It’s difficult … it’s really difficult, because almost the world doesn’t believe that Hertha can beat Osasuna, the first in the league, away from home, and is still two goals behind.

"You said it was random. Isn’t there any rule?"
"There is no need to meet some specific conditions to trigger different achievements. The conditions are different. There is no repetition. For example, this must first meet the condition of away from home, and then meet the condition of strong opponents. Then, the more you fall behind in the game, the higher the trigger probability. Your team fell behind by two goals at that time, which is just the trigger base condition …"
"Is it better to be rewarded if you lag behind by more goals?" Ever-victorious interjected
"Of course, the greater the difficulty, the richer the reward, which is inevitable."
"Um … continue to introduce"
"But even if all the conditions are met, it is not necessarily possible to trigger this cause. You need the most important factor, which is in yourself."
"Me?" He always wins. What’s his secret?
"But if you choose to give up your destiny like most people in that situation, then this achievement will not appear at all. If you really don’t lose and don’t want to give up the victory, it will only appear at the last minute. It can be said that this achievement is designed by those warriors who are willing to fight to the last second."
Changsheng suddenly realized when he heard this.
This system design is really smart enough … it can judge for itself according to the environment at that time.
Should he be glad that he didn’t intend to lose from the beginning?
If he had been a little hesitant and afraid, he wouldn’t have had this and he wouldn’t have won such a generous reward.
Speaking of rewards …
Ever-victorious turned his attention to those two skills.
Eyes shining like saw Baoshan light.
Of course, the competition skills are very good, but the most important thing for him now is that the training effect of that team will be improved by 10%
This is what he needs most.
But now he has a team training effect plus three percent skills in play, and he is not sure whether this can be done at the same time.
After all, the same type of training skills cannot be superimposed, which makes this the basic rule.
But maybe achievement rewards will be a little different?
He asked Tong with such questions.
As a result, he was given an overjoyed answer, "Achievement rewards can be superimposed without rules."
Then what is there to say?
Ever-victorious consciousness will directly drop this skill.
In this way, the effect of his team’s physical training has increased by 13%. Although it took a week, he believes that it is also significant for the team’s promotion
He has a greater grasp of relegation now!
Chapter 20 Rudy in a bad mood
After the training this day, Changsheng announced the arrangement of evening sports activities at the training ground. "Coach Manuel Garcia kept his word. He once said that he would invite you to dinner, and now he is ready to fulfill his promise! Best restaurant! Santa Lucia Restaurant! "
There was a cheer among the players. This restaurant, which specializes in Italian and Spanish food, is indeed the best restaurant in Hertha, and of course it is expensive.
Even if we are all professional players, we can’t always go away.
I didn’t expect that coach Garcia decided to invite everyone to that place for dinner this time, and the coach earned even less than the players. So this time, coach Garcia looked like real blood.
But not everyone wants to go, especially those players who don’t deal with winning games.
But they didn’t express it directly.
But Chang Sheng helped them think of it. He then said, "Of course, this is not mandatory. Anyone who is interested can go. If someone has other things, he can not go. Coach Garcia will be very happy to lose some blood!"
This is almost a euphemism for "those who don’t want to come and I don’t want to see what you have, just go away"
Some people just disappear when they finally make it.
Rudy Gonzalez is also going to leave him and win, and he knows it well, and so do others.
But unexpectedly, Chang Sheng stopped him, "Rudy, let’s go together!"
Rudy Gonzalez froze. He stopped and pointed to himself, "Me?"
Even treat Garcia was surprised-he knew Rudy Gonzalez looked down on Changsheng, but he didn’t expect Changsheng to take the initiative to invite this person who didn’t deal with him.
Changsheng smiled and nodded. "Of course it’s you. Is there another guy named Rudy on the team?"
"But I …"
"I know, I know, but at least we have to work together at present, don’t we?" He said to Rudy Gonzalez, "I don’t think we have so much opposition before the end of the season."
Treating Rudy Gonzalez with a winning streak is different from treating those players.
Because he found that Rudy Gonzalez has more players than Rudy, an assistant coach is very good, and he felt deeply in daily training for more than a week.
The team with Rudy Gonzalez has made rapid progress in implementing the new training plan. Although it is not suitable for being a head coach, it does become a good assistant coach.
He can always find the key points of training quickly and arrange the training. He also does it in an orderly way. The winning thing is to write the training plan on paper and turn it from paper to actual training. Rudy Gonzalez is the one.
When he gave Rudy the new training plan himself, he would resist and oppose it, but I didn’t expect the other party to help him carry it out very hard
In addition, since the match with Osasuna, it has become less and less common for the winner to find Rudy Gonzalez putting on an unhappy expression in training. He doesn’t know what has changed in Rudy’s body, but he is happy to see it.
So he doesn’t mind releasing kindness to this capable assistant coach who is biased against him.
He knows very well that it is very important to get support from the coaching staff if he wants to achieve good results in this team.