She laughed even more happily, and her chest shrugged greatly, and she laughed and trembled with her. It was very attractive. Bella Da Ji put her index finger in her purple mouth and bit it. Then she said to Mu Feng, "Then you are not afraid of me?"

"I’m afraid of you?" Mu Feng still calmly asked her, even if Mu Feng knew that she was not as good as her, but after all, she was a player and not officially set up by the data institute. Mu Feng was so confident and not afraid of her.
Bella da Ji’s mouth was full of sly smiles. "Then I’ll eat you." As soon as she called Bella da Ji sweetly, she bit her little finger and then commanded the magic spider to approach Mu Feng. She looked as if she really wanted to eat Mu Feng.
Looking at the arrival of the magic spider, Mu Feng’s consciousness suddenly fell into tension. Is this magic spider queen Bella da ji fighting against herself? Although there is a gap between Mu Feng’s level and hers, if you really put it together, Mu Feng can make her lose her skin, and Mu Feng can be resurrected after she dies, and he can re-enter here.
"Well …" Bella da ji stammered a magic spider and then stopped. Now Bella da ji is only one meter away from Mu Feng.
Looking at Bella da Ji Mu Feng at close range is like seeing a beautiful woman with a normal figure. She is as round as a beautiful woman. Her small lips are quite upturned and her purple hair is perfect and attractive. Her skin color is purple, which makes Mu Feng, who was born yellow, somewhat repulsive.
"What do you want?" Mu Feng didn’t retreat, but Bella da ji started chatting. Mu Feng suddenly realized that the boss seemed harmless to himself.
Bella da ji sipped her mouth and chuckled, "I … want to play a game with you!"
"What game?" Mu Feng is in a trance.
"This game is that people give you three minutes. If you disappear from people’s sight, they will kill you." Bella da da da said like a soft girl.
Bella da ji’s meaning is very simple, that is, let Mu Feng hide the golden hole from here * * belongs to the vice map. Just click Exit Vice, but Mu Feng just came here. If he leaves now, it’s not the same as not coming.
"What if I say I won’t play this game with you?" Mu Feng rejected Bella da ji’s game.
"People say they’re going to kill you. Aren’t you leaving?" Bella da ji asked.
Mu Feng shook his head. This time, he was not afraid of this Bella. Although the spider woman spoke seriously, Mu Feng didn’t recognize that she would attack herself from the heart.
Bella da ji smiled and bit her little finger, and a pair of beautiful big eyes never turned away from Mu Feng. Mu Feng couldn’t understand what she was thinking and couldn’t guess what she was thinking. Finally, he heard Bella da ji sigh gently, "Brother Huang, you really don’t know others, otherwise we will meet again. This will be given to you first."
Bella da ji can be heard by Mu Feng, but Mu Feng can’t understand what a wild brother is. What I don’t know makes Mu Feng depressed? Does this spider woman know herself? Mu Feng was asking her what she meant when she saw Bella da ji and the magic spider shining with a dazzling purple luster.
The purple light lasted for three seconds. When the purple light disappeared, Mu Feng couldn’t see Bella Da Ji, but there was a rectangular purple box in the disappearance position of Bella Da Ji, which automatically flew to Mu Feng.
"ding! You got a gift from Bella da Ji, the queen of the magic spider. "
Mu Feng smiled and met a boss who said she didn’t kill him, so she gave herself a box for no reason.
(Friends of the Desert Temple Group 1716727, welcome in. Bullshit. ▽ ╰ ╭)
Chapter 233 The Golden Toad Blame of the Staff Fragments
Bella da Ji gift box Mu Feng got a long diamond crystal about 20 centimeters long with purple-black transparent color. There are obvious cuts at both ends, as if it had been broken by someone or something. It is not very important to hold this purple crystal in your hand. If it is a weapon, it can be used as a hidden weapons ambassador.
However, when Mu Feng scanned the properties of this thing, he was slightly dazed. This thing turned out to be a stave, or rather a stave fragment.
[Pieces of Trap Staff] Purple God-level weapons are scattered and used to synthesize the exclusive weapon of Emperor Lingshi. "Trap Staff" is a mysterious weapon with extremely evil power. A long time ago, the master of Trap Staff divided the trap staff into five pieces because of hatred for this weapon and then discarded it into the soul world.
"It’s another imperial lingshi weapon ….." Mu Feng looked at the shrapnel of the cudgel and sighed meaningfully. He wondered why Bella da ji would give the shrapnel of the cudgel to herself. Did she already know that she was an imperial lingshi and expected that she would come here? This ….. This is ridiculous.
But was Mu Feng holding the piece of the staff in his hand or did Bella da ji give it to him? It must be false to say that the magic spider queen didn’t know that she was a spiritual master, but if she did, would she still design np? This is a bug.
Mu Feng was both surprised and surprised. She concluded in her heart that this boss of Bella Da Ji was not simple. Not only was she not herself, but she also sent her own professional weapon fragments, which would make anyone feel suspicious.
But Mu Feng couldn’t guess what happened. However, Bella da ji has disappeared, and he is also good at playing tricks on the staff. This trick staff was split into five pieces by a generation of owners. This is one of them. Mu Feng really doesn’t understand why someone would treat a weapon like this. If there is a spirit in the weapon, it may be divided into five parts. Now Mu Feng has another idea. He wants to find the pieces of the snare staff and recombine it.
But before synthesizing the deception staff, Mu Feng still hides the golden hole through this vice bar * * is the lowest level. If Mu Feng can’t even pass this, how can he find the deception staff fragments?
Moving on into the tunnel * * Mu Feng has met many jumping insects, but they are all level 2 ordinary mobs, but there is another kind of jumping insect called poisonous jumping insect. Level 29 will spit out poisonous mucus to attack his opponent Mu Feng without anti-virus equipment. At this moment, Master Crispy is not worn to death by poisonous jumping insects. Fortunately, Mu Feng has a magical necklace, and every time a bunch of poisonous jumping insects approach him, Mu Feng will release it and transfer it quickly before rushing to kill it.
For professional mage players, there is no doctor’s assistance and no warrior. It’s a pain when the meat shield is brushed up. Mu Feng can also support himself by drinking medicine.
When brushing the bugs, Mu Feng summoned the second magic source staff spirit Mu Linger in his spare time. It was also excellent to brush the monster in this chat hole and talk with a sister spirit. Mu Linger was not very happy and went back soon after talking.
Mu Linger doesn’t want to stay in Ling Soul. Mu Feng is also a burst of nai. It seems that the impact of Emperor little sally’s rupture on her is still behind. Mu Feng glanced at his third exclusive weapon, the hidden white staff. The white staff is still so mysterious. Even if you hold it in your hand, it is hard to find that the hidden statue has not appeared. The feeling is very low. Mu Feng doesn’t know when it will make the hidden white staff really belong to him.
"Shout … is the end of the hidden gold cave ahead?" Put down the last poisonous jumping bug. Mu Feng patted the venom stuck in his body. It was a sigh of relief. He looked at the dazzling golden light. Mu Feng guessed that it was the end of the hole * * because he saw the golden light more and more violently along the way. It has been possible to look straight at the golden light. If it weren’t for the end of the hole * *, it would not be far from the end.
Mu Feng looked at the bar blood medicine after such a long time consumption he brought blood medicine has made very * * twenty bottles of +1 blood medicine left. If you can’t see the ultimate boss, Mu Feng estimates that he will leave here.
You won’t be punished if you leave the four maps of the imperial city treasure halfway. Of course, you won’t be rewarded either. This pair can be said to be fair. If you have the ability, you will get something. If you don’t have the ability, you will get nothing.