Kay answered "Ke" very simply.

"Can go to our stronghold to talk about? As far as I know, those who are fighting with the zombie king are a group of people. "Frost moon and thunder old blade master pointed to the dwarf infantry who were huddled together.
Kay thought it didn’t look like a conspiracy. He turned his head and asked Nami Xiaoxin.
"Yeah! Is uncle orc going to invite me to drink in a big bowl and eat meat in a big bowl? " Nami Xiaoruixin saw that the old man had helped her beat and bullied her. People felt very good about this orc blade master and agreed to his request without thinking.
Although Frost Moon Lei Ming is an orc, he has lived in this world for many years after all. At this time, he already knew that these two little people turned out to be a couple. With Nami’s small core to answer, he no longer asked Kay to turn around and stride ahead to lead the way.
The old orc took a few steps and didn’t forget to turn back to the people who were attacking zombies in Wang Wu. "When you kill this zombie king, I have already drunk the wine and watched your conspiracy thoroughly! Ha ha ha! "
Kay raised her hand and sucked the big backpack that he had just put at the gate of the psychic tower …
Although the five people slaughtered the zombie Wang Gong, it was close to the end, but at this time, the zombie king was the most violent. They chased Kay. They looked at Kay Yunxi Haier, Nami Xiaorui Core, and the orc blade master Frost Moon Thunder gradually disappeared into the night …
1 Snowy night hurricane
The night in the undead city is hard to be weird and gloomy, but the war has passed in Nami. Xiao Rui Xin Kai Yunxi Haier smiled at each other. Both of them were slightly sweet. Kai didn’t like to be born in front of strangers. His red and gold broken hair buried his face in an iron mask and stopped talking.
Nami Xiaorui core is in a good mood and wobbly, and a little new one is quietly born.
Gradually walking out of the edge of the undead city, the old orc man Frost Moon and Thunder asked, "You two little people don’t have mounts, do you?"
"No, we are all sports people," replied Nami Xiaoxin.
Frost on thunder pointed to the nearby dark forest. "I have two mounts here. Why don’t you go to the stronghold first? I’m tired when I walk for a long time, so just play with me. "
"good! Give it to us. "Nami Xiao Rui Xin smoothed the old orc man Hu smiled and turned in the direction of the old orc man.
Didn’t walk a few steps Nami small core again scared back hands and a half in front of panic tunnel "there are two big white wolves! So scary. "
The orc old blade master laughed, and Kay’s face was hidden in an iron mask and smiled.
"Let you laugh at me, let you laugh at me" Nami Xiaoxin Xiaoyu refers to gently pinching Kay’s silver armor with ice and snow.
"We orcs have always been wolves as mounts." Frost and thunder speak for Kay.
"Afraid it will eat you?" Nami small core leaned his head and asked.
"No, wolves are our most sincere brothers."
"Well, they and I will be good brothers and sisters," Nami Xiaoruixin encouraged herself.
She was laughed at by two men just now because of panic, and then she walked ahead with a brave face and a brave look.
Two men wanted to laugh but dared not, so they walked with her to see the white wolf in the night.
Nami Xiaoxin, who walked beside the two white wolves, was always a little afraid that she would run to Kay Yunxi Haier to get a big backpack and hold it in front of the two white wolves. She also took out a lot of dried meat and breast meat and carefully fed it to the two white wolves.
Both White Wolves are excellent mounts trained by orcs. Seeing that their master came with Nami and Kay, they already had their respective positions in their hearts. At this time, Nami Xiaoxin took them, and the two White Wolves were so good. The two White Wolves also leaned out their heads and carefully ate dried meat.
"They are really good" Nami small core back to Kay way.
Kay hid behind the iron mouth and smiled and didn’t return to her side. Frost, moon and thunder rolled over and rode a big white wolf, and the two little people simply left.
Kay rolled over with a big backpack and rode the white wolf’s hand to Nami Xiaoxin Xiaoxin to beat his hand. After a while, he took his hand and was hugged by him.
Kay briefly patted the white wolf behind his ears. The white wolf was very knowing and went after his companion.
Nami Xiaoruixin rode on the white wolf at the beginning, but she was still very clever, but soon she curiously touched the wolf’s back hair in the wilderness and tentatively set up the soft fluff in the wolf’s ear. Seeing that the wolf was very docile, the horse felt that the wolf was really a strange commodity, and she was very happy to hold the big wolf’s head.
Nami Xiaoruixin held the big head of the white wolf and shouted, "Go, go, run over the front, run over the front!"
Who knows that this big white wolf actually understood her words and ran very happily. Nami Xiaorui core thought big joy held the wolf and kissed it. The wolf was even more happy to raise his head and scream, vowing to chase the frosty moon and thunder in front of him.
The white wolf in front of the frosty moon and thunder rides with blade master’s frosty moon and thunder riding, and it’s good to encourage her to ride with Kay again. It’s impossible for the white wolf to run through the frosty moon and thunder riding there.
But the orc old man Frost Moon Thunder also loves Nami Xiaoxin very much. This mind is evil and lovely. My little girl Frost Moon Thunder is sitting and sleeping in the white wolf. The two white wolves and a little girl are having sex with each other. Kai sees that these three small animals are having such a good time, but no matter how close their eyes, they dare not think about it.
You know, this white wolf has lived in the orc tribe since he was a child, and every day he leads a paramilitary life-when to eat and when to enter the nest is stipulated by someone. How many times have you tasted this wolf’s pursuit of nature? Where have you ever felt this kind of sexual nonsense? The two white wolves became more and more happy that you chased each other and ran away.
Nami Xiaorui patted the white wolf while cheering and cheering, and its ear hugged its neck. The white wolf was infected by human spirit and ran around happily. At this time, Nami Xiaorui felt the speed, and the shadows around him quickly fell backwards in the dark …
Nami Xiaoruixin also has a little fear at this moment. Hold on to the white wolf’s hair for fear that he will fall.
The white wolf, the temporary master, was so excited that he wanted to achieve the mission of rapid charge by grasping his own strength. The white wolf’s sense of mission greatly increased and he ran explosively …
Finally, Nami Xiaoxin and Kay rode the white wolf, which surpassed the frosty moon, thunder and thunder, and blade master rode the white wolf, and the three of them arrived at their destination first.
Kay hugged Nami Xiaorui Core to the white wolf Nami Xiaorui Core, which was scared slightly by the speed just now, but it was very painful to see that the wolf was cold and sweaty.
Nami Xiaoxin took the bag from Kay, took out a lot of dried meat jerky, and carefully fed it to the white wolf. Although the white wolf was rough and savage in his childhood, the orc man rarely took care of any animals. At this time, he saw Nami Xiaoxin taking care of it so carefully, and he was very happy to eat it. This spray was sprayed on Nami Xiaoxin’s hand, and many pieces of ice made Nami Xiaoxin scold it. Neither did he like it.
At this time, blade master of Frost Moon also rode the white wolf to the orc stronghold and floated on the horse. The white wolf rode by blade master of Frost Moon lost again, and no one answered. It painfully threw a big head on the ground and went to lie down in the snow and ice.
Nami Xiaoxin saw that the wolf was very interesting and took some dried meat to Kay. "You can feed it."
Kay squinted at the wolf, and the wolf was also very arrogant. The creatures were lying on the ground and half looked up at Kay …
One man, one wolf, the more you look at it, the less pleasing to the eye.
"oh! You two boys are still fighting, aren’t you? " Nami Xiaoxin stamped her little boots there and asked Nami Xiaoxin that she was wearing short snow boots at this moment. Although not as sexy and attractive as those girls wearing high-heeled boots, she also had a cute and charming look. She stamped her feet in the snow and ice at night, which belonged to her cute and unruly!
Kay said in her heart, "How can I be as knowledgeable as this wolf? This girl is full of nonsense when she plays with sex."
Kay ignored her and turned to feed the white wolf lying on the ground. "Hey, young man, I like you, an arrogant boy."
When the white wolf on the ground saw Kay coming to feed it, he spoke in such a good tone that he devoured Kay and handed it dried meat.