Around efreet at the moment, there are more than fifteen holy order strong men, most of whom are the deputy heads of the army corps, and some first-order and ninth-order mentor-level mages and priests. The most important fighting capacity of these legions is pouring their fire around efreet, and at the same time, ensuring that some soldiers around him are safe. If ll is awake, he will be depressed to find that his sister is here and is firmly protected by more than a dozen high-level royal shield guards. Her body exudes a halo of R incarnation and white Se, which covers nearly 100 meters around her.

Of course, if Rola Chen’s own ability is sure to do this, after all, this coverage is not Rola Chen’s strength. She can release the aura of this range, but also the triple aura. Thanks to the staff in her hand, she also has two special pieces of equipment, which make Rola Chen consume magic and be transferred to those two things. Relying on the magic of the inner area to release the aura, these two pieces of equipment belong to a consumption and will be released continuously after J: and hair.
"Nimitz Magic Sleeping Stone" These are the two stones hanging on Rola Chen’s earlobe, equipped with two big stones with soybeans, but their value is not a top magic crystal. If it weren’t for their one-time production, it is estimated that their value would be even higher, and this kind of magic that can supplement the mentor-level professionals will make their value plummet. However, this kind of stone will appear in the astral world, that is, when the strange strong people travel to the astral world, they can only bring back a little bit, which makes them extremely rare.
However, Rola Chen didn’t make those two things that Chen Kai huā paid a lot of money to get back, but Lugus took them out of the munitions depot. Although this kind of stone is very rare in the outside world, it will never be lacking in the imperial treasury. After all, even the highest moon boundary stone, that is, the stone that can help the holy order to instantly restore the magic power, can be found in the imperial treasury. How can such a low-grade magic sleeping stone be lacking? Of course, there are such big stones with soybeans in the treasury. This kind of volume stone can only appear in the treasury of various local armies and cannot be rooted in the imperial treasury.
With the help of two magic sleeping stones, Rola Chen, the scope of the aura can be expanded to nearly 100 meters. Fiona Fang enveloped all the captains and demons in it, and at the same time raised the aura effect by relying on the staff in his hand, which made all the places covered by the aura exude a faint sacred atmosphere. If it was not for the surrounding guards with more than a dozen royal shields with the strongest defense, Rola Chen estimated that it would not be so comfortable to stay at the edge of efreet and release the aura to suppress the demon aura in efreet. Together, five nine-order royal shield guards can easily resist a powerful attack in the sanctuary, while fifteen royal shield guards together can resist two efreet.
Of course, the aura of Rola Chen doesn’t mean that it can completely suppress those efreet demons’ aura. After all, if that’s the case, then those royal shield guards may not have attacked one or two efreet, but seven efreet attacked together. What she suppressed was that the scattered breath was dispelled by the forces of this head. Only by getting along with several legions can she completely suppress the surrounding 100-meter Fiona Fang.
But even so, the pressure on Han Yi is not easy at all. After all, even if it is crushed by the physical strength of the military commanders, the demon aura is also emitted by a demon of a lower holy order. At this moment, Rola Chen’s level is very great, even if it depends on the magic of equipment. In Rola Chen, it feels like a hammer pounding her I m: o skull every second, which makes her magic source tremble constantly but not collapse. If it is not for the priest to pray, he will have a certain hypnosis. It is estimated that Rola Chen has been uncomfortable to release the aura.
As the aura lasted longer and longer, a large number of finely divided light particles appeared in the aura of Rola Chen. After seeing this situation, the great priests immediately came to J and jīng God. They took out pieces of pure white Se white spar from their pockets, that is, the magic spar with sacred power. After being taken out by the great priests, these spar was injected with magic, and then in the spell magic slowly floated, emitting a strong light force. One white spar floated around Rola Chen, and when all the spar floated to a certain point, the spell of the great priests stopped completely.
Strips of finely white Se light come out from those spars and quickly jiāo weaves in the sky to form a huge array of spars, which emits extremely strong light and gradually strengthens. Finally, a huge light beam running through the world can be seen even if it is dozens of miles away. At that moment, Rola Chen suddenly felt as if there was a big Men in the sky above his head, but he was trying to maintain the aura. Rola Chen could not stop to look up and see that the sky could continue praying with his head down and his staff on.
However, the fact that Rola Chen can’t see it doesn’t mean that others can’t see it. After their slings were destroyed by lava fireballs in efreet, the cloud joined the infantry phalanx with weapons. With the same loss of slings, other players, thieves and players patrolled around the legion and killed those injured and undead demons by the way. This kind of guy is very easy for these thieves, because there are no undead demons around, not only are they not dead, but most of them are also looted and cleaned. Except for a lot of demon blood and various horn materials, there is almost nothing of special value to observe the surrounding situation and record the change process of that light beam above Rola Chen’s head
The huge light beam that originally exuded white light slowly collapsed in some unknown force and evolved into a luminous big MEN. The huge MEN column was clearly visible in the sky, and all kinds of ornate ornamentation, which I don’t know what it means, exuded soft and sacred light. As the light faded, the huge MEN really appeared in the sky. All demons felt a little bit of soul fear in their hearts.
At the same time, when the light disappeared completely, there was a light in the big Men’s seam that was closed. A hazy white Se light came out of the Men’s seam and came into contact with this light. The plants became full of vitality from the original yellow in an instant. At the same time, the fears of those demons became stronger and stronger, as if the whole soul was trembling.
Somewhere in the distance, the monster that almost killed ll shot out of his head from the hiding mountain, but his face at the moment doesn’t have that kind of silly expression, but it is full of wisdom, as if it were the eyes of an old man who has experienced all the strong winds in a hundred years old. Its rough grasp of m not m not his own cow mouth seems to be a person taking away his beard there.
"I didn’t expect to be found by human beings for divine descent. I don’t know which lucky guy I m: o makes the life nv God appreciate it." It’s surprising to speak from the mouth of this mixed magic, but it seems very accurate to cooperate with that expression. If the bishop of the temple of nv God or the god officer hears this sentence, he must find this demon to fight a duel or simply provoke a holy war. Of course, there is no one at the side of this mixed magic at the moment, but it is definitely not a person.
"A B not Zharuge Hall’s adult wants you to go back as soon as possible." An advanced purgatory demon respectfully knelt behind this evil demon, and its head was so low that it dared not look up at the person in front.
"I hate it when I finally get out of that hellhole and have to go back before I have had enough fun." As the devil mumbles slowly, he pulls a cheek and pulls an I m: oi m: o deformation demon from his face. The original ugly monster suddenly turns into a real purgatory demon, and he takes purple Se hair as red as spar. Yan horns represent the noble status of the other higher purgatory demon, and so does the opposite purgatory demon. Because the devil noble belongs to the top among demons, it is only those demon lords and lords.
"Mifis Rogge, do you think Lillian * is a member or a body this time?" Before waving at men, B not Zaluger, that is, the demon aristocrat asked softly and followed the devil with his head down behind him.
"I’m sorry, the temple is estimated to be a busy life from God, nv. God won’t put the body or the busy body down to such a weak I m: o." Mifez Rogge, that is, the devil in purgatory, gently responded with the huge light behind them. Men slowly stepped out from the inside, and this figure just appeared, emitting an unusually strong light. However, when she stepped out of the light, she suddenly felt a certain evil breath, but when she checked, there was a faint B not moving left on this plane.
After not feeling the evil power, this beautiful light and shadow slowly came back to God and fell from the sky, thus directly behind Rola Chen. Her body was at least three or four meters high, and her huge body was covered with an unusually gorgeous and beautiful priest robe. When she appeared behind Rola Chen, the original 100-meter aura of Fiona Fang instantly expanded to 1000 meters, and the huge coverage area of Fiona Fang enveloped the players and demons who were close to Rola Chen. The players’ bodies were blessed with divine power, while the demons’ bodies were extremely harmful to their bodies.
One demon after another wailed and beat the body surface with great power to make them pat themselves, but this beating could not dispel their pain. A large number of divine forces kept invading their bodies and burning them from the outside.
"Ow!" One demon after another burst out with their cries of pain, while at the same time, players and soldiers who were cared for by the aura burst out with even more terrible cries of killing. On the other hand, the cavalry rushed into the battlefield and gave priority to strangling those demons who were burned by divine power. With the help of the power of horses, they trampled one demon after another on horseshoes and turned them into piles of mud.
At the same time, Rola Chen’s two magic sleeping stones with ears are slowly emitting light, and their surfaces are constantly cracked with the original navy blue Se stone, which is moving towards gray Se. This situation naturally represents that there is not much magic in the two magic sleeping stones, but you know, according to Rola Chen’s estimation, these two magic sleeping stones can keep her aura for half an hour, instead of a few minutes now. It is obvious that the huge light and shadow behind Rola Chen has led to the increased consumption of magic sleeping stones.
Of course, if Rola Chen is still awake, she won’t care about this consumption, because even if she consumes more money, it’s not huā. At the same time, the experience of Rola Chen’s aura is rapidly increasing at this time. The mastery of three auras is gradually moving closer from mastery to proficiency, and a lot of experience is converging towards Rola Chen’s experience trough, which becomes the basis for her upgrade. But these are secondary to Chen Yi. The most important thing is that she gets the permanent blessing-"Lillian’s care".
There is no other only blessing that Rola Chen can get life at some time. Lilian, the god of nv, takes care of and summons life. Of course, this kind of arrival is not without cost. In addition to the need to make those white spar, you have to bear the magic consumption after the arrival of God. Without white magic crystal or special white spar, you can build a magic arrival circle, and you can summon God without magic sleeping stone or the summoner’s magic is insufficient. You can also support God by running out of magic before the call starts, and then hang up directly.
This kind of summoning is not without cost, certain strength or opportunity. I don’t want to summon God, even if I am a member of the body, I will directly consume two magic sleeping stones worth tens of thousands of gold coins when people live there, not to mention those that make the white spar price. This is another skill that costs a lot of money and may not be successful. After all, God is not 11. She won’t listen to your summoning online forever. If she wants to summon God, it depends on whether she has it or not.
Chapter 34 Enter the fortress (for recommendation)
With the passage of time, the original door in the middle of the gate has a little tendency to return to the water, and the main reason for this result is that the great priests who are responsible for opening the door are not strong enough. After all, maintaining the door is not an easy task, even with the buffer of white spar, it needs great magic backing. Without the surrounding great priests, even Chen Yishen with the magic sleeping stone will directly suck up the magic and die before God is called out.
Even if Chen Yi wants to try to summon the gods to be two places at once, it’s impossible for her to perform the summons alone. The most important thing is that she doesn’t know that the summoning spell constitutes the gate array. Although Rola Chen has been favored by Lillian, this favor has no other place except that she has benefited from this battle, or there is no other place for the time being.
However, let’s not say what this similar blessing has done to Chen Yi’s later development. The additional features of the blessing will make people feel very envious. Of course, at this moment, Chen Yi will not know what she has got. She has fallen into a semi-sleepy state at the moment when the god is in two places at once.
This may be the biggest drawback of the Divine Descent. After summoning the Divine Descent, the divine power will gradually synchronize with the descendent and then control the descendent’s body. Although this will not bring about any side effects and the descendent’s body will not be occupied, in general, there will be some weird things happening. For example, when the Divine Descent disappears, the descendent will not remember what happened during this period. Of course, this is a way for God to maintain his majesty, but this time there is a slight problem with the Divine Descent.
Perhaps for the first time in the game world, God came to the player, so that God’s doppelganger didn’t integrate into Rola Chen’s body, but stood behind Rola Chen as it was. Although this situation did not prevent God from releasing magical skills with the help of Rola Chen’s body, the consumption was even greater, which caused the priests to look pale when they maintained their spells. After all, it was the first time that they discovered that the method of coming to the victim was integrated after the operation of God’s descent.
Although this is not a bad thing for the descendent, even if Chen Yifa gets the soaring strength brought by the integration of the divine body into herself, at least her body source will not be damaged by the influx of too much power. In the past records, a deity descended from an ordinary priest apprentice and rose directly to the seventh rank of divine officer, but like most deities, he went further and did not live over forty years old because of the divine power.
Of course, for players, there is definitely no such restriction. If the player’s strength is limited due to unification, then the game will continue to be born. Therefore, there will be the integration of the divine body method into Rola Chen’s body, and at the same time, Chen Yifa will quickly increase his strength in a short time. This is that the rules of the game system will not allow a player to taste a little sweetness by receiving too much benefit, so Rola Chen can get the experience of God expanding the aura through her hand to kill demons, but she can get extremely powerful power by integrating God into her body.
As time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult for those great priests to support, and at the same time, the two magic sleeping stones in Rola Chen’s ear are about to be crushed. Once the magic sleeping stones are crushed, Rola Chen’s magic will be instantly sucked up by the aura exerted by the god behind him, and then all the great priests will need to ask the goddess of life to go back from the god’s busy place early. Of course, it would be better to help directly at the end, such as killing efreet who is fighting with the heads of the army or rescuing those injured soldiers.
It is these great priests who obviously underestimated the meanness of the slave god. If they ask the slave god, they just don’t help to do other things. When the magic sleeping stone in Rola Chen’s ear is broken, she swoops back and jumps into the gate. The running speed is definitely faster than her coming out of the gate. It’s like a Scud missile. The dull eyes of those great priests just boom, close the door and disappear directly into this plane.
"It’s gone." Cloud gawked at Tianyuan’s marble-like door, which had completely disappeared at the moment as if it had never appeared. The white spar that formed the circle was still there, but it was only a few seconds later that it was broken.
"Going away doesn’t help kill some demons. This god is so stingy." Zhao Tiezhu was very depressed and muttered, although those demons have been reduced by more than half in their power, they are still tenacious and tied with the players, especially the demon mages in the mixed demon army. These suddenly killed demon mages made the aboriginal soldiers and players suffer a big loss. Although they didn’t release powerful spells, they just kept flashing purgatory and flying around in their hands, causing many aboriginal soldiers to be hit hard, while many players were directly smashed to dust.
However, compared with Zhao Tiezhu, these players mutter that a few exhausted priests are in a bit of a hurry, because they found that Chen Yi had broken two magic sleeping stones with him, but the battle among the heads of the army was not over yet. If the aura disappears at this time, efreet, who was suppressed, will be strong again, and maybe several heads of the army will be damaged. This kind of thing is that these big priests absolutely don’t want to see one of them hurriedly pull out the magic sleeping stones of the same material with his hands, and intend to let Rola Chen wear them. However, the tragedy is that Rola Chen is still in a semi-sleepy state at the moment, and the two magic sleeping stones
Of course, this is not the intention of the great priest, but because with the exhaustion of Rola Chen’s magic, the aura of magic disappeared directly, and those suppressed efreet recovered a little strength in an instant, which caused great trouble to the siege heads. These great priests were urgently called to support the heads, which made Chen Yi keep the two broken little magic sleeping stones.
At this time, the remnant demons in the battlefield of Zela fortress have been completely surrounded by the legion. They are squeezed in the front of the fortress and hit by both the ground and the fortress weapons. Compared with the weapons possessed by the ground legion, the guarding instruments in Zela fortress are more sophisticated, but those instruments are almost worn out in long-term battles, otherwise the fortress will not be so miserable, but the damaged defensive weapons are also few, which can still pose some threats to those demons, especially those flying. Dancing in the sky, small demons are installed in the city wall. Heavy crossbows are the enemies of these small demons, so they are the most damaged equipment. However, the guards actually pulled out two more crossbows from the warehouse.
Although these two heavy-duty crossbows look a little old and creak when pulled, as if they will break at any time, the power of the crossbow body and its ability to burst continuously remain unchanged. Those small and medium-sized demons flying in the rear don’t care about the idea. These two crossbows directly shot nearly five small demons at the moment of appearance. Those small demons either fell through the heart or directly shot their heads, but also had Zela fortress. Only in this place can there be professional exercises, and even high-ranking shooters with crossbows be able to do it.
At the wall, the two crossbows cooperated with the ground archers to shoot the flying little demons. Compared with the demon army that was surrounded and walked in the legion, these little demons were hardly influenced by God, because when God appeared, they were far away and didn’t fly out of the corner again until God disappeared, posing a threat to the soldiers in the legion. If there were not too many wizards in the rear of the legion, it is estimated that these little demons would directly rush to the back to attack the mage troops of the legion logistics force.
A few impious little devils tried to rush over, but as a result, they were directly drowned by hundreds of spells that flew out of the ground. Although these spells were not very powerful, the destructive power of hundreds of spells directly blasted these little devils. Of course, the experience of these little devils was also divided equally by many wizards. Because the battlefield legion and demons were in a state of intersection, the magicians poured spell power at will, but those little demons flew too high and were so anxious to earn experience and merit that the wizards’ eyes were red, and these little demons with extremely low flying heights just bumped into the players’ guns to connect their nails.
"Brother Fei, shall we follow the column behind them?" Wang Xuewen came to Xu Fei’s side after recovering his magic and asked, Looking at those players who are killing in the distance, he really wants to join them. Of course, it’s not fighting, but rubbing some experience. After all, sometimes he earns less than 10 thousand points of experience in the mage camp, and then he doesn’t make any money. He just releases spells there to bombard efreet
"Do you want to earn experience?" Xu Fei let go of the magic books. These books were all obtained by them from the Temple of Capikro. Although most of them are similar to the discipline theological research, there are still many magic books mixed in. According to Xu Fei’s judgment, maybe the false god just wants to use magic power to disguise and create magic to show his greatness.
"Although I also want to earn experience, I’m more worried that I’ll be able to relax in the final ride of the battle station." Looking at what I want to say, Wang Xuewen Xu Fei slowly said that he was going to.
"You mean the battle isn’t over after the demons are defeated?" Wang Xuewen felt a little dull when listening to Xu Fei’s words, because in his view, those demons are already at the end of their lives, and it is estimated that they will be completely eliminated in another half hour. At that time, there is no way to rub up on experience, but now Xu Fei is talking about these demons, and there is a more terrible dinner waiting for them behind the stomach.
"Of course, if only a few demons are stationed in the fortress, they can be destroyed by the troops stationed in it, and they won’t be hit by others at home, and they will be beaten so badly." Xu Fei looked at the fortress in the distance. According to the information received by the players, there are less than 20 thousand troops stationed in the fortress, which is still a semi-urbanized fortress with residents. Obviously, Zela fortress has no residents, that is to say, it is a purely militarized fortress, and the number of troops stationed in the purely militarized fortress should be doubled on the basis of 20 thousand. There should be nearly 40 thousand troops stationed in the
However, there are not many soldiers on the wall now. The most important thing is that there is not a mage in it. Of course, not all the mages are dead, but because there are more demons in the north of the fortress, which is holding back the legion of demons. The soldiers in the legion of demons are the army in the south of the fortress, not the whole legion in the fortress. Of course, this is a good situation. The bad situation is that the army in the fortress has been killed, and those demons have already fled into the Imperial Department through the fortress, but some troops have been left here to make up the mess.
However, this is also Xu Fei’s guess. For example, he is not sure about the specific situation, but it is a bit certain that the system will never let players complete one so simple. Although many players have died at the moment, the overall loss is less than 20% of the army corps. Is it a heavy loss? At the same time, more players have benefited from this battle? Xu Fei observed that he rarely saw the upgrade light rising in the army for nearly 10,000 times, that is, nearly 10,000 players have been upgraded in the battle for more than half an hour. The system has distributed such great benefits, and there will definitely be more pits waiting
After hearing Xu Fei’s words, Wang Xuewen hesitated a little and sat down slowly. Of course, his hand never left his staff. He was ready to release offensive long-range spells to shoot stupid monsters like those little demons not long ago. However, Xu Fei’s plan was doomed to have no way to gain profits. With the passage of time, the balance of victory gradually became cheaper to human beings, especially after Lugus killed the first efreet. This deflection speed gradually accelerated.
As the flame in the last efreet’s eyes gradually went out, the flame representing its life also receded from its body surface. There was a human legion breathing and screaming in the southern plain of Zela fortress. When the last little devil was shot into the sky with a crossbow, the whole battlefield broke into a fierce cheer. Everyone knew that they had won, and the demon legion was destroyed by them.
However, this cheer didn’t last long, and the players were driven by the captains of various legions to enter the fortress from Zela fortress. Of course, this process was very difficult, because the fortress gate was blocked by the soldiers’ steel gates inside. Several legions made great efforts to slowly lift the gate to reveal a gap of two meters high, and it was only after several pieces of wood supported the gap that the Zela fortress gate was hit. Of course, this was very dangerous, because the gate was very load-bearing and the roots could not be supported by several pieces of wood, so the players were very afraid that the half-meter thick iron gate would be smashed when passing through the gate.
However, it seems that the wood selected by the Lugus army chiefs is fairly solid. Even after half an hour, the wood did not crack, but in the end, it was still broken, but it was cut off by the soldiers in the fortress. Because the site outside the fortress is not under the control of the fortress now, even though nearly 70,000 people poured into the fortress. After all, the northern part of the fortress is still in the middle of a war. After entering the fortress, the players came to the north. A huge shell of Mawei directly hit the mountain not far away, and a huge rock with a length of more than ten meters was instantly exploded, killing several unlucky players and