face was not laughing. He immediately moved his hands and feet and said coldly, "Kung Fu is good, and there are also many deceptive tricks."
Qi Yufeng didn’t say much, so he immediately drew an arrow feather from his backpack and called out, "Lin Jiagong and Lin Ping paid my respects to this silver arrow, which means that we can exchange cards. Do I have to avenge my brother?"
They saw that the arrow feather he pulled out was silvery and much shorter than the average arrow feather. It was not ordinary archery, but was hidden in the sleeve when hidden weapons came to make the short arrow.
Although the Lins of Fuwei Escort Agency have declined now, Lin Zhennan’s grandfather Lin Yuantu’s 72-way swordsmanship, 100 single-style "flying hands" and 10 "silver arrow" are well-known in the older generation of Central Plains, and everyone in Songshan Sect immediately felt a little ugly.
Wang Zhao, however, didn’t care at all when he heard that Qi Yufeng was a Huashan Sect. He immediately asked bluntly, "Since you are a Huashan Sect with five mountains, do you obey?"
Qi Yufeng laughed. "Are you the leader of Wuyue Sword Sect? Do I hear you sound like a martial arts master? In Huashan school, idle people have never been in charge of major events, so it’s time to talk to our head. "
Wang Zhaodao: "The Wuyue Sword Sect is just like a fragmented faction. If we can merge into a Wuyue Sect, then Qi Xin can join forces to become the crown of all sects in Wulin, which is not bad. In this way, the Huashan Sect is that nothing we Songshan Sect say can make your younger brother suffer. Otherwise, hey hey …"
Yu Canghai didn’t listen to what he said, but he seemed to protect the Qingcheng School a little relieved. Later, he listened to what he said, as if Huashan School had agreed to merge Wuyuemen. However, this Qingcheng School could be regarded as abandoned to Huashan School, and he immediately felt a white and bloodless complexion with a low sigh.
Qi Yufeng smiled and didn’t say anything, and Wang Zhao turned his eyes to the mouth of Ding Xian. "Teacher, are you the head of Hengshan Sect?"
Master Ding Xian shook his head with his eyebrows, saying, "Skynet has a long history, but it doesn’t leak many lines of injustice, and it will be punished by evil deeds. The layman tells the left leader that if he goes his own way, the Hengshan Sect will no longer be ordered by the left leader. Although we are all weak women, we are determined not to succumb to the rape of the left leader and send a discussion to the Hengshan Sect."
Wang Zhao "hey" laughed. "In this case, I’ve heard for a long time that the two schools of Hengshan and Huashan have high martial arts and deep swordsmanship. My name is Wang today, so I’ll come to meet two brilliant ideas with a pair of meat palms."