"Cousin, please speak!" Even Fang Zhou laughed, and her heart secretly laughed. You said that. Can I say it or not?

Even the sea saw that Fang Zhou had a good attitude towards him, and he was satisfied with it for a few minutes. He secretly thought, even if others try to please you, I don’t need me, but I am your brother!
He primly said, "that room in your house is so well decorated. It’s easy to get distracted with flowers and goldfish in that courtyard!" Reading is the most important thing. It’s not appropriate for you to be too good, too enjoyable and easy to play with. In my opinion, it’s all changed! "
Even Fang Zhou was a little unhappy in his heart, but he said it like an analog, but he didn’t know that the sour smell could be smelled from a distance.
Even Fang Zhou didn’t bother to argue with him, so he smiled perfunctorily. "Thank you, cousin. In fact, the room is already very simple. I believe Che Er is not so easily influenced by the outside world! If even this little arrangement is so serious, what can he do when he grows up and faces more temptations! "
Even the sea to say even fangzhou feel brain pain busy beat laughed "cousin in a hurry to go I won’t leave you! Cousin, watch your step! "
Lian Hai opened his mouth and had to put it away to talk. He said, "Goodbye!" "
He saw that Lian Fangzhou’s eyes were bright, his cheeks were dizzy and red, and he was so high-spirited that he wanted to persuade her to keep a low profile. He thought for a while and finally didn’t say it.
"I really don’t know the good people, you will regret it!" Out of the gate even the sea cast a glance back shook his head muttered
Not long after the sea left, the more I sat in my heart, the more I suppressed the fire, and even the couple left.
The couple didn’t say goodbye to Lian Fangzhou, but quietly left while everyone was busy.
Lian Liyuan was also seen by others, and he was held back for a while. Who knows if he didn’t see it? Even if he saw it, he was not seen. It was unusual for Lian Li to be angry.
At least he is even their great uncle in Fangzhou. How dare these people ignore his great uncle if they want to visit his family! It’s-there are eyes!
How else to say it is a group of ignorant rural fools!
The two of them walked all the way, sulking, so lively and dazzling, so stinging!
"Proud! Well, when she loses everything, I see what she has to be proud of! Yo, that’s awesome! It’s even more awesome than Rizheng! Girl, what’s so good about being frivolous? I can’t look at that! Well, what if you have money? It’s the same. Nobody wants it! Hum, when my son wins the scholarship, that’s the real prestige! At that time, you people will not bother to look at you even if you are in a hurry! " Joe’s hate scold a lot.
Although he was not happy in his heart, he boasted that he had status and knowledge, which was not the same level as Joe’s.
Hear Joe’s miscellaneous a series of scold even frowned. "Come on, you stop it. Let’s be petty when you hear it carefully! Say we are jealous! "
This is like adding fuel to the fire. Joe’s anger "Ceng" jumped up and the old treble was two orders higher. More than "I will be jealous of her? Shit! Who is shameless and gossiping? Tell me something in front of me! So what’s really funny about a little money? Hum, when my son becomes an official, money is as much as you want! Anyone who gets in my way can’t catch the board in the yamen! If you are not honest, let her go to jail! "
Joe’s more talk, the more excited he is, as if such a good thing is just around the corner, and his heart is much happier.
Even stand is called her a big jump, busy looking at her way "you give me a little bit don’t let people hear gossip! If you get into trouble, you will regret it! "
Joe’s white his one eye thick gas not acid not cool way "how do you bravery so small! Everyone is freeloading at her house at the moment! She will also buy people’s hearts with this little kindness! "
The couple were uncomfortable all the way back and couldn’t sleep well all night.
The last group of people sent away from the compound to help clean up, wash and sweep are all busy, and it is not early to leave.
Even I have to get up early to go to school on a clear day, even Fang Qing’s eyes narrowed into a line, and even Fang Zhou and others were ready to go back to their new home to sleep.
Qin steward almost couldn’t catch up with her and asked, "Miss, my uncle and my uncle’s milk. Chapter 475, gather together to have two styles."
Even a clap forehead fangzhou heart "if you don’t say I almost forgot! Tell someone to clean up a clean room and let them sleep. Don’t let them run around. I’ll see them again early. If they are dishonest or have dirty mouths, they are still tied up and gagged. Don’t be polite to them! "
Manager Qin endured a smile and promised, "I know what to do with these words of girl!"
They didn’t expect Liu Gu and Jiang’s family to run over at noon, dressed in decent clothes, and brought two newly-grown cocks and a basket of eggs as a gift for others to see, for fear that no one would know.
In particular, Chiang Kai-shek greeted everyone with a smile on his face. He talked about how affectionate and affectionate the brothers and sisters in Fangzhou were when they came to bite a "nephew" and "niece", for fear that people would not know how close they were to him.
She also wanted to take Lian Fangqing’s hand and pull her by her side. Lian Fangqing grabbed her hand and wouldn’t let her run away.
But people don’t feel embarrassed at all, and their faces don’t glow. As if nothing had happened, they walked over and said, "This child is playful! I won’t be quiet for a moment! "
At this time, it has been almost two years since Lian Fangzhou’s parents died. Few people will think that they couldn’t finish seeing these two situations when the accident happened. A few people will not ask them rashly if they think about it.
Seeing this, Chiang Kai-shek became more and more satisfied and hated a Joe’s root itch. If Chiang Kai-shek hadn’t noticed that she looked wrong and avoided her far away, something would have happened.
Even fangzhou and lianze are so bored that it’s hard to say anything on such a beautiful day.
Angry even ze said, "Sister, I can’t stand it when you say that the world can be so disgusting to everyone!"
Lian Fangzhou’s mind flashed and whispered, "Can you make that annoying uncle fall?"
Lian Ze was dazed, his eyes lit up and he laughed. "I’ll try!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and watched him pick up a small stone and quietly hit it out. When Liu Gu fell, they smiled at each other!
Through Liu Gu’s wrestling, Fang Zhou threw himself into the yard. His style is his daughter-in-law. Of course, he has to take care of his style. He still refuses to go. How can Fang Zhou be left by her?
When I got to the compound, I didn’t even listen to Fang Zhou’s direct orders to tie them up and block their mouths and throw them into a room with half a sentence to distinguish.
It seems that she said those words to Chiang Kai-shek before, and people obviously didn’t take them seriously. Really, she can’t stand her!