Chapter start

The first chapter is coming back from the dead! (Chapter 12 Merger)
Chapter one Xiao Qi is dead!
"Brother Xiaowu, your brother, I won the lottery or the first prize won’t scare you to death."
"Hey … Brother Xiaowu, if you are still alive, will you be scared to death by me?"
"Hey hey, it’s a good thing you die first, or who will take care of you when I die?"
"The elder brother of the small five, you are so malicious that you don’t even say goodbye to me …"
It’s really hot in midsummer. The heat wave just came out, and the sweat was quickly dried by the high temperature. The shirt clung to the body, which made Xiaoqi feel tied.
Xiaoqi took off her black suit and tie at the funeral, but also unbuttoned her shirt. The hospital ladder is still under repair, and Xiaoqi can walk slowly from the ladder to the top step by step without waiting.
If Xiaoqi remembers correctly, today should be the first day of school on September, right? What a wonderful day! Many students are rushing to report to the school, and all of them are chrysanthemums of the motherland.
After climbing the 7-story stairs, Xiaoqi was panting, and his white shirt was almost wet and sticky, and it was very uncomfortable to stick to his skin. His hand was also wet with sweat, and Xiaoqi began to regret that he had not exercised for too long. If I had known, I would have waited. Maybe the ladder repairman would have repaired the ladder soon.
Finally, I found that Anmen was locked on the top floor. Xiaoqi thought he should take the Gregorian calendar with him. Today is his worst day. Now he doesn’t even lock the top floor of the building at ordinary times, and he also locks it.
Xiaoqi found a fire extinguisher can and removed the lock. He didn’t want to open the door. Someone told him that the top floor was being decorated, so he must throw the fire extinguisher directly in his face.
Fortunately, the door opened and the top floor remained the same. Xiaoqi heaved a sigh, put a fire extinguisher at the door and walked to the corner, where he settled his mood. Looking down at night, it was always very beautiful. This is the top floor of a hospital inpatient department.
Brother Xiaowu lives on the most expensive and best floor in the hospital, and Xiaoqi will always come here quietly for a while after seeing everyone in recent years.
Unfortunately, Brother Xiaowu is gone now, and this place has lost its final meaning.
Shaking in the scorching sun will make the clouds tan. After a short while, I feel too hot to stand. Just climb over the guardrail with one hand and watch the people crawling like ants at the bottom of the building. All kinds of cars are just bigger than a matchbox. Look at the terrain. Let’s move, or we’ll have to kill ourselves if we die. I don’t know if the generation of terrifying people will vote for a good family.
Holding the guardrail with his hand, Xiaoqi walked briskly along the outer edge of the guardrail. If anyone saw it, his heart would jump with fear. If he fell on the seventh floor, it would be a meat pie. Thanks to his walking on the ground.
Xiaoqi turned a corner and looked at the terrain again. This is what Xiaoqi often knows about the weeds growing behind the hospital. One person thinks about them and moves aside. He doesn’t want to jump and bury them in the weeds until they stink.
I moved a few steps and poked my head out to see Feng Shui. After watching for a while, the corners of my mouth finally hooked up.
It’s just here. There are usually no people walking around the back door of the hospital, especially now at noon, and I’m not afraid of hitting people when I jump.
Xiaoqixin sighs that jumping off a building is also a technical job.
Choosing the best position, Xiaoqi just sat on the edge of the guardrail with only one foot touching the ground. Whoever saw this thrilling scene would scream out, but the party concerned just started to fold the paper plane with the laboratory paper.
If someone looks up at this time, you will see a young man in a white shirt intently folding a paper plane. The young man’s eyes are handsome and the corners of his mouth are slightly raised, which is not worse than the stars in his eyes. His legs are slender and straight, and his legs are hanging on the outer edge. The young man is focused on his hands. The paper plane is white and slender, and his fingers are turned over, which is eye-catching like art.
But this is the test sheet that determines his life and death. It has been diagnosed.
It’s a nice name for AIDS, and there’s an English name, but it’s a call of death
The wind blew and swept away the paper plane that Xiaoqi had not folded in his hand. Xiaoqi clapped his hands and sighed as if he were relieved. He didn’t want to be seen by Xiaowu.
At last, I took a look at the young man who had gone with the wind and smiled briefly, and then I jumped into my life at the age of 8.
Chapter II Xiaoqi is alive!
"Hey, get up before you die!"
I just heard a rude roar in my ear. For a second, Xiaoqi felt that she had been kicked in the back. It really hurt. Xiaoqi thought it was too unkind to kick others. Can’t a person’s body be better if he dies?
"I told you to get up and hear? Don’t dirty my carpet. "
The man said that, and then he gave a good kick. This time, he kicked Xiaoqi in the thigh, and Xiaoqi could bear it.
Nima’s dead, there’s no peace. I’ll show you the corpse
Xiaoqi sat up suddenly, trying to keep her eyes wide open, and stretched out her hands straight forward like a zombie.
"It’s really make mean to kick up the carpet is so comfortable? Then you don’t sleep in bed and roll a carpet to lie prone. "
Xiao Qifa believes the aggressive eyes and vicious words of this handsome young man.
"Master? ! Blue morning? You … I’m not … "Xiao Qi exclaimed in disbelief that he was not dead. However, ghosts also dream?
Damn, that’s a nightmare!
"Call so big why a ghost? If you’re not dead, get the things quickly. God, I want to take them away. "
Who the hell is this? Damn it!
Isn’t he already dead? Jumping to the seventh floor of the hospital, Xiaoqi didn’t believe that he still had the possibility of living. The excitement of jumping from such a high place was not bungee jumping. It seemed that he had never played bungee jumping, but the wind flashed past his ear like a knife. Even the last moment he had no memory, but at the moment of death, Xiaoqi was sure that he had nothing to remember with his eyes open, but he was a little unwilling.
At this time, someone knocked at the door outside the blue morning room. "Do you have any orders, young master?"
Xiaoqi sounds familiar. Think about it. It’s probably the housekeeper.
Lan Chen glanced at Xiao Qi and said, "It’s okay. I told you not to bother me."
I really don’t understand what all this is about for Xiaoqi, but I’m still confused in my mind, but I’m still carefully climbing the chair under the pressure of blue morning and looking at Xiaoqi’s eyes, but I really wonder why he’s still alive. And this scene how deja vu?
Before Xiaoqi recovered, the person behind him shouted coldly, "Don’t be silly. The folder is in the black one in the second box on your left."
Xiaoqi looked up along the blue morning. When his fingers touched the black folder, Xiaoqi’s eyes were so wide that he looked back at a face of impatience. Qingchen Xiaoqi almost fell from the chair again.
He remembers this scene, but it has been ten years.
That year, Blue Morning was admitted to Beijing with excellent results, and the personal servant of Master B, the size of seven, naturally followed, and his admission score was even fifteen points higher than that of Blue Morning. Blue Morning News is the same course for Finance Xiaoqi, but to be honest, Xiaoqi doesn’t like finance, he prefers literature.
On the night before he left, Lan Chen also asked Xiao Qi to put a black folder at the end of the room to bring it. Although she didn’t know what was in the folder, Xiao Qi remembered that she accidentally fell from her chair when she picked it up, and she was kicked up by Lan Chen for a short time.
"Master, is there anything else you want to bring to school tomorrow?" Xiaoqi endured extreme anxiety and handed the folder to Lan Chen, trying to find out the words of the year. If he remembered correctly, Lan Chen replied, why didn’t you ask me what I didn’t want to bring?
"Why don’t you ask me what I don’t want to bring?"
I don’t care about Lan Chen’s undisguised malice. Xiaoqi smiled exactly the same and answered the question.
"A young master with a tattoo is not necessarily a rogue. He may be Yue Fei."
It’s just an ordinary online buzzword, but Lan Chen squinted. He slowly turned around like a wolf and stared at Xiao Qi, who smiled quietly.
"What do you mean?" Lan Chen lowered his voice and gradually narrowed his eyes.
Lan Chen’s aura is irresistible to ordinary people. If it is the former Xiaoqi, his legs must be weak, but he is not the original Xiaoqi.
"oh? Haven’t you heard this sentence, master? Then I made a slip of the tongue, young master. If there’s nothing to tell me, then I’ll retire first. "It means that you are mistaken sometimes.
Let’s talk about Xiaoqi. Before the blue morning comes out, he bows down and retreats. Although this man is handsome and extraordinary, his body proportion is simply the result of precision instrument calculation. In other words, he can also be said to be the emperor.
But Xiao Qi doesn’t want to stay next to this man’s face for a second. He has the impulse to pick up a kitchen knife and cut it off.
You didn’t kill boren, but boren died because of you.
Xiao Qi needs to follow the memory and run back to his room.
In front of the mirror, the slightly pale but young face is not seven hundred. In the mirror, Xiaoqi doesn’t say that she is skinny, but she really doesn’t have any meat. Xiaoqi knows what kind of body is wrapped in her shirt with a long hair and a pair of big-rimmed glasses that almost block more than half of her face. Xiaoqi even began to dislike herself, especially those big-rimmed glasses, which are his inferiority complex.
Xiaoqi can’t resist the excitement that penetrates his body and mind any longer. He tightens his nails and plunges them into his palm. At this moment, he has words to express his strange mood. He wants to shout, he wants to yell, he wants to hit someone, and he wants to …
For a long time, maybe for an hour or two, Xiaoqi remained motionless in front of the mirror, as still as ever. If his heart was still beating, no one would doubt that it was a statue.
Finally, Xiaoqi’s mood and facial expression calmed down, and then she took off her big-rimmed glasses and threw them into the trash can.
He doesn’t need this thing anymore!
Xiao Qi’s face shows that his age is extremely inconsistent. A cruel smile is like a poppy blooming quietly among flowers, enchanting but deadly.
The emperor was kind enough to bring him back to life ten years ago and gave him a chance to reshuffle. If so, all this has just begun to stop the tragedy from coming.