"I’m sorry, but we really can’t get through to him again. We’ll call you back … beeping …"

Old k tugged at his desk and tied his chest with a tie. The blue tie was caught, but he couldn’t suppress his chest anger and wanted to erupt directly.
It took nearly a week, EH, and in the last few rounds of strong support, everything was settled, and the little things were prepared. Finally, I paid the money to bring PIS back and took off my pants …
Ahem, I am ready to officially polish my campaign, only to find that after talking for a long time, I don’t even know what the Lord wants.
"Slag pants are off and you show me this? ….. "Old K roared through the entire EH base, but Lao Pei was ready to pack his luggage simply and then walked out of the office to take a plane to Chengdu.
PIS is in Chengdu
And he’s from PIS and Lao Pei
It was a short message, and Lao Pei answered it and someone answered it.
However, after this short message and the announcement of EH owners, they were rushing to participate in the 23rd round of competition. EH people almost unanimously opposed Lao Pei’s going to talk to PIS about the transfer.
"I’m in Emei Mountain. Are you sincere about Pu Xian Dojo?"
This is why PIS messages are confirmed to be PIS, and it is because … the signature is PIS.
"PIS looks ridiculous. What can’t be said? Salary is sincerity. Can’t you say sincerity for a transfer of 5 million dollars?" Winding yee is half worried about Lao Pei’s safety. After all, Mount Emei is not low, even if it takes two and a half hours by car from Chengdu, let alone a long trip to Chengdu, Sichuan by plane.
"At this time, it is difficult to judge how much fighting capacity PIS can have after it comes, and its attitude is not so risky." Pig’s head dish is more conservative and it is unrealistic to put its hopes on a foreign aid that is still uncertain.
Finally, come and XiaoRu didn’t say anything in the crowd.
Come to see LaoPei and XiaoRu preparing the car to take LaoPei to the airport.
I haven’t said anything for three months, and I feel as if something is stuck in my throat, but Lao Pei’s eyes are not wavering at all, but it seems that I can’t help but want to say something nice about Ann.
Come leng also don’t know what to do when winding yee kicked himself behind him, a stumble come holding not far in front of LaoPei posture is a bit strange, but two people are a bit embarrassed.
Come in throat moved or said, "pay attention to Ann"
Pat Lao Pei on the back.
"Come back early. PIS doesn’t want to come, so don’t force it."
Heaven and earth conscience Lin Feng said it was true, but before looking at it, he turned his head in a hurry. There seems to be some crystal liquid flow in the corner of Lao Pei’s eye.
"Did I do something wrong again?" Come to ask the side ah rice.
"Well, it’s better than doing nothing." If Lao K pointed to something, he saw Lin Feng winding yee behind him and dispersed with everyone to prepare for the 23rd round of the next day.
Emei Mountain is recognized as the place where immortals live. There are misty clouds, white snow and dense forests here. Emei Mountain is also a famous Buddhist mountain and Wutai Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and Putuo Mountain. Four famous Buddhist mountains in China, Emei Mountain gourmet jelly, snow mushroom taro, three-in-one mud, meat-wrapped cereal harrow, yeerba, Yangang Wangji wonton soup and other Emei specialty products, such as Emei tea, Emei, Gastrodia elata, Coptidis Rhizoma, insect ash, Cordyceps sinensis, Emei Cortex Phellodendri, etc.
From then on, Lao Pei thought PIS might be a Buddhist.
In fact, after nearly an hour’s journey, the night has come to the roadside pavilion of Pu Xian Dojo in Emei Mountain.
PIS is a channel guy before a leisurely cup of hot tea.
"It’s not surprising that EH can dig me up. It’s surprising that you came to me." When PIS said this, his eyes were clear, and he didn’t look like a shy little boy.
A man who can sit quietly for a whole day drinking tea will be a shy boy?
If he is still a boy, Lao Pei would rather walk back to Nanjing from Emei than believe that PIS is what he said.
From the first sight of PIS, this young man dressed in ordinary clothes but outside Pu Xian Road has entered the same level as Lao K and others in Lao Pei’s heart.
If you don’t work hard, you will argue.
Some people don’t want to say much, not that they don’t know how to say it.
PIS is a wise man.
At present, it looks smarter than many people.
"This is the contract. EH and NV initialled the contract. EH needs you, and you also need a bigger stage. In terms of treatment, EH’s salary is according to …"
Before old Pei Shuo went to PIS, he was indifferent and interrupted old Pei Shuo’s desire to go.
PIS didn’t interrupt, but picked up the kungfu tea in front of him, put a cup of tea in a small teahouse, raised his right hand and lifted his left hand slightly to hold it in front of Lao Pei.
This means drinking tea before talking about things.
"The company points out that this is my apology to you for letting a woman trudge halfway across China. I feel guilty." PIS said it was an apology, but there was no apology tone. Instead, the corners of her mouth smiled faintly, which seemed a little warm in the night of Emei Mountain Pu Xian Dojo.
But Lao Pei and others also?
Violent girl outside come today, no man can drop his temper.
LaoPei smell speech one leng original business is business LaoPei.
Just drag out the bag that you put away after sitting next to you, take out the Master Kong green tea inside and’ glug’ and drink it all.
PIS face a embarrassed …
Outside the Pu Xian Dojo, the cleaning aunt has cleaned up and finally cleaned up, and that cup of tea … Well, the cleaning aunt said that the kung fu is not ready
Lao Pei thinks Master Kong’s green tea tastes good.
"What have you considered about the contract?"
"I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll take it back and have a look. If it weren’t for the black brick kiln, there would be no problem."
Lao Pei was holding his fist, but he still hoped that this smelly guy around him would come to EH to fight the fire. Lao Pei might have sent the goods from Emei Mountain to a height of nearly three kilometers with one foot.
It’s three kilometers in December, when Lao Pei came in a hurry, but PIS was very interested in watching the snow cover the mountains and Mount Emei, and the snow reflected the light in the moonlight.
Have a strange aesthetic feeling.
"There is a poem called" Dengfeilaifeng ".Wang Anshi wrote about the Chihiro Pagoda in Feilaishan and heard that the cock crow is rising.
Have you ever heard of it at the highest level? "PIS watched with interest as the last cable car sat beside him and stared at Lao Pei outside the window.
Lao Pei is not in a good mood. On the one hand, he is worried that EH will fight against A himself at home. The team leader seems to have little hope of bringing back PIS, and this guy named PIS around him is secretive and talking about something that looks very nutritious to Lao Pei.
"There will be a poem in the nine-year education level." Lao Pei didn’t reply grumpily without turning to look at PIS in front of him.
"Then, in another section, push the train man into the soft sleeper, insert the door and open his chest, scratch his hair and say," Give 5 yuan money or call someone to say that you molest me. "The man paused for a moment and took out a pen and paper from his bag to write," I am deaf. What do you want? " The woman took the pen and wrote what she had just said on the paper. The man smiled and received the note and knocked at the door and said, "You can go out."
PIS is not annoyed at all. The cable car is long and stable when the mountain is long, and it is also very chat during this time.
Lao Pei looks uncomfortable, but in fact he is still listening to PIS say these things.
"What does this have to do with EH giving you a contract?" Lao Pei-yi thinks PIS is a little mysterious. Why come to Mount Emei?
Even when PIS put a cup of kung fu tea in front of him, Lao Pei picked it up and threw it at PIS, yelling at the chatting guy in front of him.
I don’t have time to play charades with him.
EH, the trend of the standings this season, EH, the achievements of the whole club work this season may eventually need PIS to save one
At this time, the protagonist looks incredibly still a pair of things.