"In this case, let me give it a name. Do you know what Xiao Gong means?" Lena, after all, is a veteran of business and laughs

"Go ahead" shaw war should be a ignored raina.
Raina didn’t mean that a weak aura penetrated into the sword body, and immediately generate gave a bright light like a salamander roaring.
"Hey ….." Looking at the light of the blade, Raina was a little surprised and immediately laughed. "If you don’t, just call it Fire Phoenix.
The whole auction house covers an area of nearly 300 square meters and is full of people.
The auction table in the middle is covered with red carpets.
When three gongs rang, the whole auction was quiet.
"Raina is here to make amends for keeping you waiting."
Raina, dressed in rose, wrapped herself tightly at the auction table, and twisted her coquetry every step of the way.
Taiwan immediately thought of a sigh and a big swallow.
Shaw war was arranged in a wing on the second floor, where you can clearly see the auction.
"Gee, this woman is really a demon, more severe than your fiancee," praised the cheap master.
"Why? Master is tempted? Do you want a disciple to help you fix it? She must throw herself at you with the strength of your master of sanctuary. "Xiao Zen laughed.
"Roll …" Cheap teacher took a white look at shaw war scold a way.
At this time, the bottom auction has been Xiao Zhan and it doesn’t mean that he auctions.
Listen, one auction has sold at a high price, and there are still some expectations for how much Xiao Zhan can sell his sword.
"Good face is the last auction today from Xiao San Ye Huang-level fire phoenix sword."
Raina smiled and waved her hand to uncover the red cloth on the desktop, revealing the fire wind sword inside. Because Raina had already lost a little fire spirit force in the blade first, it looked particularly touching to lift the red cloth and let the blade roar with fire.
"What? Yellow? Is it Master Xiao? "
"That is wrong? Once, someone bought one here. I wonder why Xiao’s weapons will be auctioned? "
"Who knows, maybe I want to earn more money. Xiao Jia’s great cause is naturally indispensable …"
"Who cares? I’ll take this sword."
Look, one thing after another, let’s hear it. Raina knows it’s time
"The reserve price of Yellow Fire Phoenix Sword is 320, and the price increase is at least 520 each time."
As raina voice falls, someone has called out.
"three hundred and twenty"
"three hundred and fifty-two"
"four hundred and twenty"
I’ve been calling for a hundred ounces of shaw war. On the second floor, I saw a burst of meat and jumped into a yellow weapon. I can sell it after a hundred ounces. I really don’t have to worry about having no money to spend.
"Is there a higher bid of 100 Liang princes?"
Raina is also eyebrow eye smile, a yellow weapon can be sold for a hundred taels, and the price is already sky-high
According to the value of the fire phoenix sword, it is far from the last finale, but weapons are in short supply recently, and this fire phoenix sword is also the only weapon in this auction, which was put in the end and unexpectedly won a high price.
"once in a hundred"
"a hundred and twenty times"
"Hundred taels …"
"one thousand two hundred"