June 25th-29 nba Draft

July 1st-Free agent market negotiation day.
July-the official signing date of free agent.
July 1-19-Las Vegas Summer League Training Camp
September 1st-NBA Hall of Fame Ceremony
September 2nd-Sports players report back to the team.
September 29th-NBA preseason game officially started.
January 23rd-NBA preseason game is over.
January 26th-The official roster of ——nba players is announced.
January 27th-New season
The league has made a timetable, and the two brothers have also made their own holiday schedules.
Ji Guoqiu plans to go around the scenic spots in North America with little radish and then get engaged to Emma Roberts in Hawaii at the end of July. He has been dragging his sister away for a long time.
Ji Guoshi plans to go to the Caribbean for a holiday with the little singer. In July, when the giant panda is engaged, they will go to Hawaii to join in. At the beginning of the month, they will return to the United States together for a one-month special training.
This summer, the business activities of the two brothers have been minimized. They are not short of money now. This summer, they have to improve their own skills, especially Brother Panda. Now that two seasons have passed, they still have a low hook and a free throw line to cope with two unique skills. Their ability is much worse than that of Brother Fox.
Ji Guoqiu must improve his offensive ability with the ball or strengthen his offensive ability in the low post this summer. Otherwise, how can he kill the Fox mvp next season?
Chapter five hundred and sixty Summer reinforcement
Kobe Bryant will come to the Clippers?
The news has been heated up by the media recently, but every thing has a reason. Do you know how this wind blows up?
But soon the first superstar in the league came forward to clarify the rumor and said that he was deeply rooted in the Lakers and said in an interview, "We will start again in the war next season, and our team is ready. There is no doubt about it."
On June 25th, the 29-year draft was still held in Madison Square. The Clippers signed this year in the first round, the second round and the third round respectively, both of which were the last draft.
At this time, the two brothers have already taken their own vacations, but today, the two men still watched the live broadcast in the hotel.
The original historical Clippers should be the team that won the top draft, and they chose the Beast Line Blake Griffin.
Now, of course, it’s impossible. The original second Memphis grizzly bear won the top draft.
It is an accepted fact that any team that draws the top spot will become the top spot this year.
Memphis was discouraged. Since he got the first round of signing, he naturally did not hesitate to take a look at it. It was the superstar Miao Blake Griffin, so it should have been the champion of the Clippers. The beast line became the Spanish white bear partner. The strength of the grizzly bear line was valued by experts from all walks of life. After several seasons, once the grizzly bear lines grew up, they could compete with the twin brothers.
Oklahoma City Thunder selected James Harden from Arizona State University in the second place.
The Sacramento king chose Terek Evans from the University of Memphis in the third place.
Nisuda Timberwolves selected Ricky Lu Biao, a golden boy from Spain, in the fourth overall pick.
Nishuda Timberwolves went on to pick Hashemite Tabit from the University of Connecticut in the fifth place.
Golden State Warriors selected Stephen Curry from davidson college in the sixth overall pick.
The Clippers were the last to choose the rookie team in the first round. Haomiao has long been chosen by other teams. Mrs. Sterling continues to represent the Clippers in the draft this year, but this time the Clippers chose which player took into account the opinions of Fox’s younger brother. This guy said before taking a vacation that he admired Dimix and Patrick Beverly. If these two players have not been picked up by the Clippers when it is their turn to draft, you can choose them.
League superstars are entitled to express their opinions on their team’s draft. Sterling, the No.3 pick in the first round, certainly won’t strip Ji of national humiliation. The Clippers chose Patrick Beverly, who just returned to the United States from Europe, in the first round with the No.3 pick.
Old Deng Liwei has no objection to this, just as the Clippers point guards have Billups and Drazic. In case of injury, no one can.
In the second round, the Clippers chose the lineman Robert Dodzil as the last player. At the end of the 9-year draft, this department selected the No.1 grizzly bear and the Golden Boy Timberwolves as the two most watched teams.
However, none of this has much to do with the Clippers. Experts have no interest in their selection of two players. At most, they sigh that these two guys are lucky and are likely to win the championship just after entering the nba. However, after the summer league and preseason, these two low-ranked rookies can still stay in the Clippers.
Clippers fans are not interested in these two rookies either. Now, there are too many old guys to hug their thighs, and there are not enough positions. It is difficult for rookies to occupy a position in the Clippers list. Not everyone has the strength of two brothers.
Over the years, the low-ranked players have finally become stars, and the general Arenas and the twin brothers are just examples.
On July 1 ST, the summer market officially played the nba team’s various struggles and exhibitions, and the league also issued a playoff bonus for the next season on this day.
Every team in the nba playoffs has considerable bonus income, and the Clippers and Celtics, which made it to the finals, have a considerable bonus amount.
This year’s nba playoff ratings are not as high as last year, but thanks to the 1.2 billion broadcast contract, their playoff bonus has reached a record, reaching an astonishing $130 thousand.
The clippers won the final championship, and their playoff bonus reached an astonishing $350 thousand.
The nba playoff bonus jumped from David Stern to the fourth president of nba in 1994.
When David Stern took over the nba in 1994, the league’s total income was only $19.2 billion. Now, the nba’s total income is nearly $300 million, and the nba’s total income is as high as $600 million.
With enough dollars in his hand, the president naturally decided to substantially increase the amount of playoff bonuses to two years, that is, the total amount of playoff bonuses reached an astonishing $120,000 last year, and this year it reached $130,000, 24 times that of 1951.
Playoff bonuses must not be withheld by the team, but must be distributed to the players.
Then the question is coming. Many fans are worried about one question, that is, how to distribute the bonus for the team? Is it the same for the twins fraternity and players like Deng Taiqiong to get bonuses?
Yes, it is true in the nba. The distribution of playoff bonuses is decided by the players themselves. Usually, it is divided equally by the players, but it is not the case for some water dispenser players. Their bonus distribution is made at the time of signing the contract, and there will be no embarrassment that the patron saint and the core players will share the bonus for one minute without playing the water dispenser.
Sterling has always advocated distribution according to work, and their bonus distribution is not equal, but reward according to merit.
The Clippers’ bonus distribution this season is that the two brothers+Billups account for 4% of the team’s total bonus, that is, each of them gets almost more than 50 thousand dollars, but the two brothers are not short of money. Last year, they shared their 10 thousand bonus equally with other players, that is, the Clippers got an extra 10 thousand dollars each, in order to win people’s hearts. This year, they didn’t do this. The two brothers donated the bonus to their hemophilia charity foundation because they felt that these people needed help more than their teammates.
On July 2, the Clippers’ trading door was opened. Deng Taiqiong refused the Clippers’ two-year contract of 40,000 US dollars and went to the Houston Rockets to sign a contract of 70,000 US dollars for three years.
On July 4th, the Clippers gave up signing Robert Dodzil, but gave Beverly a three-year 30,000 rookie contract, 10,000 in the first year, 10,000 in the second year and 130,000 in the third year.