If you face the peak, the Duncan Clippers may have to double-team Duncan like last season, and then be beaten by other Spurs players on the outside.

Ji Guo’s shame was punched and he became honest. Then he attacked steadily and no longer wanted to give Duncan some color to see class. Now his face is still swollen.
The two of them were really born in the dying years. It would be nice if they could both squeeze into the third array in the 1990 s or five years ago. How can they occupy it for a while like now
Duncan’s performance stimulated Spurs player jamison to commit too many fouls, and the defensive end did not dare to prevent it. However, after seeing his partner, the old man, talking about teenagers kicking pandas and punching foxes, he couldn’t help himself.
Although Ji Guo’s humiliation was punched by Duncan, he still didn’t put jamison on his head
Jamison was not as good as Duncan at the peak of that year, but he was also a vicious person who could turn his back, face the box and shoot three points.
Ji Guoshi did not pay attention to jamison’s sudden breakthrough in holding the ball. He passed Ji Guoshi’s ball and scored in the line.
"Give it to me!"
Don’t really treat him as the best defensive player in online attention. Not any old guy can be presumptuous in his head!
Jamison mistakenly overestimated his own ability and underestimated Ji Guoqiu’s defense. He didn’t break through quickly enough. When Ji Guoqiu broke through, he rushed back to the basket and jumped up and held out his big hand, even bringing the ball to him directly.
"Burst" one!
Jamison is a great tragedy. After landing, he didn’t fall straight back and lay flat on the floor.
It’s another loud noise. Duncan picks up the covered basketball and takes off quickly in the basket. He pours the basketball into the basket with his hands!
The 27th point.
Duncan has scored 27 points in less than three quarters, which is even scarier than the peak battles of his career.
Charles Buckley won a winning streak and said, "This is 33-year-old Duncan. I want to say that if it were 25-year-old Duncan Clippers, it might not last for Game 6."
Kenny Smith laughed. "That’s right, because you know Duncan will die miserably, but you still have to double-team."
But I still think Brother Panda is not inferior to Duncan in the second season this year.
"I also agree that this is the year when the old and new generations are fighting, so we won’t see such a confrontation. At that time, it will be difficult for Duncan to play today’s performance against Brother Panda."
Buckley sighed, "Everyone says that the center has withered, but I don’t think it’s that serious. Brother Panda will grow up after a few seasons, even in the 1990s, he will be the best center at that time-he will still get the best defensive player, but I’m afraid the rebounding king will be hopeless."
Everyone knows that Buckley refers to Rodman, who is 23 meters tall and won the N-time rebounding champion in front of a bunch of powerful No.4 positions of four centers. This is no ordinary pervert. At that time, there were too many vicious people. Rodman suspected that the best one was a vicious person who had a fight with a big ass.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-seven Panda abuse food
3 minutes and 4 seconds in the third quarter, the score is 75:7.
The Clippers led by six points at the half-time of the brutal Duncan strike, and they had already completely surrendered, but now they fell behind by three points.
Ji Guoqiu 9 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots Ji Guoshame 33 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 blocked shots Billups 12 points, 6 assists Crawford 15 points and Avraro 5 points.
Duncan scored 31 points, rebounds and 3 assists, Parker scored 12 points and 6 assists, jamison scored 17 points and 5 rebounds, Finley scored 5 points and Bonner scored 5 points.
Before you know it, Duncan’s score is already a few miles away from Ji Guo’s humiliation, and the Spurs naturally become the leader.
Ji Guoshi made a total of 25 shots and hit 12 times today, including 3 three-pointers and 6 free throws.
Duncan made a total of one shot today and also hit 12 free throws, 7 of 9.
Today, Duncan is suspected to be crazy and scary … but no matter how crazy or scary he is, he should rest … * * Vicky has ordered old Thomas to play and prepare for Duncan to get 13 points in the third quarter.
The Spurs attacked 20,000 home fans and shouted Duncan’s name at the moment.
The passive transposition of the two brothers was right again, Duncan.
"The fox heard that this era is you so now? Do you still think I am old? "
Ji Guo was ashamed to smell speech and was half dead. I never thought Duncan would say that.
"Mom is me, what can you do!"
Duncan didn’t answer. Suddenly he turned around and broke through to the basket. A quick low hand basket …
Ji Guoqiu rushed back to the basket from the weak side and reached out a big hand to seal Duncan’s basketball in the backboard and then took it directly.
"You’re not old, but times have changed."
Ji Guoqiu was badly beaten in this game, but now he can still go back to the Basketball Association to prevent blocking, and Duncan has already killed the basket this attack, but he has no strength to take off and dunk.
Duncan said that if it is a take-off dunk, Ji Guoqiu can get a foul.
But he really can’t jump at this time
Duncan was attacked by Ji Guoqiu, and he knew it was his turn to have a rest at this time.
Old Deng Liwei also made a substitution adjustment. He changed the fox brother to the panda brother and left him there.
Ji Guoqiu finally attacked at this time, and his score stopped at 9 points for a long time.
Old Thomas was released as soon as Brother Panda, who hated Ji Guo, was released.
First, a low post hook Ji Guoqiu expanded his score to double digits.
Then the offensive end grabbed the teammate and missed the frontcourt rebound, and scored two points again by making up the basket.
The Clippers overtook the score one minute after Duncan’s game and helped the Clippers launch this wave of offensive, which was a national revenge suppressed by Duncan.
* * Vicky was angry. If they had resisted the Clippers’ attack during this period, Duncan would have won the Clippers’ victory today, embellishing the wonderful battle of the Stone Buddha in vain.
Billups and Ji Guo were humiliated. Parker felt as light as Ji Guo’s hatred. Dradzic’s defensive end gave him less pressure than Mr. Key.
However, sometimes in the basketball court, you really don’t understand what some players will have a situation of mutual resistance.
It’s really hard to understand that Draghi was embarrassed when he met George Hill, but he did very well when he met Bisir, who was stronger.
When you are studying, you are afraid that that person may be bullied by your classmates. This phenomenon often appears, and so does the basketball court.