"I said directly and their team to play a card who is the most diao who is the eldest brother."

The wounds of the Three Kingdoms Shan Changshan Zhao Long didn’t care much about Zhang Hao. After all, what storms can a small team guy have?
However, Ma Chao did not agree with this. "That’s not necessarily true. Stars are not based on strength, but on popularity. Everyone wants to see the candidates most. It’s really not a standard to say strength."
Xiliang Ma Chao’s words are also an opportunity to win the hearts of the people by letting the other three countries nod their heads.
This is the charm of Star Games and the reason for voting. Otherwise, just pull a strong team and vote for the candidates.
"Come on, let’s just do it well. It’s still important to play a good game. Now, although the standings are the first, the royal guys are not good at their ability, and maybe one day there will be an outbreak. Our position will be dangerous."
Hearing the coach’s words, the Three Kingdoms is also white. What is it that needs attention? At this moment, every team is preparing for the league seriously and actively.
Chapter 41 Eve of Star Game
The day is spent in morning training day by day
The day is spent in live broadcast day by day.
I spent my days in training day by day.
The sixth round of the lspl first-class league is here.
Sk will face three teams in a week, namely Blue Sea and Blue Sky, gv Athletic and N Team.
They are all old rivals, and everyone is familiar with each other. Although they are all second-line teams, sk has not relaxed a little vigilance.
These teams are all powerful, especially the blue sea and blue sky, but even S S can draw, so Zhang Hao and others have to guard against them.
Moreover, as the Star Game approaches, the League of Legends groups in China are gradually warming up. For this league, everyone is expecting the China lpl team to get back a world no 021.
For three years, China has been waiting for too long. In the first year, the China team lost.
The second year is still the same, and it will always be slow. The Korean team will not be willing to China.
In the blink of an eye, winter has gone and spring has come. In the third year, allsar has come. This World League of Legends player event is scheduled to be held in the romantic capital of Paris, France. This time, it is still a world-famous competition, and the world’s top players will meet again.
Players from China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe are about to present a wonderful game, which is bound to bring a carnival to ball lovers.
The major forums in the China competition circle also gave high hopes to the second star competition. After all, in the s4 final, the royal team and the Three Kingdoms team were close to the champion.
Back in the lpl arena, the two teams are also coming to the Three Kingdoms. At present, they are in the first place in the league, and the royal family has not pulled the score between the two sides, and the pursuit is very tight.
On the one hand, the strength of the two teams is close, on the other hand, the national teams have made great progress, which is a good thing.
In the forum, the exposure of a name sk 临 flyid is gradually increasing, such as
"What the hell is sk? That assistant is so popular."
"Who knows that sk 临临 fly information assists the selection of random stars in the first division of Mao League"
"Take a look at sk fly and let you see a multifunctional assistant."
As the topic of sk-fly is increasing, everyone is not paying attention to whether Wen Chou can star-race, but they are all paying attention to this unknown guy, who came to the player with the help of lspl.
But if you really dig deeper, Zhang Hao really said that if you lie down and tell the truth, you have to investigate the reason. I’m afraid it was a joke from an audience after the live broadcast that night. To tell the truth, Zhang Hao really didn’t expect to enter the Star Race for the auxiliary position.
I remember the last sentence of an audience that night, "Let’s vote for sk. There must be a game in this auxiliary spicy star contest."
It was this simple sentence that caused the whole channel to respond, and the number of votes in Zhang Hao reached 5 that night.
The approach of allsar makes everyone pay attention to the transfer of their enthusiasm for the league, but the selection of votes has not been finalized in less than ten days.
The last problem is that the rest of the positions have been assisted and the competition has been completed.
Single lpl league ag single a
Single lpl League Royal Family Single luky
Playing wild lpl League Three Kingdoms team Xiliang Ma Chao
Adlpl League Three Kingdoms Mourning Team Yan Liang
Auxiliary lpl League Three Kingdoms Team Wen Chou lspl League Team sk fly
For the auxiliary problem, the official also has a headache, which involves visa processing abroad. After all, the other positions are almost a spike advantage, such as the absolute advantage of playing wild and cool, and Ma Chao directly leading the second player by one million votes.
In the auxiliary position, the number of votes in Wen Chou reached 90 thousand, but for Zhang Hao, the number of votes has reached a terrible situation
This is something that the former official never thought of.
According to the official rules, each person can vote three times a day, which is also to better compete for the popular team, and the unpopular team is certainly easier to choose or just make one directly.