Kevin caught the ball and made a gesture with his hands over the half court. The Knicks others pulled when Kevin faced Si Nuo with the same boast and directly changed direction to break through Si Nuo’s entry into the three-second zone. The direct basket hit was almost the same as that of Iverson just now. 19

Larry Brown frowned when he saw Kevin easily break through Si Nuo. Si Nuo was a very good point guard. When Si Nuo played, the 76ers played very smoothly. Iverson was able to attack Si Nuo very quickly, but his long-range shooting ability was very weak. The most important thing was that there was almost no defensive ability. Now this situation can be that the defensive line exploded. Iverson blew Alan Houston and Kevin seemed to blow Si Nuo, but if you don’t play the Knicks like this, you can drag seven or six people to death bit by bit by relying on the overall strength. Larry Brown still didn’t get Si Nuo. Now we can see who scored better, Iverson and Kevin.
Van Gundy also saw this situation. On the contrary, Van Gundy trusted Kevin and Alan Houston also had a good defensive ability. Van Gundy believed that the Knicks would win in the end.
After that, both teams resolutely played these two points, almost Iverson and Kevin to constantly demonstrate their breakthrough ability. Si Nuo and Alan were directly blown up by two people today, but defending Alan Houston caused Iverson some trouble. On the contrary, Kevin’s breakthrough in Si Nuo was easier. At the end of the second quarter, Iverson scored 19 points in a single quarter, which was almost impossible to prevent. The Knicks’ Kevin scored 22 points in a single quarter, which was not only a breakthrough in Kevin’s long shot, but also sharp. Si Nuo was screened.
At halftime, Larry Brown finally couldn’t help it. Seven or six people will lose. Now it seems that Kevin’s scoring ability will never be much weaker than Iverson’s. If he doesn’t change people, the score will definitely get bigger and bigger. Larry Brown asked Larry Hughes to play point guard in order to defend Kevin.
Kevin, on the Knicks side, is also tired. This season, Kevin is attacking for the first time. Van Gundy saw that Kevin’s physical strength is too high. After all, Kevin just turned 2 this year, and his body has not yet matured. Although he has good talent, his physical strength can’t cope with this situation. Van Gundy asked Wardfield to replace Kevin before.
Ward’s playing time has changed from 3 minutes last season to about 15 minutes. But in new york for many years, Ward didn’t complain too much. Unlike other players, Ward loved the Knicks deeply. Since he entered the league, the Knicks life team is more like a second home to him. He can see that Kevin is much better than himself, but Ward doesn’t mind making the team stronger, and now he comes off the bench. Instead of reducing his data, he is getting more and more efficient.
At half-time, both teams changed and sent seven or six people to play Derek Coleman. This season, Derek Coleman averaged 163 points, 1.3 rebounds per game. Derek Coleman and Iverson are also better in the league now. The Knicks side was crushed. At half-time, Alan finally broke out with a direct catch jumper. Larry Hughes almost poked his hand into Alan’s eye several times, and Alan could still hit it accurately.
The third quarter is not over yet. Seven or six people are almost one point behind. If Iverson doesn’t score the game, there is really no suspense. Iverson takes Larry Hughes to face Ward and makes a sudden change of direction. Ward quickly follows up. On the sidelines of the bench, Kevin suddenly shouted "False!"
Ward hasn’t reflected yet. Iverson pulled the ball back and hit a jumper directly.
"coach! Let me play! Seven or six people hit Iverson again! " Kevin volunteered to fight.
Van gundy thought for a moment and shook his head and said; "Haven’t to your time! Trust your teammates! " Then ask Chris Childers to replace Ward.
At the end of the third quarter, Iverson hit a buzzer, and 76 people were 2 points behind the Knicks. Iverson scored 12 points in the second half of the third quarter. Van Gundy changed people several times to defend, but the effect was not very good. In Alan Houston, his aunt also scored online continuously, and finally the score did not fall.
In the fourth quarter, Kevin was still sitting on the bench. Van Gundy was going to let Kevin seal the victory at the last minute. Van Gundy had his own considerations. To put it bluntly, Kevin is a first-year rookie. Although he has the potential to become a superstar, if he is really abused by Iverson in this game, it will not be worth the loss. This kind of thing has not happened before.
In the fourth quarter, Derek Coleman succeeded in playing hard in a row. Fortunately, an aunt changed colors. By the fourth minute, seven or six people finally equalized the score. Van Gundy called a timeout and looked at Kevin. "Let’s go!"
Kevin quickly warmed up, took off his coat and clapped Ward and ran to the field. Did Iverson see Kevin’s excited eyes flashing from the new field and coming back?
Kevin took Camby’s serve and slowly dribbled it across the half court. Now the Knicks’ court is Alan, Madman, Aunt and Camby. This is the Knicks’ strongest array at present. Kevin looked at the defensive man in front of him and turned into Iverson. He slowly leaned down and his hands kept boasting about dribbling.
"Alan, I’m coming!"
"answer" VS "flash"-ask for recommendation!
Chapter 20 Back-beating
Chapter 20 Back-beating
Kevin carefully protects the ball and defends himself. Iverson keeps talking rubbish, which affects Kevin’s attention.
"Small you lose, I will hit you! When the time comes, you can go to your girlfriend’s arms to find warmth! "
"Do you know who I am?"
"You will arrive when you don’t attack!"
Kevin has not been influenced by Iverson’s rubbish. In the past life, Kevin received more rubbish than this. If the point guard is disturbed by rubbish, it means that he is not calm enough to be a point guard.
After seven or six people struggled to defend the Knicks, the others didn’t run out. Kevin made a gesture to prepare himself. Aunt quickly pulled out and picked Kevin to break through. Derek Coleman came out to assist Kevin to take the ball with his left hand directly. Derek Coleman Kevin wanted to shoot and jump up to prepare for blocking. Kevin catcher took it back and jumped up against Derek Coleman. Derek Coleman saw that he was going to be fouled by Kevin. Kevin Li held a ball to his right hand and hit the backboard. At the same time, the whistle sounded 2+1.
After Kevin landed, he waved his arm vigorously, and Camby also ran over and slapped Kevin hard. This trick was played by Jordan in those years, but Jordan didn’t play 2+1 at that time. This ball was really wonderful, and the ball was sent to new york Knicks with a lead of three points and seven or six people.
"Small is very good!" Allen Iverson dribbled and said that Iverson dribbled slowly and carelessly, but Kevin didn’t take the initiative to take the ball forward. Kevin knew that a dribbler like Iverson could pass himself in an instant. Now, whether it is experience or technology, Iverson can hold his position firmly.
Seeing that Kevin didn’t become Iverson, he didn’t care to press himself slowly. When Kevin saw that Iverson was ready to break through, he immediately focused on Iverson’s shoulders and waist. When a person wants to break through, the only place in his body that won’t deceive himself is waist and shoulders. Left or right Kevin keeps judging.
Iverson made an accelerated breakthrough on the left, and Kevin’s horse reacted. The horse pressed against Iverson to stop him from starting. Iverson also slowed down to prevent it? Kevin couldn’t believe it. Iverson suddenly turned to Kevin’s right. Sure enough, Kevin took a step back and went to the right border defense. Suddenly, he found that the impact didn’t appear bad in his imagination. He was cheated. Seeing Iverson’s whole body seemed to be sideways, the ball was still on the left side of Kevin’s body. Iverson made a jump. At this time, Kevin had been completely missed. Iverson faced Camby and hit the basket again.
The field rang with thunderous cheers. Iverson changed direction three times in a row, as if he had violated gravity. The momentum of seven or six people recovered. Kevin looked at Iverson’s defensive figure and was very admirable. Just now, Iverson could barely make it himself, but it was definitely not as smooth as Iverson.
Aunt Kevin’s catch line shouted at this time: "Don’t panic, we are still ahead of us and scored this goal first!" " Everyone in the Knicks also ran to their positions because of gorilla injuries. Now the qualifications in the team are relatively old, even if they are aunts, ordinary aunts and Sprewell are the two most active people in the team. Everyone and they are all good. At this time, everyone has no objection when the aunt comes out.
Van Gundy thought for a moment and made a gesture on the sidelines. Kevin nodded when he saw the excitement. Others helped Kevin pull again or faced Iverson, but Kevin suddenly turned around and stuck Iverson directly! Then hit back!
Back hit! ! Larry Brown on the sidelines was surprised. Ready to eat Iverson? No way! Although Iverson is not very strong, everyone knows that Iverson is also very strong, and he will not suffer particularly when facing a powerful defender. However, it is surprising that Iverson was pushed back by Kevin for three seconds. Iverson was pushed back by Kevin for five steps, which was hard to see before. Iverson finally pushed Iverson and took a direct step back to shoot. Iverson was still in a backward movement because he had just been forced through his body. He did not defend Kevin’s easy hit, and the score difference widened to three points.
YES, Van Gundy waved his hand on the sidelines and it really worked. That’s why Kevin has been sitting on the bench all the time in the third quarter and the first half of the fourth quarter. Van Gundy planned this game a few days ago to be on the safe side and finally came up with a way to deal with seven or six people.
Larry Brown hesitated when he saw the goal. He didn’t call a timeout. In fact, the best way at this time is to change Iverson or change the defense, but Kevin’s breakthrough is also sharp. No one on the team except Iverson can prevent Kevin from breaking. Wait a minute.
This made Iverson break through Kevin again, and the difference in hitting the basket was still one point. Conversely, Kevin continued to hit Iverson on the back for three seconds, turned around and hit Iverson again. He really didn’t expect this first-year rookie to be so powerful. This is the first time he has suffered this loss for so long. Kevin suddenly topped Iverson twice in a row, and Kevin finally took a big step back. Kevin still took advantage of the opportunity to hit a jumper.
No one expected that Kevin, a center like this, seemed to send Allen Iverson to the other side and was still so effective. On the other hand, when Allen Iverson broke through, he ran the whole game. Plus, Iverson’s physical strength was finally out of order. After this breakthrough, Camby struggled to rebound for Kevin.
Kevin is going to hit Iverson with his back after catching the ball. At this time, Kevin has already been killed. I have this idea to send the whole little Buckley or the defender to let people live! Larry Hughes saw Kevin hit Iverson on the back and thought for a moment. He couldn’t help but run to defend himself in the distance. Larry Brown was in a hurry and shouted not to go to Larry Hughes. What happened was that Kevin scored the ball directly to Alan Houston, and Alan hit a three-pointer before Larry Hughes returned to defense.
Larry Brown quickly called a timeout, and now the Knicks are six points ahead, and there are still two points in the game. Kevin, the Knicks’ side, rested for half a day and could last until the end of the game.
At the end of the timeout, Larry Brown couldn’t think of any good way to deal with Kevin for a short time. He couldn’t change the defense, clip the defense or guard the restricted area. Larry Brown wanted to kill someone. How could the new york Knicks be so lucky to sign such a baby in the second round? Look at his team. Although Larry Hughes’ performance is fair, there is really a gap compared with Kevin!
After the game continued, Iverson remained on the scene. Seven or six people attacked again and handed the ball to Derek Coleman. Derek Coleman missed his jumper and gave the ball to Kevin. This has become Larry Hughes in front of Kevin. Larry Brown can finally take defensive measures to guard against Kevin Iverson and Alan Houston. Van Gundy gestured to Alan as soon as he saw the change of horses. Alan ran wildly with Iverson, and finally Kevin’s ball ran out of place and arrived at Alan Houston almost at the same time to catch the jumper and hit it.
After that, Larry Brown understood Van Gundy’s intention. Although Allen Iverson kept breaking through the difference between the two teams, it remained at around 5 points.
Today’s chapter is dedicated.
Chapter 21 Developing new skills
Chapter 21 Developing new skills
With Iverson’s last three-pointer miss, the Knicks struggled to win a 1-75 away game, and the Sixers still failed to shorten the gap in the end. Allen Iverson, the core of the Sixers, scored 41 points, and Kevin, the Knicks, scored 33 points and 12 assists, and was named the best player in the game after the game.
After the game, Kevin took the initiative to run over and exchange jerseys with Iverson. Although Iverson has not yet become a top star, Kevin still can’t help asking for jerseys and autographs. Although Iverson was beaten by Kevin, he felt uncomfortable all over, but when he saw Kevin running over and asking for autographs and jerseys like a fan, he smiled in good faith. After the two exchanged jerseys and left a message, Kevin’s trip to the city was still complete.
Kevin was praised by more people after defeating the Sixers away from home. In the game against the Sixers, Kevin was not inferior to the first-line star Allen Iverson. Although the overall strength of the Knicks was higher than that of the Sixers, Kevin scored 22 points in the second quarter and played back at the end of the game. Kevin became the hottest rookie this year. When many reporters were stuck at the airport, Kevin had sneaked away. In fact, Kevin is not in a good mood now!
Against Allen Iverson, Kevin really realized his own shortcomings. If he didn’t rely on the team strength, Kevin believed that the winner was still unknown. In addition to slowly accumulating experience, Kevin believed that it was difficult to get promoted in a short time. But after seeing Allen Iverson’s breakthrough, Kevin realized that he also needed to master a scoring technique that could tear the opponent’s defense, just like Jordan’s back jumper and Jabbar’s hook. Only when he could create a technique of his own can he truly become a star. Kevin was not carried away by sudden praise. Now he is just a qualified starter.
Thought of here, Kevin also knows his future development direction, except that it is a long-term solution to issue a skill of his own after regular training every day. Jesse is not at home, so he probably went to class! Think about the strange pictures that may happen in Jesse’s class. Kevin is still evil. Kevin gets dressed and walks to his home driving range. Kevin slowly runs with the ball and creates his own tricks. This idea has been in Kevin for a long time, but it has never been implemented.
After thinking for a while, Kevin suddenly remembered that he still had a system. It seems that when he just got the apocalypse system, he always wanted to make it to the sky, but slowly he found that there was nothing wrong with the system. At best, he just wanted to know his physical condition more clearly. Now I really can’t even think about it.
Tong Tong Kevin also found strange changes in his property sheet.
Name Kevin Totti
Professional (one turn) point guard
Grade 5
Character experience 214/25
Base attribute
Power 7+2
Agile 3
Spirit 62