After all, in recent years, these States have been fighting continuously, and the casualties of soldiers are very heavy, whether they are winners or losers.

Lingyun estimated that in recent years, the number of soldiers killed in these seven States has definitely exceeded five million.
After Liu Bei was driven out of Xuzhou, the seven northern States finally entered a relatively peaceful stage, and neither Lingyun nor Cao Cao meant to attack each other.
It’s not how good they are, but that they are not sure, and they are worried that they will get caught in a protracted war and be picked up by others.
Zhang Xiu, Wancheng in the north of Jingzhou, is also a great warlord, and Lu Bu in Chang ‘an needs Cao Cao’s careful guard.
Compared with Cao Cao, Lingyun has more concerns than Lingyun. Now Lingyun needs to guard against Cao Cao. His rear area Xianbei Wuheng Koguryo has been beaten by him, and he has not been too worried about their chaos for several years.
Now there is a Cao * * * in front of Lingyun.
Although you can continue to go south and directly enter Jiangdong Yangzhou, even if Lingyun occupies those places, it will be almost the same as not playing unless the army has been stationed there
In the first month of the fifth year of Chuping, Cao Cao sent Guo Jia to western Liaoning in the hope that Lingyun would become Weng Xu and marry his daughter Cao Rong to Lingyun.
Guo Jia came to act as matchmaker for Lingyun. I never thought that Cao Cao would want to marry himself.
If you refuse to talk to Cao Cao, it will definitely not be like this.
Cao Cao is not Xelloss. Cao Cao has no idea of being emperor or unifying the whole country. He wants to show his life ambition, pull back the decline of the Han Dynasty and build a prosperous era.
Cao Cao thought it was to let the Great Han Dynasty return to its peak in his hands, and the four seas would have a peaceful and prosperous life again, so Cao Cao didn’t care who was the emperor.
Now, if Cao Cao wants to realize his ambition in troubled times, it is naturally impossible to say a few words in the court. Even if he ranks in the third place, he will not destroy those princes who don’t listen to him before he can let the big fellow empire go according to his ideas.
Cao Cao now wants to marry Lingyun because he values Lingyun and hopes to make Lingyun become someone else through this marriage so that he can avoid fighting Lingyun.
It’s only a matter of time before they join forces to pacify the sky, and then let the big fellow go according to his ideas and become strong.
Lingyun didn’t promise Guo Jia that Lingyun actually didn’t want to be an emperor. Now, the process of competing for hegemony is just to grow in strength.
Because of the changes in the game over the years, especially after Lingyun’s own practice of Taiping, Lingyun has a guess that if he wants to make the real world body return to normal, he must rely on the strength of the warlock here.
And if you want to gather a large number of warlocks, soldiers must master strong force.
The former spiritual emperor can be Dong Zhuoke, but Yuan Shao can’t. Now Cao Cao can’t either.
The warlock was not so easy to find Dong Zhuo, but also borrowed the spirit emperor’s prestige. At that time, the warlocks who were called by the spirit emperor were still in the palace.
Later, it was impossible for Dong Zhuo to gather so many warlocks.
Lingyun is willing to form an alliance with Cao Cao in his heart, and everyone needs what he wants.
But if Cao Cao wants to betroth Cao Rong to Lingyun, he doesn’t want to promise. He already has wind dancing and Zhang Xue, which is enough for Lingyun.
Although it is said that it can be taken back when the vase is placed there, Lingyun is also worried that it will be like Zhang Xue before.
When I married Zhang Xue, Lingyun just thought about not moving Zhang Xue, but in the end she moved.
But refusing means getting on bad terms with Cao Cao, and Cao Cao’s heart will definitely think that Lingyun must compete with him, otherwise he won’t marry his daughter.
His daughter is not uglier than Lingyun. Why don’t you want to marry his daughter is definitely because you don’t want to have scruples when there is a conflict later.
In fact, even if Lingyun agrees to marry Cao Rong, Cao Cao will not be completely relieved of Lingyun, but deepen the peace of mind of both sides.
It’s a pity that Lingyun’s own daughter is too young, otherwise it’s really good to marry Cao Cao, and he finally rejected Cao Cao.
Lingyun didn’t explain too much, because he explained that Cao Cao certainly wouldn’t agree. In Cao Cao’s view, it is normal for men to have three wives and four concubines.
Lingyun already has two, doesn’t it? What’s the point of having one more?
When Guo Jia returned from western Liaoning, he learned that Lingyun did not want to marry his daughter. Cao Cao’s face was really ugly.
Even when Yuan Shao was here, if Cao Cao was willing to marry his daughter to Yuan Shaoer, Yuan Shao would not refuse.
Let Cao Cao feel ashamed that his daughter Cao Cao can’t get married? Why would anyone not want to marry?
Chapter 47 Jia Xu
After Lingyun refused to marry Cao Cao, the tacit understanding between them was broken.
In March, Cao Cao and Lingyun military forces clashed in Xuzhou.
Then the conflict became more and more intense when the generals of Cao Jun deliberately promoted it.
Finally, it completely detonated a large-scale scuffle between the two sides, killing and injuring thousands of people.
Lingyun doesn’t want to fight Cao Cao, but the conflict in Xuzhou is obviously a sign from Cao Cao, perhaps to find an excuse, perhaps to make the noodle people feel negative about Lingyun.
The conflict between the two sides is always difficult after Lingyun refused Cao Cao’s marriage.
Even if Lingyun doesn’t want to clash with Cao Cao, Cao Cao will never let Lingyun go unless Lingyun is willing to be loyal to him.