After wind walk’s blessing, the power of quadruple attack is obviously another step. Although it is not comparable to quadruple attack, it is much stronger than pure quadruple attack.

"bang!" The gas is stirring like a collision sound of gold and iron, and the blade of the sword is far away from the green mountain. In a flash, the latter suddenly burst into a very bright green light, but it quickly faded away like energy exhaustion. Then, after the eye pupil was miniaturized and the invisible powder was broken, the blade still gained momentum and tide waits for no man. The strength was not reduced at all, and it continued to cut to the face of Qin Po without stopping.
"poof!" Wide giant blade body slaps heavily on Qin Po, and the body flies him out like a fly without any defense. The latter immediately vomits blood in a pale face and flies upside down, and finally falls into the ring in a mess. This is still the result of Ai Luo’s efforts at the last moment, otherwise the blow will kill him.
Another move to defeat the enemy! Qin Po’s very simple appearance and defeat made the surroundings suddenly quiet, but then there was a huge applause. Some people looked at Ai Luo’s eyes and finally became completely serious and condensed. Although Ai Luo also performed well in previous competitions, it was a contest with his brothers and could not really say anything. However, now he has defeated a real brother of Qin Wangfu in full view and still maintained this kind of enemy offensive.
That Qin po’s strength is also obvious, and it has reached the level of jade interest, which is even stronger than that estimated by Cheng Yao. What level of strength will this defeat the handsome boy? How can a descendant with such outstanding talent be produced among the affiliated families?
"This little guy …" Qin Mo, a pair of ink pupils in the distant seat, also quietly looked at Taiwan. His figure was tall and straight, like a gun, and the depths of his beautiful eyes suddenly passed through a subtle trance, as if he vaguely saw the beautiful face of a stubborn and strong young child in the past. He could not help but show a smile like melting ice and snow, which made many people intentionally secretly look at this side to broadcast and almost cramped their eyes.
Ai Luo’s excellent performance really surprised her a little, but she wasn’t surprised. Maybe others don’t know how much the teenager has paid. It was his own efforts that the stubborn child who was considered a waste grew up to now.
Chapter one hundred and three Qin Kerr
Elo didn’t care about the applause around him. When he noticed that Yun was smiling with relief and his eyes were soft, his mouth was slightly raised and his body was slowly relaxed, and his palm shook unconsciously. He attacked Rao twice in a row, but now his strength also felt a little detached, but the great sense of accomplishment in his heart made him throw this fatigue to the outside of the cloud nine. He finally proved himself in front of her, but it was only a small one.
Looking at that face pale and dim, I was dragged to Qin Po Ai Luo. I also jumped on the platform. Several people looked at it and went back to the original waiting area. My eyes turned to several other places where the war circle was not over. Qin Keer was playing against a sibling he didn’t know. This is a bit playful. Xiao Ni doesn’t show hill and water on weekdays, but the means are really quite weak. From this surface, this girl is much stronger than that Qin Po Cheng Yaoliu.
And Qin Chloe next to a ring is the Qin Yu, her opponent turned out to be the previous initiative to come and say hello to him. Lin Long Qin Yu’s strength can be considered ordinary among all the direct brothers, barely touching the edge of the jade interest, and obviously relying on a lot of foreign objects to go to Lin Long. Although it is a far cry from nature, due to its identity, Lin Long is quite resistant to playing everywhere, but Qin Yu is still totally embarassed.
With a little schadenfreude, Arlo’s eyes suddenly turned to a position near the edge of the ring. The stone stage was damaged more seriously than other places. A boy in gray with a face expression was watching the birds around and slowly walked into the ring, while a bloody brother lay on the stage.
Eyes on the straight brother blood all over the body swept two times, and then turned to the body again seems to be sending out a kind of frightening Yin rage gray teenager who also seems to have some induction, a pair of eyes as if they can’t turn to Arlo’s side and immediately grinned strangely, and Bai Sensen’s teeth were creepy and cold.
Eye pupil gently narrowed to look back. Elo was a little surprised to find that his soul force had sensed the exact strength of the gray boy. Obviously, the other side was far superior to him in rank, but Elo was not afraid, but his chest was filled with a surging fighting spirit, so that his opponent was what he longed for.
A few minutes later, all the competitions in the first round finally ended completely in the noise. Qin Keer, Lin Long, won unexpectedly, and Yan Mo, whose clothes were damaged, came back in some awkwardness. He drew a jade brother in the first round, although he tried his best, but he still suffered a fiasco after fighting dozens of moves because of the huge strength gap. However, he didn’t look down, but his face was full of excitement. It was far beyond his parents’ and family’s expectations. Losing in the hands of a brother whose strength far exceeded his own is still a shame. If it weren’t for Cheng Hui.
In such an unusually hot atmosphere, the second round of competition was also a quick break. Elo also got up and cast a glance in the direction of Qin Mo, and then walked to the ring again. When he appeared on the stage, he found that there were several glowing eyes around him, and suddenly he was startled. A light and petite water like a deer in the forest floated into his eyes.
Looking at the delicate little face with a little naughty smile in front of him, Elo suddenly got a little big. He never dreamed that his second round opponent would be Qin Keer.
Petite and exquisite beautiful figure stands in a elegant aquamarine dress, which wraps the slightly green and soft charming body properly. Among them, the slender nepotism is tied with Yingying’s waist, and the breasts have begun to take shape. The breasts are also slightly raised to outline an attractive dazzling radian. A pair of clear eyes are like talking springs, releasing a lively atmosphere that will be infected unconsciously. At this moment, Qin Keer is looking at the opposite face with a smile in his eyes.
"How are you?" Ai Luo has a headache. Why is his opponent such a difficult character every time he draws? If it were someone else, he would have rushed over to tidy up his opponent without saying a word, but he naturally wouldn’t dare to do that to this lively and lovely girl who has also been kind to him, otherwise everyone would not be allowed to shout at Qin Wangfu later.
"It can be said that you have bad luck in Elogo." Qin Keer smiled and looked like a fox who stole a chicken.
"What are you laughing at? Are you very upset when you meet me?" Elo, turn your eyes and even despise yourself for this girl.
"Well, it seems so. Oh, you seem a little difficult to clean up." Qin Chloe lovingly cocked his little head and thought about it seriously, then turned his big eyes and grunted and laughed. "Why don’t you let people win?"
"Nice try," Arlo gave her a grumpily white look. "I won’t leave my hand later. Be careful."
"Miss Hum Zhen is not afraid of you." Qin Chloe pursed her ruddy mouth and hummed a small face of jokes, which also converged a lot. Although her mind is a little naughty, it is impossible to really make such a request at this time.
The breath rises slowly. Qin Keer stares at the opposite teenager’s big eyes, and it is also rare to see a little sharp mans. Although she is pure, she doesn’t look down on the ideas of the attached people like other direct brothers, but she also has the pride of being a direct brother of Qin Wangfu. In fact, her identity has no influence on her, but even so, she can’t easily give up the victory.
"Stone Fist!" The two sides confronted each other for a while, and saw that this girl was promoting spiritual strength to protect the whole body and was not reckless in taking the initiative to attack Elo. She hesitated for a while and had to crustily skin of head and take the lead in launching the offensive. But this time, what he did was not those powerful skills, but a simple spiritual skill that he learned conveniently from the Lingji Pavilion.
This spiritual skill level is not high, but it is only the intermediate level of Huang Jie, and it was stopped by Ai Lao after just two days of practice. However, it is more than enough for Ai Luo to master this spiritual skill in two days. Although it is the spiritual skill of Huang Jie, it is also powerful in his hands.
"Xuan water mirror!" Looking at the young Qin keer who attacked with his fists, his mouth became slightly warped. She didn’t choose to fight hard or avoid a pair of white jade hands like ordinary people. She drew one side gently like dragonfly water, and immediately condensed in front of the mirror like a mist of light blue water mirror. It was like a clever and quiet lake that easily removed Ai Luo’s fist that cracked the rock, and then two strange water lines as soft as smoke spiraled around Ai Luo’s arm like vines.
The blow failed. Elo didn’t have an accident. Naturally, he didn’t expect to defeat Xiao Ni, who was more powerful than Cheng Yao. The muscles of her arm wriggled through and released fierce force, forcibly winding her arms around the water lines and shaking them away. Then she stepped on her feet and slammed her fist with terrible physical strength again. The brute force directly smashed the water mirror with the function of detachment.
"Mirror Scattering" saw Elo rush like a tiger again, but Qin Keer didn’t panic, but her little face smiled more and more intensely, as if the evil drama had succeeded. Then the little girl pinched her hands and drew a circle slowly. The water mirror in front of her was poof-poof, but it didn’t disperse into a thick and dense water mist, which directly swallowed Elo’s body as she was about to stop. Then she saw that hundreds of tiny water arrows condensed from all directions on the surface of the fog and finally scattered towards Elo trapped in it.
Such a strange and wonderful attack means that people around you can’t help but marvel at it. Some people with keen eyes are aware of the sharp strength of those seemingly tiny water arrows. When their eyes become more dignified, Qin Keer seems to have consumed a lot of strength after performing this trick. The original rosy cheeks have become a little pale, and the sweat has been dripping with shortness of breath. At most, the spiritual force can be temporarily released from the body, and she can condense so many substantive water arrows. Even so, it is not easy to do this with her current strength.
"This girl is really difficult to deal with." In the fog, Elo is also a little reluctant to sigh. Even he is a little tricky. He found that this kind of water mist permeating the whole body has a strong viscosity, and it will take several times more effort than usual to lift his arm. If it is a speed-type strong man who falls into this fog, I am afraid it will be restrained and quite miserable. It seems that Qin Keer has also observed himself before the battle to recruit against himself.
But what really makes him feel a little dangerous is that seemingly ordinary, but actually there is a ray of corrosive water arrows. Even though his physical strength doesn’t want to fight hard, all the retreat is locked by those dense water arrows. Even if wind walk is started now, it is already finished. The fatal blow is that pure offensive skills can’t defend enough against this scattered offensive; He doesn’t want to be easily exposed to the biggest card of mirror image …
Chapter one hundred and four Defense technology sacred armor
Looking at the figure trapped in the fog and about to be shot by water arrows, the crowd suddenly burst into exclamations. Will this dark horse teenager who is on a roll all the way be defeated by a little girl? However, when everyone stared nervously, Arlo was slightly half-closed. His eyes were motionless as if he were unaware of the impending attack. Generally, only his hands were quietly knotting a knot that had never appeared before.
"Holy armor!" Knot-shaped eyes are steep, and a circle of invisible golden light surrounds Elo like a shining armor from the sky. It seems that there are a number of unusually subtle and deep runes, which are constantly flashing and changing like spiritual life. Almost every blink of an eye, a completely different pattern is connected. Although this circle is almost invisible to the naked eye, it shows a sense of being harder and stronger than steel, as if the earth is thick and the mountains are indestructible!
In this circle, after the golden awn appeared, it was like a god who could resist coercion, but also suddenly descended from the sky. At the same time, the great power disappeared, so even Qin Yuntian, such a strong man, did not notice it at all.
"Poof, poof!" All over the sky, the water arrow finally hit Elo’s body, and the water curtain formed by the bursting of the water arrow wrapped his whole body in it. People’s hearts suddenly got up at this moment, and some people even shook their heads and sighed slowly, which seemed to be a pity. Naturally, they could see that the water arrow was terrible, even if a strong man who had reached the fourth floor of jade was hit by a head-on, I’m afraid he would be in a panic. It seems that this road has surprised them and the dark horse teenager can stop here now.
In the dark sigh at the same time, they also turned their attention to the stunning face, which was a little pale. Who would have thought that this delicate girl would become the dark horse juvenile terminator? These Qin Wangfu brothers were all amazing in talent.
Qin Chloe didn’t pay attention to the miscellaneous big eyes around staring at the direction of water vapor spurting. Qiao face was a little proud but faded a little because she felt that those water arrows were like hitting a hard iron plate and made her feel a little uncomfortable.
A moment later, the water curtain receded, and the noisy discussion around it also subsided. The eyes rushed to look at the platform covered with water stains. With the water mist dissipating, the original victory and defeat were decided, but everyone’s eyes gradually widened. They saw that the imaginary teenager who should be seriously injured and fell to the ground was still straight in his place, and even his skirt was not stained with any water stains. As if the previous attack had not caused him any harm, a light aperture appeared like a protective armor. It shone around his body against the water vapor, and even a grain of dust soaked in water could not be found in the golden aperture coverage area.
When that uncomfortable feeling of stagnation disappeared, Ai Luo was also a little relieved. The aperture around him immediately split into several tiny light spots and disappeared into the air. For someone who relied on speed and strong power to kill the enemy like him, the previous strength really made him feel a little depressed. This sacred armor was that he stalked after choosing the magic formula and got a "topping" from Ai’s veteran. Although he didn’t practice this skill much, he finally managed to exert some. He didn’t expect Qin Keer to have this kind of ability to make him. There are some unprepared moves. If it is Cheng Yao or Qin Po, I’m afraid that people who are pierced by water arrows will be directly injured if they don’t rely on this skill. Elo estimates that they will be hurt.
See Errol unexpectedly unscathed to pick up his attack. Qin Chloe’s eyes couldn’t help but pass a bit nervous. Just about to retreat, she almost stumbled. Elol didn’t give her this chance. wind walk concealed her figure like an invisible whirlwind approaching quickly, and then patted her on the palm. Because of excessive consumption, Qin Chloe’s back broke out and soft strength broke out, which directly sent her off the court.
A lot of places in the square are unusually silent at the moment, and everyone is looking at this change with consternation. It takes a long time for them to look at each other and return to their senses. They also suspect that the dark horse boy has already lost. Who knows that he didn’t even dare to take the offensive on the fourth floor of Jade Interest, but he stopped him at the slightest loss. Is this small strength higher than the fourth floor of Jade Interest?
As soon as this idea came out, many people suddenly poured out a bit of horror in their hearts. At this age, it is a Uber to reach the fourth floor of jade interest. I’m afraid it is rare to put it in Qin Wangfu’s brother.
Some people have also noticed that the strange golden aperture is their strength and knowledge, so it is naturally impossible to see what the details are, and all kinds of discussions are also breaking out at one time.
"This guy …" Maybe because of Qin Keer, some straight brothers also came to watch the competition, but their faces and expressions were not very good-looking. For the attached people, it seems that they are born with a sense of superiority. They have long been used to measuring these attached brothers, but this one jumped up from which attached family, but directly stepped on their genius heads, so as not to annoy them.
Qin Keer didn’t seem to return to absolute being until her feet landed. She almost rushed to fight again. She fell into the ring according to the rules. She already lost the competition. She gave Elo a hard look and then turned away with a little pout. Of course, there was no anger in it. At best, it was just a little girl’s charming and naughty mind. She seemed to blame Elo for accommodating a girl. She didn’t even know that she felt that she would not lose so fast if Elo suddenly made a "sneak attack".
Seeing this girl seems a little sulky. Elo is also a little embarrassed. After all, this girl has helped him a lot at ordinary times. Even now she sends her own dry bag, but now she is beating people up. It’s a bit bite the hand that feeds them, but it can’t be helped. Although he doesn’t want to do this, who let him always draw this unlucky sign?
"Apologize later sometimes." Nello could also think of this way.
At the same time that Elo won, the results of other competitions were also divided one after another. Lin Long narrowly defeated a brother with considerable strength. Many people were surprised that his eyes were difficult and he won a precious victory, but he was not slightly injured. Except Elo, he was also the only one of all the brothers who entered the trial attachment to persist until now.
Just as Elo jumped onto the platform, he swept his eyes at random, but suddenly he saw another bruised brother lying motionless at the throat of the broken stone platform, which was a bloody and almost dying, and opposite him was still the strange gray boy.