Suddenly, I found that the Zhu Shazhi-like red spot in the center of her forehead had faded and left a shallow trace, and it seemed that the more I paid attention to it, the lighter it became.

She couldn’t help but gasp.
Looking at the fading trace on the forehead, Qingyan knew that the charm eye would leave her, not that she didn’t know the consequences, but when it really happened, Qingyan had some ways to accept this cruel reality.
Losing one’s virginity when the enchanted pupil is not yet formed means that the enchanted pupil disappears! She will never have this special function again. She hasn’t come here yet, and she hasn’t experienced how to control a person’s temptation and make him listen to himself. Every fire accident is so incredible. She hasn’t come here yet, and she has benefited from it. It’s a pity that this special skill, which was not easy to get through the Millennium, has been discarded.
From now on, she will no longer be an enchantress, but an ordinary woman and a princess in distress.
Covering up the loneliness in my heart, Qingyan stood up firmly. "Let’s go!"
I hit the door and walked down the aisle on the second floor. Qingyan couldn’t help glancing at the house that took her virginity. The candle shadow swayed and a declining figure Youzi sighed there.
Glancing at the pie mouth, she put on a casual expression and walked quickly upstairs.
Without too many words, Qingyan turned over his little white pony and rode with a whip, struggling to think ahead.
When this town came, it was Huangfushi who accompanied her, while Zherong and Lingxiao followed her all the time.
But now people around me are replaced by Zherong and Lingxiao, but I don’t know if Huangfushi is here?
The town where they stayed is not far from the capital, and after a day of running, they arrived at the capital at sunset.
A towering ancient city, Liu Qingyan’s vision shows that the walls are towering, the gates are magnificent and crowded, and there is a bustling scene everywhere outside the city.
I was about to enter the city when I heard the "clang clang clang" of the city gate. People on both sides of the city gate gave way like two sides, and a group of people dressed in red ceremonies came to Qingyan with drums and gongs.
When he came to Qingyan, the first envoy with a staff respectfully knelt down and shouted to her, "Welcome Princess Dawan! Welcome the noble imperial concubine hall back to the palace! "
Qingyan was stunned by this posture, and a face of doubt looked at Zherong’s face around him full of help.
But see Zherong at bearer teasing "hey, hey, let’s go out to meet Lord Bian, the main manager of our government, in person today."
The ambassador with a staff, who is also called the main manager of the government, grinned at Zhe Rong. "Don’t be ill, Zhe hero! Hehe, I am waiting for Yincui gorge by imperial decree! "
Zhe Rong immediately laughed "ha ha ha good good! It seems that the news is quite fast. "Say the knife-shaped eyebrows picked a pick and made a relaxed expression towards Qingyan."
The courtesy of the city country at the gate of the capital made Qing call a spade a spade, but there was a little secretly pleased in my heart. It seems that this time I came to the city country for help, which is really right.
With a wave of his hand, Lord Bian carried a big sedan chair. "It’s really hard for Yincui gorge to travel a long way. Please come here!"
"good!" Qingyanying smiled and put on her skirt with one hand, and the lotus step with the help of Zherong with the other hand lightly stepped on the sedan chair. Naturally, I was happy and looked forward to the scene of her mother’s instrument one day in the future.
Looking at the bustling scene of Qilin City, the capital of the city country, I saw the high-rise buildings standing and the traffic was full of prosperity. I was secretly surprised that there was such a scenery in the western city country, which seemed to be more magnificent and prosperous than my daughter country.
Blowing gongs and drums, a group of people carried Qingyan into the palace gate, and then slowly set her down. After entering the palace gate according to the national instrument of the city, only the emperor can sit in the sedan chair, and the toffee will also have a chance to be carried into the Yihe Hall in her life. That is the wedding day. Obviously, today is not a wedding.
Their destination is Kirin Palace.
Walking neatly, the courtyard is surrounded by yellow glazed tiles, and the red palace wall is well planned and magnificent.
After several turns, I came to the Kirin Gate. On both sides, I squatted a pair of big bronze Kirin giant Kirin, which was about three meters high. I walked through the Kirin Gate. Suddenly, it was a huge square. Right in front of it was a towering palace and the highest palace in the city-the Kirin Palace, the palace of the city-state, the king’s bedroom, which has been stormy for hundreds of years. It witnessed the rise of emperors in the city-state, the symbol of emperors and the stage of princes and princes.
Kirin Palace has an extraordinary style. It is built on the base of the three-story white marble stone steps hall. There are countless faucets carved on the white marble stone steps. The faucets are connected to the ground. When it rains, the accumulated water will flow to the ground through these hundreds of faucets. In front of Kirin Palace, bronze turtles and cranes are displayed, symbolizing the eternal stability of Jiangshan. Directly ahead, on the east and west sides, there is a sundial and Jia Liang, which symbolize when the emperor controls the universe.
Qingyan lifted the steps step by step along the stone steps, but although the temple was resplendent and glittering, she had her own princess style of a big country and was not intimidated by the magnificent momentum
An old man in a splendid dragon robe sat in the auditorium.
Wearing a purple and gold crown with embedded jewels in her hair, Qi Mei took two dragons to grab pearls and gold to wipe her forehead. She wore a two-color golden butterfly with golden arrows and sleeves tied with colorful silk flowers and long tassels. The outer cover of the palace sash was covered with azurite, and the flower group was forged and the tassels were lined with green satin foundation. If the boots were in the middle of the autumn moon, the eyebrows would be cut like silk, and the deep Kurome was flickering with a melancholy expression. A pile of white silk that showed the years of the rings had inadvertently climbed his temples.
Before seeing Qingyan, the man suddenly smiled and outlined his wrinkles. "Ah, it turned out that it was our baby Yincui gorge Liu Qingyan who came to let Xi Bobo have a good look."
He is an emperor, but he has an irresistible affinity. Qing Yan immediately liked this amiable city-state emperor Xi 161st Xi Di.