However, Lu Zhan ignored him, and he was still waiting for the other party to make a move.

Mo Li released big moves and various small skills before he died, but he was soon killed. The other five also arrived at the mouth of Xiaolong Canyon.
It takes a while to remotely dismantle this real look before you kill Xiaolong.
"What if the other five people killed Xiaolong?" Lu Zhan coldly returned to Mo Li’s sentence.
"But when I die, the five of them can still take the little dragon? It’ s a shame to throw a dragon and throw it home! " Mo Li’s hate theory
"It’s better to lose it than to send four heads!" Lu Zhan’s frown is always like this to see the immediate interests.
"It doesn’t matter if my head is good, then the team battle will leave me alone!" Mo Li is another striking table.
In fact, he has the consciousness of selling himself, but every time he sees that Lu Zhan has attracted the attention of an audience, he can’t help but want to fight against Lu Zhan.
This is jealousy.
"It seems that we have to rely on ourselves …" Lu Zhan sighed when he saw Mo Li’s reaction.
Chapter 635 Hanging Casadin
It can also be explained that the hammer stone is dangerous to hook, but it is wrong to continue to hit after being pulled.
Looking at the other side, Obama doesn’t even have a big move, but he doesn’t have a big move on their side. There is no difference between a spider’s big move and a dragon girl’s absence. They have no advantage.
Lu Zhan knows the trade-offs better than he does. He feels that he can’t fight in a group battle and he can’t win.
The other five people are well prepared to grab the dragon, which won’t give them too many opportunities. Zach is already here, and when their dragon girl comes, she may be able to clean up the mess.
This regiment cannot be fought.
There were no obvious mistakes in the three games, but the judgment on the overall situation was so poor that Lu Zhan was less and less trusted.
Give up Xiaolong. Three people watched each other for a while. The hammer stone was already in the red decoration. Lu Zhan knew that the other party was going to fight Xiaolong.
In fact, he really wanted to catch one, but he didn’t go to play it safe.
Several other people are very suitable for playing group. There is no need to send their lives by road. Lu Zhan went directly to the middle road to retreat.
Seeing Lu Zhan go, although Tianlan didn’t say anything about burning the night, he chose to leave his way and retreat.
Sky blue looked around and saw if there was any chance to leave.
In this way, Mo Li sent a head and was taken. Xiaolong just led the economy and was moved back.
This is the high-level competition, which changes rapidly, and every node may be reversed.
It was Lu Zhan who didn’t care so much. He realized that this game, like the previous two games, must ensure his own development in order to win.
European star teams are adhering to their consistent line development flow, and after taking Xiaolong, they all return to their respective lines for normal alignment.
This is exactly what Lu Zhan wants to see.
He came to the middle of the road to fight with Casadin on the line card. Sa Ding had a goddess tear and reluctantly sold the magic bottle and produced a synthetic time rod to catalyze the magic stone. But these two equipments were not strong enough. Casadin could not beat Lu Zhan mantis.
Lu Zhan didn’t fight with him. As soon as he reached the line, he jumped directly into Casadin’s face and smashed a set of skills.
Because he just came out of the other side’s sight, his physical threat was passive, and Casadin isolated a Q and a general attack, so he punched in. Sa Ding was very painful
When Casadin R left, Lu Zhan W followed.
He knocked out half of Cassadine’s blood volume.
Because the blood volume was too small, Cassadine dared not go forward to recruit soldiers.
He can collect small soldiers through Q, but after all, not all soldiers can make up for Q every 6 seconds.
After another 2 seconds, Lu Zhan’s E skills improved.
He walked sideways into the river grass so that Casadin could not see himself, refreshed his passive skills and then turned around and jumped at Casadin.
However, this time Casadin was prepared to go directly to R, but he was still wiped off a little blood by mantis E skill.
In the past two times, peke has gained a new understanding of the fierceness of Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan’s mantis roots will not be exhausted until they are exhausted, and they will be crushed to death by equipment advantages.
Peke was depressed when he played. Lu Zhan mantis beat him like a child, and Lu Zhan beat him dirty, so he left after he came, and he didn’t give him a chance to call back.
Lu Zhan has a blue buff anyway, and there is enough blue, so he is holding Casadin down.
Less than half of Casadin’s blood returned to half by eating blood bottles. He dared not fight mantis and could return to the tower in a wretched way.
After the second 2 seconds, Lu Zhan refreshed the passive again.
This time, he simply jumped to Casa Tinta to fight.
Peke is a little annoyed. He’s an old player, too. Who bullies people like that?
With the help of the defensive tower, he won’t retreat this time. EQW will fight Lu Zhan later.
However, there is no mantis skill in this set. How much blood is left after a wave of mantis skills?
Peke’s sighing energy r is the distance from the tower heel to the land extension.
He called Lu Daye to help him get it. He wanted to get through it with his own supply and catalytic stone, and then he added some blood after upgrading.
I didn’t expect Lu Zhangen not to let him go. Lu Zhancao mantis followed up and flashed and lit Casadin.
In fact, the flash distance is not as long as Casatin R distance, and the flash of the remote exhibition can’t catch Casatin.
But that’s how he flashed past, like he was not afraid of death
After landing, Lu Zhanqi made great efforts to accelerate and quickly approach Casadin.
The defense tower is on the land exhibition, and the land exhibition is also chasing Casadin.
Two people have finished a wave of skills, but they are chasing after the tower exhibition.
Lu Zhan mantis has been beaten by the tower for two times, and a little bit of blood has been knocked off by the defensive tower, but there is no intention of retreating.
Peke is under a lot of pressure. Mantis is crazy, as if he were desperate to chase him.
He wondered if it was a wild spider. He didn’t dare to fight recklessly. When the two were approaching, peke had to flash.
Ignite him and burn him. If mantis hits him, he won’t live.
But before he flashed, mantis sickle waved and actually hit a Q.
Q skills are far away from the body than the general attack, and other skills hit Casadin before flashing out.
"So soon …" Peke misjudged. He wanted to take Lu Zhan for a while. Who would have thought that the second Q of Lu Zhan was so good and so fast?
In fact, Lu Zhanlan buff is cruel and talented, losing D body for 35 seconds. dQ can now be used again in only 263 seconds.
The attack speed of the defensive tower is 3 per second. In these 263 seconds, the defensive tower has only played two times.
This set of data was calculated long before Lu Zhan attacked. He knew that the defensive tower could not be killed before he entered the tower like this.
Cassadine was questioned by him, and although he flashed to another position, there was still ten points of blood left.
It’s lit but it’s still on him.
On the other hand, Lu Zhanta mantis still has more than 2 blood volumes and is still eating blood bottles.
"die!" Lu Zhan immediately walked outside the tower without looking at him.