Walker’s eyes were almost crossed by a figure, and then Anthony flew over to Nash.

"so fast!" Walker came to sigh with emotion.
Anthony’s idea was to help his body block Nash’s vision. He was ready to go as soon as Nash rushed in, but he didn’t dare to be careless. He didn’t fly out until he confirmed that Nash would end the attack himself. The first step quickly made him burst into amazing speed in a short distance and covered the surface before Nash ran out of the ball and landed.
The ball was slammed to the backboard and then bounced back and Anthony grabbed it.
"Earl, run!"
Anthony grabbed the ball and shouted without looking back
After Bo Ekins was picked and rolled by Nowitzki, he didn’t come to the three-point line to make up for the defense. When Anthony shouted, the usual training results were reflected in a glance. He ran to the Mavericks backcourt for the first time
Anthony turned around and saw that it had been saved. Bo Ekins threw the ball directly to the frontcourt
The Mavericks players turned to look back at this moment, and Bo Ekins had already caught Anthony throwing the ball and rode the dust to the Mavericks basket and easily hit the board to score two points.
The shouting of the fans at the scene came to an abrupt end and they were preparing for Nash’s applause. The fans did not expect this scene to happen.
"Merlot is so fast!" Brown can’t help but admire.
"No" Johnson unexpectedly disagreed with Brown’s words, "Devon Nash’s speed is also very fast. Compared with speed, Melo showed his judgment. If he hadn’t prepared the ball early, no one would have blocked Nash."
Brown thought for a moment and nodded, "Nash is a little careless, but on the whole, Melo’s goal has boosted the morale of the Nuggets. You see, the Nuggets’ mental outlook is completely different from that at half time."
"This is Melo’s ability to change the situation." Johnson looked at Anthony with satisfaction.
Anthony was unusually calm at this time. He was relieved when he saw Bo Ekins throw the goal, and then looked up at the scoreboard score.
"15 points is not enough."
Anthony muttered to himself, turning around and retreating from the backcourt, knowing that the Mavericks would be more careful after these two rounds, and it would be difficult to take the game.
"Run and run!" Old Nelson is driving the Suns like a rabbit on the sidelines at this time. Obviously, he is very dissatisfied with the attack just now.
Nash continued to control the ball forward, and his expression didn’t change much, but his dribbling frequency was faster than before, and his eyes were more focused than before.
Apparently Nash is serious.
Nash advanced to the Mavericks frontcourt, and he made a pick-and-roll gesture to the left and right sides at the same time.
Nowitzki and Finley rushed over without hesitation.
A left and a right pick-and-roll appeared a breakthrough route, but Nash didn’t choose to do that at the moment. He moved quickly to Nowitzki’s side with the ball and didn’t bypass it. Bo Ekins could change defenders with Wang Zhizhi.
Nash was right, Wang Zhizhi.
Defender Walker saw this scene at the bottom line at this time, and suddenly the dark corner was bad. Such a relief was simply to find a sword and insert a wooden shield.
After Nash played against Wang Zhizhi, other Mavericks players quickly scattered around to make room for Nash’s misplaced singles.
Nash dribbled quickly on his hip after holding the ball, and Wang Zhizhi’s center of gravity also swayed from side to side.
Nash seized the opportunity and suddenly accelerated to the right, breaking through Wang Zhizhi and quickly defending the past.
Nash saw Wang Zhizhi move a big dribble from right to left.
Two people have a speed difference, and Wang Zhizhi shakes it directly.
Nash swayed Wang Zhizhi and didn’t choose to shoot for the first time, but jumped back to the three-point line before jumping up and shooting.
As soon as "Shua" sounded, Nash hit a steady three-pointer and pulled the score to the edge of two points again.
Nash brushed his long hair after hitting the shot, followed by a shake and a retreat. The long hair fluttered abnormally.
The Nuggets players’ faces showed a trace of frustration.
Anthony didn’t say anything at the moment, but ran to Bo Ekins and said just four words, "Give me the ball."
As soon as Anthony got to the half of the Nuggets round, Bo Ekins gave the ball to him directly, and the Nuggets players consciously scattered around.
At this time, Anthony, a rookie, once again shouldered all the hopes of the Nuggets
Defending Anthony is Walker. He can’t help but swallow his saliva at this time. Although the opposite is a rookie, although he has also been selected as a star, Anthony’s previous block has given him a great visual impact. That is beyond the rookie’s ability. Even the defensive experts in the league can do that. After all, it is crazy to predict Nash’s move. At this time, he has to face Anthony alone.
Anthony took a long breath, then sank down and made his most familiar move, sweeping his gun across his right foot, shaking his hands to block Walker’s defender and squeezing out enough activities.
Then milli omen suddenly jumped in one place.
Walker was also surprised to see Anthony’s shot-it didn’t end with a prelude at all, but it was unreasonable. In a hurry, he tried to jump up and interfere with Anthony’s shot
After Anthony jumped up, his eyes were fixed on the basket. Walker jumped up. He didn’t care, even the shouts of the surrounding fans were left behind by him. He had a ball in his hand and a basket as big as the sea in front of him.
It was Anthony’s offensive means to make a sudden stop and pull three points, but how could Anthony wait until then when he crossed over? He had already practiced several times in his usual training, and he didn’t choose to make it because of his hand injury.
The characteristic of this trick is to play the defender’s position. Walker said that he couldn’t block the ball without jumping with him. Anthony’s concentration is in the center of the basket at the moment.
A brief lag Anthony’s finger flicked the ball from the top of the ball and flew towards the basket with a high-speed spin.
Perfect to picky parabola
After Anthony’s shot, his body fell, and Walker was still jumping up and down.
The ball falls into the net bag accurately as if a navigation device is installed.
Anthony retaliated with a three-pointer!
"It’s completely unreasonable ~" Brown said with emotion at this time.
"Ha-ha, it’s just that this style is too much for my appetite!" Johnson praised with a smile on his mouth
After Anthony hit three points, there was still no emotional fluctuation. Although he pulled the difference back to 15 points again, there were still 15 points, which was equivalent to wasting nearly a minute.
Just then D ‘Antoni unexpectedly called a timeout.
At this time, there is still nearly half time in the third quarter, and the Nuggets have momentum. D’ Antoni’s suspension surprised everyone
Anthony is also a little puzzled.
However, after all, the suspension is to suspend the number of players on both sides and return to their respective benches
D ‘Antoni watched the Nuggets players walk away and put the tactical board in the hands of assistant coach Thorpe, who was about to speak.
"Coach, don’t blame Melo. He played because he saw the team was behind, not because he didn’t play according to your tactical requirements." Miller couldn’t help but say first when he returned to the bench.
D ‘Antoni couldn’t help laughing. Miller also called this timeout because he wanted to blame Anthony.
Anthony looked up when he heard Miller talk, and thought about it carefully. He did violate the coach’s practice. Now that he wants to come to D ‘Antoni, it is very likely that this is called timeout.
Other players in the Nuggets also looked at D ‘Antony like an epiphany, saying that they unconsciously followed Anthony to "confront" head coach Wei.
"No, Andre, you misunderstood me when I called a timeout because I found out I was wrong." D ‘Antoni went on to surprise all the players.