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Everyone in the blue sky wears a mask on their face. Although the virtual suit has not been activated, there is a blue sky in the team. The spirit of the blue sky is extremely high. Although it is also talking and laughing, the blue sky is always paying attention to the surrounding environment. Don’t want to cause a lot of trouble. Start the virtual suit immediately when a man arrives. Stealth is even more because many women hide their faces and change their faces. Props make themselves extremely ugly. Seeing men passing by is mostly surprising. How can there be such a thing now? The team is extremely ugly, so all the women came here and fell into the title of ugly mercenary group. All the women complained about the blue sky, but the blue sky refused all the women’s demands, insisting that all the women be ugly. Only in this way, all the women would not have a lot of trouble in taking risks, but although they all resisted the blue sky, they also thought that all the women were not stunning in their hearts. Among them, Xiao Yueye, Du Qian, Qing and other women all had the charm of making men absolutely crazy. No matter whether the blue sky was selfish or it was absolutely necessary for everyone to do so, the blue sky has always been.
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The heartache of many masters in the star is that with more and more masters, all the big beast-level BOSS have been looted by players. Up to now, many players have brought one or two beast pets, but many players have chosen powerful Warcraft as pets, and these players usually upgrade and upgrade their strength the fastest, but they have to pay a certain price for choosing Warcraft. For example, more and more beast pets have made many players give up their long-term pets to get beast pets, and many players have sold them. Beasts and pets come to make huge profits, and this year, the blue sky is also full of women who have changed their beasts. After all, the beasts are still stronger than all the abilities of the blue sky after growing up. However, the female beasts help in the blue sky, but they are chaotic beasts instead of ordinary beasts. This is the blue sky that has always been the most proud. Many chaos in the same two stars goes to the players. The pets owned by the players are all chaotic pets, which makes the chaos players have a greater advantage.
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Many of the equipment left in the early days of Blue Sky were also put in the Chaos Equipment Hall. If there is chaos, players can put enough deposit to get this equipment, so that if the equipment is lost in the player’s body, the player’s deposit will be automatically deducted. At the same time, if the equipment is expensive, the player must pay more money to compensate. In this way, Blue Sky has bought many high-level and various attribute equipment to put in the Chaos Professional Hall through various means. Rent it to the players so that the blue sky can make huge profits from it, and the players don’t buy high-priced equipment, so that both sides are naturally happy, and the players can sell it at a high price, or they can keep it for the total players. This way, the more you earn, the more the blue sky can earn through this price difference.
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In addition, the blue sky has cultivated the chaotic nature of pets. Although the year in reality is short, the game is its long place. Although the blue sky is sometimes busy, it also has a third of leisure time. Although the blue sky has not been seen outside the star, it has been in charge of chaos for a long time. What’s more, it has a hidden face. How many people can recognize the blue sky in these days? Through the chaotic nature, it has created several high-level chaotic monsters, and then released these monsters individually. Chaos is auctioned to chaos players. Everyone knows the chaos attribute. Every player knows it very well. By getting this chaotic attribute monster, he can get his own chaotic core, and then his pet can change the attribute in this way. Of course, the chaotic attribute monster must be higher than the player’s pet class. However, all this is not important, because every time the blue sky releases the chaotic attribute monster, it is released from hell, and these are all transformed by various attributes. In the end, the blue sky not only gets a lot of money, but also makes the chaotic players’ strength greatly improved, which is also the BOSS explanation for themselves and players.
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In addition, players who enter a two-star player will not be disconnected from a one-star player. However, when both parties talk or send money through a star bank, the total price will be deducted by 30%. Few players will lose like this, but how many stars are drawn from it doesn’t mean that no one will do it, and chaos is one of the biggest customers. However, two stars can send money to one star, but they can’t send things or equipment. This will break the power of one star, which is stopped by one star. Although the players are in the seventeenth order, However, I don’t want to enter the second star, but help many friends around me to advance and upgrade together, and then do it together in the end, so that everyone can help and take care of each other after arriving at the second star
Epilogue III of Part II
I didn’t finish it because of my personal factors. The outline has at least 1.5 million words, but I signed it to other networks because of my life problems, which led to the joint person being cheated again. Because it has been several months, I don’t want to talk about it now. It can be said that this is a pity and a lesson that I can’t forget in my heart.
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It also made me see the attitude of a net-to-person. Even if I don’t write much here, it doesn’t make sense. After that, I was in the mood to continue writing two months ago, but if I want to continue writing, I will be connected with the original net, and I don’t want to continue to deal with that net in my life. This is over. I still remember that when I asked for money, I asked my grandfather to tell my grandmother to ask me for my remuneration. In the end, although I was coming, I was played and didn’t have the heart to write many thoughtful friends. I hope everyone can understand that I
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Pingfan Road of Online Games
Poor diaosi Gao Rang bought spicy strips in Taobao.
But I chose the "New World" game helmet.
Having just been fired, he became a professional player with this ideal of "climbing to the top of his life and marrying the rich and beautiful"
However, as soon as he entered the game, he was troubled by successive sad reminders. Fortunately, in the novice village, he met a friend like Grandet, and they supported each other and finally walked out of the novice village.
Can Gao Rang and Grandet break a new world of their own in the world outside the novice village?
The problem of letting the protagonist play high.
I know that many readers will think that the protagonist in this novel has a lot of high-yielding scenes, which are not excellent at all, and some of them are suppressed by Grandet and other teammates. In fact, this is all my intention.
If you look closely at the reader, you will find one thing, that is, high yield and change.
What kind of person is Gao Rong? With the understanding of Grandet and those friends, Gao Rong has gradually changed after some experience in the game.
Gao Rang’s communication ability has not changed from a little before to thinking and adjusting now; It used to be a game, and now Xiaobai knows how to choose how to fight. Then, looking back, you will find that the charisma of Gao Rang’s leaders is gradually showing up.
In the early stage, I wrote this not only to make Gao Rong grow up a little, but also to show the character and ability of some main characters, because these players will be very important in the later plot.
For example, in the first volume, I have been to Meishan Nine, and there will be a story with them in the back, and Scorpio and Dahlia will both appear again, and the story will be more exciting then, so I won’t spoil it here.
When will the protagonist become stronger and more prominent? I can tell you that Gao Rong will officially open the protagonist’s aura after the third turn and level 5. Now it is very close to the third turn, and the protagonist has accumulated equipment. In this chapter, Gao Rong got an extraordinary artifact. I will spoil it a little, and then Gao Rong will get another special equipment that is even rarer than the artifact. This equipment is his watershed. Hehe, don’t, I won’t continue to spoil it. Please stay tuned!
Also, some people say that an online game novel is too boring to upgrade. No, pk has talked too much about this. I know that there will be more and more conflicts later. After all, if the new alliance wants to reach the top of the game, it must be fighting.
In addition, before entering the third turn, there is still a short fragment of burning passion. At that time, the new alliance will have a fight with the Sijun Black Wolf team. What will be the specific result? Hehe, of course I won’t say it. I just did this plot in the second volume when I was making the plot framework. I will change the results according to the situation, so please look forward to it!
I have said a lot of nonsense. I always thank readers for their comments and support. I hope you can vote for me. I thank you again.
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Update at two o’clock every day is not necessarily about noon to update a chapter, and then update a chapter after 5 pm.
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Changes of Artifact Attributes in the Three-Turn Era (Micro-Spoiler)
* * * * * * 3 After the upgrade, the artifacts of the new alliance members have also changed. Many artifact attributes have been weakened, and some attributes have been strengthened. Some attributes have become other new attributes, but unchanged is the absolute strength of the artifact.
[Thick Product] Heavenly Craft Remodeling Box (Silver) HP+9 Magic+32
Life recovery speed+6%
Magic recovery speed+45%
[Thick Product] When the pulse energy reaches 5 points, it can consume 25 points of pulse energy and 1 point of magic. Launching a "pulse nuclear explosion" will cause 1 point of pulse damage to all enemies within a range of 5 meters around the performer, and there is a 5% chance to enter a weak state lasting for 2 seconds. In this state, the physical attack power and magic attack power are both 2% and the attack speed is 1% (this attribute can be cast once a day in the non-transformation state, and the pulse energy cannot be collected by mechanical transformation for one hour after casting this attribute).
Additional Attribute 1: Skill damage of all offensive skills in the profession+25%
2+3% for all non-offensive skills and skill effects of the profession.
Every time the wearer consumes 25 magic points, he will automatically recover his blood volume by 1 point and accumulate pulse energy by 1 point.
For every 4 points of blood loss, the wearer will automatically restore his magic by 15 points and accumulate pulse energy by 1 point.
The wearer will gain 5 points of physical defense and 35 points of magic defense every time he kills a monster with a level of 2 or higher than his own level of 5, and 15 points of accumulated pulse energy can be superimposed. The superposition state will be automatically refreshed the next day.
6. When the cumulative pulse energy of the wearer is more than or equal to 5 points, the physical defense and magic defense are both+15%; When the cumulative pulse energy of the wearer is greater than or equal to points, the physical attack power and magic attack power are both+15%; Every time you consume 5 points of pulse energy, you will get a triple chance of crit damage, and you can stack the crit stack limit for 5 times.
Equipment special effects When the player is equipped with this equipment, a small mini package will be added to the player’s deputy’s arm. The player can automatically configure different equipment combinations in the combat state, and can also directly choose the assembly serial number to directly change clothes with one button.
Equipment Skill Pulsed Beam (Advanced)
The pulse beam (advanced) condenses its own pulse energy and merges it into a beam with strong aggression. Launching an attack beam at the opponent will forcibly ignore the physical and magical defense of the opponent, causing direct damage to the opponent and adding 25 fixed pulse damage. The attacker has a 25% chance to enter a state of paralysis or dizziness for 13 seconds and consume 2 pulse energy. The attack distance is 35 meters; Skill cooldown is 15 minutes.