"Well, we already know that you’ve bought it for you. Come back quickly. I’m playing games." The sheep hung up when he was impatient.

Zhu Feng hung up and waved and called a taxi. He urged the driver, "Master, as soon as you can. Don’t worry about me. I can handle it."
"Well, you can sit tight. The speed of my car can be … BMW … I can make both of them bend …"
A senior game lover’s virtual helmet can be seen in novels, but it has unexpectedly become a reality. Now he can’t wait to fly back to his dormitory to experience that kind of second world feeling.
Finally arrived at the school gate, although the speed of arrival was twice as fast as that of taking a taxi before, Zhu Feng still felt very slow.
After the car, Zhu Feng "wow" vomited everything in his stomach. After a few minutes, he threw himself at the door and said to the driver, "Don’t turn back to talk to the guests so soon after the master, that is, I want to change someone else. I guess Ya would have foamed."
The third chapter sex maniac color
If anyone pushes the door of dormitory 221 now, there will be six aliens inside, because each of them has a motorcycle helmet on his head and many things are connected to his body.
Yesterday afternoon, Zhu Feng went back to the dormitory and felt dizzy. He listened to Liu’s instructions and fell asleep in bed after waking up at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night before connecting to the game.
Zhu Feng looked at the dazzling race and occupation in front of him. The beauty NPC urged Zhu Feng to finally choose a summoner because he felt that such a career was’ handsome’.
A status bar suddenly appeared in front of Zhu Feng. There was a man in a black mask with a figure similar to his own.
Then NPC said, "This is what you look like in the game."
"Ah," howled like a pig. "How did you get me out of this stupid person before I chose my appearance?" Zhu feng wants NPC to roar a way
NPC continues to say to Zhu Feng, "Please enter the role name."
"You haven’t answered what I asked you just now. How can I make love to MM?" Zhu Feng angrily shouted to NPC.
On how Zhu Feng shouted NPC to let him enter the name of the role. His face was expressionless.
This time, Zhu Fengke was blindsided. From the moment he wore a helmet, he looked like a farmer going to town. First, he unified what he scanned, identified what he identified, and NPC helped him choose the color and appearance.
"Farmers go to the city" Zhu Feng muttered after entering the name of the role. "Happiness is ruined by meeting this SB old man all his life."
"The ego has been patient with you for a long time. Look at your ya and you will know that you are an idiot. Have you seen the game introduction? The appearance of the characters is determined by the system, you silly hanging. "NPC finally couldn’t stand Zhu Feng’s irony and made the export fight back."
He was sent to a small village before Zhu Feng’s export could fight back. Zhu Feng’s first feeling was reality, which was incredible. The 9% simulation degree could make Zhu Feng feel a little cold in his body.
Zhu Feng looked down and I was wearing a little shorts on my own, which made him feel a little relieved. A mask blocked his face or he would be laughed to death by others.
Zhu Feng was curious to see that every novice player around him was wearing clothes. Why did he wear a pair of shorts?
"Yo-ho, the young man is quite strong." An old lady beside Zhu Feng said with a smile and touched him.
Zhu Feng now has her own title of lover, and now it is completely destroyed in the hands of this old lady. Well, think about the glorious image of the past and look at it. Now she has fallen to the point where she has been molested by the old lady
He didn’t know that the old man in the novice reception hall was snickering and thought, how dare you scold my old man and see if I can’t die?
Zhu Feng turned around in the village to install the store, but he couldn’t find himself able to dress. Novices all had clothes to send, and they couldn’t change into better clothes until level 1, which doomed Zhu Feng to wear shorts until level 1.
Zhu Feng walked out of the new village in the laughter of the players around him. He had to buy a cloak to get to level 1 as soon as possible.
First-class chickens and second-class sheep are the hunting targets in Zhu Feng now. Now novices can chop monsters, and there is nothing to learn. Only when they are in the monster body can novices explode. In every newcomer village, they can explode their primary skills. The critical rate is very high, but some people have been blackened to level 1 and have not learned a skill.
Zhu Feng can’t take care of so much now. God is just like him. The weather was mild just now, and now it’s getting a little chilly. Occasionally, there is a strong wind blowing into his thin pants as if to see what secrets are hidden in his skirt. His main goal now is to rush to the first level to buy clothes and not be molested by the old lady.
At this time, a player around Zhu Feng asked him, "Brother, what is your look?"? Why are you naked? It’s not so hot today, is it? " The player tightened his tights when he finished speaking.
"The elder brothers I am strong this chill? You still have to exercise! " Zhu Feng replied with no intention, but his trembling legs have betrayed him. He is cold now!
I have upgraded again. Zhu Feng is excited to think that there are still 5 levels to dress.
At this moment, a fighting sound attracted Zhu Feng. I wonder what fighting will be like in the game. Zhu Feng walked slowly to the place where the accident happened. Behind a big tree, Zhu Feng found the protagonist of the accident, with a man and a woman on one side and a big tiger on the other.
Listen to one of them and say, "Don’t be so stingy, brother. We’re just borrowing your girlfriend to play. There’s no need to be so nervous. Otherwise, you can give us a live-fire performance first and we’ll wash the dishes for you."
After listening to his words, Zhu Feng understood the matter. Maybe these guys want to flirt with this beautiful woman.
"You want to be shameless? Do you still have the face to be a man? " The name was molested beauty beat said
Zhu Feng hid aside and watched the development quietly. After his many experiences, it should be a big fight this time.
"Get out of here, you guys, or you’ll see it later," said the man around the beauty
Zhu Feng thought to himself, "Dude, it’s loud when Niu B blows down. Everyone is a novice. You two people are a big fellow!"!
Several people across the street burst out laughing after hearing his words. One of them said, "It seems that the brothers are not good today. The brothers are going to start work." The big man finished and surrounded a man and a woman with several other people.
Zhu Feng muttered, "Damn it, it’s despicable!" And then rushed out.
"Wait a minute," Zhu Feng said behind a big fellow.