This punch dodged when I went to Grandet, but I didn’t think it was Grandet or the wind that wiped my body. That’s how a seemingly anodyne punch almost gave Grandet a second.

It’s a pity that there are still 6 o’clock left in life after this punch to Grandet. Fortunately, it was treated when Ziwei was in white, or Grandet really confessed like this.
In addition, this boss recruit bones disorderly blade chop is also sharp than.
This trick is not only awesome, but also * * fried. When the Skeleton Slave King used this skill, he quickly broke his ribs from his chest, which instantly turned bones into various weapons. These weapons will turn bones into foam after once in the hands of the Skeleton Slave King. The visual effect is so shocking.
This skill, Skeleton Slave King’s ribs, seemed endless until Grandet was a little overwhelmed.
That’s all I have to do to come to the king of skeleton slaves, but the king of skeleton slaves has completely broken his last trick.
Just as the Skeleton Slave King fell, he suddenly jumped on Grandet, which was the closest to him, and then the Skeleton Slave King directly broke off his arm and then directly pierced Grandet’s body with the broken bone of his arm.
Crit 6
A huge injury directly turned Grandet into a corpse, and with Grandet’s death, the skeleton slave king also fell.
The white crape myrtle pulled Grandet up and Grandet looked at the skeleton slave king’s body with a sigh.
With the death of the skeleton slave king, this new round of fighting has finally come to an end.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Make sure this ring is not an artifact
After the death of the Skull Slave King, Gao Rang and others got a very good harvest. When the former Skull Slave Warrior died, he didn’t explode anything to Grandet and Ye Ye were still very depressed. Now it seems that it should be unified to the original super elite, and all the explosive things should be attributed to this boss.
The boss people directly contributed three pieces of equipment and two skills. Although there was no gem explosion, nine bottles of blood medicine and six bottles of potions broke out. The explosive amount of this medicine really shocked everyone.
This boss also broke out a strange box. This box is in an unidentified state, so it can be temporarily appraised at Grandet’s place.
Let’s look at the three pieces of equipment contributed by boss. Although one of these three pieces of equipment is orange and the other two pieces are blue, everyone is still very satisfied.
Dead scabbard (special blue) HP+55
Attack speed+15%
Additional Attribute 1 Constitution+9
2 Strength+7
3 All attacks by the wearer add 15 additional dead air damage.
Negative effects of all death and ptomaine skills
Number of holes for equipment inlay 2 (not inlaid)
Equip all two-turn swordsmen, swordsmen and magic swordsmen in the class.
Exclusive professional attributes All sword attack damage+5% has a 2% chance to see the opponent’s defense; Epidemic all immediate death skills.
Special hidden features, special blue equipment, therefore, special purple equipment "Life-and-Death Gankun scabbard" can be assembled into a special purple equipment "Life-and-Death Gankun scabbard".
Equipment level 2 to 37.
It’s a special equipment, and it can be directly synthesized. It’s very important for this kind of synthesizable equipment. Of course, some of this equipment is amazing. It seems that four components are needed. It seems that we have to slowly gather together after the night.
But fortunately, this is an extremely rare swordsmen’s exclusive deputy equipment, and there is just no deputy before Ye Ye. Now it is much more for no reason. The attribute of Yuzryha Night has suddenly increased a lot
Receiving a blue ring is even more surprising to everyone.
Dead Will (Blue) Absolute Attack 23
Additional Attribute 1 Constitution+1
All attacks by the wearer add 15 additional dead air damage.
Negative effects of all death and ptomaine skills
4 When the wearer’s blood drops by 5%, both physical attack power and magic attack power are+2% and attack speed+5%.
Number of holes for equipment inlay 2 (not inlaid)
Equipment occupation, all two-turn occupations.
Exclusive professional attributes+5% of all attack skill damage and 2% of the chance to see the opponent’s defense; Epidemic all immediate death skills.
Equipment level 2 to 3
I really didn’t expect that the basic attack of this ring would be an absolute attack. That is to say, the 23 attacks of this ring are completely ignoring the physical defense and magical defense. Even if you don’t change a purple or orange device, it will make people feel even more emotional. The basic attribute of this ring also comes with the fate attribute of resistance.
Such a sharp attack is naturally going to be given to the number one exporter in the team. Although both physics and magic classes can be used, there is no magic exporter in the team yet, and the last additional attribute of this ring makes it more suitable for a melee fighting profession. This ring finally belongs to the old cat.
After getting the ring, the old cat was directly happy from ear to ear.
Ye Ye and the cat said with sour grapes that "the level is so low that it will soon be eliminated."
The old cat gave the two men a white look and said, "I’m happy to wear it when I’m old!" "
Next, it’s time for the final highlight. This time, the only orange equipment comes out.
Necklace engraved on the victim (orange) Attack 33532 Magic Attack 34237
Negative effects of all death and ptomaine skills
The skill of "all diseases are dead"
Additional Attribute 1 Constitution+1