This time, I bought a hand-held fairy, a scattered flower dragon, and a ballet in the sea.

Chen Mengyao was shocked because the fireworks tube in his hand had been launched
Fireworks burst in the fire, and many beautiful flowers competed to put on a beautiful ratio.
"This year is the first time I have set off fireworks." Chu Yun smiled. "But I prefer watching fireworks to setting off fireworks."
I remember when I was four or five years old, the sky was banging and Chu Yun was thundering and I was scared to cry in my mother’s arms. It’s so funny to think about it now.
It was not until he was seven years old that he quietly enjoyed the fireworks in the city. He felt that the fireworks were the most beautiful in the sky.
"Don’t lie to me about the first fireworks?" Lin Weiwei wouldn’t believe him.
At this time, Chu Yun sat on a smooth stone and quietly watched the fireworks from blooming to ending as usual on New Year’s Eve.
Two women seem to have endless energy to drive the usual quiet in Lin Weiwei. Mengyao has never been crazy.
Perhaps this is the first time that Mengyao is worried about setting off fireworks.
At about 8 o’clock, the fireworks have gradually subsided. Lin Weiwei suggested, "Do you want to have a crazy night?"
"Yes!" Chen Mengyao immediately raised his hand. How can the waves sleep after such a happy night?
"Then I also agree …" Two women are in favor of Chu Yun’s disapproval, okay?
For ordinary people, during the Spring Festival, neighbors gather together to play cards and gamble. Because playing cards is a bad habit, Chu Biwan never gives his son a chance to get involved in gambling games.
Therefore, Chu Biwan won’t let Chu Yun go out on New Year’s Eve every year, but now it’s different. It’s always bad to refuse to have two women around Chu Yun.
Tonight, Chu Yun and her two women almost went crazy all night, eating and drinking, and all kinds of fun on the street.
It’s five o’clock in the morning when I get home, and all three of them are fighting with their eyelids.
Lin Weiwei directly fell into the bed and fell asleep. Chen Mengyao helped her undress and cover her quilt like a sister …
Chu Yun didn’t sleep, but took a bath, but was washed away by the water, so he went to the balcony. Occasionally, several fireworks bloomed in the sky, but there was no more excitement last night.
When Chu Yun woke up, it was almost noon. Although he didn’t want to get up, he still put on his clothes. This year is the New Year’s Day, that is, the Spring Festival. The clothes must be replaced with new ones, which means getting rid of the old ones.
Lin Weiwei didn’t know what was in a hurry. After dinner, he left home and there were only three left.
Chubiwan was busy in the kitchen, and at this time, Chen Mengyao suddenly picked up a phone call. When Mengyao frowned, it was obviously a careless thing.
"What’s the matter?" Chu Yun had a bad feeling in his heart after the phone call.
"Dad asked me to hurry home as if I was in a hurry …" Chen Mengyao really didn’t want Chu Yun to divide.
"Then I’ll go with you …" Chu Yun recognized that she was unwilling to give up.
"But …" Chen Mengyao was afraid that his family would attack Chu Yun back and forth like the second time.
"Mengyao has nothing to be afraid of. Don’t forget that 500 million yuan is no longer a dream for us." Maybe it’s a little nervous to go to Mengyao’s house this time, but for Chu Yun now, I am as good as them.
"hmm!" Chen Mengyao is not the kind of woman who is vacillating only by Nuo Nuo. She believes that Chu Yun will not leave her even if her father and stepmother brother hit him again.
Say goodbye to Chubiwan for one or two people and take a taxi to Mengyao’s rich and cold home.
Chen Mengyao doesn’t like his family, because at home he seems to be an outsider and has no sense of belonging except his father.
Back to the same mansion, the two men came to the gate and the servant was already waiting.
Chen Mengyao walked a little fast mainly because his father was in a hurry when talking.
"This is …" Chen Mengyao stopped and stared at a parked luxury car.
"What’s the matter?" Chu Yun doesn’t know what Meng Yao is staring at this car.
"This car is not my home." Although Chen Mengyao doesn’t often go home, he knows all about the car at home
"Maybe it’s a new one for the New Year?" Chu Yun guessed that this is a Rolls Royce, but it is not as good as that one.
"It shouldn’t be that this car has been out of date for a while and my family will never buy second-hand goods." Chen Mengyao still has this vision
"Really?" Chu Yun didn’t see whether the car was new or old.
Two people no longer care about the origin of this car, just wait and ask.
The housekeeper had been waiting for this in the hall for a long time. Chu Yun was surprised at the sight.
"Miss, a very distinguished guest is already being served today." The housekeeper walked beside Chen Mengyao and said respectfully.
"Guest? Dad personally hosted it, didn’t he? " Chen Mengyao some don’t believe it.
Who is Chen Hongtu who asked him to entertain the guests in person? So what is this guest like to feel horrible just thinking about it?
"From Liuzhou, my wife’s family," the housekeeper respectfully replied.
"…" Chen Mengyao was very surprised. To tell the truth, she didn’t know the exact identity of her stepmother Qin Yunyun, and she didn’t want to know it. But now it seems that her origin is not as big as usual.