"Minstrel highest fix true person is just a fourth-order monk! It won’t bother us. Besides, we’re going to find Luo Ji, not them! " Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.

"Minstrel highest order monk? Why is it so weak? " Zhang Xiaotian is surprised and asked.
"The fourth-order monks are equivalent to ghosts, and the fourth-order monks are generally stronger than the same-order ghosts. How weak is it?" Zhang Dianfei asked with a smile.
"But fix true person is so special … so few …" Zhang Xiaotian some don’t know what to say.
"It is precisely because of the small number of fix true practitioners that fix true practitioners and ghosts in the secular world can always be so peaceful! It is difficult for those who have achieved the fourth-order fix-up after the energy in the secular world is thin. Generally, those who have achieved the fourth-order fix-up have gone to the world. If it were not for guarding the secular sects and shocking the secular ghost repair forces, I am afraid that those four-step fix-ups would not stay in the secular world! All sects are like this! " Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.
"So it is ….." Zhang Xiaotian suddenly.
Think about your own strength in the later period of the Ghost King, which is also considered a great person in these big schools of fixing the truth! Let’s see who dares to offend themselves. See that Minstrel male again this time and make him look good! Zhang Xiao, as secretly planning to.
Zhang Dianfei leads the way Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiaodi and Fat Boy follow closely behind! Move in one direction quickly in the middle.
"Here we are!" Before coming to a mountain range, Zhang Dianfei said softly that he should go down.
Four people become a streamer and suddenly fall.
Looking at the cliff in front of me, Zhang Xiaotian swept away and said, "Is Minstrel here?"
"hmm!" Zhang Dianfei nod should way.
Hear Zhang Dianfei should Zhang Xiaotian hand condensed a mass of red fire spirit force directly forward.
"Sniff!" Listen to a light ring. Just now, when the spirit was exploring, it was a blur. Tear a crack and reveal a landscape! Then close and close in an instant! Other people have reached the top here, but they don’t know that it’s just halfway up the mountain! There is another Taoist temple further from here, which is the location of Minstrel’s outer cousin! Zhang Xiaotian, they flew directly here without passing by and didn’t disturb them.
"Xiao Di, have you seen any ghost repairs?" After just moving, Zhang Xiaotian turned to Yang Xiao and asked.
"Well … there are hundreds of ghosts in it, and I don’t know which one is Luo Ji!" Hear Zhang Xiao heaven and earth ask Yang Xiao said with a frown
"Hundreds?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised. Is this the Immortal Sect? Or the ghost family? How can there be so many ghosts here! Their heaven and earth help is only a few dozen ghost repairs.
"Every cultivate immortality sect will have some spiritual practices in it, which is inevitable! After all, not everyone can fix it! Every fix true person may have one or two difficulties in the secular world! " Zhang Dianfei said lightly.
Zhang Xiaotian nodded as if Luo Ji was just a junior Sun Xiuzhen, but his family moved here.
"Did you just touch our Minstrel Mountain Defense Array?" At present, the law made a crack, and a young man flashed through it. When he saw Zhang Xiaotian, he first zheng and then said proudly.
"well! We’ve come to see you, and we hope that Taoist friends can go in and report one! " Looking at the young arrogant Zhang Xiaotian also no response light said
"What spirit shura international? Never heard of it! " Youth left the pie mouth disdain said around will enter the law.
"pa!" Zhang Xiaotian shape flashing grabbed will enter the law youth shoulder said slowly "friends! Is it necessary for you to inform me? "
Zhang Xiaotian suddenly grabbed the shoulder, and the young man’s face was not changed. He earned a hard one but didn’t break free! When Shen asked, "What? Want to find us Minstrel trouble? "
"I dare not make trouble. We are here to find Luo Ji!" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly with a calm face.
"ha! Dare not look for trouble? " Young people sneer at a light green light, and when they move, they will break free from Zhang Xiaotian!
See the youth scattered green spirit force Zhang Xiao, as sneer at his spirit just now. This young man is just a second-order monk. Do you want to break free from him after a few repairs?
The young monk blushed and said, "If you want me to report it, you should let me go back first. How can I report it if you don’t let me go back?" There is some relaxation in the tone.
Hearing the young man talking, Zhang Xiaotian loosened his shoulder and stood still.
"Who are you?" Rubbed his Zhang Xiaotian loose shoulder youth expression changed several times export asked.
"Ghost repair forces help the world!" Zhang Xiaotian said lightly.
"Heaven and earth gang?" The young man bowed his head and seemed to be meditating. After a while, he looked up and said, "Good! You wait here for me to come! "
"Wait! By the way, bring this to your head! " The young man was about to go in, but he was stopped by Zhang Dianfei, holding a small round card like gold and jade, and handed it to the young man and said
See round small card youth face is not a very respectful to pick up the past without saying anything, step back to the law.
"Zhang Dage! What was that little card just now? Why did that guy look like that when he saw that card? " See young people change aside Yang Xiao curiously asked.
"It’s a token! Just now, I saw that young man was indignant and seemed to want to call for a big fight! Afraid of his meddling, I gave him the card, and by the way, I asked for the card that Minstrel owed me. It was a token given to me by the head of Minstrel! " Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head is feeling a little weird! Want a debt before Minstrel?
Suddenly, a spacious road opened in front of the law, and dozens of practitioners filed out from it.
"Zhang Dianfei! A-dao Zhang! It really is you! " See Zhang Xiaotian after four draw a leading middle-aged man said with a laugh shape is not into the former!
See so many fix true person appear Zhang Xiaotian consciousness spirit swept a sweep in the heart can’t help but slightly surprised that dozens of fix true person should have seven fourth-order monks see that two are at the beginning of the fourth order and the other five are higher than the beginning of the fourth order! And the rest of the monks are also third-order peak monks! It all looks like bad intentions.
"Hu Daoyou has not seen you for a long time!" Zhang Dianfei greeted with a smile.
"Ha ha! Zhang Daoyou hasn’t been being original for a long time, but he misses it! I haven’t seen A-dao Zhang for a few years, and it seems that I have taken a step back! " Middle-aged man laughed and said