Lin attacked the front tower shield "Brahma" again, and the blood flowing out of the wound was already wet! But at this time, Lin Ze has a sense of crisis. At this moment, the forest attack is no longer shielded by the shield. If the forest attack hidden behind the tower shield is a convergent blunt sword, then now the forest attack is like a sharp drawn sword.

"What does Lin Attack want to do?"
Lin Ze clenched his hands in the dark moon to guard against …
Lin attack brazenly roared in the face upwards, which was unruly and wild. It didn’t meet the identity of Lin attack shield warrior, but Lin Ze still kept a close eye on Lin attack. He felt that Lin attack was going to do something shocking.
Whistling in the air slowly disappears! Lin’s eyes became very wild, but his face was more calm. His right hand pointed at Lin Zeda and said, "Lin Ze, you deserve my strength!"
"…" A silence.
When Lin Feng finished this sentence, the silence of the audience boiled! Don’t Lin attack has not met the strength of the department until now? Does Lin attack have any cards? All dribbling seems to be guessing what kind of performance Lin will have next …
This game is really wonderful! It has been going on for half an hour now, but the battle has not yet reached the surface. How long will the competition last? Everyone is looking forward to it.
And Lin Ze is not surprised that he knows that Lin has a card! But what exactly is his card? Lin Ze dare not relax until he sees it
In everyone’s expectation eyes, the silver light in Lin’s hand flashed, and a metal bar with dark golden light was taken out of the bracelet by Lin. This metal bar is Lin’s card? The audience gave a loud hiss. They didn’t expect that what they had been waiting for so long turned out to be a metal bar.
But what Lin Ze saw was what the audience saw. Different audiences saw a metal bar, but Lin Ze could see that the metal bar was made of a dark gold material! But why should precious dark gold materials be used to build such a metal bar?
It is said that an inch long and an inch strong, a metal bar is really too short, which is worse than the dark moon in Lin Ze’s hands! Stick weapons should win by length. What are you thinking?
Lin Ze can’t read it. He thinks that such a short metal bar can make a hilt at best.
Lin Ze’s face suddenly changed when he thought of the word, and he seemed to think of something incredible, but he thought it was impossible.
Looking at Lin Ze’s expression of shaking his head, Lin attack seems to verify the idea in Lin Ze’s mind. He smiled wildly and suddenly inserted the metal bar in his hand from Brahma, the tower shield.
Listen to "choke"-it’s a perfect sound. Lin attacked the giant tower shield "Brahma" in the center. The abstract sun seemed to open its eyes, and the whole shield body emerged with a golden streamer. This dazzling light slowly flowed into the strange text groove in the center of Brahma.
Screaming like a sky, a giant sword with a blazing flame appeared in the middle of the ring! Like red fireball, this giant sword has attracted everyone’s attention, even Lin Ze is no exception …
I was just complaining that the audience couldn’t close their mouths at this time. The weapon is so dazzling and the blade is so huge. Maybe this weapon can be turned into a giant sword! Lin Ze looked at this huge sword filled with blazing flames, and his mind was also shaking greatly.
Even Lin Ze can feel the burning sensation of this giant sword, which is also a secret gold weapon.
After Lin attacked, he looked around and stroked this giant sword like a lover. The flame of the sword body was like a child rubbing against the palm of his hand. Lin attacked the palm of his hand and said to Lin Ze in a gentle voice
"This is my closest partner and my last card! Young master, if you can still beat me, I will be happy, but I’m afraid my partner won’t agree so easily! "
Lin’s face is full of self-confidence. Indeed, the threat of this giant sword can really give Lin a great advantage.
But suddenly I was surprised to see Lin attack so close that the flame touched Lin Ze and cried, "Lin attack, are you still a flame shadow?" And Lin seems to be no longer ready to hide his cards after summoning this flaming sword.
The earth attribute shadow soul force condenses a suit of earth armor around him, while the flame attribute shadow soul force completely ignites Lin’s earth armor into a flame armor. Lin’s shadow soul force level instantly climbed to level 30, and he became a real peak shadow spirit.
In this scene, the dean of the instantaneous rostrum shadow warfare branch, Mi, consciously got up! It was also at this time that he realized that this Lin attack turned out to be a double-attribute shadower’s 30-level shadow soul force is so strong that it will not fall before Lin attacks into a truly strong person.
M never imagined that it was a shield warrior, and Lin Xizi was so rich …
Miro, the referee of No.5 ring, also clenched his fist consciously. This forest attack really brought him too many surprises!
Peak shadow spirit flame earth double attribute shadow shield warrior sword warrior fit!
Even Victoria in the audience had to move.
"What’s the matter with the Lins? Out of Lin Ze, such a powerful leap shadow, there is such a gifted dual-attribute shadow … It seems that our attention to the Lins is not enough. "
Victoria sounds a little strange, but Anthony hears some dissatisfaction and nods hastily to show that he will pay more attention to the Lins …
The only way is to look at Lin Ze with Leo and not know how Lin Ze should deal with it.
Chapter 351 Main phlogistic Vatican heavenly sword
Condensed out the flame armor Lin attack scanned the Lin Ze as wild as ever! In the end, he was asked to finish the battle of splitting up and defeating the clan. This sentence echoed repeatedly in Lin’s heart, and then his heart beat sharply and slowly calmed down in the process of stroking the flame sword.
Lin Ze!’
Lin’s address to Lin Ze has been changing. The gentleman will call him by his first name for a while, which also shows that Lin’s heart is complicated. He is in a good mood for defeating the patriarchal clan, but can defeating the patriarchal clan really make the separation stronger?
Lin attacked thinking but then dumped these thoughts! In any case, he must defeat Lin Ze in this battle, and all he can rely on is his good partner.
"Lin Ze, let me introduce you to my good partner!" Lin looked at Lin Ze as if a king who had dominated his opponent had given him mercy.
Lin Ze’s face is still cold. He nodded slightly.
See Lin Ze nodded, and Lin smiled more and more, and the blazing armor burned more wildly …
"He is the earth, and his name is Brahma, you know!" Lin Xi stroked the blade of the giant sword, that is, a giant tower shield, Lin Ze introduced, and when he introduced Brahma, he also released a force of earth attributes to respond to his master.
Lin attacked the heart and patted Brahma’s right hand slowly to the metal bar that became Brahma’s hilt and continued
"He is a flame, and his name is’ burning inflammation’!"
Hearing Lin attack calling his name, this hilt is also flashing with red flame light, and Lin attack the flame armor to reflect each other …
Lin attack gently touched the hilt named "Main Inflammation", and suddenly pulled out the whole flame sword. The flame sword was lifted by Lin attack with turned-up challenge rocks. The length of the flame sword has completely surpassed Lin attack, perhaps it was a little careless that Lin Ze might be waved by this sword. Lin attack could make such a big sword even his opponent Lin Ze had to admire it.
"Mr. Lin Ze, this is my good partner-‘burning Brahma Sword’!" Lin attack ran towards Lin Ze when he suddenly drank the name of "Brahma’s heavenly sword" …
"Main inflammation brahman heavenly sword! The name of this giant sword is very domineering … "
Lin Ze’s dark moon burning phlogistic Vatican heavenly sword seems to be a pediatrician! In the face of being forcibly waved by a forest attack, Lin Ze can forcibly set up a dark moon to resist the forest attack, but the blow of the forest attack is not a shield. The great power of the forest attack has been completely attacked by Lin Zegen to resist the forest attack.
Seeing that Lin Ze was hit by a flying forest when he touched the dark moon, what should Lin Ze do? Did Lin attack recklessly? However, there is a big gap in the level of soul power of Lin Ze forest attack. It can be said that the previous battle of melting rhyme cold failed because of Lin Ze’s flame resistance. However, for Lin attack, the flame attribute is not even for Lin Ze, but he still has a heavy earth attribute!
Is Linze going to lose?
Now the situation is very unfavorable for Lin Ze …
It seems that Lin Ze can barely dodge when waving the Brahma Heavenly Sword violently, but in the face of such a huge Brahma Heavenly Sword, Lin Ze also has to dodge his energy in the middle, and he may be attacked by Brahma Heavenly Sword with a little distraction …
But it doesn’t make sense to dodge like this! Lin’s attack is waving Brahma’s heavenly sword, which has made Lin Zesheng’s oppression smaller and smaller. Lin Ze is getting closer and closer to the edge of the ring. If he can’t find a way to deal with Lin’s attack, then he will be forced out of the ring by Lin.
And out of the ring, Lin Ze will lose!
Will Lin Ze lose? The hearts of people who support Lin Ze in the audience are in their throats, and it seems that it will jump out in a moment …
Lin attacked and burned the blade of Brahma’s heavenly sword, and at the same time, it kept sputtering out sparks. The blooming sparks squeezed Lin Ze and Lin Ze even more. At this time, he was completely forced into the corner. In this burning Brahma’s heavenly sword, Lin Zegen was oppressed and did not strike back.
Lin is going to win! The audience has almost decided that such a result supports Lin Ze, and the audience is not reconciled. However, it is very rare for Lin Ze to come to this step now, and it is already very powerful to force Lin to attack the card in the case of three rounds of wheel war …
"To win!" This is also the idea in Lin’s heart. Holding Brahma’s heavenly sword with both hands has brought poor confidence to Lin’s attack. Lin Ze has finished fighting against his sword on the edge of the ring, and the game is over when teacher Miro comes to save Lin Ze.
Lin looked at to take a step back will fall challenge Lin Ze wild important heart finally released!
"Lin Ze gentleman you throw in the towel! You have no chance to win … "