After the game, Ji Guoqiu executed tactics, and Blevennett also successfully broke through to the line with the help of cover.

At the same time, Ji Guo was ashamed to cut the basket under Artest’s cover, but was blocked by two jazz players by mistake. This is not the jazz’s foresight, but their defensive strategy is just right. The Clippers’ catch tactics belong to blind touch and death, and they actually caught the fox who wanted to break the record …
Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine Three records
"Damn it, I always want to score two points. It’s really not good. Let you win a game and let me score two points."
If Ji Guo was ashamed of what he was thinking, he would be stripped of his skin if he knew it. Seeing that the road ahead didn’t work, Fox had a brainwave and suddenly stopped and ran back …
Kirilenko was first blocked by Artest’s ball, and finally came around, only to find that the dead fox ran back, his foot slipped and the unlucky Russian fell directly to the ground.
Blaine Knight returned the basketball to Ji Guoqiu. Brother Panda had a chance to make a middle-distance shot, and the jazz player immediately came at him. However, Ji Guoqiu never planned to vote for himself. He didn’t care if he would lose to Ji Guoqiu for one million dollars. If he lost, he would default.
"I draft the uncle!"
Ji Guo was ashamed to know what he was thinking. Before he could continue cursing basketball, the blink of an eye had arrived.
"If you don’t give me money, I will kick you to paddle!" Ji Guo’s shame threatened that he didn’t think much about shooting a 1-foot middle-distance shot according to his body.
As soon as Ji Guo’s shameful hand basketball left his palm, he felt that he had the ball.
When the orange basketball was thrown, it seemed to slow down. Ji was ashamed to see Taylor Swift and Emma Watson holding their fists on their chests on the sidelines. I wonder if they were praying?
"I don’t believe in the emperor, but this goal is set!"
After Ji Guo’s shame fell to the ground, he thought in his heart that basketball had "swish" into the net. Fox laughed in his heart and said, Go to hell with everything. It’s always on his own!
The referee made an effective gesture of scoring goals. After Ji Guoshen landed, he turned and ran to Taylor Swift to give a hug to the little singer, but at the thought that he was covered in sweat, he finally kissed the little singer on the cheek.
"yuck!" Taylor Swift was so happy that she had to pretend to look at it. Many dead fox female fans were cursing that "green tea bitch is melodramatic!"
"I won a million dollars to buy a house, but I can pay in installments first." Ji Guoshi didn’t know what was wrong. Before leaving, he said this to Taylor Swift, which made the latter confused for a while.
"Forget it, I’m still going to default. If you kick me, I’ll tell Taylor Swift that you’re having an affair with little Hermione."
Ji Guo was furious with shame. "I have nothing to do with her!"
Ji Guoqiu laughed. "That depends on whether your little singer believes it or not."
The two men threatened each other in their hearts while returning to the defense. The score has become 14:1.
Ji Guo shamed himself into this middle distance and turned his score into 45 points, finally breaking his single-game scoring record.
Si Long wanted to call a timeout at the moment, but it was tragic to find that they had a short timeout of 2 seconds left. The Jazz had no choice but to call a timeout after this short timeout.
"If you don’t give them a three-point chance, two points won’t kill us, we will foul if we can’t prevent it, but don’t be beaten by them into two plus one." Old Deng Liwei told the players to defend at the last minute. It’s not easy for the Jazz to make a three-point hit now.
After the game, the Jazz was going to steal two points, which was a national humiliation. Deron Williams made a decisive foul in the basket and got two free throws.
Xiao Pang made two free throws with 39 seconds left in the game and the score was 1412.
The Clippers didn’t immediately call a timeout. Blevennett dribbled from the backcourt. Old Deng Liwei waited until he got to the frontcourt to call a timeout. There were 32 seconds left.
Old Deng Liwei’s procrastination method made jazz fans very angry, but they didn’t dare to foul the score. They didn’t have to foul it immediately, but their chances of winning the game decreased with each passing second, but who told them to fall behind?
After the Clippers paused, they played a weak side cut. This tactic has been successful, but I don’t know if Ji Guo was too excited. Of course, it may also be that Nash cursed that he missed the basket this time!
Nash smiled at his Canadian player’s record of four points, which seems to be won’t be broken today.
Clippers fans sighed in unison, while jazz players raised their eyebrows. However, halfway through, they saw a giant panda reaching out and grabbing the frontcourt rebounds again in Okutou. Clippers quickly dropped their last pause.
"He hung up!" Okur couldn’t help saying that the jazz players didn’t look at him very friendly. The Turks lost their backboards in a row. If they lost the game, they wouldn’t blame this guy at all.
The score is 14:12 with one second left in the game.
There were only a few left. The Jazz had no choice but to foul the Clippers as soon as they got here. Old Deng Liwei also knew what the other team would do. None of them shot less than 7% from free throws.
Jazz players finally chose to foul on Blaine Knight, and the twins’ free-throw percentage exceeded 9%. Old Deng Liwei prevented the team from finally falling to the free-throw line and changed Artest’s low free-throw percentage to 5%. Mobry now has the lowest free-throw percentage among the five Clippers. Blaine Knight has a% free-throw percentage.