Dozens of boxing punches hit the muscles and bones of the opponent’s back, and the dark penetration, tearing and shock fell into the ear because of the attack speed.

Lin, stop punching!
This woman hasn’t been beaten away, her hands are hanging in the same place … Her bones and bones are all broken by Lin, and her nerves are also broken and her muscles are torn. If she can move, it’s not a person. It’s obvious that Lin felt that her body was an ordinary person the first time she hit her. At best, she was healthier than normal people.
The last blow to the back of her head was either an attack that didn’t damage her brain, or something she wore on her head and nearby was shocked or destroyed … Now I don’t know much about the science and technology forest. In the future, ordinary people will make science and technology products very common, which can be seen from the appearance at a glance, but even in the 21st century, there are many high-tech products disguised as glasses, contact lenses and earrings … Even disguised as hair technology products, many of which have automatic defense.
This kind of thing has existed in the 23rd generation of the Dark King, but it can’t be without this woman.
Dadada …
Lin heard the sound of teeth colliding with each other gently and quickly from this woman’s mouth behind her and said lightly, "That’s amazing. Broken bones, broken tendons and cracked muscles appear at the same time. Even agents who have experienced torture training will fall into a coma at the first time. You can still hold on. Not only did you not faint, but you didn’t even make a sound …"
Lincai said here, I heard the hurried footsteps outside. This woman just called someone.
"Here comes a … extremely heavy-footed, and the weight is absolutely as high as 1,000 kilograms. Being able to have this weight base is a world-class boxer who has reached the limit of human body transformation in this era like the 23rd generation of the Dark King!"
Lin Yi also believes that there will be several people who didn’t expect to come. That’s even more worrying. Just slap the woman on the back of the head and let her make a sound. Pick her up from behind and put her back to the gate in front of the 23rd generation of the Dark King, while she quickly walked back to her coma position and lay down in a coma …
A burly black man appeared at the gate, glanced at the woman with her back to the gate, fell down on the sofa, walked softly five meters behind the woman, knelt on the ground and shouted softly, "Master …"
Words have just been said, and I heard that Lin, a world-class boxer, opened his eyes and tried again … This time, he really didn’t leave a hand and directly blasted it in the back of the head of this world-class boxer, completely killing it.
Bypassing the drooping head, Lin, a walk-on fighter, walked behind the woman and slapped her on the back of the head again so that she could talk. Lin said, "Now there shouldn’t be anyone coming for a while, so it’s good to talk."
Lin never imagined that this woman turned out to be "calm, powerful, decisive, and quick to respond … you are really a good opponent! Why didn’t it appear thousands of years ago? "
"I think so too!" Lin nodded and pointed to the 23rd generation Dark King in a coma and said, "Unlike you, picking this opponent is just mud that can’t help the wall …"
The woman said, "Although it was mud, he did beat me once!" "
"I should have won you once now!"
"Not counting!"
"eh!" Linton paused and asked, "What doesn’t count?"
The woman said, "Because I’m not honorable!"
Lin nodded and said, "I know you shouldn’t have been on this planet before you respected him, but you had eyeliner watching him. When I hypnotized him, you got the news and came quickly … You should be in two places all over the universe, otherwise it wouldn’t be so coincidental and impossible to come at such a time!"
A special training forest killed np Lin, and this woman immediately appeared to kill him … If this happens once, it may be a coincidence, and the second time it can’t be a coincidence, even if it belongs to two special training situations, it is only reasonable to have this explanation. After all, this woman can’t have the teleportation ability like Sun Wu in Dragon Ball. Even if there is similar teleportation technology in this era, it needs a lot of time preparation to do it, and similar teleportation technology can also make it work on the surface and part of the planet in the middle of the sun.
This woman said, "It seems that you know something about me, hypnotize him, confuse his thinking, and his memory just forces me out! You have the mental arithmetic to know yourself and know yourself, but I have no precautions at all … This miscalculation is normal, but it won’t happen once! "
Lin asked, "What’s your name?"
"Hey!" The woman was surprised and said, "You don’t even know my name?"
Lin said, "I don’t know!"
The woman said, "Then how did you know I was here?"
"Ha ha!" Lin said, "You’d better say your name, otherwise I don’t know what to call you."
"Ha ha!" The woman said, "Then listen carefully … My name is Guanyin!" "
Lin was stunned by this name for a long time before he said, "Don’t insult this noun, ok?"
"insult!" Guanyin smiled and said, "Hehe, how can I insult this noun?"
"You …"
Lin was about to open his mouth when he was blocked by his own thinking. What does Guanyin look like in Lin’s heart and in the hearts of ordinary people? In scientific thinking, Guanyin represents a spirit of great compassion. In the hearts of ordinary people, Guanyin is a bodhisattva with great compassion, great magic and great wisdom.
Avalokitesvara can incarnate millions … and this woman can also copy several herself from her body and memory.
Guanyin can save the suffering … in this society, money and power can do it.
Guanyin … It seems that Guanyin can achieve immortality and purdue sentient beings. What kind of fairy tale can Guanyin bring the dead back to life? This woman can also achieve the effect of reviving the dead by strengthening the body and memory of the dead.
There are also fairy tales in which flying in the sky and escaping from the ground can be completed, but it is really worthless to realize it with technology.
In the fairy tale, conan the destroyer’s ability is not to mention. In the 21st century, science and technology can be done with an original bomb.
Mastering technology, having technology and financial strength is equivalent to mastering magic. If technology can do it, she can do it.
Lin was drawn by Guanyin’s language, but soon calmed down and said, "What happened when that gram of Longlin killed Lin’s parents, relatives and friends?"
The 23rd generation of the Dark King told Lin about these tragedies not long ago, but now he feels that something seems to be wrong.