This is a miracle!

The Argentine coach followed the horse and called a timeout. His forehead was already dripping with sweat. He suddenly realized how terrible it was to underestimate the American team.
Players from both sides nervously arranged tactics on the scene, and fans on the sidelines also got up and watched the situation nervously. In the end, whoever wins or loses will become a classic game.
Soon the players came back after the two sides suspended.
Shouting at the scene is more intense than feeling like the whole stadium is shaking. The huge decibel makes people feel excited.
Dribbling Ginobili, he now motioned his teammates to pull another person to control the ball firmly outside the three-point line
When the game goes by, the tension of the fans at the scene is getting stronger and stronger.
Ginobili unconsciously entered a second when he was carrying the ball and observing the defense of the American team. Argentina was going to attack.
Ginobili was carrying the ball to prepare for power, but just then he suddenly had a sharp pain in his wrist to be continued.
The second chapter 59 Champion moment
Yes, but the tingling made Ginobili take the ball by surprise and rolled out of his hand.
Iverson’s attention to Ginobili at the moment is focused on him. Ginobili’s bizarre mistakes are beyond his expectation, but he is a very quick-witted person. Now he rushes forward, grabs Ginobili and drops the ball, and rushes to the front court and crosses the center line, suddenly signaling the referee to pause.
This is also their last timeout.
The National Basketball Association is different from the nba. After entering the last minute, the nba always serves in the frontcourt, but in the international arena, when it is called timeout, it serves there. Iverson obviously Vived is more familiar with the rules of international competition, and this key moment has not made a fatal mistake.
At the moment, the fans at the scene are all fighting and watching the game nervously. They have forgotten the first time they have seen such a fierce game in the international arena. The game has experienced such ups and downs and entered the countdown stage. It is also a feeling that the coaches of both sides have suspended. I can’t say how nervous and exciting it is.
"You run merlot like this later, you are here, Alan, you are here …"
Coach Brown has experienced the baptism of the finals in a big arrangement of tactics. It is the first time that he feels so nervous. Losing is a foregone conclusion. I didn’t expect the team to play well in Anthony and magically chase the score. Now there is less than one second left in the game, and they are still four points behind. If they score a three-pointer in this round, they will still have hope of turning over.
"Don’t be nervous …"
On the other hand, the Argentine coach stretched out his hand and wiped his forehead, and the trend of the game was completely out of his control. But he also knew that Ginobili’s wrist injury was an act of God, but fortunately, they were still ahead by 4 points.
"We are still four points ahead. If this ball is to be prevented, we can be sure of winning. We must prevent them by three points so that we can be invincible. You must believe in yourself."
The Argentine coach could not help but wipe his forehead sweat, which was the most tense moment in his coaching career.
He said it for a long time. At the end, he suddenly overturned everything he had said before. "No, we don’t do this. We do this …"
Time-out soon arrived, and players from both sides followed. They all looked dignified and belonged to the champion. Now it’s less than ten seconds.
When the players appeared on the scene, the audience also gave a shout of mountains and waves, and then it was a rare visual feast for their audience to decide who won.
Soon the players from both sides arrived in the frontcourt, and Odom served. At this moment, the players quickly moved, first Marbury and then Iverson.
This time, Argentina strengthened its targeted defense against Anthony, who was double-teamed and finally had to run out directly by Duncan.
Odom directly gives the ball to Duncan and then runs to get Duncan to return it.
Just then, to everyone’s surprise, Oberto suddenly pounced on Duncan and prepared to directly foul him.
To say that Duncan is really experienced, he came to prepare to throw the ball out. When he saw Oberto coming for a foul, he suddenly turned around and made a quick shot. When Oberto caught his hand, he threw the ball out abruptly.
A crisp Duncan’s hand is naturally rambling, but Oberto’s thug is real and crisp.
"Oh no!"
The Argentine coach slammed his head and shook his head. Duncan shot the ball.
Just now, at the end of the tactical arrangement, he asked Argentine players to foul the catcher directly, because the number of fouls has reached that point, that is, to enter the free throw stage. At this time, it is very beneficial for them to spend a few seconds dribbling before being fouled
And the most important thing is that this tactic is unexpected. The United States team should not think that Argentina will foul as soon as it comes, but it will completely disrupt their tactical deployment because it has not been suspended. If the foul reaches the linesman, then they will be more sure of winning.
Everything went well, but it happened that Duncan’s reaction was so short that he could make a shot, which was unreasonable
But now that the foul has been committed, it is still obvious that the shooting foul can pray for Duncan to miss the free throw.
And now the tactical intention is also very obvious. It depends on how Duncan makes free throws. If Duncan makes all three free throws, then it must be a foul tactic, but because it is a backcourt free throw, this kind of play will be very difficult. Another way is to deliberately miss the third ball and then fight for rebounds, but this is also risky. If the rebounds are not grabbed, then the US team will be sentenced to death directly.
Now there is no pause between the two sides, and the fans are too nervous to blink.
Duncan soon walked the free throw line.
Duncan took a deep breath and remained dull, unable to see the tension.
The first free throw was a steady shot and a steady hit.
The second penalty shot was a little stronger. Bang! The fans at the scene were in an uproar.
However, in a dramatic scene, the ball bounced and then bounced back to the net bag.
The fans at this scene are in an uproar again. This is just playing with the hearts of the audience!
Then came the important third free throw, and now both sides are watching nervously.
However, at this time, the United States made personnel adjustments. Brown Okafor changed Odom to see if the ball was going to compete for rebounds.
Argentina’s presence at this time is already two lines, and no personnel adjustment has been made.
When Duncan saw coach Brown’s substitution, it was Ma Bai’s tactical intention.
At this time, Anthony is also eager to grab this important rebound
At this time, with less than 5 seconds left before the end of the game, if you can’t rebound, you should ask the horse to foul, and then it depends on God.
Duncan took a deep breath and his dull face finally had a little fluctuation.