Treating such a cute Korean girl with a hard hand feels like she is not a person. If she is a person, even if we are np, it is exactly the same.

Let me almost rush out again
Thanks to Lin Weiwei a hug her way "young city lovely young city don’t cry, even if you die, you can’t die in this group of people."
Hold tight
That player just slapped him and dumped him. "If you talk nonsense, you will be killed."
As a result, Ying Aixiang said, "There is so much nonsense that people are waiting behind. Go in first and get them and let them be meat shields."
The player stopped talking and pushed Lin Weiwei to continue walking inside.
When Sasaki saw that our two guilds got together, he guessed what we thought. "You don’t think so. Our snake pill guild is sure to succeed this time. You are willing to follow behind, but don’t forget that if you don’t perform well, you have to do it again. You know how difficult it is to arrange each novice vice."
With a smile and a wave of his hand, he went in.
Ike had some fluctuations, so we said, "It’s not easy to come here. You can’t miss this opportunity to follow."
We think it’s better to save people from getting closer. Anyway, if you can go in, you have to go in quickly. As soon as you step on the stairs that look like an abyss, you feel the evil wind blowing and scaring people to death.
Just now, the system also showed that it is possible to encounter zombies, skeleton soldiers and general skeletons. What variation zombies can’t ignore and stride forward immediately?
This is beyond our knowledge of absolutely supernatural events.
I am holding tangdao, although he is now a so-called bronze Samsung warrior, but he is still nervous, and he is also curious about it.
It doesn’t matter that we are novices anyway.
Ike said with a crossbow, "It’s not a big problem, so you can earn more points. Hurry up and chase it. Don’t let them underestimate it. Let’s find a chance to show it."
The two of us nodded and walked forward. Many of their union novices were behind, and we were timid and we got to the front.
There is a long tunnel with an amazing hole in it, but it is dark and the fire can illuminate the way forward.
You can even see some chopping marks from the stone walls on both sides, and some skeleton bones are extremely aggressive.
It’s a hundred times more realistic than those caves that scare people and cry in our consciousness, and we are also very careful to learn the lessons of the first two guilds.
Walking very slowly and exploring one step at a time, we have thus started the second stage of our journey.
Exploring the corner of zombie imperial city
Chapter 19
Zhu Yeqing and I walked in the front of the crowd in the dim sight, separated by two or three people, that is, Sasaki and Ying Aixiang were in the front.
Ike followed us and led his novices to stand ready with weapons. Because of his caution, there has been no problem.
Steadily move forward and go deeper and deeper, and the evil wind is getting worse and worse. It’s 50 or 60 meters away, and it’s still an endless tunnel.
The Japanese leader in front waved his hand and said that there should be no enemies in a short time. The road was also close to dead skeletons and some scary murals.
There is no danger.
Slowly, it also relaxed everyone a little.
I also said to Zhu Yeqing, "Relax. You should walk forward before you encounter problems. Don’t be too tight."
In fact, in the second stage, everyone should be a little nervous. Although some dangers are abnormal, they are not like this.
Sasaki also feels the same way, and wants everyone to relax.
As a result, suddenly a hand approached me and scared me. I was sweating and touched me coldly.
The daylights out of me.
I picked it up. I’m tangdao. I’m ready to chop it. I’m really shocked
As a result, the woman who wants to exchange her body with me for points has a very violent figure, and a pair of big breasts are comparable to Lin Weiwei arching me.
I was too nervous to notice.
Everyone looked at it and couldn’t wait to take out their weapons and attack here. The result was like this.
They all spat with anger.
Ying Aixiang also scolded, "The slut is making trouble. Even if it is illegal, I will kick you out and stop you from finishing it. Don’t make any more trouble."
That girl was embarrassed to stick out her tongue and complained that she looked at me.
I’m so nervous, too.
But it finally made the tense scene better.
But another "ah!" Screaming hysterically, a woman shouted to let everyone see the past again.
She pointed to the wall and said, "Come on, look at the movement."
When we look at it, there are actually skull heads popping up on the walls, and there are a lot of them. There are more than a dozen on both sides of us.
Emerged from the walls on both sides.
There’s dirt everywhere.
As soon as I looked up, the top of my head was just the bottom of my foot, and there was "Ow!" in front of me. "ouch!" Shouted with an axe, single-pole skeleton soldiers rushed over.
The scene is extremely scary.
No, 20 people actually know how to ambush us.
The Japanese who led the way in front of him also shouted "Defend quickly"
But the skull soldiers on the top of the head and on both sides of the stone wall jumped out directly, holding hand axes and broadswords when they didn’t give us extra money. "Ow!" "ouch!" Screaming deafening
In a flash, novice players also screamed, and the whole scene scared people to death, and we just entered the first battle.
Was ambushed. Very weird.
Skeleton soldiers can "ow!" when they see people "ouch!" Screaming and jumping in, Skull mouthed and killed one of us. No?
Gave us a Mawei.
Moreover, Zhu Yeqing and I are still in the position in the play, and the top of our head falls directly. When we look up, we can’t wait to eat our axe and rush to the hurdle.
I got a fright, picked up tangdao and faced the hurdle. I was scared by this, and I came directly to a trick "high wind jumps over the hurdle".