At noon, the family had a meal of mountain game. When Xiao Bao was eating, this little guy woke up once. When he saw sitting in the hall to eat, Zhang Ting cried even louder until Zhang Ting reached out and hugged the little guy. This slowly stopped.

The little guy’s move completely ruined Han Hao’s heart as a father. He felt that he was born in vain.
After noon, the family took a nap. Zhang Ting naturally drew two pictures for Mrs. Liu after waking up.
The two paintings delighted the old lady, and Zhang Ting felt that his ears could finally be quiet.
Chapter 27 down a peg or two
"Sister Zhang Ting, you said you wanted this wild fruit to be well eaten. What exactly is it? When can I eat it?" Hao Gui has always remembered this matter, even though he slept at noon, he still kept it in mind.
Zhang Ting smiled and touched the little guy’s head and said, "See soon? After those wild fruits have been washed, sister Zhang Ting will pack them up and we will have delicious food in half a month."
"Ah, it will take half a month for a long time." Hao Gui’s face was disappointed and his mouth was wide open when he heard this.
Zhang Ting saw the little guy smile like this and scraped his little nose and asked, "Of course, it will take half a month. How long will it take you to eat well? You can’t eat well at once. You must first learn to wait."
At this moment, Hao Xiaoshan came in from the outside and shouted "Sister Zhang Ting, I’m coming" at Zhang Ting’s back. As soon as Hao Xiaoshan entered Hao’s yard, he seemed to fly to Zhang Ting for a few days and looked excited.
Zhang Ting smiled and turned to look at Hao Xiaoshan, who ran towards his side. He looked at him and asked, "How do you go to your grandmother’s place to have a good time?"
Xiao-shan Hao nodded his head and said to Zhang Ting, "Sister Zhang Ting, do you know that yesterday I gave my grandmother and her family a prestige? My uncle and their children all looked at me with new eyes."
This idiom is impressive. Zhang Ting once taught them four idioms, but Zhang Ting didn’t expect that Hao Xiaoshan, a little guy, could learn this idiom so quickly and acted as if he was quite handy.
"Oh, what happened? It seems that something very good happened. Look, our hill is so happy that its tail is about to tilt up." Zhang Ting asked, looking at Hao Xiaoshan with a curious look.
Hao Xiaoshan suddenly became embarrassed. After touching his small nose, he stumbled and told Zhang Ting about what he had done at his grandmother’s house yesterday.
It turns out that Hao Dashan’s side is poorer than Hao Dashan’s daughter-in-law’s bride’s family, Ye Jia, and several of her nephews have been sent to Ye Gu Village for private study. Every time Hao Xiaoshan used to be laughed at by his cousins, he said that he couldn’t afford to be poor.
Before the hill didn’t read and write with Zhang Ting, he was afraid to go to grandma’s house, but this time he begged his mother to let him take him because he was going there to be ashamed in front of his cousin and cousin.
Yesterday, this little guy beat his three cousins to death in his grandmother’s house with one enemy and three enemies, and let his three cousins be more willing to worship him than his cousins.
"Brother Xiaoshan, you are really amazing. Hum, after watching them, do you dare to say that brother Xiaoshan is illiterate and poor?" Hao Xiaoshan also told the brother Hao Gui about those things in his grandmother’s house.
"Well, when I went home this time, my three cousins sent me back. This time, they were kind to me and kept calling me cousin." When talking about this matter, Xiao Shan smiled smugly
Zhang Ting saw that the two little guys were so happy that they threw cold water on them for a while. "Don’t be too happy, you two. Have you forgotten what I told you? This world is full of people outside the world. You are amazing now, but it doesn’t mean that you are the best in this world. Do you know what is the most important thing you do now besides being happy?"
Hao Xiaoshan and Hao Gui heard Zhang Ting’s words. The two little guys gathered their faces and smiled with a serious look at Zhang Ting. At the same time, they nodded their heads at Zhang Ting and shouted to Zhang Ting, "Know to continue to study hard."
"Then don’t hurry up. I arranged your business a few days ago. Have you finished it now? There are hills. You missed that class yesterday. I’ll make it up for you later. Don’t go home for dinner tonight. Stay here and eat. I’ll let people tell your parents." Zhang Ting looked at the two of them.
Hao Xiaoshan heard Zhang Ting say that he would make up lessons for him and stay here for dinner. The little guy’s face is about to smile. Although it is hard to make up lessons, he prefers to eat here. Hao’s food is delicious and he is in a very good mood to eat here.
"That sister Zhang Ting, let’s go to school now." Hao Xiaoshan looked at Zhang Ting with a serious face.
"Go and write slowly. If you don’t know anything, come out and ask me. Don’t guess there by yourself again. And Hao Gui is also shameless to ask if he knows." Zhang Ting looked at the two of them and continued to speak.
After talking for a while until they were sent to their usual reading room, Zhang Ting just turned around and almost bumped into a person.
But fortunately, she got away with it, which led to the bad result of her nose being hit.
"Mrs. Liu, I’ll ask you once. If you are behind me, you are somehow out of it. Do you know that my nose was almost hit by you?" Zhang Ting gnashed her teeth and looked at Mrs. Liu behind her.
Mr. Liu is a face of ingratiating smile and said behind Zhang Ting, "I’m sorry, Zhang Ting girl. I was so absorbed in listening to you and teaching those two kids behind you just now that I accidentally forgot to wake you up, but I promise you that if I am behind you again, I will tell you before."
Walking forward, Zhang Ting heard this sentence, and the corners of his mouth twitched. I was actually wondering if he didn’t hit her nose for a long time and then hit her nose again.
"Old man, if you feel like chatting, you can go to that field in the village like michel platini, so that you won’t feel everything." Zhang Ting said to the old tail behind him.
Mrs. Liu shook her head. "It’s not fun not to go to that place in michel platini. It’s all herbs. I’m not interested in those girls. You can cook for one more person at dinner later. Don’t forget," The poet fan pushed "Uncle Handsome, don’t be too hasty."
Chapter 279 Come here
Walking to the kitchen door, Zhang Ting suddenly stopped and looked back. She smiled behind her, and Mrs. Liu, a thief, asked, "What do you mean, old man? What do you mean, I have to cook one more person? Will someone come to my house later? I didn’t know [latest chapter]"
"Little girl, you are smart. You don’t talk much with such a smart person as you. That’s right. Wait a minute. It’s almost the same. There will be another person in this family." Mrs. Liu’s face is excited at the thought of coming.
Zhang Ting looked at Mrs. Liu’s face and didn’t hide her excitement. Her eyes narrowed and she walked over to the old lady. "Mrs. Liu won’t be the one who wants to come later."
After seeing people nod and answer, Zhang Ting said to him with a bitter face, "Mrs. Liu, please, don’t find anyone to come over for me. I have enough people living in this house. As you can see, there is really no other room in my house."
Mrs. Liu smiled and replied, "Just don’t arrange for that person to live in my room. We live together."
Zhang Ting couldn’t help but look at the old man when I heard that "the old man will come later. It won’t be your concubine class."
If it’s really that old man, it’s really awesome. At such a big age, are you still thinking about taking his concubine over? Are you physically strong?