Ling Feiyang has fallen to the ground and there is no way to save him for the second time! Suo Qingfeng is finally dead!

The blue smoke sword has stabbed Yuan Lai Chao in the middle of the back, but the blade is still bounced by Yuan Lai Chao’s body. At the same time, Tang Zhiqiu’s sad arrow has hit Yuan Lai Chao’s right eye!
It’s a very disgraceful attack to shoot an arrow at people’s eyes, but now this battle involves the life and death of hundreds of Song masters. In the face of this extremely powerful enemy, Tang Zhiqiu did not consider too much. Every arrow was aimed at Yuan Laichao’s eyes!
However, Yuanlaichao easily grabbed the arrow shaft by lifting his left hand and then inserted the short arrow into the heart of the smoke with one hand!
Seeing that the smoke is going to die, a burly middle-aged strong man has rushed to the crowd and slammed the wind and thunder into Yuanlaichao!
"Thunder Hand" Du Shan!
Du Shan is the deputy head of the Kongtong School, the "God Boxing Champion". Brother Zong Kun’s external work has been achieved. Lai Chao didn’t want to block this palm physically. Suddenly, he grabbed the waist of the smoke and pulled him over in front of him!
Du Shan didn’t want to hurt his companion, but he abruptly recovered his palm. However, the short arrow in Yuanlaichao’s hand was suddenly thrown into Du Shan’s abdomen!
Du Shan miserably shout a painfully fell to the ground "god boxing champion" ZongKun saw teacher younger brother was seriously injured and immediately rushed over and punched Yuan Laichao in the chest! Huashan Shuangxia also came from both sides with serrated knives!
Yuanlaichao’s right-hand kusanagi sword suddenly cut out and went straight to Zongkun’s neck! Qingyanlai has been subject to Yuanlaichao but desperately reached out and grabbed Yuanlaichao’s right arm!
Genlaichao’s sword suddenly changed direction, and a sword pierced the throat of the smoke, and the blade went all the way to the abdomen, and the smoke went into the chamber!
Luo Shensha, Huang Fujun, and Yan Refei, the "Dragon Catcher" and the "King Kong Du Jie Finger", rushed over one after another, and Yuan Laichao suddenly jumped like a bird and rose and fell in the treetops above everyone!
"It’s too powerful to kill one by one!" Genlaichao said that the Kusanagi sword suddenly clanked and emitted a very strange white light at the same time!
Ling Feiyang fell to the ground and couldn’t move, so that the "healing article" in the Nine-Yin True Sutra moved the true qi in the injured viscera and tried to get himself into battle as soon as possible. At this moment, he suddenly saw a black circle around Yuan Laichao’s body, which seemed to contain an extremely huge energy field!
However, other Song experts can’t see this circle. The white light of Kusanagi sword suddenly turns into more than a dozen beams and shoots at more than a dozen Song experts respectively!
These more than a dozen masters of Song Kingdom all breathed his last at the same time without saying anything! At the same time, a dozen light balls quickly flew to KUSANAGI sword. It is these superior energy fields!
It turns out that this kusanagi sword in Yuanlaichao’s hand can directly absorb the energy field of the living! These living people immediately become dead and the power of Kusanagi sword is stronger because of this!
"It’s much faster to kill like this …" Yuan Laichao sneered at a grass-cut sword, and the white light soared again to emit more than a dozen beams of light and suck out the souls of more than a dozen other masters of Song Kingdom!
"Quick, hidden weapons, shoot him. Don’t let him use magic!" "God Boxing Champion" Zongkun suddenly woke up and hurriedly shouted
More than a dozen masters of concealed weapons have showered all kinds of hidden weapons on the treetops!
"Dangdang Dangdang!" With a crunchy these hidden weapons turns out to be like shooting at a steel plate and being bounced by Yuanlaichao!
"Thousands of hands are born" Tang Zhiqiu’s hands are lifted and two silver rays bloom out and go straight to the source of Lai Chao! This light is rapidly enhanced ten times, twenty times, and thirty times after it is emitted … It shines on Yuan Lai Chao’s bloody face and shines all night!
Mother’s soul dart!
Hidden weapons, the most powerful Tang Zhiqiu, is actually not a sad arrow, but a dart from her mother’s soul!
The mother’s soul dart is extremely labor-intensive, but once it is used, it is several times more powerful than the opponent who can defeat martial arts!
At that time, this dazzling light turned out to be a strange white light from the Kusanagi sword, and even the face of Yuanlaichao, an almost ghost expert, was slightly changed!
Yuanlaichao immediately waved the drafting sword "Ding" and picked a hidden weapons. However, another folded awn suddenly swelled and the light was more chilly and flew to Yuanlaichao!
It turns out that this is the main female dart of the "Mother Away from the Soul"!
You don’t have to cast a female dart if you want to be able to dart, because it takes ten times more effort to make a female dart!
But the female dart is ten times as powerful as the dart!
Of course, it is not enough to deal with such a master dart as Yuanlaichao. Tang Zhiqiu issued a female dart!
As soon as the female dart was issued, Tang Zhiqiu was already pale and sat down on the ground, oozing a trace of blood!
In an instant, Yuanlaichao Kusanagi’s sword emitted more than 20 light balls, which turned out to be the field of more than 20 masters of Song Kingdom who had just died!
These more than 20 light balls quickly merged into a huge halo to wrap the silver light from the mother dart!
The mother dart finally lost its sharpness and light and fell to the ground!
Tang Zhiqiu has exhausted her strength, but this powerful female dart still can’t hurt Yuanlaichao!
However, Kusanagi sword just absorbed the soul but was released. After all, Tang Zhiqiu’s mother’s soul dart prevented Yuanlaichao’s fighting capacity from continuing to increase!
Yuanlaichao raised his Kusanagi sword again, aiming at the rest of the Song masters! Just then, an iron tower-like figure slowly rose from the ground!
Ling Feiyang!
Ps: One hundred masters of the Song Dynasty fought for the ghost warrior Yuan Lai Chao, and the demon sword took away dozens of masters’ souls! Tang Zhiqiu, a thousand hands-on, exhausted his skill and used his unique hidden weapons mother’s soul dart, but it still failed to hurt Yuanlaichao! In the face of this ghost-level master Ling Feiyang starts from the ground again! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 35 Fifty Masters Fight to the Death
Ling Feiyang’s injury has recovered by half, but it is still up!
Because he knows that if he doesn’t make moves for a quarter of an hour, I’m afraid none of the more than 50 masters of Song State will live!
Ling Feiyang walked to Yuanlaichao with his footsteps!
"Ling float in the sky do you still want to play with me? It’s really hard to understand … "Yuanlaichao’s face suddenly showed a mocking smile.
"Of course I will fight until I kill you!" Ling Feiyang said matter-of-factly
"I’ll think about the last one to kill you …" Yuan Laichao sighed, and Kusanagi’s sword was split out of the distance, but the firm but gentle one was to draw a deep ditch on the ground and hit Ling Feiyang two feet away!
If you use Lingbo to fly in the sky, you can hide from this sword, but there are still several masters of Song State behind him who can’t hide!
Six-pulse Excalibur Less Shang Jian! The most powerful sword in the six-pulse Excalibur stabbed out against Kusanagi’s sword!
Ling Feiyang’s finger force in the white light flash was smashed again! Ling Feiyang’s body is about to be injured by firm but gentle when Ling Feiyang stabbed a finger!
Six-pulse Excalibur Less Shang Jian! Still less Shang Jian!
This second finger hit Kusanagi sword light ling flying body but still fly back!
However, Yuanlaichao’s sword light did not weaken, but continued to rush forward and chase after Ling Feiyang!
Six-pulse Excalibur Less Shang Jian! Ling Feiyang’s body is still pointing out the third finger although it is flying backwards! And it is less Shang Jian!
In the face of this extremely fierce attack, Ling Feiyang knows that there may be this little Shangjian in the six-pulse Excalibur to play some!
Genlaichao’s firm but gentle finally weakened, but it was still split in front of Ling Feiyang!
At the same time, Yuanlaichao suddenly felt a tight waist. It turned out that a thin and long gold thread had entangled his body!
"Golden Silk Wrapper" Wen Shuo!
This gold wire is doped with tungsten steel, and the material is very tough, even the sword is hard to cut. However, Yuanlai Dynasty is a force to stretch the gold wire, so it should be broken!
At this meal, more than a dozen masters of Song Kingdom with outstanding flying skills jumped up at the same time, each with a weapon to pounce on the treetops!
"Looking for death!" Yuanlaichao angrily denounced a blade of grass and cut out a piece of shade. These masters have planted it!
However, a figure rises from behind these masters and has evaded this piece of sword light after three turns!
"The crane catches the dragon hand" falls into the sand!
This "Yunlong Sanxian" lightness skill is not the only housekeeping skill of Luo Shensha. Besides, Luo Shensha has more powerful martial arts!