"Yes, there is also a message released to the outside world. It is said that they have found a new owner to fight in lpl." Zhiwei nodded.

After a pause, she glanced at Lu Zhan again and said, "There is still one question that I haven’t told you. Because the news of online competition projects is all in Jinling, the members of the Dragon Dance Team have also arrived here, and the two associations will hold a press conference together!"
Dragon Dance Team … Here?
Although the two companies were prepared for the press conference at the same time, Lu Zhan didn’t expect to meet the dragon dance team here!
Come back, readers, from today’s resumption of the night shift. April is back!
Chapter 34 No.2 Broadcasting Hall
There is no hatred for the dragon dance team Lu Zhan, but he is full of hatred for the new owner of the dragon dance team, Chaoyang Technology Lu Zhan. Sooner or later, he will retaliate against Chaoyang Technology and let them pay the price.
I didn’t expect to see you in Jinling this time.
Lu Zhan secretly clenched his fist.
For the time being, the truth of Liu Hong’s incident is that Kang Jie, Qian and he both know that it is a whim for others to choose the same day as the release of the Dragon Dance Team.
Several other people in the team did not know Lu Zhan’s mood, but they still saw Lu Zhan’s face cold.
"What happened to Brother Zhan?" Li Juntao touched Lu Zhan and asked.
"It’s okay for a while everyone spirit some good performance" Lu Zhan calm a mood.
After a short walk, the Jinling branch of the game network will arrive. Although it is not as high as Zifeng Building, it is also a 40-storey skyscraper, which is worthy of being a large-scale game network. A branch has also rented a whole floor of office.
After entering the ladder, Zhiwei pressed the 19th floor number, which is the exclusive floor of the game-loving network, and the Jinling branch of the network has specially prepared some competitive events, including League of Legends, F and so on. The news of competitive events is written here and sent out.
The high-speed staircase rose quickly and no outsiders arrived at the 19th floor.
After the door opened, Lu Zhan took a deep breath and walked out of the stairway with everyone. He was about to face the live broadcast. This time, no one dared to joke casually. Everyone’s face was full of formality.
The front desk of the net is decorated with gorgeous logo raccoon theme everywhere, but if you look inside, there are many league of legends, posters, heroes in the league and professional competitors, which is like a game temple.
Two girls in the front desk greeted Zhiwei politely. Zhiwei led the way in front and the others followed.
Xia Lingyao and Xiao Yuan are not from the RG team, but they have been following them and are going to wait outside when the press conference is held.
Xiaoyuan was curious all the way, looking left and right, and being in a game theme environment for the first time made her feel particularly fresh.
The big network media is excellent in all aspects, and the office is clean and spacious.
Seeing that Xiao Yuan was so curious, she immediately introduced to her that "the whole office area here is divided into three areas, namely recording area, office area and equipment area. We are going to the recording area."
"Oh, oh, it’s good to be able to broadcast live." Xiao Yuan answered with a look of excitement. It was only the third day, and her skin was tender and her eyes were watery, and she seemed to be interested in everything.
"When you continue to study, you will definitely have a chance." Zhang Xi finally spoke. He was silent all the way. Nothing seemed to impress him except games and Xiao Yuan.
"I have a chance to graduate from college." Zhiwei answered the question by introducing her just now. She realized that this cold-faced boy is Zhang Xi, a passerby who is known in the circle.
Walking to the left, a sign with the words "Broadcasting Hall" appeared. While guiding the way, Zhiwei went on to say, "I just graduated this year. Although I have been an editor here since I was a student, I am still an intern."
She didn’t say that she had done enough as an intern, but she didn’t become a full member because she hadn’t tapped enough news hotspots. She wanted to slowly upgrade her position with this RG news.
Just then, they came to the door of a big room and looked at the land exhibition. I think this is the live broadcast hall.
"Well, I’ve already told you the specific questions, and then the question-and-answer session will be played by yourselves. In addition, as far as I know, the two conferences will be broadcast on the Internet at the same time, but yy will immediately show the ratings, and you can see who will hold the conference when the time comes. Because of the network arrangement problem, this time I will interview you, and we should cooperate well!" Zhiwei took the trouble to explain all the details, and she really valued this conference.
"Well, let’s go." Lu Zhan nodded and greeted everyone back. At the same time, he also nodded to Xia Lingyao.
Xia Lingyao gave him a gentle smile back, and the support was self-evident.
Lu Zhan pushed the studio door without thinking about anything else.
As soon as I entered the land exhibition, I saw a row of compartments. From the outside, there were camera equipment in each compartment, but the environment was different.
"Well, the Dragon Dance Team is the No.1 Broadcasting Hall, and we are the No.2 Broadcasting Hall." Zhiwei made a final summary and then led five players to the second Broadcasting Hall.
"What, we are number 2 and they are number 1?" After listening to this arrangement, the soldiers were somewhat dissatisfied.
"This can’t be a network arrangement," said Zhi Weinai.
After hearing this, Lu Zhan thought of Zhiwei’s editor to interview this matter immediately. Maybe the online ratings are not optimistic about them.
"It’s really realistic." Lu Zhan wry smile.
Although RG is an old and strong team, after all, it can’t play lpl for the time being, and there is a big enterprise behind the Dragon Dance Team, and it is in full swing at the moment.
Seeing that Zhiwei values them so much, Lu Zhan Bai Zhiwei must have put a lot of pressure on it.
Zhiwei should not know about the relationship between Lu Zhan and Chaoyang Technology, but for whatever reason, she really wants RG News to get more attention.
Thought of here, Lu Zhan took a deep breath and went over the preparations again.
Turn around and enter Hall 2. This is a small room the size of a bedroom. The layout of the hall is simple. Six seats and a table are scattered. It is rare for online media to interview in real time. The layout is simple and understandable.
The background of the hall is a red curtain. As soon as several people came in, the curtain suddenly rolled and changed into a new picture scroll. This is a picture of League of Legends, and the background is the League of Legends icon with a huge L across it.
There is a circle of heroic portraits around the L mark, such as Anne, Emperor and Galen.
Seeing a familiar game in a strange place is like a fireplace in a room in winter, which makes people feel warm. Being in it makes Lu Zhan feel much calmer at once.
Lu Zhan took a deep breath and walked over to find a place to sit in his conscious seat, but it happened to be the most normal place for five people. Normally, this is the single position, and soon several other people are seated according to their own positions.
According to the agreement, Li Juntao took the ad position and Zhang Xi played wild.
"We still have half an hour to go over the details first." Zhiwei sat opposite them and said that people in Hall 1 should have practiced for a long time earlier.
"Wait a minute. I have a little suggestion I want to implement before I interview." Lu Zhan suddenly said.
Chapter 35 Preparation for Land Exhibition
After six people left the studio, Xia Lingyao and Xiao Yuan were left here.
"Let’s find out if there is a brain to watch the live broadcast." Xia Lingyao took Xiao Yuan’s hand and said that Xiao Yuan nodded and she also wanted to see her brother’s style on the screen.
After searching for a while, the two men finally found a table in a room. Because they knew little, they brought in artificial personnel to help them connect their brains and left for them to see for themselves.
At this time, it’s already 1 o’clock. Xia Lingyao clicked yy icon and logged into his account.