Because the strength of Shuiyundongtian has ushered in rapid development after the announcement of the release of the one-year-old citizen’s game with the human alliance, a few months ago, it was even more important to help the leader to lure the purple, and to take advantage of the invincible calculation to swim in the clouds, catch cicadas and yellowbirds, and then capture a famous town in one fell swoop. Although the three forces of Shuiyundongtian occupy four towns, they are still well-known in Shanxi, but it is because of the rapid development that the new members are not centripetal force and the strength of the gang name town is not complex, all these need to be improved.

But it was at this time that the government sent such a notice, which made the purple temptation nerve-racking. He had been mixed up in this fate for more than two years, and he had heard of the order to build a gang a long time ago! Is it true that Yi was the first to make a guild order and set up a guild? Later, other gangs or individuals made it one after another, but people kept their mouths shut about this guild order. But over the years, people can probably guess that the guild order originated from a powerful monster in the wild. However, after organizing several treasure-fighting operations, it will not be said that even a hair has been hit. Of course, some people will take out the guild order and auction it. However, regardless of its price, it will take more than two months until an auction of the consortium! And the open business alliance will not give them water and clouds, they care about interests.
The senior figures of Shuiyundongtian hold the sharpest Shuiyundongtian, and Fatian, the deacon of the Presbyterian Hall, also has a headache. But when everyone was in a hurry, Hong Fu found him and quietly told him that he knew where to get the help order. He did not hesitate to take the lazy people in the Presbyterian Hall to set off, but when he got to the farm, Fatian wondered why everyone could not find him. And red stroke this crazy girl can be found? He was dumbfounded to get the answer. He still remembers that when Hong Fu was serious, he looked left and right and looked at the mysterious smile and said to him, "I spent 5 taels of silver from Zhao Banxian in Ruike Town to let him work it out." On the spot, he felt his head smoking. The deacon of the Presbyterian Church listened to the fortune teller’s words and traveled long distances with the elite in the gang to build a gang. It is estimated that they would be laughed to death when they heard it. This generation will never want to turn over and ruin my reputation! Knowing that this girl is careless, I still
The bully in the place of Xi looked at the tough female red stroke in front of him and their generous expression at the moment. That’s wonderful! But when I think of this embarrassing thing, the place bully can’t help but snicker. I realized that I turned my head and glared at him. The place bully whistled lightly and looked around.
Suddenly, he heard the red stroke scream, and the little bully of the West Chu rushed to the front. At the same time, several people in France had blocked the red stroke behind him. No matter what the danger was, it was always wrong to call a woman in front of him. What’s worse, he looked at the man who appeared in front of him. From the momentum, he felt at first that this man was a master. When he saw Tang Tian in a mess, he was very confused about what could make this master so embarrassed.
"Hey how are you? Oh dear! I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Didn’t I ask you to join us that day? Why didn’t you go? Look at being bullied! I’m optimistic about you coming to our cave. I’ll protect you, follow me and make you popular and spicy. Look at you now. You can’t even afford to wear a dress. "When the two sides were still facing each other, they were surrounded in the red mouth, and Fatian listened to it! Emotional understanding! That’s one of our own! His hostility dissipated. "Brother, it’s dangerous to walk alone here. It seems that you are in trouble. I have a good gold wound medicine here. Please apply it quickly. Your wound is still bleeding." But when he saw that it didn’t move, he wondered how the child could return the matter. Tang Tian saw through the wall that the woman who spoke first was her, but Tang Tian didn’t have a good impression of her. "I don’t know you." "Alas! How can you be like this! Didn’t you see me in the street? " Seeing that Tang Tian didn’t talk, the red stroke had some anger, and he wanted to stop her from asking the reason. Then he turned to Tang Tian and said, "Brother, I just learned what happened. I apologize to you for the red stroke ceremony. I hope you have a lot of adults. Don’t be as knowledgeable as her children. Haha." Tang Tian looked at Fa Tian with a serious expression and nodded his head. This person gave Tang Tianyi a sincere and solid feeling. This kind of person generally doesn’t have any fancy. Tang Tian always felt very accurate, so he nodded his head slightly. That’s right. That’s like a man. Brother, apply the medicine to your arm and abdomen. It hurts badly. "He said and handed over the golden wound medicine.
Tang Tian looked at it, and it turned out to be a good gold-creating medicine. Is it going to sell for one tael in the town? Rich people! Although he has a lot of savings now, if he wants to make this precious medicine go bankrupt soon, Tang Tian applied the gold wound medicine to his arm wound, and suddenly a cool feeling washed over his wound. He felt that the medicine was really comfortable. He took off the qi condensed in his arm, applied the ointment to his abdomen and returned the remaining gold wound medicine to Fatian. You’re welcome! Do you rely on your parents to go out at home and rely on your brothers? " Said the golden sore medicine turned back "brother, you keep it! This thing is quite tube "Tang Tianyi leng and then took a serious look at the method of day" good ""ha ha! I like frank brothers. My name is Fatian Shuiyundongtian Presbyterian Hall. How about you? " "My name is Moon Demon Sect." "Oh, Moon Demon Brothers, it’s getting late and we’re going back to the city. What about you? Let’s go home together ""good ""hum! Dull as a log ""red stroke! " "Am I wrong? !” "Don’t worry about your brother!" "it’s okay. I don’t have the same knowledge as children." "yeah! You dead wood, who do you think is a child? ""I’ll talk to anyone. ""Ah! It’s against you! That who, you flash, I’m going to chop down dead wood. "Just in the noise between the two people, a group of people stepped on the return road."
Fa Tian walked behind and looked at the two men who were fighting in front, saying to themselves, it seems that this new brother is not bad! I just don’t like to talk. Of course, you didn’t provoke him before. Looking at the bickering, two people smiled. It seems that after the moon demon, it’s not a good day, and it’s entangled in the red stroke goblin. Help yourself! I was thinking about seeing the bully of the place of Xi fall behind the team and pass the law with him. I glanced at him in confusion. The novel of the bully of Xi Chu said, "Boss, didn’t you notice that he was holding a black card when we first met the demon of Yue?" "Oh? Is it? I didn’t notice! What’s wrong? " "It’s an order to build a gang," the novel of the little overlord in the western Chu Dynasty said. "What?" Method day a surprised and then restore calm "go back to say" place of bully tacit understanding closed his mouth method day look at with red stroke bicker Tang days suddenly feel new understanding this brother is not simple! I wish I could come to our cave, not to mention that this red stroke is often out of tune, and this time it’s really a beautiful job!
In the pub of a famous town, Fatian gave a banquet in honor of Tang Tianshui Yundongtian Presbyterian Hall. After three rounds of accompanying wine, Tang Tian became a humorous boy with all the people. Fatian was warm and hot, and he was silent and said little. Just when everyone was happy, Tang Tian suddenly found that Fatian looked at him and said, "Big Brother, what’s up?" When they saw Tang Tian-wen’s words were quiet, they looked at Fa Tian-tian and felt that it was inappropriate to do so, but considering the situation in the gang and the government’s ultimatum, they pulled a cruel face.
Said, "that brother, can you sell me that building order?" We are in a hurry! You can rest assured that the price will definitely satisfy you. "After that, I looked at Tang Tian nervously." Build a help order? " All a burst of exclamation shua all eyes were transferred to Tang Tianshen "! Wood, do you have a help order? Really? " Hot pepper red stroke unbelievable asked "build help order? No! I don’t even know what Zhang looks like? " "That’s the card in your hand when we met you," the little bully of the place of Chu woke up. "Oh! You said that black card! " Tang Tian didn’t look at it from his pocket and threw it at Fa Tian. "Eldest brother, if you need it, just build a gang. Listen to the name. I can’t find this thing alone." "Alas! Brother, you ""come to big brother for a drink! " Law day bullet "good enough battle righteousness not the kui is my law day see brothers! Needless to say, it seems that my brother is melodramatic, and I respect you. Fuck, fuck, and I respect you. You’ve helped us a lot. The bully in the place of Xi Chu followed suit and a group of elders in Shuiyundongtian toasted one after another. Tang Tian was also happy to come to the net.
"I want to respect me, too," cried Hong Fu. "I want to respect you, and I won’t say anything about the past. I will forgive you if you are willing to come up with a help order! Drink "say that finish a looked up a bowl of wine went to the tang days a look at Hector boy the somebody else girls are so oneself also can’t bear! When I looked up and went to a bowl, people cheered. After Tang Dynasty, I drank a lot of drunkenness and woke up to find myself sleeping in a strange room. Perhaps I have been nervous in recent months. I relaxed and drank a lot of wine and then overslept.
Tang Tian got up and walked out of the house. There was an independent yard with pleasant scenery and a small pond. The water in the pond was shining in the afternoon sun. At the door of the house, two people wearing blue clothes and embroidered clouds on their chests saw him coming out and nodded and called "Elder". Hmm? Elder? " Tang Tian suddenly remembered that when he was drunk yesterday, it seemed that Fa Tian had asked him to join the water cloud cave. He looked at Hong Fu with a look of expectation and agreed inexplicably, but how did he grow old as soon as he came in?
Tang days are wondering a sound to "dead wood you wake up! Come with me. Everyone is waiting for you in the Chamber? " "What are you waiting for me?" "Why? Welcome you, the new elder, of course. ""That’s right! How can I grow old! " "Growing old is bad? Ha ha! Because of your help order, we survived a big robbery in Shuiyundongtian. You have contributed to Shuiyundongtian, and of course you will be promoted to the elder, not to mention that our Shuiyundongtian elder is quite handsome in your body! " Tang Tian didn’t notice that his clothes had changed into a blue suit, and the cutting design looked very comfortable. There were gold clouds on the neckline and cuffs, and there were three more stars on the chest. "You! I don’t know how to get my clothes torn. If we weren’t all regulars when we went drinking yesterday, you would have been kicked out! Ha ha! Did you get as drunk as a fiddler yesterday or should I get you back? I also help you find clothes. "Tang Tian’s face turned red and smiled slyly after seeing it." I’m looking for dead wood clothes, but I’m not looking for you. Let’s look at you. You don’t suffer. "Said Tang Tian, sweating and seeing a room in front of him, it’s estimated to be the Chamber. He stepped up to take two steps and went in. Red stroke chased after him and shouted," Dead wood, what are you running for? Shame. "
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Volume 2 Chapter 17 Purple temptation
Volume 2 Chapter 17 Purple temptation
Facing the door in the Chamber of Water Cloud Cave is the seat of Wang. A beautiful woman in purple clothes is sitting there watching with interest. Tang Tianhe followed by a red stroke and ran to the woman as soon as she came in. "Sister, look, this is dead wood. I brought it for you."
At the same time, sitting in the first place on the left hand, I got up. "Brother, you finally woke up. Come and I’ll introduce you. Let’s help members. Don’t say it. I also know that this is our Shuiyun Wang’s purple temptation. What is this humble fat? It’s our God of Wealth, the deacon of Shuiyundongtiancai Hall, who is smiling at you. It’s a cool guy. It’s the deacon of Tianya avoid Shuiyundongtian Punishment Hall. This man who pretends to ignore your profound face is the head of the spies. His name is Kyubi no Youko, a man show-shaped goblin. I won’t introduce him, will I? It is estimated that you will know him better than all of us soon, hahaha. "Listening to the ambiguous words of Fa Tian, Tang Tian’s face turned red and he was furious." Fa Tian seems that you don’t want to be better, right? Hum! It seems that someone has got a small vault behind his back! This makes people difficult! Should I tell Sadie-ichi? "
"Aunt, I was wrong wrong, not yet? Bypass me? " Method day a listen to these words immediately soft home strict want to drink have to be approved, it is not easy to save a little if let this aunt stabbed out is broken "all the people a view day pretend to be pathetic laughed Kyubi no Youko is booing to" red stroke you this is wrong, you and withered elder sister so good how can you have something to hide from him? " "After the fox drinks, you pay for it." "Haha" Everyone laughed again.
Purple temptation to see all the people make about the mouth to insert "okay, okay, let’s stop joking, don’t neglect our protagonist". Tang Tian saw the situation and said in the previous step, "I have seen Wang and big brothers" and "hmm! Elder Moon Demon doesn’t have to bother to join us. After Shuiyun became a family, let’s work together to make Shuiyun’s name resound throughout China. Please sit down and I will arrange it for a while. With the help of Elder Moon Demon, our Shuiyun Cave is officially recognized as a legal gang. This has not only lifted the crisis of our annihilation, but also brought unexpected benefits. Our Shuiyun sphere of influence is not called secluded, and the surrounding forces are also small forces. They don’t want to make a fortune. Exhibition is not only the influence of personnel, but also the order to build gangs restricts them. If they develop too fast, once the influence of personnel exceeds a certain range, they will face the destruction of the government, which just gives us an opportunity
People in the Presbyterian Church know this secret. I have sealed the password to keep the news from the outside world. In the next few days, we will publicize that Shuiyun was notified by the government. Although there will be a certain loss of our personnel, it will also make our Shuiyun Department more United. I will leave the news to you. Try to make us solemn and stirring. A friend in need is a friend in need! In addition, when the Presbyterian Church stepped up its efforts to attract experts, it informed the headquarters to stay behind and let the main Fengshen recruit gang members. We have to give the peripheral forces an illusion that last stand and the government will confront each other head-on. It is estimated that some just men and good people will join in ten days later, and then we will raid the aristocratic family territory of the Presbyterian Church and attack the four towns at the same time. It is necessary to beat him with God’s punishment at one stroke and ask the headquarters to prepare our secret weapons and spend so much energy to churn out things. We can’t let it be dusty in the warehouse, and take God’s punishment to talk to Samsara Shura in the elders. I remember they have business dealings with us. You know him well. It’s appropriate for you to go. According to Kyubi no Youko’s intelligence, Samsara seems to have been notified by the government in a similar situation to ours. It is estimated that Samsara is also having a headache. Tell him to merge into Shuiyun’s deputy Wang if he wants, and I’ll keep them for him. I’ll be seconded at the same level.
In this way, the strength of the four towns in our hands is second only to ours. God punishes four towns and reincarnates four towns, and our town-level territory will reach 12. When the time comes, we will capture the city level. At that time, we will be qualified to say that we are a gang. Scattered, "a few people got up and walked out.
"Elder Moon Demon, you leave one." Tianqi Tang wondered what purple temptation was doing to keep him. Fatian saw him with a puzzled face and gave him a reassuring look. When everyone left, there was only purple temptation in the Chamber. Tang Tianhe talked about the red stroke and purple temptation and said, "Elder Moon Demon, thank you so much for this time. Maybe you don’t know how tired it is to hold up this gang. It took us too much thought to watch Shuiyun grow to this point. I know that you gave us the order to build a gang because of Fatian’s big brother, so did Shuiyun!" Looking at Tang Tian’s silent purple temptation, he smiled. "I know it’s too difficult and unrealistic for you to feel a sense of belonging to a team in a short time, but I believe you will gradually like our gang and our gang." Tang Tian didn’t say anything but nodded. He didn’t know what to say at this time. The purple temptation was really powerful and worthy of being a Wang!
Purple temptation handed Tang Tian a beautifully carved small token. Tang Tian took it over and looked at purple temptation in a fog. "Ha ha! This is our special silver order for Shuiyun. Because there is no credit card currency in fate, people are in trouble, especially when our gang purchases a lot of money and the amount of silver tickets is huge, which makes people look tacky. Now he thought of this method. He first made a large sum of money at the official bank in major cities, and then made an agreement for others to receive the corresponding amount of silver with this silver order. "Tang Tian turned over the water cloud pattern carved on one side and sure enough, the token was marked with 10 thousand words on the other side." This? Give it to me? "
"Nonsense is not for you. How can you run into your hand? How come it’s not in my hand! 10 thousand! How many clothes can I buy! "chimed in red stroke side seems to anger is not small.
Purple temptation smiled and explained, "Moon Demon didn’t say anything when you built a help order for us. But in any case, you have worked hard for it. I know you and France hit it off personally, okay? But if it’s a private matter, I won’t be redundant. But the order to build a gang is in our water and clouds, so it’s business. In fact, this is also the development of the gang. If I accept your order to build a gang this time, maybe you won’t feel anything. But what will others think? People are selfish. If other gang members have anything or news that is beneficial to the development of the gang, then he will hesitate. Shall I give it to the gang? What if he rings this up then? Tang Tianjian’s order to help Wang didn’t get anything? Imagine how the water cloud became stronger after that. So this time, I’m also showing off my daughter to buy horse bones. Of course, it’s a bit inappropriate, but that’s what I mean. It’s settled. I want you to keep it, hehe! You just came to let Hong Fu walk around with you! "
"What is me? I won’t accompany the dead wood ""red stroke! Moon demon is a millionaire now! " The purple temptation is meaningful, and the red stroke’s eyes are suddenly bright and soaring. "Come on, let the moon demon brother and sister take you to visit our town. There are many good places!" Tang Tianxin’s wry smile elder sister is not so exaggerated! And it seems that the indigenous people in this town are me! Sweat! Tang Tian said hello to the purple temptation and was dragged away by the red stroke. He was tired to death when he came back late. Tang Tian was lying in the help room and never wanted to go shopping with women again. It really killed him! Not to mention a high-spirited person. The most terrible thing is that there is a big paycheck beside him. Damn it! I’ve been in this town for almost half a year. Why didn’t I find there are so many things to sell in this town?
Tang Tian lay down for a while and sat up to meditate. Although his innate qi was always in operation, after all, it was not as fast as meditation. Tang Tian wouldn’t give up the opportunity to improve his strength. He couldn’t stay away from the outside world until Yi rose again. Therefore, the elders in this water cloud cave are the best choice. There are two kinds of elders in this water cloud cave. One is powerful ordinary elders. These elders join the Presbyterian Hall and sometimes follow the orders of deacons. They can usually move by themselves. The other is that there are senior leaders with positions. They are generally senior figures in Shuiyun Cave. Everyone has a responsible department, except for personnel, Fengshen and logistics. It feels good to see the purple temptation today. This Wang is very sophisticated and will be a strong woman! In the next few days, Tang Tian led a deep understanding of the whole water cloud cave in Hongfu.
That is, in recent days, the whole Shuiyundongtian is in a state of panic. A rumor suddenly rose and swept through the control of Shuiyundongtian. The government issued a notice asking Shuiyundongtian to take out the building order in one month, or send troops to level the Shuiyundongtian purple temptation. Wang led the elders of the Presbyterian Church to fight several times. The powerful monster did not hit the building order, and it was estimated that there was no way to act in one month. After Shuiyundongtian was finished, some people listened to it and retired, while others clamored for confrontation and the officers and men put together the princes. ! But most people go to the top to inquire, but the whole top of Shuiyun is tight-lipped, just telling them to do their own thing.
A group of people are gathering in a hidden bungalow in a famous town. "God, this time it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" I don’t know where the rumors came from, and with the help of our old brothers, the whole water cloud cave is in a state of anxiety. If the big brother can successfully plant the flag at this time, he will not only drive the water cloud cave out of town, but also take the opportunity to strengthen ourselves. " "Hum! You and I asked you to help spread rumors. Did you come out to get rid of the water and clouds? ""Isn’t it? Hum! It’s too simple for you to think of water clouds and caves. Don’t you find that the purple temptation doesn’t move at all as the rumors spread and cross the truth? Don’t you find that Fatian is still drinking with his friends all day? Didn’t you find that the simplest pepper was still shopping in high spirits a few days ago? What I did was to test the purple temptation! " "But maybe they are deliberately pretending to stabilize the morale of the army?" Day hand carefully asked
"Hum! We don’t rule out this possibility, but it’s a government announcement. When we got the news, everyone in the Presbyterian Hall, the main battle force of Shuiyun, was nervous, but didn’t you notice that the whole Presbyterian Hall relaxed after going out for action a few days ago? And recently, I feel like someone is following me around. I suspect it’s a secret agent. What are you thinking now, staring at me at this time? The answer is obvious! The purple temptation is likely to be held. She is not afraid of the official encirclement and suppression. Now she is taking the opportunity to pull out the nails in the water transport? " "Don’t purple temptation got help order! Then why doesn’t she come out to blame? " "Maybe it’s intentional to show it to some people? Like us! Another example is the contact with our forces. Is it necessary for the purple temptation to make a big move? " "Boss, so according to you, since we can get the news, God’s punishment and reincarnation will not be confused?" "No, they don’t have our news to be true. After all, we are already water clouds!" "Then what shall we do?" "Sit tight. I don’t believe I can be calculated. Let me plant such a big fall. Purple temptation will be so useless! Will you go here today? Be careful! If we just infer that there should be a spy around us. "
In a short time, several black shadows came out of the room and observed them all around. In a short time, another batch came out. Finally, the lights in the room went out and the day came out. Watch out and watch around. Soon after they left, a light shadow came out of the room and disappeared after cleaning all the traces.
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Volume 2 Chapter 10 Red ears
Volume 2 Chapter 10 Red ears
According to the high-level meeting, one day later, Tang Tian moved back to his yard because he was not used to helping the noisy environment. On this day, he sat on the stone bench of the grape trellis after dinner and thought about things. A horseshoe came running in the direction of his yard from far and near, and Tang Tian did not guess.
Ever since I knew that Tang Tian had such a quiet yard in this town, Hong Fu came here to play every day, and sometimes he came and turned, and sometimes he stayed for a whole day. After all, he couldn’t tell clearly about Hong Fu’s feelings. After all, he was a precocious child, but his feelings were still a beginner. Tang Tian didn’t reject his passion and passion. The temptation of forbidden fruit is that everyone can resist Tang Tian’s savoring this bitter and sweet feeling, and suddenly an idea came to me. I fell in love with Hong Fu. When this idea came out, it startled him. How could I not like that savage? No! No! Tang Tian shook his head and was very sure of his thoughts, but the image of a girl in red still rose sadly. Tang Tian patted his head and wanted to drive her away, but the more so, the clearer the shadow became.
When Hong Fu arrived, he saw a strange situation. Tang Tian was sitting in his grape trellis shaking his head and patting his head. He was just wondering why Tang Tian didn’t come to pick him up. When he was surprised, he quickly leaned over. "What’s wrong with you, dead wood?" Are you sick? Why is the expression so painful? Why hit yourself! " Tang Tianyi looked up and saw a red face staring at himself nervously like a deflated balloon! My head drooped again. "What’s the matter with you?" Hong Fu asked strangely that Tang Tiansheng got angry and looked at the culprit who had ruined himself and shouted, "It’s not because of you!" "Me? What is wrong with me? Oh! I see. Did you just practice any martial arts and I was sorry for it? Wood, you know I didn’t mean it! " Looking at a pathetic look, I said, "What can I do for you?" "ah! By the way, I almost forgot the business? Elder sister asked me to tell you that it was time for action! " Red stroke face horse became excited Tang days busy asked "oh? When? " "You don’t live in the gang tonight. Elder sister asked me to inform you specially." "Well, let’s go."
Tang Tianjin took his panlong gun into the house and went out with a red stroke. "Stupid wood, how slowly you walk like this! I have to wait for you, and we will ride red together. It is estimated that the elder sister has something to arrange and will be scolded if she is late. "After that, she jumped on her red horse and looked at Tang Tian and cried," What is the wood hair? " "Sin!" Tang Tian thought of going on to say, "Oh, here we go." He fired the Panlong gun at the winning hook of the red horse and then sat down on the red horse with a jump. Before he could sit still, he was impatient, brushed his reins, and his feet clamped his horse’s belly. "Frame" The red horse got instructions from its owner and flew out with a long hiss.
Poor Tang Tian, in this situation, normal people have to move his body, then jump forward and pounce on his hands and hug the red stroke in a panic. His hands are a little higher, then Tang Tian feels that the red stroke is stiff. When she looks at her ears from behind, her blood is red. Later, Tang Tian feels that the red stroke is trembling. He is still wondering, what happened to this crazy girl? Just hear a gnashing sound "dead wood takes your hand" hand? What happened to Tang Tian’s strange hand? At this time, he didn’t notice that his hand was soft. He was curious and squeezed the angry sound of "Moon Demon". Tang Tian suddenly realized what he was grasping. Touch, put your hand on your face and burn it. He can’t see his ears. Now it’s blood red. After a while, both of them were silent. They used to cling to each other and deliberately moved a distance.
Although this posture is very hard on horseback, Tang Tianke dare not cross the line any more. When they reach the mouth of Shuiyundong Paradise, Hong Fu pulls the horse like a thief of Ma Tang, and jumps to the door to help all the people to lead the horse away. Hong Fu hurried into the door. Tang Tian followed in his mind and kept thinking about the romantic situation just now. He felt that his hands were unconsciously put in front of him. At this moment, he suddenly felt that there was a cold around him. He looked up and found that he was walking in front of him. A pair of fire-breathing eyes stopped, waiting for Tang Tian to close his mouth and gnash his teeth. Tang Tian saw that he
"Dead wood, you’d better forget what happened today. If I hear any wind, I’ll castrate you!" Tang Tian nodded like a good baby when he heard the red stroke without any temperature sound. "Hum!" Red stroke turned away and Tang Tian stuck his head behind him like a child who made a mistake (Gaga! Evil heart wounds said to Tang Tian, how does it feel? Are you satisfied with my arrangement for you? Tang Tian didn’t talk because he looked at his back and laughed. You ungrateful little man helped you for nothing. You have to strike while the iron is hot now, you know? Push it! Push it! Tang Tian still doesn’t speak, but his expression is more strange. He seems a little scared. What’s there? I turned my head to look at my heart! Red stroke is looking at him angrily with two kitchen knives in his hand. Who are you going to push? Ah! It’s a nice day today! Ah! Help! Heart wounds run red stroke cried aunt to chop you up! )
Two people walked into the chamber one after another. On the day of the meeting, they were all in the red stroke, and no one paid attention to it. They went to one side and found a chair to sit. They held the chair handle and their hands were exposed with veins standing out, showing that their master was in a bad mood at the moment. Tang Tian bowed his hand to everyone and found a chair to sit down. Seeing that the two people were strange, everyone was confused, but it was official. Since everyone was here, let’s do it! First of all, all departments explain their respective situations. Fengshen, you go first. "
A thin man is about 26, At the age of seven, he looked at a group of people and nodded at Tang Tian. He said, "Although this action was hastily prepared, although Wang made plans, there were still many shortcomings, but it did not affect the overall situation. On this day, our personnel hall recruited a large number of members because of rumors from outside, and some members of our gang also retired. According to the latest data, the number of our personnel in Shuiyundongtian reached 5,642." Fa Tian got up after Fengshen said, "There is nothing in our elders hall these days, although there are no newcomers to join, but because they all know that we have a help order in our hands Jin went on to say, "At present, all kinds of funds have been put in place to help the industry in the company, and everyone has been ready recently." Then a gentle and quiet woman got up and smiled at Tang Tianxiao and said, "After receiving the order, our logistics department has deployed a lot of manpower. By this morning, all kinds of materials have been put in place. In addition, we have been secretly studying that Zhuge God crossbows have been built to produce 16 pieces, and now they have been transported to their destinations in batches." Tang Tianxin was still wondering who this person was. When she heard her speech, she suddenly realized that eldest brother and wife were so blessed When Tang Tian came to my absolute being, I saw Kyubi no Youko reporting that "a few mice in the gang have been very quiet recently, and it is also very real. We were kept in the dark about the punishment of God this time. According to the report, the former God punished the second husband and gloated that we had ruined ourselves when drinking in the restaurant."Yu Huanren recently stopped building gangs. It is estimated that he gave up and looked at us at the same time. After all, in Yanmen, we were the first to eat crabs, or we were fattened up or trapped in some gangs around us. They all chose to stand by and watch. Maybe they wanted to reap the benefits. "Kyubi no Youko a face of strange smile purple temptation, etc. People are all finished." The general situation is clear to everyone. The action plan has already been set. When you act according to the plan, it will be set at night, day and day. You will take people to sneak into the destination in batches to pay attention to the secrecy and confidentiality of the action. I believe that you can do a good job. We can stand up this time and make success and not fail. ""Yes "They all shouted together.
After that, everyone dispersed. Tang Tianhe and everyone walked out of the Chamber together and Fengshen came over. "Elder Moon Demon has heard a lot about you!" "Elder Fengshen is welcome. Are all the families taking care of each other?" "Ha ha! That is! That is! Well, I have to leave in advance and go to my place! " Say that finish a hand away, Tang Tian looked at Fengshen and was about to leave. He swept into the corner of his eye and made a strange gesture with his hands behind his back. Tang Tian’s eyes shrank and then he recovered calm.
At this time, Fatian came along with withering. "Come on, come on, demon brother, this is my wife, you withering sister-in-law." "Hehe! Moon demon! Our family has been thinking of you as a good brother in my ear recently! I have to sit at home and entertain you well! " "Ha ha! That is indispensable to trouble sister-in-law. ""What trouble is not trouble! The family doesn’t say two words! " "Hehe" "By the way, brother, I think you and Pepper are a little strange today! What’s the matter? It’s awkward. ""No! No! " Tang days hurriedly said "see you nervous ok woman? That’s it. It’ll be all right in two days? I am an old hand and experienced in this brother! " Law day a face of profound in that advice forgot to have a wife around you when I heard the fading got to "is it? How many MM have you soaked with so much experience, Master Fa Tian! " Method day face a change don’t even look back "brother, I still have some walked in advance" say that finish and ran away "you live! Make it clear! " Wenjing withered and went away without saying hello to Tang Tianda.
Tang Tianxiao Xi Xi looked at the happy mandarin ducks and turned the door and disappeared. Suddenly, I thought of the French words. I thought that if I saw the red stroke for a while, the embarrassing scene would quickly slip back to my room in Tangkou. Just in Tang Tian’s front foot, I walked out of the Chamber with a complicated expression. I was glad and lost to my room to see that Tang Tian was not outside.
Everybody help! I want to break through 1 point! ! !
Volume 2 Chapter 19 This woman is unusual
Volume 2 Chapter 19 This woman is unusual
It’s night, bright moonlight outside the Tang house, and a shadow is hidden in the shadow. Carefully approach the Tang room, reach out and knock on the window, and suddenly there is a rustling sound in the room. After a while, the window hits the shadow and jumps in, and Tang days pokes his head around to see the back window clearly.
"Elder" Black Video is a little excited. "I don’t know who is the champion when you finally show up?" "I’m crazy, but I’m not in the same place, and you know he’s a good person. He won’t come to see you all until he makes some achievements. What’s worse, he feels guilty!" "alas! You can’t violate the inhuman things! A while ago, we also got a letter from the elder of the world of mortals saying that the champion had come, but after several months, we didn’t hear the call, so the brothers were secretly worried. But I’m relieved to see you today. ""Don’t worry about your revenge. They will always give us back ten years ago. Now we are not strong enough to compete with the gangs in the whole destiny. We must learn to bear with it. We are waiting for an opportunity to turn things around. Don’t worry! This day will not be far away. "
"Elder, I don’t know if my master will come back in this situation in the gang!" "Yu Feng and Ao Feng, two elders," the bearer nodded eagerly, staring at Tang Tianxi as if on fire, hoping to get a positive answer, but Tang Tian shook his head and sighed, "They are always crazy to connect with them except their own, but the chances of crazy personality asking him to come forward and ask them for help are very low." "Oh! So! " People disappointed and depressed Tang Tian said, "Ha ha! However, the scale of fate is so big now. Maybe their evil spirits have already come in. It’s not necessarily that they are hiding in the dark and watching us quietly! " "The elders do you think so? Ha ha! I knew that when the gang was in the most dangerous time, I always believed that we couldn’t go, because apart from the gang leader, we had a good master and a group of super masters who wouldn’t watch us being bullied. They must want to see if we have grown up or not, but we won’t let them down. "
"Yes, we won’t and can’t let them down. We will make achievements before they make moves. How long have you been in Shuiyun? How much do you know about this new gang? In addition, tell me about the current situation in the gang! " "Good" people nodded. "Two years ago, you probably heard about the big war. Elder Feng was a grumpy man who took a bunch of warm-blooded brothers to the Great Wall to develop, but we couldn’t bear to see the big guy working so hard to build the foundation. So in days of our lives, he who sees through the world of mortals ordered the brothers to change their faces and hide themselves. Some of them joined the new gang again, and some of them simply set up a small gang to gather strength. Some brothers raised some money to start a business, but they also flourished in the care of the big guy. Ignoring the world, burying his head in practice and seeking revenge, the brothers of the day were organized in the sub-region of the Red Dust Elders’ Union. There were special brothers in charge of the secret union and took care of each other when it was difficult. There were hundreds of powerful forces near Yanmen, Shanxi Province. In recent years, nearly 10,000 members have been secretly developed. Because it was the sphere of influence of major gangs, the brothers were lurking in the Central Plains, but our strength was not small. When it turned dark, the Central Plains was the place with the largest number of people, but there were still tens of thousands of people. However, you have to
Let’s talk about water clouds and caves! In reality, the purple temptation of Wang Shuiyundongtian is a big enterprise boss’s wife who has been lost in the game all day. She has a good talent, but it has not been developed until she met the French couple and Kyubi no Youko Hongfujin in her destiny. Because the six people are not ordinary people, they soon formed a team. At this time, the organizational ability and leadership ability of the purple temptation superman are reflected. Several people admire her ability. The purple temptation became a family in this group, and gradually several people became obvious. Exposing their talents and amazing personal charm has attracted many players to gather in this team. Jin has a talent that is difficult for ordinary people to start a business in business. This small team has sufficient financial resources to support miscellaneous studies, so that they can finally master the power far beyond others. Kyubi no Youko is ordinary, but it is eye-catching for all kinds of news to explore, summarize and analyze, while Hong Fu has a strong talent in martial arts. It can be said that this small team is the first master in this small team, and this small team has emerged among the first generation of players. However, At that time, the Jianghu was in the era of feudal lords’ hegemony, and the decline of our gang led to the rapid rise of the repressed other big gangs. On the one hand, the three giants of the Guards Wanhuage Business Alliance were separated, and the big and small gangs around them swallowed up our territory, and the power was in chaos.
That’s when purple lured the opportunity to set up Shuiyun Cave, but she knew that although there was no big power around her, it was unrealistic to make Shuiyun Cave grow into a group of people. As a result, any power in the Central Plains noticed her and would not hesitate to kill her with a gun, so she persuaded the middle and high-level people to stay dormant in their own territory for two years. It was unusual for this woman to find the right opportunity to attack the elders when the major forces in the Central Plains were scarred and bitter and contained each other. "Tang days after listening to the mystery man introduced eyes slightly narrowed purple temptation is really a character! Without anyone in the high-rise buildings in Shuiyundongtian, it will still develop and recover, but without her as a Wang, hehe! The water cloud will no longer be in this woman. It’s really not easy! "
Tang Tian thought of this and asked, "How many brothers are there in the water cloud and how many members of the group of ashes are there like you?" The mysterious man smiled bitterly. "Elder, there are about 600 brothers, but they are all backbone ashes. Hehe! Just me, after all, our core staff is not enough now! " "so!" "What do you think of the Battle of Heaven?" "Ha ha! It’ s not a disparity in grade strength! " "oh? Why? " "Elder, you look down upon the water cloud cave, which has been dormant for two years. Now, it can also send a third-grade tour among the major gangs, especially in his elders’ hall, where people are all masters. If they don’t look at the law, they will just walk out of it and be famous to deal with some dirty little gangs. Ha ha! That’s nothing! In recent years, the temptation of purple has been showing weakness to the outside world. It seems to outsiders that this gang has been established since the beginning of the game. But after the day, they will burst into terror after two years of accumulation, and the horror will be drawn according to the engineering drawings obtained from one work! It is simply a weapon of war. "
"Ha ha! After hearing what you said, I’m looking forward to the battle. Well, it’s getting late. Go home! Be careful! " "Yes," there is no superfluous word. The shadow disappeared when it pushed the window. Tang Tian observed the surrounding windows but didn’t sleep. Instead, he sat at the table and thought about things for a long time. He sighed and said to himself, "It is better to ask Shuiyun Dongtian to stir up the mountains in Shanxi, test the reactions of all parties and judge how deep the water is now!" Then I went back to bed and continued to meditate.
Just before dawn, Tang Tian went to the courtyard to practice for a while and then went to the Presbyterian Hall. When he arrived, he found that no one had come to Tang Tian except Fa Tianwai and shouted, "Good morning, big brother!" "oh! Abortion! You’re early! Those rabbits won’t come until they arrive. We have to wait. Hehe ""Hehe! " "Abortion, have you experienced similar actions before?" Tang Tian wanted to nod. Actually, this is my specialty, but he shook his head and his face was a little nervous. After seeing it, Fa Tian laughed. "Don’t worry, it’s nothing." Don’t panic then, don’t pay attention, just listen to the command and follow the command, haha! It’s very simple. Just follow me then. "Tang Tianxin said," Are you cheating? It seems that my eldest brother looks careless and his mind is quite delicate! However, what he just said to coax Chuge was ok, which helped to eliminate their fears and tensions, but for an old bird like Tang Tian, hehe!
Slowly, the number of people gradually increased. When I looked at it, I almost got up and shouted, "Is everyone here?" "All together!" They replied, "Good! According to the usual grouping, the first team of the old black belt will go to the No.1 target knife, the second team will go to the No.2 bully, and the rest will go to No.3 with me. The Moon Demon will follow my brothers to help the brothers call us elders. We are the Presbyterian Hall! What is the Presbyterian Church? It’s the elite in the whole water cloud. Don’t lose face to the old man. If anyone falls off the chain and comes back, I’ll cut him! " "Eldest brother! You’re afraid we won’t have a bed when we come back after losing to the people in the loom! " "Ha-ha" everyone laughed. "Go, go, go, monkey, look at me, come back, pack up and set off!" As soon as Fa Tianyi waved, everyone filed out and ran to their respective goals.
Tang Tian followed Fa Tian with a carriage, and there were nine people in total. There was a carriage in preparation. They will be responsible for transporting the elders’ hall staff to a secret stronghold in the town. Everyone will wait there until it gets dark. When three carriages are scented in batches, a batch of cars will bump all the way. No one said anything. After an hour, the car was busy outside. It seems that the carriage did not slow down and drove out of the downtown area. Soon, the car stopped and Fa Tian took the lead, followed by Tang Tian.
A dilapidated bungalow area appeared in front of us. He came to a door and knocked on it. He was "the elder!" "hmm!" There are no superfluous words, and everyone followed them in. First, people gathered in the house. When Fatian arrived, he said, "Is it useless to find a place to rest by yourself?" They nodded and dispersed the law day and looked puzzled. Tang Tian explained that "this used to be the old residence of small town residents to be demolished, and I don’t know how to buy it from the government. It has become our water cloud stronghold. There is no one to live here." Tang Tian nodded. "Brother, you also go to rest! Keep up your spirits, brother. I’m waiting for you to show great power. I have long known that you are a master of hiding, but they don’t believe in finding a chance to show off tonight. How can my brother Fatian be useless? " Tang Tian hey hey smiled and didn’t talk and turned into a room next to him. Sure enough, this stronghold looks shabby on the outside, but it’s still good inside. Tang Tian closed his eyes and pranayama and soon entered the state of cultivation.
Today’s chapter is a bit wordy. Don’t mind if it will be a wonderful scene. Where are the tickets?
Volume 2 Chapter 20 Night attack
Volume 2 Chapter 20 Night attack