If these undead have five or six levels of strength against players, then maybe their dry flesh can stop the blade of weapons, but Nicholas, do they have players below the sixth level? It seems that there is no base, and even at level 70, it is rarely in the absolute level gap. Even if these undead have a long life, it is difficult for low-level players to attack, but life has become more powerful, which naturally causes the fact that these undead are not so easy to destroy.

This situation has not been discovered when the player’s cavalry charged with the mage’s explosive fireball bombardment, but when the melee players entered the battle, they discovered this sad fact. In this battle, there were many players who had participated in the battle before. In their original expectation, these undead cannon fodder were troublesome but easy to kill, but now it turns out that the weapon in their hands was not like that. It should have been slashed with blood, but now the only feeling is that it seems to be a piece of dry wood and it is still a bit rotten and incomplete.
It used to take several attacks to completely kill a cannon fodder, but now it takes more time. Of course, these guys’ resistance to divine power is still as poor as in the past, but the damage caused by that round of magical scrolls is still considerable. The only pity is that Nicholas doesn’t have many magical scrolls in his hand.
Although they have bought a lot of temple libraries and low-level magic scrolls, there are only a few thousand of them in a temple. The most important thing is that these temples can’t sell all the scrolls, and some scrolls will definitely stay in the hands of the gods. Although the scrolls in the hands of players are already quite a lot to some extent, it takes two or three rounds to consume them. In this case, it is more and more difficult to save magic scrolls and make nature inevitable to fight.
Fortunately, the former player cavalry charged and dispersed some of the undead, otherwise the situation would definitely be worse now. Actually, Nicholas and others have already felt a little pressure at this time, but the pressure is not great, because at present all the losses are within the acceptable range. They hardly hang up many players except a few unlucky players whose cavalry crashed into the undead front and were killed. Compared with the number of killed undead, the loss of players is almost less than three digits.
However, as the players’ cavalry gradually lose their impact speed, the damage can naturally be gradually reduced. At this time, if they fall into the undead, the result can be imagined. Fortunately, these players who act as cavalry react quickly, and the most important thing is that they all form a small triangle front in twos and threes. Of course, now these players are not moving forward, but slowly retreating because they don’t want to hang up one player and finally return to the defense line. Then they get their horses and feed them a bottle of holy water. Directly put the other side into the pet. Of course, when these players turned into infantry, at this moment, some players rode horses and rushed into the undead troops at high speed.
This is Nicholas, the way they came up with to fight the defense line, and the cavalry’s impact repeatedly hit the defense line of the undead. To some extent, this tactic is very correct. The only problem is operability. There is no doubt that this requires players to cooperate closely in front. The most important thing is that it requires players to ride very closely. After all, it is necessary to avoid those injured players in the process of running wildly, but fortunately, these players are all good in strength and they are directly giving those players who are slowly retreating a break.
Of course, the most important thing is that this arrangement directly breaks the idea of reuniting the undead, and wave after wave of players’ cavalry keeps charging, so that the number of undead in the frontal battlefield will increase forever. For Darrose, this is a very depressing thing, even if he has the ability to change this situation, it is no use facing the undead cannon fodder crowded together in the streets that are not very spacious.
The only thing he can do is to watch his troops be attacked little by little and then destroyed in the constant impact. Fortunately, the continuous charge always stops. It’s not Nicholas. They don’t want to continue to expand their achievements, but their horses can’t stand it. After all, these horses need to be attacked. There is no fear of the undead, and the most important thing is that these undead bodies, but the carriers of the undead plague, need to make holy water pour into each other’s mouths after one attack, and it is not necessarily possible to suppress the undead plague. Naturally, the less chance they have, the better.
The most important thing is that after several consecutive attacks, even if the results can be expanded later, they are faced with a new problem, that is, the former undead are not completely eliminated. It is not that the players behind Nicholas are not strong enough, but that the cannon fodder of the undead is much more productive, which leads to the fact that it is not a good thing for a group of people to completely kill them in a short time. However, even if they are crushed by mud, it will take time.
For Nicholas, it seems that it is just the right time for them now. Fortunately, the undead front has been dispersed by the continuous impact on horseback. Moreover, they did not directly push forward after contact with the battle, but chose to kill the enemy while retreating, and then attack and fight again. The tactic is to pull the distance between the undead in disguise. Of course, this is naturally to kill more undead, but the troops who are at the forefront are still carrying shields and defenders, and they are the first to suffer from tank occupation.
Of course, this time, Nicholas and Ivan almost pulled out all their possessions, and hundreds of shield defenders were brought in. Regardless of the strength of these players, the standard shields were just connected, and they almost dug out their libraries. Of course, this sentence sounds to Chen Kai that players are joking. If they gather together so many shields, they will dig out the warehouses. Nicholas and Ivan have too few possessions, but in fact, how much money they have can be roughly calculated even if they are not clear.
The hundreds of standard shields will never dig out their possessions, and these shields are not necessarily good things. Of course, if Chen Kai were himself, he might call so many shield defenders, because he is not a person who has established a guild with tens of thousands of players after all. Although the players are not as good as the aborigines in terms of fighting capacity at the same level, Chen Kai denies that the players have many advantages as the aborigines, but the real reason is probably that Chen Kai is too lazy to run a guild. To put it bluntly, he is always a lone traveler with his friends in the game instead of trying to build a career adventure.
Of course, at some time, Chen Kai tried it, but unfortunately, it was not easy to establish the territory, and it was directly destroyed before it was warm. That is, its prosperity was also ruined, and the territory was faster than all players imagined, but it didn’t take long for a series of things to be finally destroyed by the undead army, which made Chen Kai a joke among all lords. Although Chen Kaibai didn’t have a huge player guild support except for his own bad luck, it was also an important reason. If hundreds of thousands of players were behind Chen Kai at that time, it might still seem that he would fail.
However, compared with Chen Kai’s unlucky Nicholas, they suspect that he is the outstanding player among the lords. Of course, Ivan probably can’t be counted here because he doesn’t even have his own territory so far. He can only be said to be a supporter with a large number of players. Of course, if Ivan doesn’t have the support of a large number of players behind him, it is estimated that it is impossible to mix with Nicholas at this moment.
Hundreds of shield guards seem to be huge, but in fact, if the streets are not wide enough to line up dozens of players, they may be able to stop a large number of undead from attacking. Similarly, they will also have to guard those small street entrances and exits to prevent the undead from drilling through the streets and entering the weak part of the queue, Nicholas.
But even so, Nicholas didn’t feel the pressure at the moment. Although the front part of the shield defender was under great impact, the pressure on the front shield defender was not particularly great because of the skill of helping the shield to defend, but now they can also resist the shield. It seems easy, but it is not easy.
Of course, at the moment, the most relaxed nature is to fall behind to play soy sauce. Today is definitely the lightest day for ll and them, because they hardly have any hands to stay behind to watch the play, and almost all they need is a cup of hot tea with melons. The most important thing is that they are now in a high position and climbed directly to the side roof. Of course, Nicholas and Ivan are not far away, but compared with ll, they are far away, and their expressions are relaxed and different. Now they are in a hurry and constantly directing players to run around.
However, in order to prevent Nicholas from being caught as a able-bodied man, Chen Kai is far away. Of course, Chen Kai estimates that this is impossible, but in fact, he is most worried about Daniel in the room. Culozza, if it weren’t for Mr. saros’s forced estimation, now the third young master of the former Lord’s House may have rushed to the front to be a hero with his just folded hand.
In Chen Kai’s view, rushing to the front to be a hero at this time will result in a complete death as a bear. Fortunately, Sa saros can hold Daniel down. Otherwise, this noble man will definitely die miserably if he runs to the front. Of course, now this is not a good thing for Welissa Gonzaga Ross, but a face of anger. Of course, those newly gathered mercenaries and adventurers who are behind Daniel are very satisfied with this, because in their view, what they think now is a matter of consuming lives. If they can March straight into the front of the Lord’s house, it is easy to say. However, it doesn’t look like this goal can be achieved now. Under such circumstances, these mercenary adventurers will naturally not use their lives to fill the hole in the bottom hole. If Daniel tries to do so forcibly, they may even kick Daniel over with one foot.
Don’t admit that this is impossible. It is very possible in Chen Kai’s view. If there is no suppression by Mr. saros, it is estimated that these mercenaries will not bird Daniel. Even if Daniel’s strength has risen now, there is no such thing as being expensive and male. After all, compared with these guys who lick blood, Daniel is really not a bit tough. What do you think is a pair of being bullied? To put it bluntly, it is a face of small suffering.
Quietly on the roof, Chen Kaike can see how fierce the fighting is. Of course, at present, the loss is relatively large or the undead side. After all, the street is just a little wide. Before that, the cavalry hit the undead in turns, and a large-scale wave impact line was formed. For the player, although it is a bit difficult to kill a single undead in a short time, it can kill an undead after several attacks.
Although the killing speed is a little slow, it will not cause any big problems if we keep our feet firmly and clean up a little. On the other hand, the undead side seems to have a large number of undead coming in at night, but because of the frustration of the striker, the undead in the rear have no way to come in, but it has become their disadvantage. But if the law occupies a good terrain, it may eventually become the tomb of all players. If these undead are allowed to swallow these players’ departments, then the battle base will stop and win. Situation: These undead need to go straight to the temple area. No one can stop them, because they can stop them almost here. Don’t attack the undead now. Nicholas and Ivan have actually run out after the action, and most players are ready to pick up the cheap.
At the moment, the base of players in the temple area is gone, even if dozens of undead run in, it may cause a terrible field. But now this one has nothing to say. In the face of interests, no player will turn back to the temple area, even if Llewellyn does. After all, everyone knows that getting Dalroth can not only earn a lot of hope and experience, but also make all players crazy.
Of course, no one knows exactly how much money is in it, and even Daniel, a former Lord and child, can’t tell exactly how much money is in his own vault. The most important thing is that he will never expose this place, and the same players will not directly run to Daniel and ask each other this question. If you ask, it is simply like a thief who wants to steal money and asks his host where your money is hidden. The result is definitely quite bad.
Blowing on the roof, everyone watched Fang fight without any idea of helping. On the other hand, Darrose looked at the situation with a depressed face and fought. If possible, he was now ready to put the undead soldiers behind him into battle, but the problem was that tens of thousands of undead cannon fodder blocked the road and blocked the road.
Originally, this was a good thing for Dalrose, because in this way, the enemy had to face tens of thousands of cannon fodder in any direction to attack his position, but now the problem has changed from the enemy to his problem, that is, even if he wants to attack others with elite forces, he still has to squeeze through tens of thousands of his own people. The worst thing is that these people are still crazy at the sight of blood. Once they enter the battle, it is even more difficult than a mad dog.
For Dalrose, this is the situation in front of him. If he talks about good cards, he must have it. The problem is that these cards are now stuck behind cannon fodder, which he didn’t expect before. If possible, Dalrose would like to drop the cannon fodder in front of him and then top the undead soldiers. Unfortunately, he can’t do this. It’s more depressing than watching the magic curtain continue.
The first volume Chapter 477 Depressed Darfur Ross (6)
It’s quite dark at night without moonlight. In this weather, it’s definitely a good weather for many dark creatures. Because of this sky, their special visual system will make them adapt to this environment more than other creatures. But when the flame and the crystal light are bright enough, even the dark vision is good, the dark creatures actually don’t take much advantage, especially in face-to-face situations.
In fact, there is nothing to say in the battle base in Culozza Techeng at the moment. There are two words, that is, to play hardball. To some extent, the party with fewer people is definitely at a disadvantage, but the party with more people may not get any benefits. The reason is very simple, that is, the space where roads can be exhibited in the city is too small.
Even if the undead occupy the number advantage, they don’t gain much advantage. On the contrary, because the front cannon fodder is too weak, the loss will soar. If not, Darrose won’t be depressed and want to hit the wall. Of course, the players’ situation is not very good. After all, Darrose sent cannon fodder, which is not the fragile cannon fodder before. At the very least, if you don’t make some efforts, you really can’t get each other.
From the position of Chen Kai, we can’t actually see the forefront of the battle, but we can generally judge the intensity of the battle. Although Nicholas and Ivan are extremely urgent from now on, actually everyone knows that the other side’s cards have definitely not been completely lifted. Although it seems that they have made several cards, such as the fire element mage’s secret spell, to attack the players’ cavalry, but if you think about it carefully, it is not the case. If there are not more powerful cards, how could Nicholas and Ivan directly give up their cards now? That is to say, in Chen Kai’s view, the attack is actually not a card.
However, Chen Kai and Nicholas don’t have much communication. He doesn’t know what their new cards are. This is probably another disadvantage of Chen Kai’s lack of a large number of players. Even if there are hundreds of players behind Chen Kai, Nicholas and Ivan dare not look down upon him so much. Even if Chen Kai has thousands of hands, Nicholas and others seem to be senior thugs.
Of course, it is absolutely impossible to say these words in front of ll, and even if he doesn’t say it, he has found out the minds of the two people. Actually, to put it bluntly, he is afraid that someone will grab the cake and crowd out ll and them. Then naturally, he can share more and eat less. Now Nicholas and Ivan don’t have this worry because they already have some new cards, and this card is enough for them to make such a decision.
But Chen Kai still doesn’t know what Nicholas and Ivan’s cards are, which will give them the courage to directly exclude Chen Kai and others from the action, even Welissa Gonzaga Ross. Chen Kai is very curious about this, but unfortunately he hasn’t got any information so far.
For him, it is very necessary to slowly observe Nicholas and Ivan and act behind by judging them. Even if the fighting is fierce, Chen Kai doesn’t intervene, so do Nicholas and Ivan. Even if the fighting is fierce, he doesn’t pull Chen Kai and Welissa Gonzaga Ross into the water. Although if you pull Chen Kai and them into the water, you can naturally take advantage of the black hand once the fighting is fierce, but if you are not careful, you will probably put yourself in.
After all, even if there are new cards, Nicholas and Ivan can’t guarantee that if there is an accident, then the powerful people will naturally be the objects they attract. Although they have the idea of excluding Chen Kai and others from sharing the cake, on the other hand, they have no idea of directly killing everyone. Of course, if the situation reaches Nicholas and they hope that point, Chen Kai and them may be in danger.
So-called wealth dies before interests, not to mention allies. Even brothers may fight each other’s swords, and it is really time to divide the wealth cake. But now Chen Kai believes that Nicholas and Ivan will never hand over to them if their brains have not been knocked. The most important thing is that he feels that even if the other hand may not pay some price, it is difficult to take them, and fighting for the head hand at this moment is no different from killing himself.
However, Chen Kai knows very well that the pre-closure between the two sides seems to be almost gone. Even if this is his guess, it is necessary to take precautions before it is impossible to prevent people’s hearts. This is why Chen Kai’s position is far away, and he also feels very sensitive. So is Sa saros. He doesn’t want to be stabbed to death from behind at the end. That’s really dead and wronged.
In such an anti-emotional situation, saros naturally sat back and watched Nicholas and Ivan fight alone, but did not take part in it. Besides the idea of protecting his own strength, he also had the idea of sitting quietly.