"Teacher Lin Yan and I are relatives!" This sentence is not a lie, but it is not too accurate …

After listening to Lin Ze’s explanation, Miro confirmed that Lin Ze should be a relative next to the Lin family because Lin Yan Lin Lang and they all know it.
"Lin Ze, you choose!" Miro stopped trying to look at Lin Ze. They all felt that Lin Ze should choose for himself …
Lin Ze thought for a moment and asked Wei Li, "Teacher Wei Li, if Teacher Lin Yan were here, which college would she let me choose!"
"Of course, it is the branch of the God Officer!" Only words are certain, and Milo didn’t refute them.
In this case, Lin Ze nodded and said, "Then I still choose the branch of God Officer."
Miro didn’t get angry when he heard this. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that Lin Ze was pleasing to the eye. Although Miro was in conflict with Lin Yan, he also treated Lin Ze like a family member. His elder tone said, "Lin Ze, since you and Lin Yan are relatives, you also have a certain connection in this war branch. Don’t worry that someone else will bully you. I won’t let you go, no matter how Lin Yan’s sister-in-law wishes to let you enter the God Branch, I won’t stop it, but I still hope that you don’t relax your spiritual training for the shadow. I believe
Lin Ze took a moving look at Miro and found that Miro’s cold face was as kind as his elders and reminded himself of his father.
Lin Ze must have nodded. "Don’t worry, Uncle Milo, I’m going to be a spiritual officer, and I won’t give up my dream of becoming a soldier. You’re right. You want to protect your future by your own strength."
Say that finish Lin Ze will no longer disorderly want to go straight to the ponytail and fill in your information, which is regarded as officially joining the branch of God Officer.
Old John looked at Lin Ze and thought of his student Lin Yan. He couldn’t help but smile and said to Miro, "Lin Ze can join our branch of God Officer. Our branch of God Officer has injected fresh blood. Maybe a fifth hospital will be our branch of God Officer than the first hospital."
Old John laughed and turned into the campus with Wei Li and Lin Ze.
Looking at old John’s smug expression, Milo’s heart is bleeding.
If it weren’t for the fact that Mia’s Shadow War Branch won Lin Ze, it would certainly be able to win the first place in the War College for two consecutive years. Now this genius has been robbed by the Divine Officer Branch. Although the Divine Officer Branch has not shined in five years for a long time, this Shadow War Branch has to consider the threat of a dark shadow who became a quasi-shadow spirit at the age of twenty …
But Miro can’t help but feel a little relieved when he looks at chubby Leo.
In this year’s enrollment, Leo, an ice-attribute filmmaker, has a high qualification among all the students. Maybe he can also become a pillar of the film warfare branch in the future. I think that regardless of the outside enrollment, Leo himself entered the film warfare branch with Leo.
Lin Ze, who was brought in by old John Wei Li, finally saw the China War College.
The whole college seems to be built in a forest with towering ancient trees everywhere. A magnificent building occupies the whole view of Lin Ze and makes him feel more oppressive.
Lin Ze shook his head hard to expel the oppression of this building from his mind and asked old John, "Grandpa John, I’ve always wanted to ask you from just now, did Mr. Lin Yan also graduate from the branch of God Officer? Where does she teach now? "
Lin Ze also don’t know father news is not correct …
"Lin Yan?"
Old John murmured the name, lost in thought and seemed unwilling to answer the question.
On the other hand, he said, "Teacher Lin Yan is old John’s favorite brother, and he is famous in the whole branch of Shenguan. He is called’ Allard Encyclopedia’, as if he can know all the rare knowledge."
There is no lack of longing for my aunt in my eyes.
Only when she lifted her forehead, her hair eased, and she continued, "Teacher Lin Yan was the most beautiful female god officer in the whole war college at that time, and she had the power of water, shadow and soul. She gave people a feeling of being like a spring breeze wherever she went, and she was the dream lover of every branch boy."
Just as Wei Li was about to continue Lin Ze’s introduction to Aunt Lin Yan’s past, old John suddenly stopped coughing and stopped Wei Li’s words. He said somberly, "Let’s not talk about the past again. She is now living very well. She is currently working as a history teacher at Allard History College and is responsible for teaching students the history of Arad mainland from ancient times to the present. If you want to know about her past, let’s talk about it later."
Old John shook his head naively, stretched out his hand and touched Linze’s head and said, "Be happy, son. I have sent someone to the History College to tell Lin Yan that you have come to the War College. I believe she will come and remember it soon after she knows it. Don’t name Milo in front of her, okay?"
Looking at old John’s solemn expression, Lin Ze silently nodded and said white, and then quietly followed old John to keep walking.
I don’t know how long it has been since I left. Lin Ze knows that many kinds of trees have changed on both sides of the road, and many students have passed along the way. But the magnificent building in front of him is still so far away from himself that Lin Ze has a feeling of looking at the mountains and running away.
Walking past the giant tree in front, a huge open square surrounded by surrounding buildings appeared in front of Lin Ze and saw the five branch signs at the original gate again.
Chapter 261 A visit to the branch of God Officer
"Finally come to an end …"
Lin Ze thought silently in his heart, but only when he really entered the square buildings did he know that there was actually another land in it! The winding path leads to a secluded place, and the finely divided stone road winds forward and spreads out, but I don’t know how long it is …
There are a lot of houses here and they are extremely beautiful {}
The lowest is close to the height of seven stories, and the finely divided stone path branches and spreads out with no end in sight, but I don’t know how big this college is
Through the Kuang Square, a familiar figure appeared in front of Lin Ze’s eyes. The golden rose pattern hair band was still the light gray eyes. It didn’t seem to leave any mark on Lin Yan’s body. The original Lin Ze would not remember her aunt’s face, but now she found that her aunt’s face was imprinted in her mind …
When Lin Yan heard that someone had sent a letter to herself, she still didn’t believe it, but she became very excited when she heard Lin Ze’s name. I don’t know how many years I haven’t seen my nephew, but it has always been unforgettable in her heart. Mei Xiang is like her own son.
Is it really Lin Ze? Lin Yan is a little skeptical, but after seeing Lin Ze, her tears have already flowed out. Lin Ze’s slightly green face still reveals her childhood appearance … It’s really my nephew who has been reluctant to let go!
Lin Yan saw Lin Ze instantaneous has come running and hugged Lin Ze, who is now taller than himself.
"Aunt Azeri didn’t expect you to come here. Aunt hasn’t seen you for a long time. You won’t blame her, will you?"
Old John and Wei Li are both one leng. They always think that Lin Ze is an heir of the Lins’ family. Lin Yan should have no intimacy, but I didn’t expect Lin Yan to be aunt Lin Ze. And Lin Yan is Lin Lang’s younger sister, so isn’t Lin Ze Lin Lang?
After Lin Lang joined the War College, so did his eldest son?
Lin Yan listened quietly to what happened in Lin Ze in recent years. It is hard to imagine how much suffering a child without mother’s protection would suffer. She gently stroked Lin Zetou and calmed Lin Ze’s excitement through her gentle water property and soul force. Then she silently took Lin Ze’s hand and joined the old John and Wei Li into the branch of the divine officer. He was really going to make Lin Zecheng a divine officer, even a dark one.
Compared with the branch of God Officer, it seems deserted outside. Many low-level shadow beasts walk freely in the branch. It seems that they are not afraid of human beings, and the large branch of God Officer has found dozens of students along the way, but it is a mystery that Lin Ze can’t see through at all.
Lin Ze curiously asked Lin Yan "Aunt, how many people are there in our branch? Why there seems to be no students all the way and why there are so many shadow beasts in our branch? "
Looking at Lin Ze’s puzzled expression, Lin Yan smiled at her mouth and said softly, "Azeri, you should also know that our God Officer Branch calls the branch another name, right?"
Listening to Lin Yan’s words, Lin Ze sneaked a look and found that her face was surprisingly embarrassed.
"Well, is it called’ barren branch’?"
Old John and Wei Li turned red when they heard Lin Ze say these four words.