Bulls are cautious. Many people think that Ji Guoqiu’s performance in the Eastern Conference finals is somewhat abnormal. In the first four games, the giant panda averaged 33 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assists, 6 blocks, 2 steals and 4 mistakes. This performance is of course a historical performance. Many people are speculating that Ji Guoqiu’s next game is probably not as crazy as the first four games, and his state should fall back.

But who can really say this?
Didn’t Jordan know that in the playoffs like Brother Panda? Wang got an average of 4+ points in the game more than once; During the Lakers’ three consecutive championships, O ‘Neill’s playoff data of 3+15 also lasted for two whole seasons. Ji Guoqiu’s playoff average this year is only 296 points, 1 rebound, 65 assists, 46 blocks and 1 steal. He has not scored yet, so it is not surprising that Ernesto will continue to perform like this.
Less than three minutes after the game, Ji Guoqiu hit four shots in a row, three of which were mid-range shots, and one person scored one game in a row for the Nets.
As soon as the Bulls were scared, they called a timeout and played for nearly 3 minutes in the first quarter before scoring for the first time.
In the first quarter, the Nets once led by one point, but since then, the shooting rate has dropped, and the Bulls gradually narrowed the gap.
Ji Guoqiu scored 12 points in the first quarter and led the Nets with 272 points in the first quarter.
In the second quarter, the Nets expanded their advantage to two figures several times. Today, no matter how to prevent it, they can get in. His lethality is no worse than that of the Bulls and two super guards, but Chicago people still stubbornly narrow the gap.
Before the half-time, Raul Dengche dunked successfully, while Boozer and Ross also succeeded one after another. The Bulls scored even, and they were 4 points behind at 4751 in the second half.
Ji Guoqiu scored 24 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks again at half-time. Obviously, he went for 4+ again today.
In the third quarter, the bulls didn’t feel good. They made only 6 of 16 shots. Kobe Bryant and Ross made only 3 of 1 shot, but they scored 1 point from 12 free throws.
Ji Guoqiu is still a field method to stop that Nets Festival from leading by double digits.
Although the Bulls didn’t hit a high percentage today, they kept on scoring free throws and kept a small distance from the Nets. After three quarters, 7177 fell behind by 6 points.
In the fourth quarter, Kobe Bryant came out. After Peter Pan hit three-pointers in a row in the middle of the quarter, the score became 7:5. The Bulls were only two points behind. After that, the Bulls attacked for a while and kept hitting shots. Although Brother Panda kept scoring, the Bulls overtook the score in the last three minutes of the game.
In the last few minutes of the game, Ji Guoqiu carried the whole team on his shoulders. From the last three minutes of the four-minute game, the giant panda rarely performed solo. It was Ji Guoqiu who caused Noah’s foul and received two free throws nine seconds before the game ended that helped the Nets equalize the score and dragged the game into overtime.
I have to say that animal brothers are arrogant, but now they are a person and they will feel tired. These two animals are no exception.
After extra time, Ji Guoqiu rested for three minutes in the regular game today. It was another person chasing Kobe Bryant in the sub-bureau. Ji Guoqiu returned a three-pointer and a hook. After Ross broke through the dunk and scored, Ji Guoqiu played hard in the penalty area to catch up with the score.
But Brother Panda was finally tired. With 1 minute and 1 second left in overtime, when Vallejo was sent off for six fouls, Ji Guoqiu lost the game. No one helped him the most. No one stopped Boozer, no one made up for Kobe Bryant and Ross, and no one gave him a break on the offensive end. Ji Guoqiu’s attack became difficult, while the bulls continued their physical attack.
When Kobe hit another three-pointer, the Nets had reached the edge of the cliff.
At this time, Ji Guoqiu controlled the ball in his own hands again, and when he saw the 24-second attack, it was time for Brother Panda to turn and jump in the low position! !
"pa!" Noah’s finger seems to touch the basketball?
That’s right. When all the Nets fans rubbed their eyes and watched the replay carefully, the basketball had been taken by Ross. What happened at that moment?
Brother Panda was really tired. He didn’t jump as high as before, and his shooting speed was a beat slower. Noah’s finger actually touched him.
Ross scored two points in the fast break, and the Nets trailed by two points at 14:16.
In the end, the Nets lost the game at home by two points. It is a pity that the fans of the home team are in their hearts. Maybe Ji Guoqiu’s ball just now will hit them if it is not disturbed by Noah. They will take this key game today.
But in fact, everyone was dragged into overtime from the Nets in vain, and Ji had already lost.
The reason is not that this goal can’t be scored, but that Brother Panda is tired.
You can’t blame Ji Guoqiu for that shot. Even God sometimes misses, which is even worse. Brother Panda is really tired today.
Once the Nets have no panda brother, it seems that the team will become mediocre in an instant to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-two What’s my highest score again?
The Los Angeles Times reported before Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals that the Clippers are now facing multiple challenges. The first point is that if they improve their performance in the fourth quarter; The second point is that the Clippers can only deal with Yao, Nowitzki and Terry, a powerful trio. The last point is that the Clippers can make Ray Allen play better and Iguodala shoot higher.
If the Clippers want to return to the normal track of the series, the Mavericks must play more efficiently, score more points and defend better than before, but it is still quite worrying whether the Clippers can do all these things.
Ji Guo’s shame Nowitzki’s duel is one of the main points of this round of series. Fox’s younger brother has always dominated in individual scoring, but Nowitzki’s scoring efficiency is not inferior. The reason why the data is not as good as that of people or the number of shots is too small.
Nowitzki has averaged 16 shots per game in these four games, Yao 15 times and Terry 14 times. The Mavericks’ shots are evenly distributed. They pay attention to physical warfare. If rammstein goes to fight the dead fox, it is the most unwise thing to do. Wheel warfare is the best way to deal with the dead fox. Can he really fight three by himself?
If the Clippers play better offense and defense in the first four games, if the Mavericks’ three-point line is still hot, then this series will probably end early, and there may not be a situation in which the Mavericks beat the Clippers 41, but the final result will definitely be that the Clippers are out.
The Mavericks are a stronger team, but the Clippers are a team full of pride and tenacious fighting spirit. We should see that the Clippers played very hard in the fifth game. Ray Allen and Iguodala should return to the normal track in shooting in the middle and long distance, and they will also play better online and outside.
Now the Clippers need to charge them quickly, and the fans will be there to cheer them up. We predict that the Clippers will win the fifth game.
The Los Angeles Times is optimistic that they will rarely win this game, but Ji Guo’s confidence before the game is not so strong. In recent days, their two brothers have lost one game after another, one 1:3 and one 23, and they will be completely ruined if they get a kick.
"If I had known it was so miserable, I shouldn’t have let him go to the Nets." Ji Guoshi raised his hands in favor of the giant panda at the beginning, but now he finally knows what those shameless guys have to form the Big Three. It’s better to bully than to be bullied.
The Clippers and the Mavericks are also playing at the home of the Clippers before the game, and they are worried about the team’s prospects. "When they are 13 behind, there is always concern that everyone’s goal is to win four games, but now they are obviously closer than us."
However, the Mavericks didn’t get carried away. Yao said before the game, "We can’t take it lightly for a team like the Clippers, because the Clippers have won three championships in the past three years and they need to win the last three games. The middle game, including winning a game at our home, will definitely be more aggressive than before." Little giant, this is * * naked garbage. The purpose is to put pressure on Clippers players.
Nowitzki also said, "We won’t let fo play easily. We must ensure that the team’s defense will be the same. Today fo is likely to become more aggressive than before, but we must insist that what we did before will not make him feel comfortable, but it will not over-double him."
Ji Guo’s humiliation is very aggressive, although he is a little pessimistic, but he knows that the core responsibility of his team is that if he wants to win today’s life-and-death game, he must take the lead and attack on his own to drive the team, and at the same time send a signal to Clippers players and fans that they can complete the Jedi comeback again!
Clippers fans in Staples Arena spared no effort to make the highest decibel cheers from the home team today!
Ji Guoshi hit Ray Allen with two jumpers after the home fans cheered the midfield, and then hit a 3-pointer in the bottom corner. The Clippers quickly led by 93.
Yao Chang entered the state and the speed was also very fast. Four penalties were made, and Ji Guo was humiliated. Two sudden stops and jumpers hit the Clippers and the Clippers continued to lead.
Today, the Mavericks didn’t try to double-team against Ji Guo’s shame. Fox’s younger brother’s long-distance shooting was not in their double-team range, and Carlisle wouldn’t be in a mess because Ji Guo’s shame hit several goals. The fox got 4+ and it was in their plan.
However, Ji’s national humiliation soon exceeded the Mavericks’ plan. When Fox’s brother hit it again for the sixth time, the national humiliation had already scored 14 points in 6 shots and the Clippers had already led by 1 point at 19:9 in the first quarter.
Carlisle, I don’t know. I can call another time-out to adjust.
"This fox is so crazy, it’s better to double-team first." Carlisle wants to double-team now even if he doesn’t want to.