"You are Ling Feiyang?" Akase Naruto was a little nervous when he heard this name.

As the saying goes, if fire and water are incompatible, Naruto Akase is the most fearful ninja, Watanabe Junping. However, one day ago, he heard a message from the defeated Fusang.
Junping Watanabe died in the hands of a master of Song State! This man’s name is Ling Feiyang!
Akase Naruto didn’t expect to meet Ling Feiyang just one day later in this Nagano Jyukai!
"Meet this ling float in the sky I what to be nervous? I can’t beat Shuiyin Ninja, but it’s because water can beat fire, just like Muyin Ninja can’t beat me. "Akase Naruto immediately thought of this.
"In fact, if the real leader Junping Watanabe is not necessarily my opponent, then why should I be afraid of this Ling Feiyang?" Akase Naruto’s mind has passed this idea, and his confidence must be restored immediately!
"Did you set the fire in the Song Palace?" Akase Naruto is in the midst of an ideological struggle. Ling Feiyang suddenly asked him.
"That’s right, the princess of Song State is really as beautiful as flowers and jade. It’s a pity that she was burned to death!" Akase Naruto said with a smile
"Although this ninja’s flying skill is good, it is far from reaching the elusive realm. It is impossible to sneak into the palace under the noses of more than a dozen masters!" Ling Feiyang has judged the fighting performance of Akase Naruto just now, thinking to himself, "The only possibility that he can sneak into the palace and set this fire is to mix with these great masters!"
"Who helped you get into the palace?" Ling Feiyang suddenly asked
Hear ling float in the sky this sentence red wrasse naruto is leng a immediately to react and said, "what must someone help me? Can’t I just dive in myself? “
"You don’t have that! If you don’t want to die, you’d bet tell me honestly! " Lingfeiyang avenue
"I’d like to see who the two of us died!" Akase Naruto said that two lips trembled again!
"Boom!" Ling Feiyang’s body around hundreds of white wax insects suddenly exploded together!
Ps: Kimura ninja Sasuke Ishikawa and Fire Hiding ninja Akase Naruto had a dispute over credit. Akase Naruto actually burned Ishikawa Sasuke alive, but he recognized that Akase Naruto was the direct murderer of the arson in Jinyu Palace! Can Ling Feiyang, a terrible ninja who can control the self-explosion of white wax insects with lip trembling, escape this deadly fire control technique and completely defeat the fire-hidden ninja and find out the real cause of death of Princess Zhao Xuan? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 294 Ling Feiyang VS Fire Hidden Ninja
Naruto Akase, a fire-hidden ninja, practices ninja called "Fire Control", which is actually to make a large number of white wax insects attack the enemy with fire.
Because of its habit of eating tree wax or oil, Shirase Naruto has bred a large number of white wax insects to become its own arson tools. A few months ago, Hong Zikui and other officials of the Ministry of Punishment were all at a loss in the arson case in Jinyu Palace, but Lan Yuzhu, the founder of the ruling Sect, found the real cause of the fire because of his research on insects
Although it is not easy for wax insect breeders, it is even more difficult to control wax insects. The "fire control" in Igawa Valley has been in use for more than a hundred years, but there are two people in the whole Fusang country who can master it. One is the Japanese ninja ancestor and the other is Akase Naruto.
The control method of wax insects in Japanese Ninjutsu is to make people’s lips tremble constantly. It looks like a kind of lip language, but in fact the principle of lip language is completely different. Lip language communicates through demographic changes, but wax insects can actually see a few centimeters away from their compound eyes. The wax insects can perceive the external environment mainly by means of tentacles instead of compound eyes.
There is a drum-shaped membrane on each antenna of the white wax insect, which is the auditory organ of this small flying insect. Although this auditory organ is extremely small, it is very powerful, and the threshold of wave perception exceeds the human ear.
After more than ten years’ practice, Naruto Akase has been able to send out a higher frequency secondary wave through lip trembling. Although this wave can’t be recognized by human ears, it can cause great shock to the white wax insects. Once you hear this wave, all the white wax insects will explode immediately!
This method of killing is so hidden that Sasuke Ishikawa, a ninja, was burned into a charred corpse unconsciously!
At this moment, Akase Naruto uses the same method to suddenly vibrate his lips and want to burn Ling Feiyang!
In fact, Ling Feiyang didn’t understand why Sasuke Ishikawa suddenly caught fire, but his heart was very clear that it would definitely have something to do with white wax insects!
Now there are white wax insects everywhere around you. Ling Feiyang certainly won’t relax his vigilance. Ling Feiyang suddenly saw the strange trembling of two lips of Akase Naruto!
Fortunately, the moonlight shines on Akase Naruto’s face through the forest tip to see this tiny facial movement!
Ling Feiyang’s ability to predict danger far exceeds that of the average person after practicing Yi Jin Forging Bone. Although he doesn’t know where the danger will come from, he can still jump up quickly and his body rotates rapidly in the middle!
Spiral nine shadows!
At the same time ling float in the sky around hundreds of ash department burst fire immediately surrounded him!
"This Ling Feiyang died quite heroically!" Akase Naruto can’t help sneering when he sees Ling Feiyang’s figure foaming at the mouth in the flames two feet away!
However, the face of Akase Naruto changed for a moment!
Because he clearly saw that Ling Feiyang not only didn’t burn his body, but even his clothes didn’t catch fire!
During the voyage, Ling Feiyang finally broke through the spiral nine shadows to the "third weight", and a weak innate gang has been generated around his body!
What is vigorous gas? Ling Feiyang doesn’t know the scientific basis, because even modern science has many natural phenomena that can’t be explained.
But one thing Ling Feiyang knows is that this is a kind of gas generated by the stimulation of human potential, which is similar to the special function of Ling Nian Wang. This gas composition is completely different from that in nature, and there must be no oxygen in it.
This kind of congenital gang gas forms a thin gas protective cover wrapped around Ling Feiyang’s body. Although this protective cover is far from being able to resist high-powered attacks, it can completely isolate the flames from the body!
Ling Feiyang finally rushed out of the flame and even the clothes were not lit!
Akase Naruto, after all, is the ten-forbearance country of Fuso. He immediately calmed down and took out a short and thick steel pipe from his arms!
This steel pipe is actually a kind of flamethrower, which contains a large number of oil ignition devices to control combustion, which is the fire hidden ninja weapon!
"bang!" With a loud noise, a flame immediately gushed out of the steel pipe and shot forward to fly!
Lingbo micro-step! Ling Feiyang quickly flashed into the ginkgo tree and heard that the whole trunk of the ginkgo tree was burning!
Six-pulse Excalibur, don’t rush the sword! Ling Feiyang suddenly flashed out from behind the burning tree trunk to give directions to Akase Naruto!
Akaseto Naruto also hurried to the side and barely escaped this finger. Then he rushed to Ling Feiyang with a flamethrower!
"bang!" Another flame rolled up to Ling Feiyang, and Ling Feiyang hurriedly avoided another big tree behind him, but it was burning!
Ling Feiyang turned left and right around the trees and kept dodging the flame of Akase Naruto for a while. After a while, the two people were surrounded by a sea of fire. After the elimination of Ling Feiyang, he did not hesitate to burn this forest covering an area of 1,000 hectares!
However, Lingfeiyang Lingbo’s micro-steps are too subtle. Although the flames are filled with smoke next to him, his clothes are not touched by a spark flamethrower. The oil has run out, and Akase Naruto’s heart is getting more and more anxious. Suddenly, a strong wind and fire blew in the forest and burned in his own direction!
Akase Naruto, though a famous fire ninja, was scared and panicked by this fire at the moment, and immediately threw the flamethrower to the ground to display lightness skill and fled in the opposite direction!
However, in the fire, fortunately, hundreds of wax insects flew with him and soon caught up with him. For some reason, one of them burst and other wax insects spontaneously ignited in danger!
A flame immediately ignited Akase Naruto’s tights and wrapped him up. Akase Naruto immediately took out a porcelain bottle from his arms!
This porcelain bottle is a must-have item for Naruto Akase. It contains a medicine. This medicine powder will produce a lot of nonflammable gas when it meets the fire, which can quickly put out the fire.
However, just as Akase Naruto was about to pour the extinguishing agent next to him, he suddenly flashed a hand and took the porcelain bottle away!
Akase Naruto has always believed that his real martial arts is not bad except for his "fire control", but I didn’t expect this man to casually take this porcelain vase, just like an adult taking a toy from a child’s hand.
At the same time, Akase Naruto saw a man in front of him who was Ling Feiyang!
Ps: Naruto Akase, a fire-hidden ninja, used fire control to control the second wave of white wax insects. When Ling Feiyang wanted to burn to death, he predicted the danger, which caused the spiral nine shadows to generate innate gas and get out of the blazing flame. Naruto Akase made the flame thrower broken by Ling Feiyang, but instead ignited himself. Will Naruto Akase recruit the real reason for the fire in Jinyu Palace? Will Ling Feiyang meet a stronger enemy on his way to Kamakura? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 295 Treacherous court official reappearance
Akase Naruto’s body is burning more and more brightly, and his hair and eyebrows have been burnt. Ling Feiyang is indifferent to him, and he still holds the porcelain bottle filled with fire extinguishing agent in his hand.
"Ask you a question and I’ll put out the fire for you if I get it right!" Ling Feiyang suddenly said
"You can’t threaten me. Our Yamato ninjas would rather die than surrender!" Akase naruto is still dead with a said