However, there is no regret medicine in the world. At this time, Lin Yan is in a dilemma. He knows the reason why Goblin has changed so much. He doesn’t know whether he should continue shooting arrows in his hand.

Maybe this Goblin commander’s limit is his long arrow, or Lin meteorite’s long arrow is the opportunity for this Goblin commander to be promoted to the second-class shadow beast …
Just when Lin Meteor hesitated, the commander Goblin was already hungry. He had been eager to watch Lin Meteor, hoping that he could continue to attack himself, but this human hesitation made him very anxious.
His dark blue cheeks turned slightly red, and he seemed to realize that this human would not attack himself. The commander Goblin raised his machete in his hand and took the initiative to attack Lin Meteor for the first time. He wanted to force Lin Meteor to attack himself through his own active attack, making the earth attribute shadow soul force attack himself …
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Lin meteorite injury
Entering the battle form, the commander Goblin is particularly ferocious and extremely fast. Although Lin meteorite crossed the eagle’s eyes, you can see the movement of Goblin clearly, but the speed of the commander Goblin is much faster than that of ordinary Goblin. Even if Lin meteorite saw him move, he still dodged in a hurry.
"Don’t let the earth attribute shadow soul force attack him."
See Goblin’s commander take the initiative to attack Muxiao and whisper in Lin meteorite’s ear. Once again, a cool breeze disappears in the forest.
Lin Meteor understands Muxiao’s meaning. She hopes that she won’t make the earth attribute shadow soul force attack to avoid this Goblin commander’s promotion. Simply make * * force lure him to make a sneak attack opportunity …
The idea is good, but it seems very difficult to implement!
Although the shadow bow is very dexterous, it is still difficult to deal with the clever Goblin meteorite. The shadow wing bow in his hand is blocked by him as a giant blunt object, blocking the strange machete in the hand of the commander Goblin.
But a shadow bow simply relies on strength to fight for Goblin. There is no chance of winning …
Goblin’s centurion screamed as he slashed his machete in his mouth.
The facial expression is becoming more and more anxious, and the frequency of machete slashing is getting faster and faster. It seems that if you don’t force Lin meteorite to make the shadow soul force, you will never let it go.
It was at this moment that the anxious mentality of Goblin’s centurion was sneaked aside and Muxiao looked at it in a kind of
Watching Goblin’s commander chop Muxiao regularly, seize the opportunity to lift the double dagger that appeared in the hand behind Goblin’s commander, and she stabbed Goblin’s commander in the back with her anti-grip.
"Back attack!"
This is the shadow stab signboard shadow skill to kill people unconsciously by the enemy …
However, the commander Goblin seemed to have eyes behind him, and Muxiao appeared behind him and split the machete into the forest meteorite, so he put it behind him and perfectly resisted Muxiao’s back attack.
Muxiao eyes a cold to see their sneak attack failed again into the stealth.
And Goblin’s commander opposite Lin Meteor immediately seized this opportunity to hold the shadow wing bow with both hands and severely swing it on both sides of Goblin’s commander’s long face shadow wing bow to carve eagle wings from his chest and shed a blood stain …
Lin meteorite is, after all, a shadow master, even if it is not true. Although it is not as great as Goblin’s commander, it is far beyond the average person to hit Goblin’s commander ten meters away with one blow.
Looking at his giant bow end residual a trace of blood Lin meteorite a little become speechless.
Is this golden shadow wing bow so sharp? After the blunt arrow pressure was unscathed, commander Goblin was injured for the first time.
And this also prove that accuracy of Muxiao’s guess.
Sharps can really do harm to this commander Goblin, whose defense is amazing.
"Hey, hey!"
"Hey, hey!"
On the other side, the shadow war Goblin battle is still anxious, and no one has the energy to turn their attention to Lin Meteor’s side.
"Hey, hey!"
There was another sound in the mouth of the commander Goblin. Although it was very strange, Lin Ze could clearly hear his anger. It was that the commander Goblin was angry and his chest was burning, which made him extremely uncomfortable. Blood kept flowing from the wound, which made him feel that his vitality was passing away.
At present, this human being can actually hurt himself!
Goblin’s long eyes fixed on the red blood at the bow end of the shadow wing … This is his own blood. The red in his eyes became more intense, and his eyes revealed a more crazy look …
He’s going to make this human who hurt himself pay.