Lin eyes a bright immediately to wisdom brain to "move the sight to the room behind me"
The sight moves quickly and directly through the wall to the warehouse department … but through the wall standard, nothing can be seen around except the sight range.
Fortunately, however, the sight is big enough to move a little, and the warehouse is at war with the rebels and will not return at night, and several rebels will be shrouded in the sight.
After watching the battle sight all night, I moved to see how many fear and love boxes were left in this warehouse.
The sight keeps moving!
Suddenly, the sight is moving to three non-field officers, probably wearing general armor. Suddenly, one side of the alliance army is wearing black armor and has black wings, which makes it dull and quickly retreats after being punched by the other side.
On the other hand, it is very strange for two rebels to look at the black wing armor. Why does the other side suddenly get distracted in the battle?
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Gold Handbox!
Riding a white horse is not necessarily king!
Wearing general armor is not necessarily a general, just like many players, wearing armor is much higher than their own level.
Not only players, but also players!
After the three generals were graded, they looked around in black wing armor. Although nothing was found, he looked serious in the armor as if he felt someone staring at him.
Suddenly, he quickly jumped out of place and stepped aside.
Flash just right, and then you can jump off the ground quickly.
Flicker continuously …
This strange performance attracted all the attention present, and many of them stopped and looked at him inexplicably.
A field officer on the allied side looked at him and asked, "Kande School, are you out of your mind?"
Germany school in black armor with black wings alliance.
Germany school didn’t answer, but quickly jumped in place and carefully guarded against something … but this time he didn’t move any more. He said in the chat channel, "Someone just positioned a weapon and tried to attack me."
"Positioning weapons … true or false?" The alliance army said
"Is it good to lie to you?" The school’s facial expression guessed that "it is estimated that one of the rebels got it from this secret research institute, otherwise it would not have appeared now."
"It’s impossible to locate weapons enough to destroy this secret research department … how can the rebels be here before they have withdrawn?" said the Coalition army. "You can’t be mistaken!"
"Wrong?" Kande School sneered, "Do you think it’s fake that I’m in the ink star armor?"
The Kande School said, "Get rid of what’s inside!"
"no! Be sure to get what’s inside. If the rebels get it, our Coalition forces will definitely be cleared out of the ten times gravity area! "
"As you can see, I can’t deal with both of them at the same time. Why don’t you try to pin down one for five minutes, and I’ll solve one and then the other?" Kande School said lightly.
"One person on our side can deal with more than two …"
It is true that the Kande School can deal with two rebel generals, and they can deal with more than one of them wearing the armor of field officers and the same armor.
Twelve allied military academy officers deal with twenty-nine rebels. Military academy officers don’t return at night, and one person deals with five, leaving twenty-four to be carried by eleven.
The battle was not very fierce, and everyone’s mind was not on the battle surface.
Suddenly, a rebel military academy officer came out of a warehouse with a gold suitcase in his hand and shouted at all the rebels, "Kill the things when you get them!" "
The rebel side is really not just 29 field officers, but 30.
"Kande School, grab it!"
One of the allied troops shouted that the only one of them could snatch the gold box from the rebel army, and there was Kande School, a master in general armor.
The Germany school didn’t refuse a quiver of black wings, and a large amount of black gas was ejected from the metal feathers of the wings, which instantly enveloped the whole warehouse in darkness.
"Bad go to protect …"
Before I spoke this sentence, I heard a man shout, "The box has been robbed!"
A black shadow rushed out of the warehouse with a black pike in one hand and a gold suitcase in the other … That’s the direction of the nearest escape route from here.
At the same time, several figures rushed out of the warehouse and chased them towards the black figure.
"Stop them and don’t let them chase Kande School!"
The Coalition side immediately organized an interception operation, and you couldn’t see anything in this black smoke.
"If we don’t stop, we will withdraw from Kande School. The speed is not what they can catch up with."
"Yes, we also withdraw!"
Alliance soldiers also retreated.
I rushed out of the warehouse at night and saw a few figures in front. Instead of chasing them, I rushed towards another escape route … I have to say that I was very lucky to stay at night.
While the evacuation direction of other alliance military academy officers is the same as that of Germany School … In their view, the rebels will definitely chase Germany School, and it is naturally very safe to ignore them.
"The 1234 …"
"The department is out!"
Lin Mao was counting away from the quantity confirmation department one by one. After he left, he took fenglei combating Dao and carefully slipped into the warehouse covered with smoke.
As soon as I entered the forest, I heard the voice of a rebel army. "The Alliance Army is really a group of idiots. If you weren’t afraid that you would blow your armor in this secret research institute, you would have killed a suitcase and cheated your department out … I still have it!"
Hearing this, Lin smiled and was worried that she couldn’t find you, but she still spoke for herself.
Stepping heavily on the ground with your feet is like shooting an arrow from the left string, and the lightning war will cut through the smoke. Although you can’t see it, you can feel the fire when you cut the metal with a knife.
Hoo …
Lin made the ejector blow out the black smoke in the warehouse for a long time before the warehouse regained its visibility.
Looking down at the fallen rebel military academy officers, they are now a set of headless armor … Lin bent down to pick up the gold handbag and walked towards the warehouse department.
Although the materials, armor and weapons of this secret research institute are all put in the hand box, they are not put in the hand box. There are layers of protection in it, and it is necessary to crack the password before you can get the hand box. If you want to attack the box, you will continue to crack the password.
Not to mention the importance of the decryption program, not to mention the importance of the wisdom brain chip. After all, how many generations of wisdom brain chips can run the corresponding algebraic decryption program?
In this warehouse department, there are still many beaten boxes that have not been put in. Just these boxes came in, but he didn’t take more, that is, he took five gold boxes, just three in one hand
After coming out, make a hand box to put the armor of the field-level officer in.