You know, I have a big cause and effect with the saints now, and I have no strength to compete with them. Although I am protected by Master Tongtian and Nu Wa Empress, the second method will make the Taiqing saints lose two treasures, and Buddhism will definitely not like it because of four arrays. I mean, there must be three saints watching. What should I do?

So after talking to Master Tongtian, I had some ideas. I’m not afraid of 10 thousand, but I’m afraid of one thousand. I’m still prepared for danger. I was just thinking about copying the dust array of two instruments to defend it in the light, and then trying to get a simplified array of stars on Sunday to give my brothers the ability to protect themselves, so that I can rest assured that something really happened. "
Gan Biwu listened to it for a long time. Now she feels that she is really far away from this man. When we first met, everyone was a fairy and could be equal. But when we met again, he was already better than the master, and he couldn’t keep up with his footsteps more and more. Even everything he thought was completely white. This is the strength gap.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty The family
See Song Changgeng say that finish and continue to meditate. She can’t help but feel a little embarrassed. "Now I think it’s good to have two instruments of dust array, right? I’m afraid other large arrays are not so easy to get. I heard that even the large array of stars on Sunday has been controlled by heaven, and I have to find someone to deploy. I once went to the Tongtian sage to get important people, but I was driven out. Later, Emperor Haotian went to the Taoist ancestor in a rage.
So Daozu took the opportunity of the great robbery of heaven and earth to set up a list of deities, which led to the battle of deities. It can be seen that this large array is very tight in their care. I’m afraid it’s not that easy for you to get it. If we offend the heaven, it’s not good to ask two saints for help. I don’t think other saints will do anything to you. "
Song Chang Gung didn’t look at her, but thought about it himself. "You don’t think this thing is right. The saint just let me go for a while, but in the end you have to calculate me. You don’t know that the two lich families were designed by the saint before they finally withdrew from the historical stage, and then the sage created our Terran to officially debut, and then the sage taught us to control the era.
This shows that the sage’s calculation is so powerful, and it is conceivable how powerful these two arrays are. Even the Six Saints have to break two arrays before they can be born! It’s not a problem for Yu Tian to control the large array of stars on Sunday. At the beginning, Nu Wa Empress was born in a demon race. This time, she must be chaotic. If I want 365 marshals to beg Nu Wa Empress, I can’t get it.
Besides, I heard from the ethereal fairy elder brother that six brothers and sisters, Thousand Feathers Fairy Brother, like swords, and prepared thousands of good swords for me as an introductory gift. At the same time, he also prepared two sets of sword arrays. However, he pondered the evolution of the whole fairy sword array, the Wanxian array and the Zhou Tianxing fighting array, and one set was a single sword array, and one set was a multi-person joint force cloth, which was very good.
If you want to know about the sword array of Zhu Xian, don’t talk about him. Break this spell of sealing the gods. The prehistoric example of the four saints of the East and the West joined forces. This shows its power. If Pangu and the axe are not in this world, then the four swords of Zhu Xian are not saints, and Zhu Xian will be a group of saints! Otherwise, it will be on the head of the sage, just like the two lich arrays in those days.
There’s no doubt that it’s an unusually strong array, whether it’s a fairy sword array or a star-studded array on Sunday. Even if the saints go in, they’ll be totally embarassed, and they won’t be able to recover for hundreds of millions of years. That’s tantamount to quitting the big stage of heaven and earth. Imagine if the Six Saints can really handle these two arrays, will the two lich families occupy heaven and earth respectively?
You know, at the beginning, Tao Zu said that the witch holds the land and the demon holds the sky, and the mountain gate built by the Six Saints is also under the jurisdiction of the lich. The metaphor of the Six Saints is like the head of the six sects among the people, and the lich is equivalent to the emperor. If he could overthrow it, he would have overthrown what he did not push, not wanting but not wanting! It was only when the Six Saints used their stratagems to calculate the Lich Department that they stepped on the historical stage.
When the demon emperor and the Eastern Emperor died, chaos clock disappeared in the battle for saints. Even if someone found it, there was no appeal. It was impossible to gather 365 big demons to occupy the stars. This week, the large array of stars was abolished, but now I think it is to use this law to let my brother have a foothold in people and the future New Territories, not to ask them to dominate.
I don’t have that great ambition when I want to arrange the array. I mean to tell you how strong these arrays are. Even the original array is 10% powerful, it can protect itself. Worry is my original sect. I hope it can go to these brothers. Although I didn’t give them personally, I didn’t want them to be separated. "
Gan Biwu gradually understood his meaning and nodded her head. Now she has a heart in Song Chang Gung’s body. She is obedient from one side and has to show herself to make him feel that he is actually very hard.
At this time, Zi Xuanfeng came in and bowed respectfully and told, "Master, I have closed all my brothers according to your meaning. I don’t know if the master will take them to the light." If it’s by boat, I’ve asked them to combine all the fleets at home, and it can be sorted out quickly with one order. "
Song Chang Gung looked up and saw his one eye. Raise my hand and take it out from the waist gourd. A bag said, "There is no need to bother. There are nine’ Yin and Yang Concentric’ Yang cards in this bag. You can transport them to your brothers. It’s not necessary to go to all of them. Other masters can stay here for a while and stand by. It takes a lot of people to prepare. These brothers may not be enough.
After nine cards, I’ll give you two Jenny and Yingqiong, one for yourself, three for Changping, where she will live after. You have to stay at the outer door of people management and go back and forth. There are twenty yin cards in the other bag, so you can put one in a more fixed, regular or special place for convenience. "
Say that finish threw the bag to him purple Xuanfeng respectfully took it and then bowed out. Gan Biwu smiled gently beside him. "Your brother’s qualification is secondary, but this distraction is rare. It is a loyalty and respect for you. Teachers have a lot of management skills to keep the orthodox school in order. It is a rare talent. No wonder you can give up so much."
Song Chang Gung got up and laughed. "This child is Zaifu. If he had followed me in troubled times and Wang Yifang’s life, he would have worked hard to manage things in the door for me. I only asked him to manage my brother and give him benefits. At the same time, they planned something for self-defense and life-saving. Otherwise, I felt sorry for their hard work."
When the two people walked out of the temple slowly, they saw that their younger brothers were busy shuttling. Although they were all in a hurry, they were all smiling and going to the light. It was exciting to think about the cave in the door. How could they be unhappy? And the master actually said that Zhong Da Luo Jinxian had driven the big day, and all the younger brothers were happy from their hearts and excited to do everything.
Seeing this, Gan Biwu couldn’t help sighing, "I saw that they didn’t understand why the master worked so hard to curry favor with the celestial people and let them come to our Lingjiao Palace to enjoy flowers and drink, but also to send precious production in the palace to keep it for themselves." Now it turns out that it’s just a matter of gathering popularity, so that my brothers can get their hearts together and let them have something to do.
Otherwise, the younger brother who has been practicing for a long time will easily become more and more indifferent if there is nothing to tie him down, that is, his classmates will have less contacts. Although this is very helpful for personal cultivation, it will make people less involved and can concentrate on the Tao, but it is a centrifugal performance for a sect and a force, so that they can have something to do and put their hearts together. "
Song Chang Gung and she laughed as they walked to the Yinpai’s place. "I really didn’t expect this to make sense when you said it. During the ancient war, if one side besieged the other side, even if it was not possible to attack the other side for a short time, it was necessary to let small soldiers take turns to harass the other side every day. Most of the soldiers were injured and even died, but it made other soldiers feel a sense of urgency all the time.
In this way, the soldiers will not be scattered, so should the sects, so that the younger brothers can have something to do and their hearts will not be scattered. There is also the catfish effect, which creates a sense of urgency for them to catch up with their goals and be strict with certain things at the door. This will be more conducive to their progress and the whole sect to show insight into the world, that is, learning. A sect management is also learning
Later, you will tell Zi Xuanfeng Changping that you are a Jenny and have the responsibility to give your own suggestions on things in the door. If it is effective, they should adopt it. You know that we practice without you, and many things are not white. You should take responsibility to jointly build the sects. "
Gan Biwu gave him a white look and just wanted to fight with him. After seeing the Qin sisters flying around and landing, Song Changgeng suddenly laughed. "Now I just know why the ancients like to wear long dresses so much. Men have to wear wide skirts. In addition to covering up a lot of indecent and imposing, there is even a feeling of flying and landing!"
Qin Han calyx came over and JiaoChen said, "You’ll think we’re here to tell you that just now we asked Ying Qiong and Ying Nan to know that they and Zhu had a fight in the Xuangui Temple in the South China Sea because of a shallow vein. Zhu’s boat was not badly injured and was being renovated. By the way, we were monitoring there, and Yi Jia’s hand was Yi Jing. Although it temporarily receded, it was definitely necessary to make another hand. Shuangying came back to send minerals and ask for help."
Song Changgeng laughed as he walked. "A little thing doesn’t matter what we do. I just had a prestige. If Yi Jia still dares to go against me, I really admire their courage. If they don’t know how to advance and retreat, I don’t mind playing with them, but it’s impossible to wait for Yi Zhou. Although his daughter is a little stunned, he is not stupid enough to know what to do."
Qin Ziling beside laughed, "Mother said the same thing, but after all, we have to give each other a step. Mother and he have some fate and have gone to the South China Sea in person. One is to help reconcile, and the other is to invite each other to the light scene to watch the ceremony. Although you let them come in a word, some fairy levels may not be able to come or go to invite a good one."
Song Chang Gung suddenly stopped and turned to look at her coldly. "I won’t pursue your mother’s self-assertion this time. After all, she is also good for me. But this time, I don’t want you to step in. You know, I am a pick Jin Xian now, but I didn’t let them feel that I can’t fight. Putting down a low profile can make them feel scornful and not conducive to our plan."
After that, I turned around and moved on. The Qin sisters’ faces turned red, and they felt very ashamed to be reprimanded by Song Changgeng in front of Gan Biwu. Both women’s faces were slightly changed. Although Gan Biwu is also a proud person, since she got what she wanted with Song Changgeng, her mind has converged a lot, especially for the Qin sisters. After all, it is not good for each other and it is too stiff.
So I went to the two of them and put my hand on the arms of the two sisters and whispered, "The so-called home and everything are prosperous. We are a family. Everything we do is a big family, but good intentions sometimes do bad things. My husband is a householder. He has his own considerations about what we do. We should ask him first. He didn’t just skin you. You have to be white. We are a family now!"
Chapter seven hundred and seven Light Fairy Mountain
The last sentence’ We are a family now!’ She has a heavy bite, and the Qin sisters are also exquisite lovers, so they can’t let go of this figure. Now Gan Biwu comes first to be nice, after all, they are all family members, and they don’t want to be rude, which will make Song Chang-geng look down on what they have and immediately smile. The three girls are all interested in getting closer, and naturally they are getting closer and closer, and soon they will laugh and talk.
The four of them walked and said that they soon arrived at the delivery place of Yin cards. Song Changgeng took out the Yang cards and told his younger brother a few words next to them. Then he took a few girls and other girls to go to the light realm with Hou Di, the squire, and Zi Xuanfeng had sent his younger brother to guard the place. He was gathering his younger brother to assign responsibilities. Who should do what? The first batch was distributed in order.
The light flashed and wrapped several people across hundreds of thousands of miles to the northern hemisphere to the South Pole. When Song Changgeng arrived at the light, let the three girls and younger brothers look around for a while, and then they jumped into a golden light by themselves. He went directly to the central control magic weapon’ Fairy Mountain’ and replaced the Heavenly Mountain after being given by the Taiqing sage. Then he didn’t play with this thing very well after he recognized the Lord.
Before everyone arrives, he should go to see what he is familiar with and arrange some defenses. After all, it is normal to find so many people, some of whom are malicious. When he flies all the way to the center of light, it is too clear for a saint to give something, which is also a rare treasure. In recent years, he has not been baptized with the accumulation of aura, and this magic weapon of’ Fairy Mountain’ has become more and more extraordinary.
From a distance, you can see a towering white jade peak. The whole peak is made of a whole piece of white jade, and there are a circle of white clouds floating at the half waist and the top of the bottom. At the same time, there are three palace groups around the mountain at the foot of the mountain and the middle top, and this magic weapon of’ Fairy Mountain’ is actually different when it comes at the same time. Song Changgeng can’t help but be surprised to fly close, then hit the magic formula and ban it, and then come to the palace group at the top of the mountain.
The palace here is majestic and solemn, and it is made of jade. With the floating clouds around the lower part, it gives people a feeling of heavenly palace and fairy house. Although it is also a fairy house, Song Chang-geng entered the central palace and then entered the whole control center. This is a wide hall with a height of 100 feet and a width of 100 feet. The whole hall is made of slit white jade.
Only after Song Chang-geng practiced the method did a ten-foot-diameter ball of light emerge in front of him, and the whole light realm and the magic weapon of "Fairy Mountain" were displayed according to his requirements. It took Song Chang-geng a long time to realize that what he saw most was the original appearance of "Fairy Mountain", and now he has absorbed enough aura to start it. This is the true appearance of this magic weapon of "Fairy Mountain".
The whole’ Fairy Mountain’ is 12,000 feet high, with an even angular width of 3,600 feet on all sides. There are three palaces at the top and at the foot of the middle waist. The top of the palace is the control center, while the middle waist palace should be the place to live and practice. The palace at the foot of the mountain should be hidden and other places. It has all the functions in a mountain, which can make ten thousand people worry about their lives.
After carefully reading it, Song Chang-geng couldn’t help but marvel at the number of palaces written by saints, which add up to hundreds of thousands. There are warehouses, people, cultivation, materials, alchemy, flowers, trees, herbs, birds and animals.
There are also special refiners, special sermons, special hospitality, special banquets, and even some of them are specially for those puppet servants. It can be said that this’ Fairy Mountain’ peak is refined and can absorb and transform pure aura, hiding and fertility. The whole magic weapon can be described as a mighty project.
In particular, the entry of fertility function is to accumulate Tibetan aura through special array method. After special array method transformation, the jade in the mountain can be condensed into pure aura fairy jade after thousands of years, which is equivalent to an extra fairy jade vein.
Song Chang-geng is more and more happy to see it, and he is also grateful to the Taiqing sage. If he is here now, he will definitely scold him for being an asshole. He didn’t even see the so-called mortal’s fear of fruit, bodhisattva and sage. Although he is invincible, he is not willing to provoke cause and effect, especially if variables like Song Chang-geng provoke him to make unpredictable things.
The’ Mountain beyond Heaven’ is a magic weapon of’ Mountain beyond Heaven’, which was not refined at the beginning after the mountain was broken. It is a great deal for the five realms to unite and calm the earth. It is too clear for the saints to exchange things. In addition to the complete dust array of two instruments, there is also this carefully refined magic weapon of’ Mountain beyond Heaven’. This magic weapon is actually not refined by the too clear saints, but finally integrated by his disciples.
He also figured that Song Changgeng must be very happy and grateful to see that this fairy mountain is better than his original mountain, so he wouldn’t hate himself and naturally wouldn’t have any cause and effect, just as he thought. Song Changgeng is really grateful to see such a complete treasure now, even though he has seen too many treasures, he can’t help sighing that this magic weapon is wonderful and magnificent.
After seeing the magic weapon, he fell out of the whole light realm. In the past two years, the situation has simply looked at the present and before. It is still the same. By observing that he is now flying around in Yushu, several of them are obviously intoxicated by the wonderful scenery. In fact, everyone will miss it when they see it for the first time.
Song Chang-geng was just about to set up several defensive arrays when he suddenly saw the card delivery light up. Did he or Zi Xuanfeng lead his brother? When you look closely, it turned out that Zi Xuanfeng and the ethereal fairy came together. You can’t help but feel stunned and accept the array and fly out of the palace all the way to the card delivery office. It is still far from the center at the junction of land and sea.