Meng Qi intends to feel this long-lost environment well.

Looking at the bustling crowd on the road, Meng Qi suddenly felt that he seemed to have returned to his previous life. He was also a member of this vast crowd and worked hard to live.
Now he is no longer the same as these ordinary people. What he pursues is that he can’t even think about heaven before. This sharp gap has separated all his people from each other and made it difficult for them to make friends again.
Meng Qi is sitting in the most famous teahouse in the country of filariasis. On the third floor, there is a window table, a lamp of green tea, melons, peanuts and cakes. A low-ranking monk is looking at Meng Qi with low eyebrows.
This is a guest who used to sit on the third floor. Meng Qi easily felt that this person was a monk, but he didn’t have a high level of practice. Meng Qi called him here just to ask about the fire country.
Because according to old man Cheng, it is here that he lost his clue.
This monk, whose position is quite low in the country of filariasis, was terrified in his heart opposite Meng Qi, who gave him the feeling that he could write four glyphs, which was unfathomable.
Even his own master didn’t feel exaggerated by Meng Qi, but his master was a strong one in this filariasis country. Although it was the early stage of the foundation, his own brother was almost taboo in this filariasis country.
But in front of Meng Qi, he didn’t dare to make any changes, and honestly told what he knew in detail.
Meng Qi was lost in thought after hearing this low-ranking monk’s words. It is absolutely like looking for a needle in a haystack to ask Meng Qi to look for a long-lost person alone.
So Meng Qi is going to rely on official power to find it, but how can somebody else’s butler trust you completely? So Meng Qi wants to call a warlords.
Why is it taboo to be a bureaucrat? It’s very simple. How can a country be established without a background in this world where monks are everywhere? It is said that Meng Qixiu is extraordinary in the mortal world now, but if he gets out of the big shot behind Meng Qi, it is definitely more than one can bear.
According to this guy in front of me, it is really strange that a large number of old children have disappeared recently, and it is not some civilian children. Many expensive children are also carefully guarding the mysterious disappearance, which makes people panic.
In this way, it is impossible for the government to be indifferent to a large number of people and resources to investigate, but even so, there is no result.
The disappearance is still going on, but the prisoner has no clue. Not long ago, an emperor actually disappeared in the palace. This is because the Buddhist teacher of the filariasis country decided that he had extraordinary cultivation talent. An emperor came to send you to practice behind the filariasis country in the coming year. Who knew this would happen?
This is amazing. Even the royals dare to move. This shows that it is beyond the bottom line of the regime and has not moved a large number of monks. Once the country mobilized a large number of monks to investigate the matter.
However, even so, there is no news, but some common points have been found. All the missing children are abnormal from childhood, or they are determined to have the talent of uniting, so it seems that the general direction of the criminal can be determined.
But the investigation stopped at this time.
After thinking for a while, Meng Qi didn’t have any clue to say, so that children can have a place to cultivate immortals. But if the immortals are coming to collect disciples, who is not welcome to sneak around like this?
Moreover, with such means, I think it can also be the cultivation of immortals. What is the key? Meng Qi believes that the top leaders of the filariasis countries must have the same doubts. Meng Qi feels that he should first link up with them for reasons. Well, in fact, my old Meng is also a good man with compassion.
"Can you take me to meet your master?" Silent for a long time Meng Qikou way
"ah? This this ….. "The man didn’t know how Meng Qi’s route dared to take him to see his master. If anything happened, he would be prostrate.
Meng Qi smiled and held out his hand and took out three pills of Dan medicine. The man’s eyes suddenly lit up, but he was wondering what Meng Qi said gently, "If you take me to these three pills, I will send you."
The man’s hearing face was pleased, then his face changed several times, and finally he said, "OK, I’ll take my predecessors to see my master."
Meng Qi smiled and threw these three pills of Dan medicine directly to him, and he was not afraid that the man would not do anything with Dan unless he didn’t want to live.
The man took the Dan medicine, carefully took out a jade bottle and put it in, then carefully put it away and bowed to Meng Qi, saying, "Please come with me, elder" and then took the lead and went out.
It is said that there are many Dan medicines in the mortal world, but Meng Qi’s Dan medicines are the waste Dan medicines refined when refining Tsukiji Dan medicines. Although they are not Tsukiji Dan medicines, they are extremely suspicious compared with ordinary Qi-practicing Dan medicines.
After that, Meng Qi soon came to a big house. There were two Kirin stone statues in front of the door to suppress Meng Qi, from which he could feel a little spiritual power, but it was not an instrument to deal with ordinary thieves.
The gate is made of copper and red paint, which looks better than style, but worse than the black emperor’s clan. Meng Qi was not surprised, but slightly lamented.
The man knocked on the door. The concierge seemed to know the door directly, but Meng Qicai slowly walked in after the man went in because Meng Qi was far away from him. From an outsider’s point of view, the two seemed not to be together.
The porter was quite acerbic and cried, "Stop! Where are you from? Can you go in here, too? "
Meng Qi didn’t get angry after hearing it, but smiled and saw that the low-ranking monk had gone a little further. He hurriedly rushed out and kicked the man to the ground, then sweated and bowed down and said, "Don’t blame this guy for his different statecraft."
Meng Qi saw his legs chattering and his heart was funny. He said, "Come on, go in quickly." Actually, how can Meng Qi make gas with this guy now?
The man didn’t seem to be angry when he saw Meng Qi. He was secretly relieved and hurriedly said, "A lot of seniors please come with me." Then he walked into the room again, but this time he never dared to stay away from Meng Qi.
Meng Qi walked all the way in, carved a few columns and painted a spring flower and autumn grass beside him. At this moment, Meng Qi sighed slightly, "I didn’t expect your master to enjoy this mansion quite well."
"Where is luxury, it is just an ordinary place, which is better than the paradise of the predecessors. That is the treasure house of cultivation." Although this is said, Meng Qi still recognized the pride.
After all, ordinary monks don’t want a large number of monks like Meng Qi to pursue heaven, but they just want to be rich all their lives. This luxury is their goal.
Everyone has different goals, and Meng Qi won’t say anything. Meng Qilai is a little abstinent and doesn’t dislike these luxuries, but he doesn’t like it. If he meets something right, he won’t be as indifferent as he is now.
In a short time, Meng Qi came to the main hall to see an old man with gray hair and beard sitting in the master’s seat. When he saw Meng Qi coming in, he learned that Meng Qixiu was what he didn’t want. He quickly got up to meet him and said, "I don’t know what the elder is doing here?"
Chapter 60 The Magic Door Woman
Meng Qi was slightly surprised to see the old monk, and after a little induction, he learned that most of the monk’s life essence had disappeared, but Meng Qi was still surprised by the hardships of practicing outside, although it was somewhat different from what his brother said in the middle period.
"I found several strange things passing through your country when I traveled around the square, but I found that it was actually a group of people. However, I saw that there was no movement in your country and I had doubts, so I came to consult the right Taoist friends. If I call them in the trumpet, I can be commensurate with our Taoist friends." Meng Qi said to the old man before pretending to be compassionate.
"oh? It turns out that the real person who is a real person is a small person who protects the country. In fact, what Daoyou said is exactly what China is now investigating a major case. I wonder if Youyou can find anything? " When I heard what Meng Qi said, I had a heart and probably said some official words.
In fact, whether it’s expensive or the royal emperor, he doesn’t care much. He’s just asking for a wealth and enjoyment in the country of filariasis, and he knows that he doesn’t care much about his time to break through.
Meng Qi frowned. I didn’t expect this forgetfulness to be indifferent to these things. "Now there are no clues to ask Daoyou. I don’t know what clues are there here?"
This is also Bai Mengqi’s direct statement that "Daoyou wants to investigate this matter, but it is under his command if Daoyou introduce me."
Meng Qi was satisfied with this answer and said with a smile, "That’s a trouble for Taoist friends."
Forget sorrow smiled and shook his head and said, "Friends should be polite." Then he took out a jade dish and printed some information directly on it as a letter of recommendation, and then attracted Meng Qi to lead the way and told him to take Meng Qi to another place.
After achieving the goal, Meng Qi got up and said, "Don’t bother Taoist friends", "Where are Taoist friends polite", "Goodbye by destiny" and "Goodbye by destiny"
In a short time, Meng Qi came to another mansion and met a Taoist who helped the world with a road number of Forgetting Worry. This Taoist is deeper than Forgetting Worry, and it is already the foundation of dzogchen.
Meng Qi asked him the question of forgetting sorrow just now, and after reading the jade disc of forgetting sorrow, Ji Shi was quite enthusiastic to tell Meng Qi something about what they knew.
"In fact, we already have some clues. This matter should be that hundreds of years ago, the magic door had friends and knew that hundreds of years ago, there were many casualties on both sides of the first world war, but in the end, our door won, but that was no spare capacity to chase those magic door remnants.
They hid in the hundreds of mountains in the southwest. After hundreds of years of recuperation, the magic door seems to be stirring again. This kind of thing has happened in neighboring countries in recent years. It seems that they are looking for something suitable for uniting their younger brothers. I am afraid that once again, it will be a real magic war. "
Meng Qi-lai is just a national event, but it doesn’t seem so simple to listen to this old saying. However, Meng Qi-lai is not worried about what the old saying is "the magic war". Even if they take away a large number of practitioners, it will take quite a while for these people to practice successfully.
This period will never be short. Meng Qi still comes to upgrade himself to repair and do some things sometimes. However, Meng Qi’s idea of taking a long time must be dispelled, otherwise an carelessness will go up in smoke in that grade war.
"Since the magic door friends don’t report the matter to the major sects? Especially the major sects to deal with this matter, "knowing that this matter is not something that you can handle yourself, Meng Qiguo decided not to stir this matter up any more and was ready to get out of it, but he still asked out because of doubts in his heart.
Listen to Meng Qi ask help others immediately is a wry smile and say, "Daoyou don’t know that I have already reported this news to Zongmen, but I don’t know that the top leaders of all factions are actually indifferent and puzzled."
"Since the top leaders of all factions are like this, I think Taoist friends don’t have to worry too much about it. It’s not something that you and I can intervene in." Meng Qi also wondered at this situation. Are the top leaders of all factions stupid? Their enemies have taken action, and they have no reaction at all.
"It’s all right, eh …" The Taoist priest who helped the world seems to be really worried that those missing children really deserve his name. Meng Qi also rises slightly in admiration for such people.
However, since I can’t put my hand in this matter, Meng Qiyuan intends to have a falling through. Just ask Meng Qi directly about this road flyover "Daoyou is looking for a woman. She is my late master’s daughter. When I was separated, she told me to help her find this daughter."
My master said that I lost my Taoist friends in the filariasis country at the beginning, and I am familiar with many Taoist friends in China. Please help me tell my friends in the national road that if they help me find it, there will be a good reward. "
"oh? I don’t know if this woman has characteristics? How long have you been missing? "
"Well, it’s been almost twenty years, and I have a cat claw birthmark. After seeing it, I have another way to be sure."
"Nearly twenty years? Daoyou this ….. "
"I only try my best, but I’m just asking for a guilty conscience."
"In that case, all right, but how can we make friends?"
"Hehe, when I plan to stay here for a while, this is a note. If I don’t call a Taoist friend for seven days, it will be associated with this symbol."
"So good"
"I’ll bother my friends again that time."