"Uncle Zuo said that being near Ri will let you go out with other new younger brothers again, and you will meet again then," Lu Yuanji explained.

A moment later, Liu Yuanji Lei Yunzhou took him and Xiao Wenfei away from Ming Jianfeng and threw them to the east.
At this time, Lu Yuanji grinned bitterly. "Xiao asked me just now that Zuo Shishu is your future teacher."
"Oh," asked Xiao, nodding mechanically.
Liu Yuanji took another look at Xiao and said that this small reaction was really slow, and it was completely unexpected. This didn’t recognize the problem.
Xiao asked Lu Yuanji to see that he finally felt something was wrong. What did Lu Yuanji say just now? Uncle Lu Yuanji Zuo will be his future master?
Wait! ! !
Is there something wrong with this generation? ! Uncle Lu Yuanji is his master? ! !
See Xiao asked stare big eyes Liu Yuanji nodded wry smile way "you didn’t listen to wrong is my left ShiShu to accept your brother"
"Ah …" After Xiao asked leng, he consciously squeezed that sound out of his throat and couldn’t speak again.
Uncle Lu Yuanji must be a peer with Xu Hao! When such an elder is his master, then he and Lu Yuanji are no longer uncles and nephews, but disciples …
Isn’t that weird? Come and become the second generation brother! Instead of becoming a third-generation brother like a new brother …
"This matter is beyond my expectation, but at that time, there was really no objection …"
Then Liu Yuanji carefully told Xiao Wen about the general situation.
It turned out that it happened yesterday!
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Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Clear
Yesterday, the patriarch of Ming Jianzong called up the first place of each pulse, mainly to summarize the important events of Ming Jianzong in the last month. Naturally, when it comes to the new younger brother, sixty-five new younger brothers are guiding their elders in Zongmen to improve their understanding of Zong, while Xiao Wen and Xun Yu are working on the "Jing Xian Jian Dian" and will go to Feixia Valley in more than two months, which is even more formally revealed.
Everything is going well in Xunyu’s place. Naturally, there is nothing to say. Xiao Wenxiu’s "Jing Xian Jian Dian" has encountered a bottleneck, but this is a big problem!
Ming Jianzong has already sent word. If Xiao asks about Feixia Valley more than two months later, he won’t be surprised. What a joke will this make? What’s more, they will respect the sword Sect, and then other disciples will pay much more attention to Xiao Wen than Xun Yu!
Xun Yu’s hand was shocked by the immortal Taoist strength, but the top leaders in Zongmen were not very excited. Instead, they all asked Xiao about the bottleneck and worried that Xiao Wen would not repair it into a shocking immortal Taoist strength. It was not his own problem. There were still two months later, the problem of Fei Xia Gu Xing Ming Jian Zong’s face … Of course, it also involved whether the book "Jing Xian Jian Dian Qi Dao Juan" could be further promoted in the small fairy of Ming Jian Zong Dao.
At that time, no one here had studied the fairy realm "Jing Xian Jian Dian". Naturally, it is not clear how difficult it is to teach the basic fairy method. It is for this reason that they let the two people at the top of the 153 tests practice, counting on their talent to make it at one stroke. Now it seems too optimistic.
Then, in fact, everyone knows that Xiao Wen is not only surprised by the fairy tale, but also needs to solve another problem, that is, cultivating the mind
With Hao Yuan Dan, Xiao Wen’s self-cultivation is definitely no problem, but can he reach the level of full promotion in more than two months?
If there is one thing that needs to be solved, the elders in the clan still have confidence in Xiao Wen. After all, his performance in the test is not fake, but it has been more than two months since the two things arrived together, which is a bit hanging.
Ming Jianzong is the top clan in this world. In this kind of thing, people can’t afford to lose it. Xiao asked that there was actually a success and no failure.
Now it’s only when there are setbacks that someone jumps out. It’s the old guy who disapproved of letting two new brothers go to Feixia Valley from the beginning, and soon pointed the finger at Xu Jian Hao, because it’s this old man who advocated sending them to Feixia Valley after seeing Xiao Wen and Xun Yu’s performance.
Xu Jian’s identity is extraordinary. The patriarch is his teacher younger brother. Plus, he has always been aloof. Where can he ignore those people? Although the old man didn’t say a word to Xiao Wen alone, he was confident in Xiao Wen. After more than two months, Xiao Wen will definitely solve all two problems.
However, can others be completely relieved because he has confidence in Xiao Wen?
Speaking of it, Xiao Wen’s question still falls on the cultivation of the mind. He is surprised by the bottleneck, which is also the cultivation of the mind. So a discussion naturally comes out and he quickly finds a master for Xiao Wen, and it must be superior in cultivation of the mind.
The people reasoned that there were seven people who chose the first seat of each pulse and argued that it was more appropriate for Xiao Wen to worship at his brother’s door …
That’s great. Which pulse do you worship?
The patriarch made it difficult to see Hao, and he was also blowing his eyes. The former didn’t want to offend people, and the latter wanted Xiao Wen to worship his brother and become his disciple. It was good to see that he was going to be abducted and run away …
Just before landing, a person in the hall put the article on the new brother’s data summary and said directly, "I’ll take him as an apprentice."
At that time, everyone was Zheng because that person was impressively the first Zuo Ning Qing Ming Jian Zong, the only female, the first!
After Zheng Zheng, more and more people think that if we don’t talk about Zuo Ningqing’s seniority, it is really the best person to solve this dilemma. Because Zuo Ningqing has cultivated his mind since he was young, he is famous in the whole Ming Jian Zong Ming Jian Zong. Everyone is more difficult to cultivate his mind than it is. Only Zuo Ningqing himself has hardly encountered a bottleneck in cultivating his mind. After he reached the realm of immortals, he has cultivated his mind and made many elders with stronger strength feel better than him. Now Zuo Ningqing is already a high-level fairy realm, even if it is in the world.
But isn’t it too big a span for a generation of younger brothers to accept a new apprentice?
Someone came out of the horse and said that there was no need to accept Xiao Wen as an apprentice to guide them for two months, but Zuo Ningqing had her own considerations. She dared to recognize the second Ming Sword Sect and others dared to recognize it as the first. At this time, who dared to say that her insight must be higher than her?
It’s not impossible to accept disciples like this, but it’s not hard for Jian Zong to sing. There were precedents long ago.
So in the end, Xiao Wen was naturally classified as Zuo Ning Qing Men.
Knowing the peak pulse is relatively weak, which is probably not disputed by Zuo Ningqing. At this time, Xiao Wen’s worship of Ran Feng coincides with the first meaning of other pulses, so the result is less than that of Xiao Wen’s worship of other pulses …
Lu Yuanji didn’t say it in detail, Xiao Wen added it in his mind and finally came to these conclusions.
After a short time, the two of them have been several miles away from the peak. "The first building of the left martial uncle in the peak is generally inclined to practice meditation. The number of people is not too large and there are few disputes between the veins. You are willing to practice and worship at the left martial uncle’s door, but you can feel at home."
"Well" seeing the clear peak is coming, Xiao asked nature to be a little scared and consciously.
Lu Yuanji smiled and knew that if he touched this situation when he was young, he certainly didn’t know it was so good and didn’t speak. He directly took Xiao Wen to the top of the peak
This peak is not a lone peak, but two peaks stand side by side from the middle of the mountain to the base of a mountain. One peak is slightly shorter in the west and the other is slightly higher in the east. Most buildings are built in the slightly shorter peak in the west. Many times when people say natural peak, they actually mean the slightly shorter peak in the west. Only rarely will the one in the east be counted as higher.
Soon I reached the peak of Xifeng, and it was as Xiao Wen expected. The buildings were neatly arranged but not luxurious. The pines, cypresses and bamboos were planted everywhere, and the occasional flowers and plants were beautiful but not gaudy.
A younger brother greeted him early, and after greeting him, he took them through the corridor and quickly arrived at a building named Zhen Yan Zhai.