Then there is the story of country R, which was busy writing back just after arriving, but didn’t say a few words. It means that Huang Zhiyi warmly received and stayed at his home to work. Things haven’t been turned around by Xiao Huang. "Country R has already entered the four modernizations, and all kinds of high-tech products have entered the homes of ordinary people. It is much more prosperous than the country."

That’s for sure. After the end of World War II, the "Four Little Dragons of Asia" seized the opportunity to vigorously develop their economies and have long been ahead. The anti-China is a big agricultural country, which was inherently inadequate and stagnated for ten years. This decade has even set back the country’s economic construction for twenty years. Now people have made great achievements. Can we pack up our things and start again?
Yang Xiaobei really wants to tell him that he is a little discouraged and that Zhou Zheng’s backwardness is temporary. We will envy him for looking at it for two years, and then we will chase him face to face. Of course, some small things have been sought after all the time, and they are all trivial matters to be concerned about. Well, she can definitely tell him so in her reply.
It’s like a running account, and it’s hard for him to write a letter with 56 pages. You know, Zhou Zhengyi doesn’t like reading or writing, and he hasn’t known a literate for so long. It’s not easy to receive Thaksin for the first time and see him write so much handwriting for the first time!
See David Beckham for a long time has been slow to pronounce Yi Huifen curiously ask "? What did Xiao Zhou say in his letter? Is country R fun? " She’s curious. It was sent back from abroad!
"What’s the fun? He’s going to work, not traveling." Yang Xiaobei put away the letter. Although there is no secret in it, Zhou Zheng complained that his mother would not agree to peep at others. "By the way, do you know what Wang Dacheng was doing just now?"
In order to divert Yi Huifen’s curiosity, Yang Xiaobei decisively threw a big bomb "I don’t know! He just left without saying a word when he got back. This guy is really! " Yi Huifen muttered
"Nothing. He wants me to help him find a matchmaker to go to your house!" Yang Xiaobei’s understatement made Yi Huifen somewhat confused. "What are you doing? Go to my house, dear? Who! " She didn’t react, okay!
There is no way for Yang Xiaobei to describe the "love story" of Wang Dacheng and Yi Huixiang, and then she saw her eyebrows rising higher and higher, and finally even her sleeves rolled up. "Good! I told you why he was here like a thief! "
Wang Dacheng, Wang Dacheng looks so honest that she has always treated him as one of her own, but it’s good that my second sister is still reading it, so she took a glance at the sweet talk and now she hypocritically said "free love". Bah! Which girl is only a teenager and is free to fall in love with so many men! Wang Dacheng must be bluffing!
It’s a pity that they have been so kind to him. This is inviting the wolf into the room! Yi Huifen was so angry that she rolled her sleeves and asked the second sister, "Is this Ni brainless? At least I don’t know that men have to kiss their families! "
"Calm down! Calm down! " Yang Xiaobei quickly grabbed the horse to run away. Yi Huifen "You didn’t understand the situation. Impulse can’t solve the problem!"
Chapter 269 The bride’s family
Yi Huifen flushed with anger. "Don’t worry, I’m not impulsive at all. I just want to ask a question."
You are not impulsive to tear someone’s hand. Yang Xiaomei silently lit a wax for Wang Dacheng who escaped. "Then what do you want to ask? What time? What are your plans when you get there? "
"What’s the next step? Are you trying to piss me off?" Yi Huifen was interrupted by her and said, "Isn’t that enough?" In fact, this is Huixiang’s thing. Freedom of marriage and love is not to say that uncle is fun. What are you so angry about? " Yang xiaobei hand a pool said
"It’s not …" Well, Yi Huifen doesn’t know why she’s so angry, but it’s wrong!
In fact, it is as hostile as when Yang Qitai learned that Zhou Zheng was interested in his little sister. This feeling is probably that both elders and brothers and sisters have their own daughters (sisters) or a naive and lovely little princess. How could it be taken away by a wolf cub carelessly? Everyone will feel uncomfortable when their possessions are coveted, and Yang Xiaobei can understand her feelings. "Go back and ask her what’s going on, and don’t lose your temper without knowing anything."
Calm down. Yi Huifen is still very sensible. She promised to go out as soon as she agreed. Anyway, Yi Jia is not far away. She hasn’t arrived at school yet. She came back after school. "Let’s go to my house for dinner later. Mom killed a chicken and asked everyone to eat at home late."
That’s a good feeling. The farmer’s free-range yellow chicken plus grandma’s craft is absolutely nothing to say. Yang Xiaobei flattered and asked, "What? What did Huixiang say? "
"How can you say this dead ni! It really pisses me off to say that she is chasing Wang Dacheng! " Yi Huifen said listlessly that although Ermei doesn’t talk much at ordinary times, she didn’t save the oil lamp. She was also said to be speechless with her theory. Eldest brother and second brother were not at home, and Dad didn’t comment. Mom said that Kai Tai and Beckham would go home for dinner later, and everyone would discuss it together.
After class, Yang Qitai learned about it, but his reaction was completely different from his wife’s. "I think Wang Dacheng is quite good! Good person "Yi Huifen turned a supercilious look" good what good? How can you deserve Huixiang when your family is in a mess and you are not married? "
"Look at your feelings again!" Yang Qitai knows how to get along with his wife. If you don’t confront her head-on, she can still listen to the truth in many cases. ) "That’s their second sister’s own feelings. How do you know they are not suitable?"
Why are the two brothers and sisters in the same tune? No one is on her side. Yi Huifen is unhappy. She doesn’t talk in anger. When she gets to her parents’ house, she still has a smelly face. Grandma Yi knows that her daughter’s anger hasn’t come over yet, and she’s not used to smiling and taking over Beckham’s hand. "Come on! Let grandma see, oh, it has sunk a lot! "
There is an old saying that you should never say "heavy" when holding a child, even if someone else’s baby is strong, it is generally praised that the child can "sink his hands" to express it. There is a saying that when the deceased is carried to the mountain for burial, it is called "heavy" and the child can’t say "heavy". This is a taboo.
But later, when young people are rash, they often say things like "it’s too heavy to hold", and the old people’s eyebrows are wrinkled. Yang Xiaobei was educated by his mother since childhood. These are quite aware of it. "Yeah! My hands are sore at this point! "
"You come on! Kai Tai and I are still helping to hold the road. "Yi Huifen didn’t good the spirit and said," Isn’t that that you love me dearly? " Yang Xiaobei is thick-skinned and not afraid of his debunking.
"Mom, look at Beckham. I really don’t know how to live without Xiao Zhou. I can’t even hold a baby so far. It’s a bit sore!" Yi Huifen said, but she had the cheek to "tell on" the old lady. You know, she walked with Wen Yang for an hour from home without any problem!
"Who are you worse than? If you go with your little sister, your body is weak and you have no strength. How much help do you usually give her!" Grandma Yi’s ass has been tilted to the side of her adopted daughter for a long time. Instead of listening to her daughter’s complaints, she also taught her a lesson. Yang Xiaobei looked at her beaten mother and laughed. Haha, the only person who can restrain her mother is grandma!
I haven’t seen this "grandma" for a long time, and I’m also very happy to hold grandma’s neck and keep coquetry. That little appearance has sprouted grandma’s heart. It has always been the focus of grandma’s eyes. Wen Yang is a little unhappy, but I remember that this is my brother’s longing and his eyes are looking at grandma’s misery.
"Wenwen has grown taller! Come to grandma and make delicious fried spring rolls for you. Let’s eat them inside! " This Wen Yang was happy and happily led in by a small hand to eat delicious food. My second aunt didn’t appear, and my aunt stayed at school and didn’t come back. My family now has these.
In fact, there is still my second aunt, but even if the room is very close, no one will ask her to come over for dinner. During this period, she became more and more emotional, and she was still acting in front of him. However, after several quarrels, my second uncle gradually became uncomfortable with her. As soon as she came back, they quarreled fiercely in front of Yi family, but her nose was not nose, eyes were not eyes.
Every time I think about this daughter-in-law, my grandmother gets upset. At the beginning, when two people were good, she disliked the second child and listened to her parents. Now, two people quarrel, and she disliked the fact that her family didn’t help her. Anyway, she didn’t do anything, but she didn’t want to be satisfied with all kinds of things, so she wouldn’t let her go. There are always regrets.
"Old Yao, go and ask your second sister to come to dinner!" The food was served on the table, but my aunt still didn’t show up. Grandma told my little brother to go to the room and told her that there was still some unhappiness before, otherwise my aunt wouldn’t hide.
After Yi Huifen got married, her room was the boudoir of her second sister and younger sister. Yi girls were ingenious, although the room was small, it was arranged warmly and neatly. Yi Huixiang lay in bed and said to her younger brother, "I’m not hungry!" She is very upset. Where can she eat?
"Elder sister, brother-in-law and aunt Yang are here. Aren’t you going out to eat?" My little brother has grown up a lot, and now he is in junior high school. He is no longer like a greedy bear child. Now he is sensible. It’s not good for the second sister to hide when there are guests at home.