Soon, Qing Deng and Ju Wei were brought to the stage and stood at each other. Ju Wei still looked like that. Looking at Qing Deng at close range, his face soon floated and looked unhappy.

Full of disgust …
"ding!" have a competition/contest
Qing Deng took the lead in launching an attack. Seeing clearly, he rushed towards Chrysanthemum with his overlord gun.
I have to say that it is really difficult to win such a knight with high blood, high defense and high attack since changing the overlord gun.
However, Chrysanthemum didn’t know how powerful the pike in the hand of Qing lamp was. She smiled confidently and went to Qing lamp. After a sudden stab, the sword in her hand also waved to Qing lamp.
Although the foot of the lamp cleaner slipped sideways, it failed to avoid the chrysanthemum and did not attack, but it has greatly reduced the damage
“34!” A red number floats to see if the chrysanthemum is not one leng.
Although Chrysanthemum did not show surprise, it returned to normal after a while. Although it did harm to Qingdeng, it was not in a hurry to continue the attack, but ran behind Qingdeng with one foot.
By the sword, I have already prepared a step to attack. It seems that I know that Chrysanthemum has not moved a step, and when Chrysanthemum has not crossed her body with a sword, she has already turned her body.
第一百四十六章 清灯输了?
The clear lamp must be full of doubts in front of me. Look at me. "Boss, why are you here?"
"Nothing ~" I then turned and walked to my seat.
I don’t care if I clear the lamp, I don’t say anything anymore, I don’t go forward, I turn around and wait for a round of competition. Looking at her, it seems that she is determined to win.
After a while, the Qing lamp was once again put into Taichung and looked at the opposite chrysanthemum without raising the overlord gun in his hand.
The future of chrysanthemum is at this time, and the accent is gradually coming out.
"Hey, little girl, you must not have been stabbed just now because you were in such a hurry, right, brother? Didn’t I just say don’t worry, brother will definitely satisfy you?" Chrysanthemum didn’t flow all over the venue with a mouthful of words, which made everyone in the place abuse.
Call him a shame and call him a shameless man.
I am also full of disgust. I turned to look at the dragon figure and saw the dragon figure. I looked at the corner of my mouth with a hint of evil spirit and didn’t see him unhappy.
When others say such things, how can he be so ordinary?
They chrysanthemum a few people, that is, people must have long been clear and used to it. I stopped looking at him when I thought of this layer, but turned my head and continued to look at Taiwan.
Even before the lights were turned on, I was angered. At first glance, it was the state of confusion. This is definitely not the same state as a final state. This Xiao Ni can’t stand it anymore.
As soon as I cleared the lamp, I rushed out at a glance, and I couldn’t wait for the person in front of me to die in front of my eyes.
However, as cool as a cucumber, Chrysanthemum dodged the light attack without a little dodge, and kept talking in her mouth at the same time.
"Little beauty, let me hurt you in such a hurry?"