"Ding, you are dead"

"Ding, you have come back to life"
"Second Resurrection" Chu Yun was worried to death.
"How did you resurrect the big black horse? It’s too fate."
"But the fairy skills are even worse."
"Alas, I don’t think I can be resurrected after this resurrection."
Resurrection once in the eyes of ordinary players is a fate. Resurrection twice is a fate. Resurrection three times doesn’t believe them at all.
At this time, the fairy frowned as if she were worried about something.
"Ding, you are dead"
"Ding, you have come back to life"
Chu Yun counted carefully and hoped that the fairy skill would end soon.
"Nima’s resurrection for three times is justified?"
"Is it going to be resurrected all the time?"
"It’s impossible, it’s impossible for the big black horse to be resurrected three times. If the fairy sister is not so terrible and powerful, she will win 100%."
The fairy’s frown deepened. If this skill hadn’t attacked her in time and method, she would have attacked her crazily.
Chu Yun had 10,000 grass mud horses galloping by in his heart, because his life was about to bottom out.
It has been resurrected three times, and there are two times. If the fairy skill is not over, it will be over. ! !
Tai Mengyao was very nervous. He didn’t expect the fairy to be so powerful that he begged Chu Yun to turn the tables.
Equally nervous, and Lin Weiwei …
"Ding, you are dead"
"Ding, you have come back to life"
Chu Yun wailed for the fourth time and has one last chance. Why isn’t it over yet? ! !
"It’s too dark horse, it’s too fate. We don’t even have the ability to resurrect once, and he’s four times, four times, four times. What’s the concept? It’s amazing! ! !”
"People are more popular than people. I don’t know if the big black horse can support the fairy skills until the end?"
"Alas, if the big black horse supports the past, it should be able to win."
Chu Yun can wait, but when he has a little blood left, the light in his eyes appears and the warmth of his body disappears.
"Disappeared, hahahahahahaha …" Chu Yun laughed in his heart, saying that this must be the most powerful skill of the fairy because it killed four lives in a row. What is this concept? If it weren’t for the holy light, Tianma would have died.
At this time, thousands of rays of sunlight released by irregular and exquisite graphics disappeared, and the irregular and exquisite graphics of various colors fell in bits and pieces, which was very beautiful.
"You didn’t end me." Chu Yun looked at the fairy and said proudly, as if he were provoking.
The fairy didn’t speak, but her heart had already surged like a wave. Once the seven obsidian sky was broken, it would form a seven obsidian figure, and this seven obsidian figure could cover the enemy’s eyes, which would not only be lost, but also break out of the covered range, that is to say, it was inevitable that the enemy would be forced to accept the seven obsidian trial.
She never thought that a player would support herself with this skill, and she never thought that the other side was still very proud.
The other side is proud, which means that the other side still has cards!
And that’s what the fairy concluded at the moment!
"The big black horse is amazing. He actually survived the fate."
"Yes, this fairy is in trouble. I don’t know if she has any severe skills."
"It should be gone. Such a powerful skill has gone against the sky. If there is any more, we will not live."
The audience was surprised and wondered whether the fairy would be defeated by the big black horse.
Chapter 19 Victory in the Boom!
"Now it’s my turn!"
Chu Yun landed on the ground, making the concealment disappear suddenly. The full-level concealment can last for 4 seconds. Of course, this is without attacking or making skills.
"What about the big black horse? Why did he disappear?"
"Yeah, did people evaporate?"