"I feel that he is going to be bad!" Ji Guoqiu had a bad feeling when he saw the corner of his mouth pumping before the second free throw by telepathy.

"How can he be bad?"
Ji Guo’s shame has just raised a question in his heart. Duncan has put a lot of effort into basketball.
"me!" Ji Guo’s shame in the previous step was about to get stuck in the main position, but unexpectedly Duncan was faster than him and pushed him aside with one hand and got the basketball.
"Du!" The referee blew the whistle, Billups immediately fouled Duncan, and Stone Buddha wanted the free throw line again.
"I actually played this trick!" Ji Guoshi now knows what tricks Duncan is going to play. Isn’t that what they did when they cheated the Celtics?
Duncan once again walked the free throw line with a straight face. This time, the score reached 4 points again.
Ji Guo’s shame quickly glanced at it with a second left, but immediately he knew that the game was really hopeless. It was really: 2?
He guessed right. The Spurs finally held a four-point lead under Duncan, and beat the Clippers by 12,124, turning the big score into 2.
Ps Still Life has been released-Basketball Emperor
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-two Proud early
Ji Guo contributed 32 points, 15 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 blocks in a humiliating game, which is another dazzling personal data. However, the Clippers are now in an unexpected situation. They did not win a victory at home and were embarrassed by the Spurs’ two away games in a row.
The total score: 2. The defending champion is in a desperate situation. How many people will believe that they can pull two games in a row away from home?
The Los Angeles Times finally stopped praising this dynasty team, Dadan, and wrote in his column the next day, "As usual, the Clippers held a 16-point lead in the last minute and were turned over by the Spurs. Looking back at this game, they didn’t have no chance to win, but they didn’t die more than once. It seems that the Los Angeles team is used to a double-digit gap being reversed. The Clippers didn’t learn a lesson today. After the same story is played again, the Clippers lost two home headquarters. They are about to go to San Antonio with 2 points. Can we still see the possibility of reversing the promotion?
Looking back at history, it is not without such precedent. In the history of nba playoffs, there have been 22 teams 2 behind, and 15 of them have reversed to advance, which means that the Clippers may have a 66% reversal to reach the Western Conference finals.
Of course, even if the probability is so small, there have been frequent teams in recent seasons, such as the Cavaliers 2 fell behind the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals in 27 years, but finally reversed and won in the first round of the Western Conference in 27 years. The Jazz reversed the Rockets and advanced to the 26 th finals. The Heat reversed the Mavericks to win the championship and so on.
But we have to see that these teams are losing in a row away from home, and they can counterattack by returning to home with fighting spirit and hard work.
How many teams in nba history can escape from the desperate situation after falling behind 2 at home?
The answer is three.
In 1969, the first round against the San Francisco Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers, in 1994, the Western Conference semifinals against the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets, and in the first round against the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks in 25 years, all three teams successfully counterattacked after losing two home games in a row, accounting for 13% of all the teams behind, which is the Clippers’ escape probability.
What is it that it’s not difficult to counterattack 2 behind at home and 2 behind at home is impossible to complete?
The reason is very simple, because if you want to advance, you must win less than four games in the next five games, but these five games include three away games. In the playoffs, every team wants to defend its home, and what’s worse, it only takes two steps to advance with two away games.
Clippers: It’ s really puzzling that they were a little slack in the first game. The defending champion’ s mental state seems to have not been adjusted to a tense state, which is obviously different from that of the Spurs. Although the overall strength of San Antonio people is inferior, they are more focused on the court in the away game, which is the reason why they can laugh at the end in the first game.
However, the second loss can’t be forgiven. It’s hard to understand that the Clippers have made the mistake of underestimating their enemies with a big score advantage.
If the Clippers can move on after the first game, it seems that the tiger doesn’t need to wake up after the second game. What they need to do now may be to go back to sleep until next season.
After Ji’s humiliation, he rushed out of the manuscript with his own brokerage company, and finally survived all kinds of difficulties at the post-match press conference. However, the crazy media coverage the next day still made him a little overwhelmed. Nowitzki’s 7-year scene seemed to be the most difficult for him when he repeated it.
"it’ s not like mom doesn’ t have a home court: she can do it even if she falls behind!"
Ji Guo’s shame was so loud in front of his two sisters, but he didn’t even believe that he could really make a comeback except his fans and sisters.
He does look down upon the Spurs a little, but Ji Guoshi still has reason to argue for himself. Who told these guys to always lose to himself in the playoffs? How can he react when he suddenly becomes so fierce this year? You can’t blame him for underestimating your enemy.
This excuse to comfort himself is dead. The fox can figure out that if he goes to the national football team, he may be able to do his best. The national football team needs him very much.
On May 3, there were two teams in the league: 2 teams behind except the Clippers, new york Knicks: 2 behind and illegally expected.
The new york media also died like their father on May 3, and the Knicks were in no better position to lose to the Bulls on the road than the Clippers.
After the game, Ke told reporters in high spirits that "I came here to help the bulls win the championship"
In this game, Kobe Bryant scored 47 points in 44 minutes to help the Bulls lead the team to a 2-0 lead. At this moment, the chances of the Bulls advancing to the Eastern Conference finals have exceeded 9% according to the Los Angeles Times algorithm just now.
The second game between New Jersey Nets and Miami Heat is also coming on May 4th.
Ji Guoqiu is in a good mood, dead fox. If it’s over, wouldn’t it make him look more awesome?
Since the Clippers lost the second game, Ji Guoqiu, a fox who was very strong, died, but his heart was dark and cool, calling you arrogant. Are you an idiot now?
"Erhuo, let you see how you can brush the data and win the game today. You are still too young!"
Ji Guoqiu was so angry with the dead fox in his heart before the game that he proudly said
However, the giant panda was not in the state after the game, and the first four shots missed, which made the dead fox laugh hard.
It was not until 5 minutes and 55 seconds before Ji Guoqiu seized the opportunity to pick and roll. After Shun Nash got the message, he threw the ball out of the panda brother’s relay dunk field and scored for the first time. After 3 seconds, Ji Guoqiu turned to hook and hit the Nets 119 to narrow the score gap to single digits.
The Heat entered a very fast state today. In the first quarter, James scored 1 point on 4 of 6 shots, Wade scored 3 of 5 shots, Bosh scored 2 of 2 shots and scored 5 points. The Heat led 319.
Ji Guoqiu gloated and was too defeated. In the first quarter, Nash scored 6 points, Nash scored 5 points, and the Nets lost two big brothers to lead other players. In general, it was unfavorable to be pulled by the Big Three in the first quarter.
The panda brother’s field feels bad. Nash is naturally focused on the wind and it is difficult to play.
Outside hoarding of the Nets is that shooters can attack with the ball, except for the two bosses, there are two backup point guards.
At this time, the Nets exposed a flaw. Once the two leading brothers attract the defense, others can’t come out to help the team. They are not like the Clippers. Even if Ji Guomin and Billups are in a bad state, there are Drazic, Iguodala and McGrady who can hold the ball.
There is no difference between the hot team’s play today and a game today. The big three feel good today. After the breakthrough, they can send basketball to the basket, and the result is completely different
"We will defend first at half-time!" Jackson told the team to defend the main heat team in the second quarter. If they want to pull the score difference, they can play a defensive counterattack to stabilize the defense and wait for the opportunity. If the opponent’s offensive is not strong, don’t rashly attack their own side. It is necessary to stabilize the score difference at about 10 points at half time.
In the second quarter, Jackson didn’t continue to make Bledsoe’s little head not turn yet, so it’s easy to bump around in the field. Now the big brother and the second brother of the team are in bad condition. If they rashly launch a counterattack, the heat will probably seize the opportunity to fight back. At that time, the difference will be 2+ in several rounds.
Lin Hao, the high flyers, was valued by the Zen master. He kept his pace and could not act rashly.
Jackson’s worry is absolutely justified. In the second quarter, except for James, Wade and Bosh were present. Spoelstra obviously wanted to sink the Nets in one fell swoop during the rotation.
Lin Hao’s value is reflected at this moment. When attacking, he doesn’t rush. He stays near the top of the arc to organize the team. If the attack fails to reach his position, he can defend Wade for the first time and fight back.
During the rotation in the second quarter, the Nets paid great attention to retreat and didn’t give the Heat a chance to fight back. The defensive formation advanced and retreated, but failed to collapse.
Spoelstra sensed the danger, and now they took the initiative, and they were playing with the Nets in the second quarter, but he felt the plot, because the Nets didn’t panic, especially when he saw the calm expressions of these players, he always felt that a storm was brewing above his head.
Jackson’s fingers beat rhythmically on his knees, and the performance of the rotation array composed of Lin Hao, Tony Allen, Paul George, Humphries and Wallace surprised him secretly.
These five people’s psychological quality and team consciousness are beyond his expectation. At this moment, these five people are like a battle-hardened king’s division. Although facing the onslaught of opponents who are stronger than themselves, the formation is still hierarchical and well-guarded.
Wallace felt the most deeply. He had some feelings from the time when the pistons were five tigers. At that time, he played his favorite basketball. It seems that it has been a long time since he felt this way.
Jackson let this rotation play for more than five minutes, because the score not only did not continue to expand, but also narrowed by one point. Who knows how these players did it?
In the second quarter, 7 minutes and 4 seconds, Wade broke through Tony Allen Wallace one-on-one, and when the defense was in place, Wade was forced to divide the ball outside.
Paul George’s long arm has finally made contributions. The place where he can be better than James may be that he has spread his arms. This time, he touched basketball first and hit it in the direction of Jeremy Lin on his only advantage.