But in the end, the winner is still Ji Dong’s surging explosion, with carved eyes and colorful sky. The diameter of the center of their bodies is more than 100 meters, and more than 10 meters of giant trees have collapsed. The gas is swinging and filtering up a layer of strong water pattern halo, and the golden and white light is constantly shaking, swirling and flashing like a sword. Those giant trees leave deep marks.

Boom is another explosion. Armor has turned into a milky white woman, flying backwards and bombarding a giant tree nearly 100 meters. Most of the whole body is embedded.
Wow, as soon as I spit out one mouthful blood,
While Ji Dong in situ body from feet to the top of the head singular distorted a layer of dark blue halo from golden rosefinch armor flash without has gone to the impact.
After all, the blow of the collision between the two people was Ji Dong’s occupation of the wind level difference, which was made up by the attribute and the first hand and the second hand. Both of them were lightly armored from the immediate situation
Look at their armor with similar ability, but the real difference is that the increase of Ji Dong Suzaku Jia Suzaku Jia to him caused him to burst into a sunny cone, and when he hit it, he just blew out the dark Ebony saints ten levels higher than himself, which shows how tough Ji Dong is at this time.
At this time, Ji set off, and the armor of Yin and Yang of Jun Magic had a strange change. His shoulder armor showed a syncline square root spike, and each spike was about seven inches long. At the same time, there were spikes, and his elbow pads, hand guards, knees, boots, toes and heels were matched with the mask with blood-red eyes. At this time, he looked like a ferocious demon
Ji Dong was surprised that his opponent could be shocked. Ji Dong guessed that there was nothing wrong at all. At present, his opponent was the black five-element mainland ebony saint named Scorpion. Her name had a very strange origin. Even her companion knew what her real name was, and she was cold and tough. Even among the dark saints, she could rank in the top five. How could she think that she was traumatized as soon as she came to the sacred island?
Seeing that Ji started, the golden flame bloomed, and the scorpion realized that it was not good. She made the most correct response at the first time and released the six-petal Yu Lian, the Yao Qian-recommended emerald green dragon. Although it saved her life, it was so easy to solve the problem that the sun cone was so hot in the afternoon, and it was even easier to dissolve her one mouthful blood. Fortunately, the best thing for the ultimate ebony was to treat it. From this point of view, it was even more than jiamu.
Layers of milky halo are constantly flowing around the scorpion to treat her physical injury, and at the same time, her body jumps like a scorpion, quietly squatting on the ground, hands on both sides of her body, wings behind her, and at the same time, her eyes are cold and frozen, and she looks at the opposite side, full of violence, like a generation of tyrants, but she has four champions.
There is no hurry to pursue Ji Dong’s deep breath, and the whirlwind of Yin and Yang will calm him down by himself. He has already had two more things in the palm of his hand. Although he wore the armor of Yin and Yang, he didn’t bring his own gloves.
This pair of seven-order dark fire crystal crown gloves will probably make his attack power reach a new level.
The faint golden light of reconnecting the armguard in the sonorous tone made the moire of the armor of Yin and Yang of the monarch and demon clear, and Ji Dong walked step by step towards the dark sage scorpion.
Scorpion’s eyes have been condensed like needles at this time, and she clearly knows that she has met her deadly opponent, which is likely to be the light five elements mainland C fire saints.
Halo flow a white whip quietly appeared in the palm of scorpion’s right hand. The whip was crystal clear and pure white, just like her body armor, but it was covered with many barbs about an inch long. At first glance, it was impossible to see whether it was made of metal or plants, but the misty magic fluctuations made the scorpion instantly blend into one, which increased her own momentum.
For all this, Ji Dong walked forward step by step as if he didn’t see it. The great power brought by the appearance of the demon armor of Yin and Yang and the release of his breath increased with each step.
One step out of the ground will leave a golden red footprint, and Ji’s magic will expand in a few minutes, and the totem of the flame king will become clearer behind it.
Both sides are saints before there is an absolute strength gap. Although they feel the great pressure from the other side, Scorpion will never retreat easily. This is a contest between saints and saints. If she retreats easily this time, "it is bound to have a psychological shadow in her heart." When she meets Ji Dong again, it is even more impossible to defeat her opponent, especially in front of her. The magic of this opponent is ten levels lower than her.
As for the result of the previous blow, Scorpion told herself that it was due to the poor preparation of the property, which led to her extreme injury. The magic of Ebony has healed, and it is a pill to restore magic. She is convinced that the winner will still be able to kill a light saint himself if this battle continues, and there is no doubt that it will be the biggest highlight of her participation in the holy evil war, which will also make her glorious.
Scorpion is different. Ji Dong didn’t think much in his heart. At this moment, "he has an idea" that is, defeating his opponent and destroying his opponent’s obsession with victory makes him unite his body and mind. In this battle, the whirlwind of yin and yang is rapidly changing, and the magic face of extreme yang fire is blooming.
When the distance between the two people is getting closer and closer, there are still 30 meters away from the opponent. Suddenly, a golden flame condenses behind Ji Dong and turns into a huge circular array. It is the sun fire condensation array that makes Suzaku’s light and shadow set off the surrounding area into a golden color, and his burning flame of Yuanyang in the afternoon is also instantaneous.
Yang fire condensation array replaced the totem position of the flame king, but the virtual shadow of the flame king was instantaneous. Ji Dong body fusion was almost a blink of an eye. Ji Dong had finished the transformation of the flame king, and his wings suddenly flapped behind him. He took his body, which was as high as three meters, like a meteor, and went straight to the dark and sacred scorpion.
Scorpion’s eyes finally changed, and there was a change of fear in her condensed eyes.
Also a saint, how could she not recognize what the five-line array appeared behind Ji Dong? But what scares her most is not this, but the transformation of Ji Dong’s flame king
Ji Dong, the incarnation of the flame king, has already made her feel a kind of attribute to suppress the breath, which is the first time she has ever felt this way. How can she not be afraid?
However, the scorpion is worthy of being a heavenly saint, and her mood fluctuates. She also didn’t choose to retreat. She let out a shrill scream and flapped her wings. Her wings are part of her armor. During the flapping process, she also brought up a series of metal explosions. The whip in her hand shook straight like a pike and went straight to Ji Dong to plunge head on.
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A shocking crowd of LUN cold hum came from the mouth of the flame king Ji Dong. His right hand has been poked out. Three golden spikes stand out from the fist peak of the hand guard and point directly at the sharp tip of the whip with a harsh golden flame.
Scorpion broke out with strong fighting capacity at this moment. Seeing her wrist with whip in both hands suddenly shook, the long soft whip shook violently like a snake spitting letters. Before Ji Dong, dozens of whip shadows suddenly appeared. The strangest thing is that the whip tip is extremely magical and condensed, and it is full of strong magic light.
In his case, his opponent might be directly stimulated by the strong light at the tip of the whip to bow up his visual discomfort. Unfortunately, what she met was Ji Dong Ji Dong, and all she could see was a red color, no matter how kind and glorious it was, which had been filtered at this moment.
In the face of all the light and shadow, Ji Dong’s response is very simple, simple and outrageous.
He didn’t take care of his opponent’s skills if he rushed forward. At the same time, he drew a circle in front of him, and the magic of Yang fire broke out like a whirlwind, swinging the embodiment pike and soft whip as much as possible, while he himself went straight into the palace and hit the scorpion head-on
"Go to hell, barbarian." Scorpion Jiao drank a magic power to output all whip shadows, and finally melted a little bit, which made Ji Dong’s chest and abdomen position heavier.
Scorpion’s choice is not clever. After all, the armor of Yin and Yang can’t be defended. It’s just a light armor. She chose this position, which is even dirtier. The softest part of the human body can also produce great destructiveness. When Ji Dong’s body touches, Scorpio can’t help but feel a little happy. She believes that even if her opponent is still wearing a soft armor, she can’t compare with the magic armor defense outside. It should be easy for her ultimate magic to break the opponent’s defense.
But can she really get what she wants? The scorpion was completely shocked for a moment.
Dark blue light appears quietly. Golden Suzaku armor is her whip. Ji Dong’s chest and abdomen. At the same time, the armor muscles and tendons in that position are all slightly crawling. It feels like a stick slamming out, but it is very tough.
After all, the soft whip is three feet long, and the magic power will be weakened after such a distance. What’s more, the flame king’s body is so huge that he wants to pass through it. The magic power of Ji Dong’s body has been consumed a lot. Is it a vegetarian when Ji Dong Suzaku becomes a snake? Following the heavenly god beast to make a snake for a year, Ji Dong made a snake change. Although it can’t really reach the point where things can be hurt like a snake, it can be regarded as getting the marrow of the gods. Even the strength of Frey’s seven crowns is hard to hurt him. Although it is the ultimate eucalyptus, the only feeling that this whip brings to Ji Dong after such multiple weakening situations is just a little pain.