Perhaps inspired by Anthony, Bell tried his best to defend himself in the next game, and was blocked from flying out of the court. He immediately got up and continued to chase him. This kind of physical and mental defense was like a pot of cold water completely dousing Williams’ fiery state, and the latter ended up with two shots.

Anthony and his Nuggets didn’t stop attacking.
After a double pick-and-roll, Anthony caught the shot and hit a middle distance steadily, raising his score by 57 points and breaking Michael’s scoring record in one fell swoop.
However, the Knicks did not disarm, but went further. Kurt? Thomas, the line player, grabbed offensive rebounds twice in a row, and Houston dreamed of three-pointers at the peak twice in a row, which made the Knicks fall behind by two points three seconds before the end.
The Nuggets have the last chance to score, and the game will be locked if they don’t advance.
The Knicks called the last timeout, and both coaches were nervously arranging the last ball to attack and defend.
"Kevin, do you remember someone I just said?" Watching the score, Ewing suddenly turned to Jones and asked
"I didn’t guess, but now …" Jones smiled and said, "There is that person."
Jones said and looked at the big screen of the stadium, where a set of data was listed and compared. One of the names was Cameron? Anthony, whose other name is impressively the former Madison away player’s scoring record, remains the "basketball god" Michael? Jordon
Time out. Nuggets ball.
The Knicks had a strong defense. After a round of pick-and-roll and failed to find an offensive opportunity, Miller naturally handed the ball to Anthony.
Anthony was holding the key ball when the Nuggets had 12 seconds left to attack.
The third threat of holding the scout step Anthony brewed a series of preludes and then quickly entered the line. In Anderson’s top defense, he made a sharp turn and followed a pull rod to hit the board.
But at this moment, the Knicks guarded basket Kurt? Thomas swooped out and his defensive experience played an important role at this time.
Seeing Anthony’s score compressed, this attack will come back in vain
Anthony flint suddenly reached Thomas and then a straight plug sent the ball to the basket man to defend Camby.
Camby directly jumped up and dunked and scored, which extended the difference to nine seconds left in the quarter-game. At this time, the Knicks had no time to pause. Houston quickly advanced to the frontcourt and could not find a chance to throw it to "Miracle Little" Williams. However, Bell did not lose his defensive position at this time, and Williams forced a three-pointer to make an iron rebound.
The game was not enough, and the Knicks didn’t choose to foul. They held the ball until the end of the game and then slammed it into the Knicks backcourt.
The Nuggets had a thrilling win.
Anthony and other Nuggets gathered around to celebrate the victory of the game.
Ewing looked at Anthony at this moment, and he looked trance for a while. He had already cut 55 Michael before in this venue years ago. Jordan faced the defense in the final attack. When he made up the defense, Jordan gave an incredible goal to the third backup center Winnington who scored the only two points in the game but the most deadly two points.
At present, the game is so similar that he seems to see the memory of the past repeating itself. He can’t help but stay a little until Jones wakes up and the game is over. Then he returns to his senses and smiles at Anthony, and then the novel says, "The future of the minor league is you."
Then he turned and left the comment box, leaving some consternation. Jones didn’t know who Ewing said it was.
After the game, Anthony took a bath in the locker room and soon went to the press conference to deal with the reporters who had already waited there.
Today is a memorable day. Anthony broke Jordan’s record and his name is bound to become a hot topic in the league again.
Almost at the same time, in another venue, the Memphis Grizzlies just finished their home game. They beat Jason, the main point guard of the Eastern Conference Magic team, 12-96. Williams performed well, and scored 15 points, 11 assists and double figures in three games.
At this time at the press conference, Williams and Paul? Gasol, coach of two players’ teams, Hubie? Brown is sitting behind the desk and being interviewed by reporters.
After the game won the table, all three people were in a good mood, and Williams was all smiles. The atmosphere of the whole press conference was very harmonious.
Just then, a reporter from a local radio and television station in Los Angeles suddenly said, "Jason, Elton recently? Brand said in public that he wanted to play ball with you. What do you think of this time? "
Williams looked up at the reporter and his eyes jumped involuntarily. Before halftime, he received several messages, including not only his agent but also Steve whom he admired most. Coach Smith, with the exception of Brand’s remarks, seems to have brought him to the center of public opinion.
"You said Elton the Clippers?" Williams asked deliberately. After meeting the reporter and nodding his head, he showed a thoughtful look and then said, "To be honest, Elton is a very tough guy. He caused us a lot of trouble when our team met the Clippers. I am very honored to say that he wants to play with me. You know, it is a very happy thing to be liked by such a big guy. If possible, I welcome him to join the Memphis family. Well, that’s it."
I couldn’t help but frown when I heard Williams’ answer. Obviously, this official answer can’t satisfy his appetite. He continued to ask, "Jason, I also heard that many teams are trying to get you to further attract Brand to join us. What do you think of this?"
"Er …" Williams thought for a moment and then said, "It’s beyond our control and it’s not my heart. My duty is to play every game well, and my agent hasn’t talked to me about trading. I can say that I am very happy in Memphis and the team is on the right path. We will make a breakthrough this season."
"Jason, your answer seems to be more official. Will you be affected by these rumors personally? If there is a good chance, will you choose to leave Memphis and the Grizzlies? " The reporter still refused to let it go.
Williams frowned slightly. He didn’t expect this reporter to be so difficult, but he said patiently, "Dude, you know I’ve been in Memphis for more than two years. It’s like my home. I didn’t want to leave this place. Those outside are just rumors, and many things about my players are out of my control. I can say that I love Memphis deeply and the lovely fans here. If I wish, I can play here until the day I retire."
"Well, thank you for Jason’s answer." The reporter probably knew what Williams thought and enough is enough.
"Thank you Melo for being interviewed by us. I hope you can break more historical records in the coming competitions."
The last reporter at the press conference in New York finished speaking, and Anthony’s press conference was over. Anthony was chased by many reporters for more than half an hour. At this time, Anthony was thirsty, picked up the mineral water at the table, drank a few mouthfuls and left the press conference.
When he walked out of the door, he habitually took out his mobile phone, and then he saw that there were several missed calls and text messages on the mobile phone. He was busy dealing with reporters in front of him, and he didn’t notice them at the moment.
Looking through those messages, they were all Fox, asking Anthony if he was tired of playing basketball, and saying that her crew had a good time, and attached some spoof photos. Anthony couldn’t help laughing when he was about to quit and call Fox, when he suddenly noticed that there was a message behind him, the sender showed Steve? Smith
"The white chocolate thing has come to an end so soon?"
Anthony’s mind flashed a little doubt, and it was revealed in the text message. Melo, I have contacted Jason and he said that he would consider it, but he is doing well in the Grizzlies now and has no plans to leave for the time being.
Anthony looked at the message and gave me a wry smile. It’s no use if Williams doesn’t want to, even if it’s a forced transaction, it’s not sweet
However, we still have to inform Vandewich about this so that he can take a step forward.
Thinking about him, I turned to find the number and entered the name.
At that moment, the mobile phone suddenly shook, and he was startled and almost didn’t fall. He took a look and saw that it was Andrews. To say that he hasn’t had much contact with his agent recently, what is it that Andrews suddenly found himself?
In doubt, he followed and picked up the words to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twenty A big pie fell from the sky
"Hey Milo, that’s great. You broke another historical record. I’m so excited that I can’t sleep now!" As soon as you get through, Andrews will be excited
Anthony smiled heartily. The better his performance, the more natural his agent got. No wonder he was so excited.
"Thank you, but Calvin, do you have any good news for me when you call me now?" Anthony put away his smile and then asked Andrews to take the initiative to find him. It’s all about money.
"Ha ha, of course, is good news! Melo, do you remember? I told you not to rush to sign the endorsement contract. Jordan’s 6-year 1w contract is still at my desk, "Andrews said excitedly."
"Well, I remember" Anthony applied for that contract. At first, Andrews told him not to hurry to sign it. He had just crossed the contract and there was still room for negotiation, so he listened to Andrews’ suggestion. Later, a series of other things happened, which made him forget about it. Now, listening to Andrews said that he also remembered it.
Andrews’ excitement has not diminished. Tik Tok said with silk, "There was no response when we kept dragging the contract off, but your more and more wonderful performance has made it impossible for the other side to sit still. Recently, Jordan increased the contract to 7 years and 3 weeks. I hesitated for a while and thought it was possible to keep the price down, so I didn’t tell you, but you know what? Just now, Adidas and Nike called me almost at the same time. They gave you a contract and it was simply … "
Andrews’s voice has changed, but I can feel his excitement.
"7 years and 6 weeks?" Anthony tentatively asked that the contract that can make Andrews so excited must at least double.
“93w!” Andrews said uncontrollably excited.