At the same time, the war at the main entrance of Konoha has already begun. Originally, in the seven nights, the Four Gods Guardian Array did not stand on the ground. Four people entered Konoha by law, but they were good at boundary demarcation and trapping. Bak Yan cracked the Four Gods Guardian Array with a kind of props called paper horses.

As soon as I entered the konoha, I first called a few hills for a change, and then I didn’t stand the ground, and then I revived many ninjas who died before in various countries. The whole situation and situation are imminent.
"We are just carrying out fire nation’s sense of honor, which is condensed by the firm will of the four people." There is no way to stand on the ground. "Now that we have reached this firm will, I will say a few words, which won’t delay a lot. We wish to build a famous center and prosper in fire nation, but another fake jade in Muye Village is threatening the real jade in the fire country. We absolutely won’t allow the double jade to be here …" Isn’t it white to have a meal without standing on the ground and taking the road? That is to say, you konoha village hokage is unnecessary and don’t need your approval. Anyway, you will help us when you become zombies like them … "
"Theory such as we won’t let you guys hurt six generations of adults …"
"Good want to enter the village from our bodies first step in the past …"
"no! Let’s keep you in the village. People who speak out of turn about life and death are not real ninjas. "At this moment, I rushed to the clinic after seven nights.
"Ah, it’s Lord Seven Nights. It seems that the trouble has been solved."
"Great, then these guys will suffer."
But seven nights did not immediately attack the gang of four, but slowly walked to the front of the four and then said, "Fire guards the twelve-and horses …"
"What? How do you know me? " Don’t stand on the ground, surprised way
Seven nights said, "it doesn’t matter how I know you. What matters is that I want to tell you that everything you do is a mistake, even though you worship what you do to the highest ideal."
"Hum ….." Laughed three times without standing in the ground. "It’s not your turn to judge what I have done. Now that you have solved the problem of imitating the pillar force in Kyubi no Youko, you can perish with this village. Come back to fire nation, which has unified the world, when you get to hell."
Seven nights didn’t answer immediately, but took out a scroll from his pocket and threw it to Wulitu. Then he said, "Take a good look at this scroll. This scroll was once a member of the" Xiao "organization, code-named kite man, who left you to guard the fire, and the name of the former fire country was benefited by him."
I don’t worry that the seven nights will hide a mystery in the scroll to harm him. After all, the identity of the seven nights is there, but I can’t help but be shocked when I don’t stand the soil. Because all the records in the scroll are fire nation’s name being manipulated by the kite and directly belonging to the famous fire guardian, the twelve men bear the brunt of the coup.
At this time, Seven Nights added, "The so-called jade finger is not the name of fire nation or the hokage of Muye Village, nor simply refers to fire nation or Muye Village, but a ninja who is eager to defend national dignity and bring happiness to the people …"
"Wrong? Is it a mistake that I have worked hard for so many years? " After watching the scroll, I stood still stupefied, and NO FENG フウカ and Bak Yan were also lost.
Seven nights said, "Actually, I don’t want to kill your ideal so quickly, because it is more cruel than killing you, but if you can see the pain you personally attach to yourself, you will understand what is really cruel."
After a meal for seven nights, I added, "And if I want to kill you, can you enter this village? From the moment you enter this village, you have been in my field, just like this …" When I saw seven nights, I waved my hand and brought the soil and zombies to disappear.
"Don’t move, NO FENG フウカ, Bak Yan, let’s go …" The three people who didn’t stand in the ground and didn’t move in the tunnel had never seen such a spirit without standing in the ground, but they didn’t go against his meaning
It’s best for the quartet to leave like this, but the ending of seven nights is not blocked.
Don’t stand on the ground and then turn around. "You are a great ninja for seven nights. Please take good care of me. I think I will meet him again one day."
Seven nights said, "Of course, but my brother may have become a ninja beyond you the day you meet."
Without standing on the ground and smiling lightly, NO FENG フウカ and Bak Yan left without moving, and the whole incident finally subsided without casualties.
At the same time, an important event happened in the village of Yunyin, Leiguo. The two-tailed pillar force was taken away by two mysterious ninjas dressed in red clouds and black robes.
As a matter of fact, these two mysterious ninjas were arrested in Jiaodu, code-named "North" and "Three", and Hidan Erwei Pillar Force, which can be said to be Yunyin Village’s own fault. At first, Yunyin Village was very contemptuous of Lei Ying when it announced its activities to the world for seven nights. In other words, it was said that Bo Feng and seven nights had a problem with Yunyin Village, and all the news he came out was not to be believed.
At the same time, Xiao’s jade position was replaced by the newcomer A Fei, that is, uchiha madara, who had Payne and Xiao Nan ferret know their true identity.
Konoha newly compiled 20 patrol ninjas, and after the riots subsided, they led the six generations of Huo Ying Gang Shou to make strict protection around fire nation for seven nights. Konoha executives such as Gang Shou and Jiraiya also officially launched the second phase of the plan.
And orochimaru, who embezzled the body, also helped in the dark.
At one time, several forces of the Five Powers, Xiao and orochimaru were fighting against each other, and the arrest of the two-tailed pillar force became the final fuse of this struggle.
Chapter 31 Fire Temple Robbery
Somewhere on the border of Leiguo, that is, where the two-tailed column force is dealt with, the two-tailed column force is nailed to a stone wall by wooden people at the moment, and the blood is flowing all over the floor, reflecting the red sunset. The whole scene looks weird, and the corner and Hidan who are responsible for capturing the two-tailed column force are sitting in the face to rest leisurely.
At this moment, something happened on the ground behind Jiaodu, and a pitcher plant-shaped man slowly rose from the ground, which was code-named "Xuan" in Xiao.
"It seems that it has been completed …" One side said, "That complicated ceremony is over …"
Hidan a listen to detain is not willing to grumble, "you guys are so annoying. I don’t know the deists …"
Be absolutely kind and say, "It’s good to be alone when you are sad. You can believe in yourself!"
"No, no!" Jiaodu said, "The world can believe in money."
Hidan listened to Jiao Du and kept complaining, "Jiao Du, you have the nerve to say that it’s all because you are working to find people’s strength that the delay will be true!"
Jiaodu said, "I teamed up with you because you said that religion can make money. You should also think more about it."
Absolutely, "money is very important, but it’s better to do a target reconnaissance quickly than this. I’ll take care of the two tails."
The two men, Jiaodu and Hidan, have to conduct a target search again.
As a result of the recent Konoha riots, an incident of imitating Kyubi no Youko’s pillar strength broke out, which was said to be a message that "the real Kyubi no Youko pillar strength is likely to be in the Fire Temple", and the Fire Temple has once guarded twelve people in the land, whether it is for the amount of rewards for the land or for the alleged Kyubi no Youko pillar strength, both Jiao Du and Hidan have to go to the Fire Temple.
On this day, Jiaodu and Hidan came to Huosi Mountain Corner. While looking at the map, they led the way in front, while Hidan kept complaining at the back.
"How can in the mountains ….."
The corner capital is "the horse is here"
"You always say that!" At this moment, Hidan saw a long staircase in front of him, and then he didn’t take the main road. "Hey, hey, give me a break. Do you want me to climb from here? If I haven’t seen the pillar of strength yet, I won’t do it."