That night, Zhou Botong took over from Huang Ronggong to continue Ling Feiyang’s healing cycle with the method of "Healing Articles" of Jiuyin Zhenjing, but Zhou Botong’s skill was ten times better than Huang Rongqiang’s, and it was only half a night that it was worth Huang Rong’s four or five days. Ling Feiyang’s injury improved greatly, and Huang Rong needed another day to make him recover.

After breakfast the next day, Hong Qigong escorted him to Zhongnanshan in Zhou Botong and paid the trust written by Huang Rong to the beggar brother to send him to Peach Blossom Island, Huang Rong and Ling Feiyang to continue healing in the secret room, and continued to hang the "Today’s Inventory" sign at the door.
Huang Rong sat cross-legged on the ground and absorbed in Ling Feiyang’s healing. Until noon, no one came to this hotel to disturb them. When they need to spend the last half day safely, they can be accomplished.
Although Huang Rongshen was dressed in a shabby beggar’s costume, she could not conceal her beautiful Yan Lingfei’s body pain had disappeared. Looking at the opposite Huang Rong, she was dreaming again.
"Now solitary man and few women live in the same room. If something doesn’t happen, I’m really sorry that I was injured by this body …" Ling Feiyang thought, but Huang Rong was waiting for Cong people to see his mind and immediately stared at him with a hard face.
Although Huang Rong showed angry expression, it was unspeakable in Ling Feiyang’s eyes. Suddenly Ling Feiyang felt a hot palm, followed by a sharp rise in body temperature. The body qi immediately became disordered and demons suddenly could not help but stretch out his hand to hug Huang Rong’s shoulder
Huang Rong knew that if Ling Feiyang was possessed, he would not only lose all his efforts in the healing process, but also be in danger of life. He hurriedly used his left hand to point the acupuncture points on his left chest, but Ling Feiyang was out of control and grabbed Huang Rong’s wrist.
Huang Rong suddenly slammed his shoulder into Ling Feiyang, and the soft hedgehog spiked into his arm. Ling Feiyang felt a sharp pain and finally woke up.
Ling float in the sky clutching his bloodied arm heart some embarrassed said "Rong Er I really like you so much …"
"You are a sweet man. You have said this sentence to every woman before you estimate it …" Huang Rong’s smile hit home.
"All the women in the world add up to no hello …" Ling Feiyang said this sentence from Ouyang Ke.
"If you say such things again, my soft hedgehog is not an arm …" Huang Rongwei said angrily, "I’m just worried that you can’t hold it just to wear this beggar outfit …"
"You are even a little beggar and a fairy …" Ling Feiyang is unafraid of threats and learns his lines in the Film Academy.
Huang Rong wanted to stab him with a soft hedgehog, but he still didn’t have the heart to bandage his wound with his left hand. At this moment, he suddenly heard a knock at the door outside.
The knocking at the door is very soft and curved, and I look out from the crack of the door to see a delicate young woman who is a good family at the door.
"This girl, we don’t do business today." Qu Yanyan said through the door panel.
"I’m not here to buy wine, I’m here to find someone," the woman said carefully. "Have you ever seen a young man named Ling Feiyang, the proprietress?"
Qu Hanyan was taken aback and quickly said, "Let me think!" Then gently rotate the iron bowl and hit the cupboard door into the secret room. Two people asked, "A girl said she was looking for Brother Ling. Should I let her in?"
Qu Hanyan described this woman’s appearance to Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong. Huang Rong said, "This person seems to be the Miss Cheng who we met in Suzhou City. Please let her in. Ask her for me what she wants to find Feiyang’s brother?"
Song smoke-laden and hit the gate. This woman came in leisurely. Huang Rong saw this woman through the visiting hole. It was Cheng Yaojia who smiled and said to Ling Feiyang in a low voice, "Miss Cheng must have missed you before she came running from her hometown in Suzhou to find you! “
"You saved her that day, and she thought it must be you!" Lingfeiyang avenue
At this time, the song containing smoke has brought Cheng Yaojia tea and said, "You said that this Ling Feiyang Ling Shaoxia is still my elder …"
Cheng Yaojia’s face lit up at once and asked, "So you must know where he is?"
"Of course I know …" Qu Hanyan said, "But first you have to tell me what you came to see him for?"
Cheng Yaojia’s face suddenly showed a shy expression, lowered his head and stopped talking. Huang Rong whispered, "Sure enough, I guessed it!"
"There is a big thing I have to tell Ling Gong, but I can’t tell others about it …" Cheng Yaojia didn’t have any experience in Jianghu, and he didn’t take precautions against Qu Yanyan at all.
"Big things? Why don’t you knock on the cupboard door and ask her? " Ling Feiyang said to Huang Rong in the chamber of secrets
"All right!" Huang Rong was about to go to the door when he saw another man walk into the hotel. This man looks elegant and dressed as a Confucian scholar, but he is heroic. It belongs to Lu Guanying, the owner of Trang Van Shaozhuang!
"Sir, I’m sorry, the hotel doesn’t do business today." Qu Yanyan looked back and saw Lu Guanying hurriedly saying that Cheng Yaojia was staring at Lu Guanying next to him, but it always felt deja vu.
"I’m not here to drink, I’m here to find someone!" Lu Guanying asked Qu Hanyan, "Boss, have you ever seen a young man named Ling Feiyang?"
"How to find LingDaGe again? But I don’t know if this person is an enemy or a friend? " Qu Hanyan was stunned and immediately asked, "What do you want with him?"
"Does the proprietress know this Ling Shaoxia when she asks?" Lu Guanying asks.
"Tell me first what you want with him?" Quhan flue
"This is a big thing. Of course I can’t tell you!" Lu Guanying Road
"How is a big thing? Anyway, they are both one of their own, so I’ll just ask! " Huang Rong was thinking about Cheng Yaojia when he suddenly asked Lu Guanying, "Are you the hero at the gate of Lin ‘an last night?"
Lu Guanying was taken aback when he noticed that Cheng Yaojia stared at her carefully for a long time and suddenly said, "Are you the girl who helped me out?"
"Yes! It took me a long time to recognize you! " Cheng Yaojia said.
"Thank you, girl, for saving my life!" Lu Guanying suddenly bowed to Cheng Yaojia.
"I really want to thank you for taking back the bodies of Li doyen for me …" Cheng Yaojia said with a red eye and a few tears flowing down her cheeks.
Ps Today’s question: Why did Lu Guanying rob Li Sheng’s body? What’s the plot of King Jinlun? The answer chapter was announced.
Chapter 13 King Huo Du
Yesterday, Song Jinmeng’s three masters gathered in Niujia Village, but Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong didn’t know that the same thrilling thing happened in Lin ‘an City on this day.
King Jinlun killed more than a dozen beggars’ brothers, such as Li Sheng, and then pushed the murder to the golden man. He hung the bodies of these beggars’ brothers at the gate of Lin ‘an City and erected a wooden sign beside it with twelve Chinese characters "The murderer, the six wives of Jin Guo, was Yan Hong Lie".
When officials and people in the Song Dynasty saw that these bodies were all formed by Yan Hong Lie, and the Song State was unable to form an alliance, they took revenge by private means. However, Lu Chengfeng, the owner of Trang Van Zhuang, was suspicious when he heard about this matter. Because of his mobility difficulties, Lu Chengfeng ordered Lu Guanying to bring more than a dozen Taihu Lake gangs to Lin’ an for inspection.
Because Shi Miyuan strictly blocked the news, Lu Guanying searched in Lin ‘an City all day, but he didn’t get any clues. He didn’t want Li Sheng, these heroes, to die suddenly on the street. After dark, he took these gangs to the city gate and wanted to take the bodies of these beggars’ brothers for a good burial.